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You see an injured woman in the rain outside your home. Do you rescue her?

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If she brought the horde, she's gonna be the bait.

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So you wouldn't?

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Depends on if I've got 'drens on me or not.

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Sure, but I'm going to ask her if she likes it rough or gentle first.

And then I'm going to bang her without waiting for her answer.

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but would you bang her roughly or gently, or alternate between the two?

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I'd hump her face.

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I live a block away from a hospital, and the closest place of any spiritual significance is the vacant church about 4 miles away.

Emergency probably wouldn't do her much good sadly.

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You lost me

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>You see an injured woman in the rain outside your home. Do you rescue her?

Of course. And then...

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Of coarse.

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Its my living projection wa...I mean hello Shirou.

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She gets boned by her own summons?

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Well yeah, I could be ruled legally negligent if she dies.

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She becomes wet only from the stone statues like Shiki-sensei.
I'm too soft for such woman.

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oh you

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My pet caster is the best Caster related CG st ever!

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That censorship made me lose my boner

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Filthy witch disappear!

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Hello there

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Go away Gil, you were bested by a mere human in all 3 routes.

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Saber is hardly a mere human.
Shirou is hardly a mere human.
Sakura is a fucking blob made of WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?

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Damn, that doujin pissed me off. Caster should be loved, not used as a rape toy.

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Yes, Caster should use others as rape toys herself.

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And where could this CG set be aquired?

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I feel a bit stupid now

Thanks anyway though

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source please

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What do you think would be my answer?

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Seconding source.

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She is not injured. She is the witch, don't startle the witch dude.

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And Caster nearly gets bludgeoned to death by a reinforced Rin, how the hell is she any different?

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Is this cg from Hollow?

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No I'd rather not touch injured strangers on the street. I don't want to get AIDS.

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Shirou only won because of plot hax.

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Plot build-up and consistent powers=hax, after all.

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>consistent powers

Yeah, from almost dieing projecting a single sword one day, to using UBW and matching the king of heroes the next? Totally consistent.

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I don't remember seeing this cg is FSN ...

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Pressing the ctrl button too much makes you skip some important details and exposition, try to lift that finger on time next time.

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Shirou never almost died from projecting one sword. He had simply never used that function of the circuit before so it fucked him up temporarily - the same thing happened to Archer, only worse, which he explains to you.

Also, it is established that Shirou's skills with projection and even swordsmanship grew leaps and bounds in a short time because of his interaction with Archer - it was a cosmic quirk of the same person interacting with their future and past selves respectively, and we know that magic exists to take advantage of this kind of thing - see the Kaleidostick. So yes, everything presented in UBW is entirely consistent with what we had seen previous to that bearing in mind that Shirou would have taken more time to develop that far without Archer being there trying to murder him at every turn.

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Become her master

Win the war

Indulge in this

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I'd rather indulge in this

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In before

>Why is Medea such a slut?

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You take that back, Medea is pure

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Pure SEX

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Purely a slut. Bitch got knocked up and killed her kids.

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Look at that guilty slut. She knows she's a terrible mother.

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I'd Caster, if you know what I mean

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