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You are now crying.

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>You are now fapping.

Fixed for accuracy

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Good, I hated that bitch.


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You are now masturbating furiously.

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>You are now crying.

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This looks interesting. Source?

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Have no heart.

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shit. i was just about starting out in this game too.

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Kira Kira

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Fuck you guys, I prefer true end.

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fuk dat

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I hated her voice it gave me headaches.
I hated her personality.
But I have to admit that her normal route was the only one that I enjoyed.

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Well, not everyone was happy...

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No, I don't think I am.

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Where does that scene come from? I don't remember that at all.

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From the sequel/spin off.

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Oh, right.
I don't speak Nipponese, so I guess I'll have to wait for a translation a bit longer.

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Sorry, I can't cry on forced drama.

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I won't fall for your traps!

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>forced drama
Example of nonforced drama?

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Your family dying in real life.

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So I guess the spin off follows Kirari's true end then?

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So then every drama fiction ever is forced drama?
You lack empathy. You're too fucked up to feel empathy for anyone.

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Nah son, i just dont play that faggot shit. What, you take a piss sitting down dont you? Fucking bitchboys...

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You claimed you cannot cry/get sad over fiction, and only if something happens to yourself. Enjoy your mental illness.

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>What, you take a piss sitting down dont you?
You don't need to stand up when you piss in the bottle.

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>Insecure manchild detected.

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/jp/ is so easy to troll.

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Cheeen ~

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No doubt son. Enjoy your relapsed asshole, bitchboy. Come pop that shit live and ill smack you and your whole bitch made family up and down the boulevard. Motherfucker.

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Confirmed >>4072410

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Confirmed >>4072410

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Such a girly figure for a boy.

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Shikako-chan is a girl. There is no Shikanouseke-kun, only Shikako-chan

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Sure, whatever you say bro.

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Just accept it. Your waifu has a penis.

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She died for a microphone.

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yes, that ruin the moment,

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not really, poorly written sob stories are more corny than they are sad. that pic is hilarious

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ITT: Internet tough guys.

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Kirari's normal route wasn't really about Kirari dieing nor was it about making you cry over her death though.
It was about a young man in the crossroad of his life who had trouble moving on and becoming an adult.

The last chapter was beautiful.

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That's not how you apply a non-rebreather.

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VNs make me cry all the time but Kira Kira was just too poorly written.

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Kira Kira was actually surprisingly well written, especially compared to most translated VNs.

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Not really, no.

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She was the best girl, why didn't she have a route?

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Because it's the MC.

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It's not trolling if you suck at it.

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That means nothing.

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Herp. The whole game is basically the MC's route.

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It really was.
A main character who actually feel like a normal teenager rather than LET'S HAVE BLAND SELF INSERT 101.

Great character interactions, the characters actually talked and interacted like people of their age, I didn't get the "written by a 40 years old virgin who didn't speak to a woman in years" vibes that I usually get with VNs, or anime for that matter.

Great character development for Shinnosuke in Kirari's normal route, it was awesome.

The writing was pretty good for a VN.

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