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I'm going to be alone at midnight.

I'm planning on fapping to porn with the TV on in the background. I'm going to ejaculate the moment it hits midnight so it looks like everyone on the TV is celebrating my great ejaculation.

What are your plans for New Year's?

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Go out with friends, drink, be merry, have a good time, come to /jp/, lie about it and start ronery threads like everyone else.

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I would love to see somebody time their ejaculation to exactly the moment of 24:00

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That's a pretty cool idea. I may try that myself.

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'fucking pic......
That never hapened.

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way to steal my idea.


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How is Reimu spreading her entire vagina without touching the inside?

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Her slut powers are at work.

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Imagine your tiny penis inside it /jp/!

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>I-is it in yet, anon-kun?

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But I'm not into guro :3

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Last year I genuflected. I might do the same this year.

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niggers get out

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