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Japanese fox cosplaying Japanese tiger

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Shou is basically a god, that means she could win a fight against a nine-tailed fox, right?

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Minoriko and Shizuha are gods. What do you think?

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Avatar of a god, like any Miko

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>>Shou could win a fight against a nine-tailed fox

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Japanese firefly cosplaying Japanese tiger

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But she's kinda retarded, just like her mouse and well, the rest of the UFO cast.

Except for Byakuren <3

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Haha, no.

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What the fuck did you just say?

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UFO cast is pretty crappy compared to the other casts. It's pretty hard to beat PCB and SA.

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Cast arguments are even worse than gameplay arguments. Anyone who wants to seriously reply to this should get out.

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>implying gameplay arguments are bad when discussing about a game

Uhhh, what?

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who cares? Post more smirk

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ITT: People implying there's someone stronger then my master.

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Says who, Miss so-clever-I-had-to-buy-the-pagoda-back.

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>It's pretty hard to beat PCB


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Don't pay attention, that anon's a fag. He mispelled "impossible"

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Ran is not that strong

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Shou's ability works in mysterious ways.

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No comment.

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Why do you furries have to ruin every fucking board?
Is it really that hard to go one day without your crave for fur? Really now. Moot should just make a /fur/ imageboard and then, maybe just then, you sick fucks would go to that board and talk about all your furry desires.

Every day, I see a furry thread. Wheter it be horo being spammed or some other furry bitch being posted every fucking place. I enjoy when they try to white knight their furry and claim she is not a furry.

You guys are an eyesore, mistakes to society, horrible human beings. I'd be much more comfortable talking with a pedophile than a furry. Good god, I hope the moderators actually do something as I seem to be the only one reporting these furry threads EVERY FUCKING DAY.

Am I the only non-furry faggot in this board? Strike that -- this whole website? God fucking dammit.

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Keywords to filter, GJ.

in b4 gullible children actually feed the troll

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Nearly every Touhou is lovably retarded in some fashion

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Not really. Get your head out of the fanon.

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I see what you did there...

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Looks like the /b/ purging failed

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This is copypasta, right? I'm sure I've read this many times.

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Have you not played any of the games or read any of the dialog contained in those games?

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Of course I have. They're not retarded in the games.

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Whatever, comically stupid, weird, loopy, ditzy, take your pick.

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The vast majority aren't. Not in the dialogue or anywhere else canon. I'm starting to think you haven't even read it.

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this place is full of fags.

UFO is one of the easiest Touhou games Zun's ever made. With the exception of Remilla, UFO's stage 6 and Byakuren are both stupid-easy.

However, that tiger-bitch will stomp your balls if you don't watch out. She's noticeably more difficult than anyone else in the game, even Nue.

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Close, but Byakuren is the third easiest stage 6 touhou.

Remilla is the second easiest, but you're forgetting Yuyucow, the simplest and also easier than Youmu her stage 5 counterpart.