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Why won't my 2ds play smash bros?
>pic related

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Someone help pls
I don't japanese

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you bought a japanese console without being literate?

consider https://3ds.hacks.guide/region-changing

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if he bought a region locked console/game without realizing i don't know if op will be the type to do something like this...

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It says you have to update it

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I download the update and it just gives me the error shown in the first pic>>40280109
It's the dragon quest metal slime special edition, I really like dragon quest.
>pic related

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The fucking rubber thingy on the analog stick came off recently on my N3DS and I'm upset!!!

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Lots of people rip them out and replace them with the slidepad top from the PSP. Only one of works though, I think its the 1000 version.

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