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but how can okuu cat when bird cat and also bird?

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her friend has very high cat levels

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That's a good question.
Isn't this Shou's year? I completely forgot.

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sexy tiger bird

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is this an avatar? why is it so small?

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Okuu just became into a griffin?!

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I've got questions about Okuu's third eye/boob.
Was it ever stated in canon if it's just a decoration, or an ingrown part of her body where Yatagarasu resides? Can she take it off?
And if it is a part of her, is it a gem/eye/something else? How do you think it feels to the touch? I can't decide if I want to describe it as an eye following mc around or not in something I'm writing.

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Okuu is covered up now!

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It's never been stated whether they can take it off however she has never been depicted without unlike the control rod and the concrete foot so it's probably part of her. I imagine it feels quite warm to the touch and could act as a very literal third eye.

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her friend and her are both not real.

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It's never outright stated that its part of her body or part of her clothes. Some people its part of her clothing but most believe that its actually fused to her body. I've always thought of it as a sort of soft gem; a somewhat tough gelatin texture, like a hardened eye so its not vulnerable and a weak spot to Okuu.

I personally like it as a part of her body because it adds a unique sort of beauty to her chest overall, almost like its a decoration. Especially when artists put a lot of effort into making it look fancy.

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Cute Okuu griffin!

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Still sexy, even more now.

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Anon, Okuu wants a hug, what are you going to do?
If you give her a hug she will be happy but you will die of Radiation poisoning
If you don't give her a hug she will be sad

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I'm gonna buy a hazard suit and then hug her! i will die anyway

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>but you will die of Radiation poisoning
Nonsense, I am told it is the equivalent of a chest x-ray.

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I'm going to hug her all day every day, enjoy it and be fine as always, because my Okuu isn't radioactive.

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I like to think that her third eye is a heatsink that absorbs and stores heat from around Utsuho's body, allowing Okuu to survive the temperatures at the depths of the Earth and keep her own body temperature at human levels. The eye itself is comfortably hot to the touch, but the intensity of its color depends on how much heat is stored inside. The built-up heat is released along with arm cannon blasts to prevent overflows.
Speaking of Okuu's equipment, how do you think her arm cannon works? My idea is that it contains a small portal to the surface of a nearby star. The portal siphons star matter directly from it and directs it out of the cannon. And the stars on the inside of her cape aren't actually random, they show a view of how Milky Way looks from that star's location.

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I think just like the name implies, it helps her control her power, since it is literally called a "control rod". She can summon huge amounts of energy and stars using her other hand after all even without it. She initially had trouble controlling her powers after she first acquired them, so I'm betting it probably helps her with gauging the power output of both her powers and the fusion reactor she has to manage. I also think she summons and channels energy from stars, but probably only the Sun in her own solar system.

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I want to drink Okuu's milk!

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very soft bird!

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I’m going to hug her anyways

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I meant >>40824658

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I realized that after I posted it. I was confused as I thought an entire discussion about south Koreans somehow happened in this thread until I saw the dates of the posts.

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I've been watching this artist for the past month and he was handing out free drawings to most people who just left him compliments to his drawings of Okuu for awhile, but just stopped recently. He's made almost one drawing per day of Okuu in the past month as a result, in a previously popular artists style that hasn't posted in awhile (Toutenkou). Luckily he said he'll still keep drawing mostly just her. It's always nice to see newer artists inspired by more well known ones by adopting their style.

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Okuu is ready to work out with you!

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I want to work out with Okuu by having sex with her constantly!

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