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So why do you faggots fawn over anything from jap land?

Jap land isn't that great you know, they don't even have a democratic government.

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>they don't even have a democratic government.

And what?

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But they're somewhat /jp/ related.

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Democracy is a cancer. Good old totalitarianism is the way to roll.

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There is nothing great about democracy, you stupid amerikkkan.

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>they don't even have a democratic government

Is that our problem? no.

Now go back to play your boring WoW

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But I thought Gensokyo is forever set in the feudal age

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Actually I don't fawn over things from jap land. I merely check /jp/ threads for perverted content to satisfy my needs.

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This. /jp/ isn't about being a weeaboo, it's about liking little girls and having social anxiety.

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since when is japan not democratic

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Glad we agree.

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Since the government is controlled by an established bureaucracy instead of the elected representatives. Now you may whine about how "Japan has elections" and other bullshit like that, but North Korea has elections and I don't see how those matter all that much.

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Some of us like hags

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Yukari knows which social system is proper for Gensokyo.

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you might as well argue that the US is not democratic.

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Isn't Gensokyo kind of in the state of anarchy?
I mean with all of the "I do what I wants but apparently some other folks don't like me doing it so..."

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She is also capable to enforce any social or political system all by herself.

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"Democracy" is actually bad. Do you really want your average gullible redneck idiot to have the same amount of power as a respectable, intelligent, well-adjusted citizen? It basically devolves governmental progress to being charismatic enough to convince voters that you're a good idea, then doing whatever you want. Not that the individual actually holds any power in today's society, it's just made to look that way so people stay complacent.

Democracy only works when every member of the group is both intelligent and personally acquainted with each other. Thus, it only works in small groups. You get 20 people in a room, they can all start debating topics of importance and deciding on the best course of action. With a million, however, someone is bound to want to take advantage of the people that he's never even met, and a lot of those people can be fooled by him. It's theoretically flawed, which means that you can bet that someone is exploiting those flaws.

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yeah they should vote for representatives and senators and have them hammer out details instead of the average citizen

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That's a great idea, I wonder why we haven't done that yet.

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which why democracy doesn't work for the US. Too many uneducated fucks who choose what president to elect based on their acting performance during TV appearances.

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>You get 20 people
It's actually closer to 14. It's getting less and less effective after that.
I know it because I just had a social psychology exam.

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Which is why the US is a REPUBLIC, not a democracy.

Get the fuck out of here.

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In old Greece they had a democratic system where the aristocracy voted, aristocracy dosent mean fucking kings and lords and their retarded son that they made with their sisters, but the elite of the elite, smart and powerful people that know how to govern.

>Aristokratia - The concept evolved in Ancient Greece, where rule by a council of prominent citizens was commonly used and contrasted with monarchy, in which an individual king held the power.

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>uneducated fucks
>US democracy

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Sorry dude but the US is a undemocratic plutocrazy. Don't beat me on dates, but at least since 1912 and at last since the '80s

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And then those representatives backstab the very same people who put them in a position of power in the first place.

The problem with the human race is not necessarily any specific system of government (although none of them are particularly helping matters), it's that there are too many of us. Think of how much more interesting the world would be if we both abolished capitalism and limited the population to about a million people at the same time. One million people, no longer tarnished by greed and a desire for "entertainment," all just trying to further their pursuits and enjoy life. There would be more than enough natural resources for everyone, automated farms could easily be created with modern technology to provide food for everyone at minimal effort, the list of benefits goes on and on. But since we can't just go around killing billions of people, and no one in the 1st world is going to submit to the idea of a china-esque birth rate restriction until it's too late, our little utopia is fucked.

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Yukari is the government.

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tl;dr. I'm a huge faggot. I should kill myself to lower the population in the world.

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>But since we can't just go around killing billions of people
I don't see why.

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We need this guy to rule the world, him or some not Combat type Innovator.

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Actually you dont see that you're doing it, I mean 1/4 of the money used for invading iraq could be used to feel all the chlidren in africa, clothe them and finance like 8 years of school.

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Alright, go ahead and off yourself then

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and then we'd have a bunch of wasted money and terrorists thinking the US has gone soft

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Aeolia was a horrible retard and psycho.

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So yeah terrorist gonna kill some 2000 americans, what a waste disaster, let's go instead kill and ruin the lives on an entire country instead.

The Taliban are BAAAAD!
Talbian removed from Afghanistan, Afghanistan went from supping under 1% of the world heroin to 89%

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The mountain youkai (tengu) live in a society with set rules and hierarchy.
Not much is known about the human village or the rest of Gensokyo.

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you say that like all of africa is poor

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It's a lot more complicated than that. Most of the opium and other narcotics is run by the Taliban to fund their operations. If you haven't seen them, I'd recommend watching "The War Briefing" and Obama's War" on Frontline.

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but the talibans even getting the power afghanistan is thanks to the US arming and training idiot rebels against the soviet backed goverment say what you want about commies but it sure as hell is better than some fucking sharia shitfest

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Stupid fucks who complain about democracy in a loli board, you are forgetting that all of you would be arrested and jailed (or executed) under any other kind of government.

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If you were under a dictatorship of somebody who liked little girls, you would be fine and you probably would even have nationally funded loli gynoid projects.

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I see your education was split evenly among your country's citizens, if your writing is any indication.

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You see before when the Taliban ruled Afgansitan, Opium poppy was banned from being grown and growing it was being punished by breaking arms, fingers, slashing them off or killing them.

But now that they dont rule people have to do it to survive, and the Taliban now have to do it too to survive.

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I'm confused. How could the computer reassemble itself back on the desk after the dude knocks it off?

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So you're saying the Taliban are a bunch of hypocrites with poorly formed morals.

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Well they are a pretty religious bunch, so yeah.

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He is actually force pulling it back to its place on the first frame.

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>bunch of hypocrites with poorly formed morals.
More like a bunch of hunted people trying to survive and get revenge.

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if VNs or Touhou were made in Russia or something /jp/ would still play it

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Because surely suicide attacks on civilians are a natural defense mechanism. They need to be exterminated.

inb4 americunt, I'm not

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Okay for America to devastate two countries and ruin about 31,234,000 with war and halted the progression of anything in them for the next 10 years or so.

It's very very bad for a group of 100 people to kill them selves and kill about 2000 americans while doing it.

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where the fuck are you pulling the number 2000 from

you must fantasize about pulling terrorist acts all the time or some shit

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