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I still dont like it

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you missed the thread.

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oh come on.there are nothing interesting and attractive about that chink.

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her fry lice cooking?

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Guy on the left is the cartoonification of /jp/

You insult girls
You laugh at them
You spit in their face
And when you walk away
You regret what you have done

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I insult everyone without discriminating.
I laugh at everyone so long as there is a reason to.
I spit at everyone provided I have spit.
I never walk away I walk my own path.
And I never regret what I have done even if it means my own demise.

That is not a cartoonification of anything but an underage waste trying to prove he's better than someone he most likely isn't.

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>You regret what you have done
I hate the world and I enjoy it.

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Oh God, ITGs, on /jp/ of all places?

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This upgraded image of her is now haunting the left guy's mind.

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Are you new here or something? /jp/ is a den of misanthropes and misogynists

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Meiling is alot stronger than Sakuya. She show herself as weaker than Sakuya out of respect. She could easy quality for the 5th boss in EoSM if she is serious.

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this is meiling's grip at close up

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Imagine a handjob from that thing.

Or, if you like your penis, don't.

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What unwomanly hands!

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What's she doing?

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>She could easy quality for the 5th boss in EoSM if she is serious.

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Leave. My.Wife.Alone.

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I would kill you White Boy.

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lol no you don't

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Wah wah mai waifu.

You neeerrrds cant even hold on to 2D chicks.

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Bring it neeerrrd

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I'd destroy armies for DAT ASS.

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I have always wondered why Meiling is depicted with enormous boobs and an ample ass. Who decided this?

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Don't question wife wife's beauty.

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Whoever it was, I'm incredibly appreciative for it.

It's probably like Komachi, with airheaded = much sexy.

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It's not very efficient for the melee fighting she uses, after all.

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The best of both.

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Unless she takes tips from Marisa.

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Fighting games.

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Someone needs boobs and ass in the SDM cast, obviously. Why fill a mansion with DFC?

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She's actually got breasts in her in-game depiction so she must be huge.

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Komachi is not airheaded, she's merely a slacker. She's very intelligent about how the world works.

For that matter, Meiling is not airheaded; she is a formidable martial artist who just happens to be youkai (and as such say youkai-like things which are senseless to humans) and is not very formidable at danmaku.

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Typical Komachi speech: Suicide suicide death death dying misery corpses death death.

People wonder why she is a slacker. Who the hell would want a job where all you do is commune with the dead? The only thing worse than this job is the one where you have to pick up the left overs in a car accident.

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Well that one seems just fine with her lot in life.

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That's an animal. A cat at that. They like to bring you dead presents to show you they love you.

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Well, that seems like a biological memory thing. I mean, the entire reason humans domesticated cats was to kill the rats infesting their granaries, and they'd probably get treats if they brought proof of their work.

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Orin is a Kasha. They love that shit.

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This was the name of a type of demon with feline form. It would come from the sky and steal the bodies of the dead. It was often feared that a pet cat belonging to someone who had recently died would turn into such a creature.

But for what purpose?

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Extra body parts.

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Is this ok?

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No, I'd get banned if /jp/ had mods.

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This is a beautiful post. Almost poetic.

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I think the following post was better.
All it lacked was something like "All my life was a waste of breath."

Not that I agree with either. They're both just posturing.

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Does anyone have this pic?

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