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FINALLY after 7 tries, with you 「Fujiyama Volcano」ing me to death every single time at the end--until the last! Two Lunar Clocks, a double-Concentration'd fully charged Master Spark, and a whack on the head from Yuugi, and you are MINE NOW! You belong to ME, my waifu!

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Kaguya is better.

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Mokou thread?

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Which game was this again? I've seen a few threads on it, but I never caught the name.

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Touhou Labyrinth

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Ah, I thought I spotted it in the C76 threads in the summer. Well, I know what I'll be playing tonight. Many thanks.

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Warning: the difficulty, particularly later on, is roughly comparable to running head-on into a brick wall.

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No Great and Wise Hakutaku tail?
Or maybe it's just out of view, what do I know.

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Anything a good, old-fashioned grindfest can solve? Also, I can't find any good downloads, the mediafire links are all dead and the torrents have virtually no seeds. Link?

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Doesn't sound difficult, just painful.



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It's not just the difficulty. The required grinding takes a huge leap.

You need to grind AND use a good strategy. It's very hard to steamroll using just the former, but no matter how good your strategy is, you need speed, the ability to get through defenses, and survivability/sustainability. There are very few bosses you have a shot against if they can consistently 1-shot you (outside of a final form or a triggered attack).

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What you NEED is CE, hack the damn thing to Gensokyo and back.

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You can't beat the game just by grinding. Most of the bosses, and even many of the trash mobs require significant thought and strategy behind them. Simply going in and spamming spells will rarely win anything beyond the easiest fights.
That's why I like it as a dungeon-crawler despite its flaws: it's *challenging*, and not merely in a "grind grind grind" way.

And read the guide and info on the Touhou Wiki before doing anything: you should know the basic game mechanics before anything else (and you should also study the info on each character as you acquire them).

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Cheating at single-player games is retarded.

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Better to cheat at MP games..?

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At least in a multiplayer game you're cheating against some real opponent, even if you're being a jackass.

In a singleplayer game, you're just cheating against yourself, which is even dumber.

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Cheating in this game seems hilarious to me, I don't get the point.

Then again, I'm currently running through all of floor 13.


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Just so you know, the code is a total mess, and uses a kind of scripting I can't figure out. You won't get anywhere with a kiddie memory editing tool like Cheat Engine.

Outside of running a macro overnight, you can't cheat at the game.

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It's impossible to cheat in MP games (unless the developer intended it, or you run the server).

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>Just so you know, the code is a total mess, and uses a kind of scripting I can't figure out.

How the hell did it get translated then?

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Beats the fuck out of me. Ask the guy who hacked it.

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If you cheat in multiplayer, they have a chance to figure it out and call you on it. Hacking a game engine in single player games is worthless because the game is defenseless against it.

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Now I actually want to try cheating.

You can actually, up to an extent, it's just that you'd be discovered really quickly if you don't know what your doing. Also depends on which game your trying to hack I guess.

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The Japanese wiki has a rather nice guide to 13F. I used it just to make sure I got 100% map completion on that level.

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Oh hey, it does. I remember checking it a while ago and seeing that it was like 95% incomplete.

Well there go my four wasted hours.

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Assuming you didn't run from every fight, you got some nice XP and SP from it.

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I'm not sure whether Floor 7 or Floors 10-12 are the bitchiest level yet.

Floor 9 was pretty damn annoying too.

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Once the battle theme changes, the real game begins.

Once you get to F16, there's another ridiculous leap.

Good luck with F18+ unless you grind for five hours.

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I'm sorry, this just isn't going to work for me.

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Don't be a baby, 7F is easy.

Now this on the other hand.

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More or less it was find/replace on every Japanese string.

CE does work temporarily. You can use it to make a character hax and then beat whatever boss is troubling you and run from everything else. I get the feeling the people who are saying "cheating is dumb" haven't played the plus-disk. I haven't either, but from what I've heard floor 30 alone requires like a week of pure grinding just to be able to do an hour long battle with the final boss. Everything up till floor 20 is fine, you shouldn't ever need to grind for ANY boss until ~floor 15

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So basically, it's fun until it becomes impossible?

I'm having problems with Alice.

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Pretty much. It's a good game. If you're having trouble that early on, either make sure you've completed explored every map (which is the substitute for grinding) and gotten all the treasure and every recruitable character. Give your characters equipment because it really does help. Read the manual if you don't know everything you need to know about the game, especially stuff regarding switching characters out and why you should do it.

If you've done all that, just keep trying. Learn how she acts. Learn what the dolls do. Learn which dolls you can take out and what happens when Alice is dollless and almost dead.

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>CE does work temporarily. You can use it to make a character hax and then beat whatever boss is troubling you and run from everything else.

What exactly are you changing? No values for anything concrete ever appear for me. Do you mean things like equipment derived statistics or percent bonuses?

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I was able to change the stat values, i.e. MAG, HP, etc temporarily. I just use the standard 'scan this value, increase it, rescan ...' and was able to find it. It resets as soon as you save or change it via equipment, levelup, or skill pts (I think it resets EVERYTHING if you use skillpoints anywhere). I believe the main trick, although I did not need to do this for what I did, is to scan all memory, not the normal addressable memory.

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I (think) I have a grasp of how the game works, I've explored all of the floors, and equipped the characters with what seem to be useful. The biggest problem I'm having is whaling on a doll until it's almost dead, just to have that other faggot doll heal it for 10k. By then my major damage output characters (Marisa, Patchi, Cirno, and Remi) are half-dead, and all that work was for nothing.

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Kill the doll that heals first.

Also, Yuugi. You do get her before Alice right? I don't totally recall.

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The other dolls give it +80% def and mnd, it makes Spark seem like I'm shining the doll with a flashlight.

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And apparently you can get Yuugi before, I missed that.

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According to the wiki, Yuugi is on the floor right AFTER Alice, so that's a no go. I just have a shitty memory.

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DEF ignoring/lessened attacks are nice. Marisa's Asteroid belt, Yuugi's Knockout in 3 steps, Patchy's Royal Flare, and China's Mountain Breaker. Wriggle's poison is also essential.

Killing the healing doll should be your priority.

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Poison them all, use area attacks, and finish off the one that isn't healed, alternatively.

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My biggest problem with the game was after clearing a floor, accidentally hitting Escape only to have it, well, escape.

Two hours of grindan.

Gone, just like that.


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Well shit.

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Alice was a bitch, but I eventually beat her.

The trick is just to do massive area effect damage while wearing down the healing doll. You want it so that everything else is as damaged as possible (especially Alice) before the healing doll dies.

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I'm so hilariously overleveled after all that grindan on 13. I finished it up with the Wiki guide and went on to beat Mokou on the first try.

Fujiyama Volcano hit Tenshi for 300 damage. Fufufufu~

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That's not that overleveled. Fujiyama hit Tenshi here for around ~1000, but the problem is that it hits your damage dealers for about 6000, and Tenshi can't do shit to Mokou, who still regens 12,000 per turn.

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Jesus christ, I accidentally walked into Yuugi and she beat me down. There's no way I can beat her any time soon.

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I accidentally walked into a bug on floor 2. I got off a Lunar Clock and a Master Spark before it paralysis Powdered me into oblivion. Seriously, 3 paralysis powders in a row, each paralyzing all the characters I had left until after its next turn, which was paralysis powder? 10/10 would rage again.

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You accidentally the Yuugi?

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yea, she almost killed me when i ran into her by accident. she hit sakuya for 4k damage.


i somewhat had that problem too but the real problem is that they don't warn you before you run into a boss. sometimes i'm too slow and run into them by mistake.

Side note: does anyone know what the difference between that str demon girl's poison and wiggle's poison?

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Cheating at single player games that substitute grind for gameplay is the sane option. Actually sitting there and grinding generic RPG maker enemies for 20 hours is a massive waste of time. The highlight of the game is the bosses. Why not skip directly to the good part?

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Why not skip the game completely and just go to the end credits?

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Does the link you provide contain patch 2.04?

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>To patch the game to English, extract files from thLaby text files.rar into the Labyrinth of Touhou directory and run replace.bat.

Does it contain the latest patch? That's not how you install the final version.

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You have to download the 2.04 patch from the official website/wiki, patch it, then do the english patch.

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Yuugi is repeatedly stomping my ass, how do I get her sake drop?

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She focuses on powerful single-hits, so if you have a sturdy roster you can make it into a battle of attrition. If you really can't win, skip her for later.

The game breaks the 4th wall to comment on how you were killed by an unmarked boss fight

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I would, but now I can't beat the chimera blocking my way to the 8th floor.
I suck at games like these.

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