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Why can't moot just separate /jp/ and make a 3D board and a 2D board?

That's what they did at Futaba when 2D and 3D fans started arguing and it worked out great.

Do you think he will listen to us if enough people e-mail him about it?

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Probably not.

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moot doesn't give a shit about /jp/.

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moot never reads his email.

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moot isn't going to make flavor of the month boards for topics like 3D.

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/jp/ has too small of a userbase, and there's already /s/.

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>Do you think he will listen to us if enough people e-mail him about it?
Yeah, no.

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the idolfags keep to themselves and there are only ever like two threads, stop being a faggot and just ignore them

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>Do you think he will listen to us if enough people e-mail him about it?
>enough people
Can't answer your question because it's impossible for there to be "enough people" that want a 3D board, sorry.

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Why can't these fags go to /s/ like they SHOULD. I've mentioned it before in some of the arguments months back but always get ignored, their topics are EXACTLY what /s/ is for.

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BULLSHIT, I've seen plenty of times where they had 5 topics on the front page.

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Well, as far as I can tell, they aren't posting anything explicit, which would not be welcomed in /s/. /s/ is more for imagedumps than discussion.
If they did begin to post sexual pictures, /s/ would be the place for them.

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/jp/ dislikes 2D(anime, manga and others).

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Because Japan related.

Also 3D > 2D

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/s/ is for pornsite spam and anorexia imagedumps.

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>3D > 2D

Get out.

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>you can't post WS images on a NSFW board
Go preach to the choir, you fucking liar.

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>/jp/ - Japan/General
Just sayin'

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But are pedophiles, so we are drawn to it for fear of the law.

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What the hell is your problem? If you started a thread on /s/ with no explicit images and the premise of discussion, I'm sure you would not be welcomed there. Don't start harping on me because another board has it's own rules.

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What does it matter if they aren't welcomed? They'd be posting in their own threads.

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ohhh fuck yeah 1d porn cant stop coming ohhh fuck


fuck that line just broke my penis engine, shit

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I always get a kick out of the 2D purists telling people what does, and does not belong on /s/.

Have some 3D.

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How can I contact him then?

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Why the fuck do you think he would want to listen to you?

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So he can have sex with him?

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Because 2D idiots should be acting like little cunts just because there's a 2D thread in /jp/ even though it affects them in no way, shape, or form.

I don't fucking know how that meme even took off. At first I thought they said '3d pig disgusting' jokingly, but now they're like super serious butthurt.

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Hahaha, I feel famous. My screencap and post of Maki have been given life in a new thread!

Also, this board is called /jp/. It is about JAPAN, the common theme is that topics are Japanese. If it was supposed to be about 2D or 3D, it would be called /2d/ or /3d/ respectively.

Rather than egotistically suggesting the board be split, you could just ignore threads that don't interest you. Or, you know, find some place else to post.

People are allowed to like things you don't.

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i never look at this board... whats the debate about? 2d/3d?

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Because you are a 12 year old, OP.

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>It is about JAPAN
No it's not.

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Weren't you one of the 2D people some time ago? Why are you suddenly so obsessed with idols?

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Trip stolen. Well, not really stolen, since he originally didn't have one.

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ITT Butthurt 2D fags

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When moot created this dump, he said not to allow any topic to dominate the board, and I am not about to let this board turn into Touhou/Typemoon general.

It's time to quit you complaining, there will always be 2D idol threads on /jp/ and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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Yeah you got a God complex big enough to post here.

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Yes, I do. And so do you.

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>At first I thought they said '3d pig disgusting' jokingly

This is why you need to get the fuck out.

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I'm fully aware that one glorious day moot will delete this board making all this already petty debates useless, so not really.

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Wow, it's true. There really are people who take ironic 4chan memes seriously. I bet you also think KS devs actually post on this board.

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Stop trolling. We all know that they do post.

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Except that they do post here.

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Here's your proof, now get out, KSdev.

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It's not a meme, you idiot. There ARE people who only find 2D attractive.

Personally, I think that 3D women are gross, and I never fapped to one in my entire life. And I loved 2D girls since I was 7 years old.

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I just find those ugly old Japanese women to be pig disgusting.

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If that's all true, you seriously need some mental help.

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Did you post that just to piss him off?

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Why? I've said it before, but if he's happy like that, who the fuck are you to say if he "needs help" or not? Or, is it just that you think the human population has become so dangerously low, that a few people failing to reproduce will doom us as a species? (Spoilers: it hasn't.)

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Pretty much the worst thing is when one of their threads is at the bottom of the page. I have to watch that shit for about 5 seconds while the next page loads.

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Thanks OP

This thread has made the trolling possibilities of posting real girls extremely apparent.

/jp/: easier to troll than ever

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I don't mind you guys. You keep to yourselves and generally behave well.

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>there will always be 2D idol threads on /jp/
I have no problems with this.

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>and I am not about to let this board turn into Touhou/Typemoon general

Sorry to tell you this, but uh...

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What? Just because you can't comprehend a particular preference, you're going to decide that it's somehow wrong?

Yes, a person who forsakes the "3D" world in order to embrace his own delusions with the "2D" one may miss out on some things, from your point of view, but maybe he never found those things to be terribly important to begin with. It's like if someone told you never to drive a car again, because you're contributing to global warming, or not to eat meat, because an animal had to suffer so you could do so. True, these are valid points, but you don't really give a shit, do you? And anyone expecting you to is just being an asshole.

Kind of like you are now.

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u mad?

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
lk.com thanks in advance have a nice day

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Not mad, no. Honestly, I don't even have that particular preference myself. I tend to find real women more attractive. But, that doesn't mean I consider my preference to be the only valid one. That's just arrogant and narrow-minded as fuck.

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yep, he mad

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Stop posting your ugly whores.

Here 2Dfags, this is what a real woman looks like.

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What, a person can't point out fallacies in another person's statement, or give a conflicting point of view, without getting angry anymore?

What a scary world we must live in now. I'll keep that in mind.

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>Why can't moot just separate /jp/ and make a 3D board and a 2D board?
because then you might as well just go nuts and create a ton of different boards for every little subtopic. Let's make one for R07 stuff, one for TypeMoon, one for Touhou....then we'll never have to put up with stuff we don't like!
Except that iichan already tried that. And look at what an exciting place that is.

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Looks pretty shopped to me (and yet still ugly).

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i love how i keep posting two word replies with an image and you type up a rant in response to each one

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ITT: 12 year olds who have never seen a naked woman before.

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A couple of sentences can hardly be called a rant. Yeah, I realize you're just being a troll, but there's no reason we always have to go with the "Oh look, I spotted the troll, look how smart I am!" line of response. Arguing with them from time to time can be entertaining too.

Of course, if you're just going to continue making boring replies, even I would stop paying attention eventually.

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Do it, faggot, I dare you.

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>behave well.

Yes, they are behaving really well in this thread.

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He's a tripfag, of course he's wrong. No need to point out the obvious.

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I'm pretty sure all the 2D/3D trolling has been exhausted by /g/, but if you want to turn /jp/ into a shithole, go ahead.

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
lk.com thanks in advance have a nice day

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Get out 3D devs

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>implying a place where anything that isn't touhou-related gets flamed isn't a shithole

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>implying a place where anything that isn't touhou-related gets flamed is a shithole

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
lk.com thanks in advance have a nice day

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Fuck you 2D crowd.

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Hey 3D fags, you will never meet your precious idols, so in reality you're just as pathetic as the 2D fags. So stop thinking that you're superior.

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I did this year.
Reported for stoking 2D v 3D war