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Alright, so I'm being a /jp/ user and notice recently many people are calling iosys cool&create/beatmario judas, traitor, that sort of shit, why the hell is /jp/ turning on these beloved doujin circles? And I know I'm not lurking a lot recently.

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They have? The only reason I can think of is how he's a vtuber now

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maybe I exaggerated by saying many, but I do see sometimes one user call beatmario and iosys judas, and overall when those circles are discussed, they are disliked

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Iosys is big on cease and desist shit

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and also I think you have answered my question. The devastation caused by the temporary hijack of vtuber posters really caused major infighting in /jp/ and I can see why beatmario being and interacting with vtubers can rile /jp/ up

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there is some bloody cease and desist shit with fucking IOSYS? You gotta send me a link to where you got that from

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i don't know how to describe it properly, there's just something weird about making some super professinal youtube content dedicated to showing touhou works
like they only hype up their inner circle instead of looking for outsider merch and works
not sure about that but they hate reuploaders and people who buy secondhand merch so much so, they made a (unfortunately catchy) song
despite some of the members having actually good work outside of iosys to the point they would not miss any income lost from such things, like ARM and idolmaster
or only being available at cons and importing being a bitch until very recently these last few years
make sure to buy all your cds second hand and get only the highest quality flacs

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It can't be helped. Tubers are just that good.

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beatmario was always a faggot. I have nothing against IOSYS

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Redpill me on fatmario

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>why the hell is /jp/ turning on these beloved doujin circles?
because this isn't /jp/.
>beloved doujin circles
you mean the spawn of most of the absolute worst shit meme in the fandom?

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they are the opposite of good

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get out of jp

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you two, need to get out. Stuff from IOSYS and Cool&Create are literally some of the main basis/memes of /jp/ and even touhou in damn general, if you don't like it, get out

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i think people are allowed to dislike some aspects of fandom and fanworks

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would you kindly stop being an a-hole?

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okay, maybe I went a little insane with the reply

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People hated IOSYS for Marisa Stole the Precious Thing.

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that comes with everything, there people who like something, and others who don't like it, but I am very sure that in /jp/ and in the touhou fandom, marisa stole the precious stole has a high praise

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They hated it because it was put on youtube, and brought a bunch of tards into the fandom. The praise of the song often came attached with blogging about being a /b/tard that found out about Touhou through it.
Maybe I'd compare it to the remake of the Japanese Goblin, but I don't know what impact it had. But conceptually, it's a similar situation.

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its okay it happens
precious thing got me into touhou so i can't really hate it, but i suppose for every fan that finds something new and digs deeper to the source there's hundreds more that just want to share a quirky anime video and shitpost
though i'll say i dislike the portrayal of eiki being the angry midget from them, it wasn't their idea first but it amplified it and only nowadays do you see actual works of eiki being like her canon self

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>not sure about that but they hate reuploaders and people who buy secondhand merch so much so, they made a (unfortunately catchy) song
song name? im not big into Iosys

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Also just noticed they've got a little Vtuber mascot thing going on

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*Pats your head*

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