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It was only my second time participating in Comiket this C77, but there was a definite increase in Touhou attendees since C76, though I don't have exact numbers. Just when we thought Touhou had reached its popularity peak we see that half of an East hall is just not enough for Touhou anymore. People were going in there buying Touhou stuff as if East was a shopping mall. The number of Touhou circles might have only increased slightly, but the number of Touhoufags buying was ridiculous.

On day 2, a ton of staff actually had to come in and block off all longitudinal traffic in East 4,5,6 to cut back on congestion near the doors. Several hours in, Touhou was still a giant mosh-pit, and active sales were continuing an hour after the other side of the hall were starting to fold up their tables.
Comiket is going to have to do something differently this summer, it simply wasn't designed for this kind of consumption. Normally the popular circles get placed on the outside where long lines can form in the parking lot, but this time the "fringe circles" on the inside (mostly a lot of music) where normally density is low enough that the spaces can line up traditionally allowing buyers to wander through, sample, and talk with the sellers, were getting stormed just like the popular circles.
I fear for the future of Comiket. Big Sight just isn't big enough to contain Touhou AND everything else. It was pretty evident this time that Touhou needed all of East 4,5,6 to itself, just like Reitaisai. Although I hear Reitaisai itself is expanding, am I right?
I couldn't confirm this information, but I wouldn't be surprised if they take both East halls this time. After all, Kouroumu was about the size of a single hall, so it wouldn't be fitting for Reitaisai to be any smaller than twice as big as its Osaka counterpart.

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Hopefully it will get more popular over there as well as here.

If Touhou went properly mainstream that would be awesome. You could have proper Touhou tournaments at your local Game Store, you'd hear kids talking about it while out and about, you'd see the merchandise become popular with hipsters.

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>Implying they weren't just casual fans that didn't give two shits about the games.

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Also, the other day I was walking in a crowd of normalfags going to visit a shrine for the new year, and in front of me is this trendy-looking guy with dyed hair and in his right hand is his girlfriend I guess, and dangling out of his back-pocket I see none other than a Dioxin Cirno key-chain. I don't know why this shit should even surprise me anymore, but there you have it: the state of Touhou today.

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When I hear stuff like this, I almost expect ZUN to throw his arms up in the air and shout "fuck it all" and stop making games for a period of time.

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Man, at what point is Touhou going to have to split off into its own mini-convention?

Also at what point will Touhou become popular enough that it will be "cool" to hate it?

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"Secondary cancer" is one thing, but do 'casual fags' really get up at 4:00 to cram themselves into the first train and sit in a cold parking lot for another six hours?

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Why? Isn't that nigga getting a cut of these Touhou profits, or is it off the games only?

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>Implying that Touhou doesn't have it's own convention and hasn't reached "cool to hate" status yet.

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I can actually see that. In a world where Zun stopped making games because of all the mainstream popularity. Than other circles and companies will take Touhou and make "new content". Than lawsuit danmaku battles with Zun. That'll be a great day.

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My understanding is that he doesn't get any royalties.

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Are foreigners treated coldly at Comiket?

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I don't think he does for the doujins and shit. But dunno about Touhou 10.5 and 12.3

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I know it's cool to think that ZUN make a stand against mainstream popularity because it's the "nonconformist" think to do against The Man and capitalism, but if I was ZUN, I would be consumed in the fame and glory and beer.

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Someone should make a doujinshi of it.

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Will ZUN sue if a falsified doujin was made of him?

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You asshole, only one implying is allowed in any given thread.

Touhou is not popular, fuck you.

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He's a trooper for not succumbing to corporate pressures so far. He has probably been pestered a few times by now.

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>>When I hear stuff like this, I almost expect ZUN to throw his arms up in the air and shout "fuck it all" and stop making games for a period of time.

He does this every once in a while though. His last break was after he made Touhou 9.

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ZUN doesn't care about his fanbase. He'll just keep making games like he always does.

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Wow I fail at grammar. Should be then I think. Just doing this inb4 grammar nazis

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The future of Touhou is uncertain

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Ugh, I hate Touhou. What is the obsession over badly drawn, badly designed loli characters in 18th century clothing?

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If only Touhou had a convention of its own...

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Touhou is way too popular, soon the government will have to take measures against this, by killing the excess of touhou fans.

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Are you fucking stupid?

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Oh did I hurt your feelings? Stupid pedophile.

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There are in fact Touhou only events.

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Your weak trolling is pathetic, come back in 5 years.

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I think you're the troll. but nice try.

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Touhou is a mental disease.

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Reitaisai, Kouroumu

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I won't rest until everything in the world is Touhou

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Ideal scenario 1: Japanese ZUN quits Touhou forever, creates new doujin game series.

Ideal scenario 2: Japanese ZUN quits Touhou forever to go collaborate with his bros on Seihou again.

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Seihou sucks.

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Is that Pocky & Rocky what the balls

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If there are more touhou doujin buyers why haven't I seen this scanned yet!?

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They obviously don't want us filthy gaijins fapping to it.

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Because maybe it is scanned and out there, but not found yet. Who knows.

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Not really.
A lot of circles are flattered to have foreign fans I think, although there's always that awkward self-awareness thing you get as an obvious foreigner in any otaku context. Expect condescension like "Oh, you know what Touhou/Pixiv is?" I don't get offended by that stuff, honestly Euro-American touhoufags are a tiny minority. But then there's the baby-talk and the "sankyuu! Welkamu!" and such. That usually relaxes once people realize you speak the language and know a thing or two. What's more annoying is when I wore these two Angel Type Komeiji sisters badges on my bag as I walked through Akiba (I make an exception to power-level reveals on Comiket days) and I'm pretty sure two guys behind me were muttering about it "Oh, you think he knows [about it?]... I think so... Nah, there's no way he'd know... He could have just randomly bought them and decided to wear it like that...". There are a lot of cancerous gaijin tourists in Akiba, so I forgive them, I think I'd be just as pissed and disgusted by the sight if I was them too; kind of like if you saw a hipster with a cirno shirt or something. So the worst part of being a gaijin otaku is the self-loathing. It requires an apsergers-level of obliviousness I think.

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Can't say for everyone, but the guy behind the Hatsunetsu Mikos music circle seemed incredibly happy that foreigners were fans of his work when I talked with him.

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Hoisted on your own petard. That's what happens when you don't want to show your power levels, you just gotta swallow your pride when they question whether you got any levels at all.

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I guess it would have been terribly rude to mention you knew what they were talking about?

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If you were waiting in a long line this would make for an awkward situation...

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I was just walking in a crowd before turning to cross the street. I wish I did in retrospect, but that was only after I realized they were talking about me.

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