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Bump for non creepy host.

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GGs anon. Oh god, I feel so shitty right now. I need to punch myself in the face 10 times each time I airtech, maybe I'll understand that I MUST NEVER airtech. I can't believe how stupid I am.

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Good games. I had to grab the door at the end.
Darn Suika is hard to fight against as Remilia ><


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Use .png for text images so it doesn't look like shit, and it's usually a smaller file size, too. Ta-ta.

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Good games.


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Hahaha, good games? You beat the ever loving shit out of me... Like always lol. Guess not getting perfected is good I suppose... Either way GGs.


>> No.4028558 [DELETED] US West

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Can Central.

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Good games. Those were really tough! I don't think I've played you before.


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Yeah, good games. You have a good aya, you're one of the few people here who can use melee effectively in their rushdown.

>> No.4029051 [DELETED] US West

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Good games. Kinda laggy :(


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Bump for EU hosts.

>> No.4030703 Hosting

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Are you serious?

>> No.4031510 east coast

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still hosting

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Troll tier

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That's the most horrible picture for a toohoo netplay thread ever.
Someone host, come kick my ass tier here.

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US Midwest
New Year's Eve tier.

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Good games Anonymous!

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Good games.


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Good games Anon.


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Gotta go. Good games.

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aw, too bad, GG's man.

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Good games and Happy New Year Duckator! I lol'd when you hit yourself with the fish. Also, that last Sakuya/Youmu match should have been yours but the weather kicked in at a really bad time. How did you find playing against anonymous? I was watching your matches previous and I find he has a playstyle unusual to /jp/ers.

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Good games Rabbit. Those freeze knifes do wonders against you but, as usual, I tried to use perfect maid at the wrong time and lost. Also, I didn't think I'd get the timing for Yuyuko's timebomb down that perfectly.

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Yeah, I was totally sad that you backstepped the C4. It was my only chance at winning that match. For the freeze knives, do you release them at will or do they trigger on a timer? I'm a bit unfamiliar with them so I treated them as if they would fire after a few seconds, but they always seemed to hit me without err.

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First game of the new year

East Coast host

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ggs, I hope you didn't mind me trying random select.

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Happy new year to you too.

>How did you find playing against anonymous? I was watching your matches previous and I find he has a playstyle unusual to /jp/ers.

He's a lot more patient than most people and he picks up habits pretty well. I find it strange that he doesn't do any kind of oki except for when he uses Alice. He seems to know what he's doing though.

>For the freeze knives, do you release them at will or do they trigger on a timer?
Both, they go off after a few seconds and they go off if I already have a set out and then release another set of knives.

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GGs, eighth note. Excellent way to bring in the new year. You sure do love border escapes when fighting Tenshi, don't you? I'm certain 7/8 of the blockstrings I went for weren't airtight to begin with, but hell if that stopped you from burning orbs and hell if your lack of orbs kept you from winning ;_;. You've got a nice round repertoire of characters, which always makes for entertaining matches. Random decided not to be too big of an ass to me and only handed me one character that I can never understand, Remilia, and for whatever reason she did amazingly well compared to my normal ability to handle her. Thanks for the games, t'was quite fun, though you probably took over 4/5 of the matches, heh.

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Bumping UNL thread

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Why do these threads attract so many faggots?

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Midwest, hosting.

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Good games.


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Good games sakuya.


>> No.4036442

lol ill go practice now

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Good games. Aren't you on the west coast? I kind of got bored at the end from 623s not coming out when I needed them so I figured why not practice.
I was hoping you would use Reimu more since no one else does but I guess you like Komachi more :(

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Stop trolling me, abba, it doesn't feel good. ;_;
>"Why does he know this gimmick already? We've never fought before, have we?"
>"How does he know to do this? I must have fought this person before."
>suddenly 623 against EVERYTHING
"This must be abba."

Is this incentive to play IaMP?

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Good games.

>> No.4038426

Hosting EU

>> No.4038845

Good games

>> No.4040109

Bump for EU hosts.

>> No.4040293 EU

>> No.4040601

hosting for a few

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Good games. I should create decks for my alt chars.

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Good games!

>> No.4041346

Can someone host? I'm up for some matches.

>> No.4041622 east coast

>> No.4041660

I think something's wrong with the connection.

>> No.4041675

yeah the lag was pretty bad. do you have anything else running other than the game and /jp/?

>> No.4041684

None. I'm going to restart the comp.

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Are you sure it's not your end, Gen?

>> No.4041871

There didn't seem to be a problem yesterday when we played...and I'm doing the exact same thing.

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Good games.

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
om thanks in advance have a nice day many hugs from tiny loli

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GG's man.

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US Midwest

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Good games Duckator! Sorry about the pause in between games, I was posting in some other threads. I really enjoyed the Yukari/Patchy matches, they were really close and had twists and turns everywhere. Also, jeeze that Iku of yours is really getting brutal, especially with the corner rape.

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Good games Rabbit, your Youmu is terrific as always.
That last game is the closest I've gotten to beating you in a while.


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Hosting EU

>> No.4046231

Bump for host

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
om thanks in advance have a nice day many hugs from tiny loli

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GGs dude, you beat my ass badly, as usual. Each time I play against someone who punishes every move, I feel like I'm retarded because I run into it again and again.

>> No.4046732

Ggs. You do seem to have gotten better, but yeah, too many dash Cs as usual.

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GGs. This is getting stupid.

>> No.4046914

Good games. SWR has always been stupid.

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hosting WC

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Great games www, too bad the connection between us was so bad. I'm sure it would have been a lot funnier without dropping so many inputs on both sides... It was very fun nonetheless.

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I just thought every time i play on /jp/, i win every match. So i felt generous and gave myself a 50% hp handicap most matches. But the lag made most of my characters way weaker without any speed.

Though you can say you beat my Meiling.

>> No.4047357

still hosting

>> No.4047387

anyone even playing this game in europe?

>> No.4047427

For some reason I can't connect
Hosting EU

>> No.4047451

cant join you either :/

>> No.4047469

I could join you, but I'm not >>4047451

>> No.4047474

well maybe that s why i couldnt join.

>> No.4047482
EU (should be playable from ec too)

>> No.4047488

anyone on west coast hosting?

>> No.4047496

no, duh, I only joined his game after I saw your post, just to test if it was his or your problem

>> No.4047499

is everyone playing through adonis or through just the netplay patch

>> No.4047510

we re not playing pofv

>> No.4047531

could you try to join then?

>> No.4047546


>>4047496 here, didn't work

>> No.4047560

weird, i m often hosting for a friend with no issues...

>> No.4047643

I had a patch issue, now it should be 1.03.

>> No.4047657

Heh, joined one of those ip adresses and got beaten by Alice really badly. Tough I have played th12.3 only for a week. I think you noticed that.

>> No.4047776

Oh, I was wondering why you had left so quickly. GGs though.
GGs too

>> No.4047794

gg, had to go. didnt know they were half serious swr player in europe, nicely done.

>> No.4047795
hosting from brazil for the luls

>> No.4048593

Bump for hosts.

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>> No.4050538 Canada West
punching bag tier

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It was funny dont cry GGs

rehosting >>4050653

>> No.4050966


GGs again, rehosting

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god that hurt

>> No.4051163


Punching bag tier? Give yourself and your Suika a little more credit than that. Anyway, thanks for the matches.

>> No.4051170
Hostan Canadia

>> No.4051196

GG's, sorry for using Suika so much but as you probably saw, picking any other character really did lead to punching bag matches. Had quite a bit of fun, though.

>> No.4051225 [DELETED] 

please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
om thanks in advance have a nice day many hugs from tiny loli

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terrible western usfag hostan

>> No.4051366


GGs Rabbit, you didn't let me warm up.

>> No.4051377

>> No.4051450

Sorry about that, something came up mid match. I'll rehost in a bit if things permit.

>> No.4051485
US Midwest.

>> No.4051529


>> No.4051593

GGs Tsa.

Rehosting >>4051377

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the first match using sakuya was mind crushing

>> No.4051682



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Good games


>> No.4051713

Good games, Johan (though there seemed to be really random tiny lag spikes). It's amazing how bad I am after not playing for a few days; you capitalized on pretty much all of my mistakes (and I made quite a few). Sorry it took me so long to start playing at least quasi-competently. Perhaps I'll get a few more games in later and give you a bit more of a challenge (hopefully).

Youmu is still annoying, though.

>> No.4051774

GGs guy, yea a few days off and it take time to recover. Anyway dont try to repeat the same combos over and over again as I learn them fast and then I punish you ok

Ill be around here for a while, rehosting

Youmu is not annoying its just so lovely quick

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i'm still bitter about that flawless yukari match ;;

>> No.4051874
US East

probably going to get raped by the internet

>> No.4052058

huge huge HUGE HUGE
best KO tonight

>> No.4052064

any ausfags around

>> No.4052066


;_; Rabbit box...

I cannot express my rage in words. GGs.

>> No.4052077

Good games Nipah! You have quite the variety it seems for your Cirno. I had a lot of fun with the Cirno/Yukari matches, I was trying my darndest to think with portals.

>> No.4052085

GG, pretty good Sakuya combos.

Rehosting this

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EU hostan -

>> No.4052143

Ah, my apologies. It's not my intention to play in a rage inducing manner. In what way was it bad? I'll avoid it next time.

>> No.4052183

EU anons does not get up early on Sundays?

Host still up. Anyone from EC are free to try.

>> No.4052328

Good games. As you can tell I don't know how to fight against someone that just plays keep-away.

And good games to you too.

US Midwest

>> No.4052341

GGs duck
I was to quit at the time you would beat my suika, yet it dont happen and i didnt want to give you so much advantage at first. I dislike to play against lots of 66c so I just use her till you beat it without that annoyin graze attack

>> No.4052347

GG player1. You need to learn how to block.

>> No.4052354

Hahaha, yeah I do. I got my what I expected. GG.

And sorry I didn't have my name, forgot to switch it.

>> No.4052417

GGs Su, I hope you enjoyed the lag
I had to change my inputs, couldn't do hj7 before

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Not really, no. My quantity for lag matches is used up, no more. Still hosting, though. I'll end it if I see lag in the character select menu.

>> No.4052481

Nevermind this. I'll just practice with a PS controller until EUbros wake up.

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Yuyuko player here

I'm looking for advice on how to deal with Tenshi. I can't seem to find a reliable way of hurting her outside of punishing blocked attacks, and her bullets make it hard for me to keep reliable bullet cover up.

>> No.4052604

GGs Duck

You've gotten much more dangerous and spontaneous since the last time we fought. Me likey! That Okuu SC set up was awesome! That spike at the end killed my mood a bit. You know it's bad when your 66Bs turn into 66 5B...

Anyway, thanks for the matches.

>> No.4052609
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>> No.4052627

Good games E-Man. The more I use Yukari's gaps the more useful they seem to be. Too bad about that huge lagspike last game. I can't imagine what could have caused it.

>> No.4052781
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Someone must have something

>> No.4052799

Use her C bullets more.

>> No.4052815

Well, what level of play are you at? I can hold my own with Yuyuko but by no means am I specialized with her.

>> No.4052826

Use 214B/C more?

As someone who just started Yuyuko, I would use that then set the pace by using 5B, then using 5C and 6C to hit more damage. 421B/C whenever Tenshi gets too close.

>> No.4052873
File: 602 KB, 750x600, 2b9a5db424e4656659fa1fe1a1d5228a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably the same as you, then

The problem I'm finding is that Tenshis rock drills/lasers can punch through most of my cover, and unless I cancel 214 into something else I'm pretty vulnerable.

It's really her drills and rushdown that's getting to me; I tend to crack when I get stuck in the corner and start mashing like a fucking idiot.

I suppose I could try canceling into some cover moves from 5C. It's that slight delay in her bullet moves that keeps killing me, though. Trying to keep her on the defensive while watching my spirit gauge is kind of tricky and frequently leads to orb crushes on my end.

>> No.4052917


4052815 here, I actually find Tenshi extremely strong on the ground and I avoid engaging her there under even conditions because of her grazing attack and 623C. Her power on the ground combined with the drills will easily break any butterflies you set up and the purple wisps will be graze attacked. However, at range your laser should be better than hers, and in the air your homing projectiles and better flight characteristics should even things up a bit. Using 214B/C near the top of the screen will bounce the butterflies downwards and basic C in the air will fill up the space fast. For the most part I actually ignore the rock drills while in the air. While on the ground using C canceled into 623C will catch forward grazers and it will graze through Tenshi's bullets, and if timed correctly you'll be covered by your own on block.

>> No.4052926

Also, if you'd like I can host North America if you want some practice sessions. I could use some practice too.

>> No.4052966
File: 331 KB, 992x851, 53dcbd4e1e60c7464068a7bbe7b53498.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, but no thanks; it's getting a bit late on my end. Thanks for the advice, though. I've copied it into a OneNote page with everything else I've picked up.

>> No.4053011
File: 601 KB, 830x800, fe88b0aabe96a93a74c45c732612f3b7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is, actually, one other thing I'd like to know.

I've found that a well timed 66C from Tenshi can beat out my Fanspin, which also ends up destroying any butterflies I've previously set up. Is there a way around this? I know the Tenshi Shove is easy to punish on block, but I've yet to find anything else that can beat it.

>> No.4053050

For me dealing with her 66C is a complete nightmare. Like I detailed I take to the air before setting up bullet cover if she overuses it.

>> No.4053179

Has there been any news about the 1.10 patch?

>> No.4053206

Don't use the fanspin much or at all. The more you use it, the more it's gonna get baited and punished.

>> No.4054230


>> No.4054235 [DELETED] 

please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
om thanks in advance have a nice day many hugs from tiny loli

>> No.4054239

there won't be a 1.10 patch.

>> No.4054559

Bump for host

>> No.4054705


>> No.4054725 EU

>> No.4054736

That's just great. I bump the thread consecutively without replies, and when a host comes he's immediately taken by someone else.

>> No.4054889


>> No.4054915

Sorry, my key config was messed up, rehosting

>> No.4054918

Welcome to jp

>> No.4054983

>> No.4055024

Haha, Australia, I guess? Europe here, maybe another time... It was fun playing in slow motion though!

>> No.4055216 : 10800
mid west US.

mid tier

>> No.4055290


Can central. Sleepy tier.

>> No.4055382


if I knew you were that bad with chars other than suika, I wouldn't have gotten you to switch :/

>> No.4055388

Goog games, dude. I think you understood that I can't play any character other than Suika, I've been playing her almost since the beginning and I can't get used to any other fighting style, sadly.

>> No.4055394

Yeah, I'm awful, haha.

>> No.4055598


rehosting yet again.

>> No.4055652
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bump for somebody to play against
info >>4055216

>> No.4055813 West Coast

>> No.4056091


>> No.4056124 [DELETED] 

please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
om thanks in advance have a nice day many hugs from tiny loli

>> No.4056186

ggs Harla, but man, I am playing incredibly badly today. I should probably get more sleep

>> No.4056188



>> No.4056526

Those were some pretty close matches, Shotgun. Sorry if I kept picking the same character too much, I couldn't tell if you wanted rematches or not. GG's though, was fun!

>> No.4056528


ggs, thanks for all the games man.

my thumb is starting to hurt, I may host again later.

>> No.4056614

Someone host, I'm ready to get a beating.

>> No.4056697
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>> No.4056786

Bump for another host.

>> No.4057132


>> No.4058173 [DELETED] 
File: 95 KB, 512x512, Ibuki Suika Rum?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4058184 [DELETED] 


>> No.4058201
File: 98 KB, 512x512, Ibuki Suika Rum?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4058318


Really bad tier. Also still waiting for my usb adapter for my PS2 controller so my shitty controller isn't really helping me right now tier...

tl;dr rape is imminent

>> No.4058438


GGs. And damn do you pick colors that are hard on my eyes lol.

>> No.4058448
File: 176 KB, 512x512, Konpaku Youmu Violated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

although i feel as though there was a retractable baton used on me...

>> No.4058624
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ah.. I felt like I started strong but it looks like I'm not quite there yet. Plenty of close matches gg etc. Though I'll lose sleep over losing to another maid.. even when I can't play anything else as you saw by my Suwako performance.

>> No.4058660
File: 207 KB, 512x512, lets get drunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's all good man! there is only one thing a respectable maid can do when defeated...


>> No.4059102
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Come smack me around, I could use the practice.

>> No.4059164

GGs Gen. I got to get going for the night. You have gotten better. I still have a ways to go though. You keep amazing pressure on no matter who you play as though. Keep it up.

>> No.4059180

What happened there?


>> No.4059186

Sorry, Guy. My ride arrived sooner than I thought. Be back later tonight.

>> No.4059204

Ah, sorry for the delayed response, got picked up by Gen. GGs. Lol yeah, I could see, but you do have a good Sakuya. Believe me, I am not even there yet... There are plenty of people who make me look like I am trying to be a punching bag... Besides, we all love maids, two on the screen at once is just twice as sexy.

>> No.4059551

Good games, Gen, but I'm going to take a break now (or maybe play Heroes III, who knows). Your hit-and-run Meiling befuddled and bemused me, though.

>> No.4059594

Hahaha sorry about that guy, but my connection often gives me a weird delay on melee, so I have to hit and go back in the controller,and then wait and watch what happens in the screen, so I can't play in a more conventional way, that or go full proyectile which is almost impossible with china. Anyway it was fun as always GG's.

>> No.4059607
File: 90 KB, 432x728, Hong Meiling, the name is Hong Meiling!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was feeling some delay as well, or at least there were really strange lag spikes that would happen at least thrice every match. They didn't last very long, but they were quite annoying. I guess that explains it for ya, though.

>> No.4059628

Since I've returned three posts too late to face Guy, anyone else hosting?

>> No.4059662
File: 214 KB, 1313x1075, sakuya1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4059700

Doesn't work.

>> No.4059870
File: 202 KB, 656x620, sakuya2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

better chance of working this time

>> No.4059942
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Rehostan, still incredibly bad Sakuya tier.

>> No.4060081

Good games, cookingSTOP. You caught on about the dangers of air-teching really fast, just be more careful about when to graze and when to block. I'm hardly the person to give advice on that matter, though, as anyone here will tell you.


>> No.4060095

Anyone here use servers and such? I don't know why, but I can't connect to any game, hosting or joining, without one.

>> No.4060105
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my goodness.. I felt really good about some of my early plays but you have some unrelenting combos that I couldn't keep up with and ended up repeating patterns and losing my rhythm.

It might be a bit before I can clean up my combos like that. Good games.

>> No.4060115

Someone host so I can watch stuff. Yeah.
Living in Brazil has this tiny inconvenience of having amazing lag against pretty much anyone who's not also from Brazil, I guess.
Also, heuheuehuehuehue.

>> No.4060275
File: 95 KB, 690x611, 523a218104c1af459f36a753219b4ebe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any players awake in here.

>> No.4060324

Baka ja nai tier.

>> No.4060348

Good games, E-MAN. Sorry about the Sakuya spam, but when I'm learn a little bit about a character and try to play online with them, I have a ton of fun. That was probably the most fun I've had in Hisoutensoku in quite a while. It's too bad my stuff gets so repetitious, and that I'm so terrible with her fielding when I'm in the middle of the stage, but other than that she seems to flow alright. I'll have to thank you for the slight instruction you gave me with her, ahaha. I'm still not comfortable at all with that teleport, though, so I tend not to use it.

>> No.4060395

GGs Guy

Sweet deal! That meido's looking pretty good. If only I had your grazan skills, I'd have a top notch Meido [insert Parsee.jpg here]. There's plenty I need to work on as well (switching gears from blocking to grazing out, majorly), but try to go low in you strings. The wrongblock is essential to her strings and forcing mistakes.

Thanks for the matches! I'm going to bed.

>> No.4060417

>>4050538 Rehosting Canada West

>> No.4060443

>grazing skills

Hahaha, please. I just hate blocking, so will (most of the time) try to graze whenever I can. It just so happened I got lucky and you were throwing out mostly grazeable stuff. The bouncy-knives -> teleport to the other side of me in order to get me to drop my block and take the hit was really cool, though. I'll keep in mind about forcing wrongblocks, though. Do you Sakuya players normally 5AAA -> 6A -> 2B or do you stagger in 2A or something? Also, is 3A ever actually useful? It seems like a really weak, punishable move to me.

You're better than I was when I first started.

>> No.4060622


GGs. That felt so one sided. At least I got one by luck.

>> No.4060634

GGs. Your play style is holding you down, but I am sure you are having fun so it probably doesn't matter.

>> No.4060646

LOL, that just my parlor trick, only meant for random uses and lulz. I couldn't do the other Teleport set up, which is infinitely more useful except against people with quick moving bullets/specials, somehow hitting 22 caused me to randomly DP and lose the match...
That's the usually melee string, but as you saw, I do a totally different gamble that'll either eat up more orbs or get me sucker-punched before it starts (5AAA 5B f5A 2/6A 5B ???). I'd say to remain unpredictable, drop that 3rd strike in the Dial A and stagger in that 6A then, or just 4AA[A 5A] 6A. 2A gets you hulled but if you think your opponents not going anywhere (also escapes Dash C'ing Aya's out the corner, sometimes Yuyuko if you're lucky), 6A is quicker IMO.
3A is only good as a random. Somewhat helps against those corner footsies matchups, but that was me just being lazy to 623 which is way better for that situation. Once you start establishing a 2A/6A > Knive Barrage diet on a regular, you can sneak in 3A instead to catch the low blockers. Other than me, no one hardly uses it, and it's such a b.s. move that when it actually hits, it's usually a CH that can lead to another 3A 214B from anywhere.

>> No.4060676

Rehosting >>4060324

>> No.4060706

I see. Hmmm, maybe I'll start throwing it out once I feel like my opponent is predicting my corner game. I didn't work on comboing 214B into stuff at all, so I'm not even sure where I throw it in, so thanks for reminding me. I saw you doing 214B after some stuff, but I can't remember 1.) what you were doing and 2.) if it could've been a 236B or 623B for more damage instead.

What is the other teleport set-up, if you don't mind me asking? Or, if nothing else, maybe I'll face Duckator sometime soon or something and he'll be able to do it to me.

>> No.4060875

GGs, but the only character I have a deck for is Suwako, and I'm only just trying to figure out how her moves work, so I don't want to bore you with her.

Why do all Cirno players play exactly the same way? It gets boring when you just alternate 66C and 214B/C when I'm on the ground, and just 22B/C when I'm in the air.

>> No.4060884


GGs Happy face.

>> No.4060900

In all fairness to him, if you continually fall for 214C on the ground and 22C when you're in the air, he really has no reason to not use it. Other than that, there are a fair number of Cirno players who don't use 214C or 22C all that often, I guess you've managed to be lucky enough to run into everyone who does.

>> No.4060947


Well... It could be because it works against certain strategies. Start blocking and you will find Cirno gets in trouble if 66Cs too much. You rarely blocked so I got it easy.

>> No.4060950

If you are there, I can play you, I'm in Brazil too

>> No.4060958

So counter those and be happy you learned how to destroy every Cirno player

>> No.4060959
File: 152 KB, 512x410, a little excited.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My god i never thought a Cirno dozer was so efficient

>> No.4060994

Yeah, I was thinking that. I didn't mean to come across as bashing it or anything, I just lose interest when my opponent trots out a tired old pattern repeatedly. I could tell Nipah knows what he's doing better than I do, which makes it worse that it felt like he's using a flow chart of some sort to play against me. "I'm too good to play against you, here's this computer simulation I came up with."

... Not that it wasn't true when I was playing Suwako at least, but still...

>> No.4061012


GGs Ewle, try to stay out of the corners. There are too many combos when somebody is cornered.

>> No.4061014

Play E-MAN, Giant Tree, a.a., or Magister then. They all play unorthodox Cirnos.

>> No.4061015


Hooray! I got to play net for the first time and show someone just how terrible someone can be at this game. It's a matter I take pride in.

>> No.4061039

That's why I always stay away from these threads. There's absolutely no way for any beginner to even win.

>> No.4061051
File: 54 KB, 1000x700, itslikeimreallyGuy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


As you play the same people again and again, you'll start to see flowcharts everywhere. Seriously, it's pretty much unavoidable; everyone has their favorite thing to do in a given situation, no matter how hard they try to really mix it up. It's really nothing personal at all towards you. Picture is a pretty good example, actually.

>> No.4061068

Forget winning, I'll settle for just getting a single hit in every once in while.

Now that I'm playing with the big boys, I'm going to practice a bit before I attempt the impenetrable wall of Cirno again.

>> No.4061072

So Giant Tree changed since I played him last? I guess it has been months. I need to rebuild my moon bunny deck and at least get used to Suwako's controls before I challenge anyone else, though.

And maybe learn how to block along the way.

>> No.4061115

If you're from EU/EC we can have some Suwako mirrors if you like. I've been playing her since the release.

>> No.4061120


GGs Cooking Stop and .... uuuh... I forgot your name.

Sakuya knives can be very tricky, use them more often to confuse your oponents.

Again, corner is the worst place to be.


>> No.4061125

any active IP?

>> No.4061127
File: 180 KB, 500x600, 1245349762420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to try this.
hosting again.

>> No.4061130

Rehosting >>4060324

>> No.4061134
File: 22 KB, 192x256, CLEANINGSTOP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I either totally lose my rhythm after the first two games or my routine is so limited people start beating me by instinct. Probably a bit of both.

If I could of kept up my good melee reflexes and mid field control it'd at least be a decent fight for awhile longer. I'm so helpless about recovering from being bull charged into the coner. I should learn how to teleport faster.. assuming you can even use that to back out of a corner.

>> No.4061136

Playing a game isn't about winning. It's about having fun. Most of the really good players hold back when they realize they're up against a beginner. Besides, you learn more against people who can rape your face. Save replays, see what you did that they punished EVERY SINGLE TIME, see what they did to beat you in ten seconds. Practice until you can keep them from punishing what you did, and until you can copy what they did.

>> No.4061157

Trouble is, it's hard to have fun when you realize you have absolutely no chance.

>> No.4061159

u just kicked my ass bro

>> No.4061164

Very short game ProfileP GG.

Rehosting >>4060324

>> No.4061168

I'm EC, but can't host right now. I'd appreciate having a few replays of what a Suwako can do, so maybe I can make a quick deck for one of my better characters or watch you play someone else?

>> No.4061173

>is 3A ever actually useful? It seems like a really weak, punishable move to me.
It's air-unblockable and it's a high gaurd crush when it's charged.

>Or, if nothing else, maybe I'll face Duckator sometime soon or something and he'll be able to do it to me.
I usually use perfect maid so I don't know any teleport tricks. Now that you mention it, I should work the teleport into my routine more. I can think of a few situations where it might come in handy.

US Midwest

>> No.4061174

Read the wiki, watch some replays, practise some combos in practise mode. You can't except to just join a game mash some buttons and start winning.

>> No.4061183 australia

any ausfags around?

>> No.4061188

Beginners aren't all masochists, or people who have serious determination to get better. It's hard to have fun when you can't do a single damn thing (Quite the opposite happens).

>> No.4061194
File: 23 KB, 549x292, jii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I've been using a lot of knife bouncing and confusion normally in slower matches. I'm not quite experienced enough to slip in specials when the pressure is on - especially if there's a bit of lag delay.

>> No.4061195


Nice. I was kinda helpless in the corners like that.

>> No.4061199

If you don't have Sky Dragon Kick yet, but you land a dial-A, you could do either 5AAA -> 2B -> hjc9 j.5A -> j.6A -> j.5C or 5AAAA -> 22B instead of the 5AAA2A combo. The latter is almost 2k damage and ends in knockdown, and the former is above 2k damage and sets you up for tech-punishing.

>> No.4061217


I beg to differ.

Earlier I played against Remilia who blocks most of the time and makes it really really tricky to play with my strategies. Just when she is about to die with a less than a line of HP, game gets serious and I get my ass kicked.

Winning that single match was really rewarding.

I have a lot of fun losing against good players and winning those very few matches.

Anyway, I need to get my ass kicked so I can go sleep in peace. Any takers?

Rehosting >>4060324

>> No.4061238


If the lag is horrible, then I'll gladly up some replays of mine.

>> No.4061257

Bump limit.

>> No.4061281
File: 22 KB, 559x262, whoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

christ i feel so inadequate watching Duck and Guy

I can kinda see myself in Guy's place since I think we sort of play alike - definitely taking lessons from duckanator on how to be an in-your-face battle maido.

>> No.4061356


ggs J, thanks for the compliment.


>> No.4061374

Thanks for the matches, hope you enjoyed the lag, the remilia x yuyuko was pretty close

>> No.4061442

any IP?

>> No.4061473
File: 26 KB, 549x292, WOW LAG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.4061490

Ready to to rawk your sawks any day.

>> No.4061604

Okay, that's enough. Seems like my sister decided to start downloading some things on the network, and I have enough trouble keeping up with you without the lag that I just started having.

I think I did slightly better with Komachi, and it seems like you listened to my unfair complaints earlier about Cirno, as you had a really good variety, then decided you might as well just go with what works at the end.

>> No.4061610


GGs happy emoticon. I tried to keep my 66Cs at bay but I can't be helped sometimes. I am also known as 66C tier...

I don't play against many Komachis, that scynthe is very frustrating.

>> No.4061631

Last one. Rehosting. >>4060324

>> No.4061754
File: 72 KB, 800x450, 1260936924830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>running into your 6A for the 50th time
Pic related.

Great games, Duckator. Those Sakuya mirrors were tremendous amounts of fun, even if I need to not block every single knife you throw with my face. Seeing your Sakuya in action just makes me feel even more that I really need to expand upon my tricks instead of trying to force the same 3 or 4 events on you. Also, those CH 66Cs when I'm really low in the air...those were bloody painful. Anyways, thanks for showing me the power of 214B and 6A, hahaha.

Any other tips, perhaps?

>> No.4061967

Good games Guy. 6A isn't that bad. At least you learned to jump when I did the second one. I tried to start following up the first one with a 3A to catch you off guard but it just ended up as another 6A.

>Any other tips, perhaps?
Her spellcards are great for pressure. Start using more than just Soul Sculpture and Inscribed Red Soul. Killing Doll and Phantasmic Killer are great after a knockdown. If they're blocked it's almost a guaranteed guard crush. And, as you know, they're also great for baiting laggy spellcards. Throw in her timestop card too. You're pretty much guaranteed to do some damage while your opponent is left helpless. Also, it's great for stuff like this http://www.mediafire.com/?mkmdnydgvnm.

>> No.4061986


GGs again Cooking. Most Sakuya players go for offensive tactics instead of defensive. Also, try not abusing too much that 66C(?) Against Sakuya is punisheable very easily.

>> No.4061995


Thanks for the games Nipah. I didn't mean to pressure into switching off Cirno at first. That was just me being spastic. I have weak wrists so that's about all I can manage.

Got some practice in with teleports.. including LOTS of teleporting into ICEROLLLOL. I really really need to figure out her A attacks. I hit it maybe a couple times every few games. Pretty embarrassing even for a newbie I think. Hope to see you around another night.

>> No.4062025
File: 481 KB, 510x382, 1241248617094.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to mention: I don't think holding back really helps anyone.. Getting your face mashed against the corner over and over is a proper school of learning.

YAYIBEATSANAEIMSOGOO-wow i just about got perfect'd the moment it got serious again.

>> No.4062041

Alright, I'll look into those, thanks. I love how the time stop took effect pretty much one frame before Aya collided with you, though, hahahaha.

>> No.4062052
File: 14 KB, 192x34, qq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


eh.. yeah my 66C is a nervous habit and was pretty much useless against anything but you messing with Sanae.

>> No.4062101

>>4062041 <-- (not 10801)
quick maid match before naptime? I've had trouble hosting all day but I've been tweaking as I go

>> No.4062121

Doesn't work.

>> No.4062229

Good games again. Seems you have the same "block every knife with my face" problem that I do! In any case, definitely don't follow my example, as no matter how good you develop your combos, pressure, and offense in general, good players will still shut you down if you have no defense. It's really annoying. ;_;

>> No.4062255


Yeah that's about what I expected. My combos are impossiblamazing.

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