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A thread to discuss みけねこ

Previous Thread: >>40105379

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/95rn16
Fanbox: https://mikenekoko.fanbox.cc/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC54JqsuIbMw_d1Ieb4hjKoQ
Twitcasting: https://twitcasting.tv/95rn16
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mikeneko.x/
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@minyan84

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It's kinda sweet that my wife is as allergic as I am.

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A kind reminder to avoid obvious bait.

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Dinner date with mafu

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>falseflagging as anti to keep the thread alive
I'm not helping to bump the thread anymore, this thread is just lame.

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It's /jp/, even if nobody posted for an entire day the thread wouldn't die

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It's weird, the first two months of everything felt like it happened in the span of a week. Now it feels like it's been a year since the GTA stream.

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[Shocking News] Mikeneko showed her pussy live on stream!

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yeah really. that whole month was a blur for me

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ニャコオ三 かわいい

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I love my cute wife so much

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Imagine a green cat alt outfit

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I love green cat

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I just got a dollar refund for no reason from Mike YouTube channel, which can't be from a superchat or a membership (I'm still a member).

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Exactly a dollar?

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To me it's kinda scary how some people are allergic to so many things. I have no known allergies, neither to food nor to medication nor to anything else, so it's very wild to me.

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Where should we go on our honeymoon? Open to suggestions

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To my inspection dungeon
I'm gonna inspect if your wife's feelings for you are genuine or not by testing her non-stop for a month. If she still prefers you after the one month period, then she passes the inspection - she is faithful and wouldn't cheat on your with another man, you can proceed with your honeymoon. If she doesn't pass the inspection, then she would have cuckolded you down the line, so you should thank me for bringing this up to your attention before you got invested too much in the relationship with her.

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Even more sfw version

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Even more sfw version

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Even more sfw version

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Aaaaaaaaaaaa she’s so cute!!

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Really thought those where her bare legs for a minute

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Same but still damn sexy

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My cute wife teasing me with her see through skirt

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Bros I am not going to fucking make it

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I can’t focus on work…

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Are they not? My brain is struggling to process the picture

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is 「エッッ」being subbed in for ecchi?

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Nah, it's just beige pants There's a clear clothing fold with the legs folded like that.

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Mikenyan I am coming to you and I WILL gobble up your thighs after a date more romantic than either of us could have thought possible

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You hit the jackpot

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I'm trying to do my reps. I'm just trying to figure it out senpai

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the latest tweets slew the rrat that Neko hates/has no friends back at Holo, Coverschizo BTFO

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how'd they do that? just her saying she had good memories? i did miss a tweet or 2 in there

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You wish retard. Anyone who is so desperate to lick Cover boots is just as bad as the schizo who hates them. Call me an enlightened centrist or whatever but you're a faggot simple as

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>if she doesn’t explicitly say it then it isn’t true

>> No.40201629

You're inferring something that isn't even close to what she said. Get a grip

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cope and seethe

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Literally who? She didn't talk about hololive members

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learn what context clues are

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>context clues
More like your projection

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you're sounding more and more desperate

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Give it up, you've lost and look like a drooling retard

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have I struck a nerve there?

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That would look great on a projector

>> No.40203451

Would be redundant since the dude's already projecting

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>can't actually dispute anything I said

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Nothing to argue against. You haven't said anything. You just keep getting angrier because no one wants to argue with a schizoid

>> No.40204278

>Oh no she said some people helped her so it must be hololive members
Just stop it anon. I'm tired as fuck so i don't want to argue with you anyome

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why is it hard for you to admit that Mike still likes her friends?

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I think anon's wife Mikeneko is BERY BERY CUTE

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>I’m not malding, you are!
I’m just sad for you, anon

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you still haven’t answered my question, so I’ll accept your concession

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Wife is awake, shut the fuck up already you drooling retards

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She is so beautiful Jesus Christ

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We have to protect that smile at all cost

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She tried to take their company down by killing herself.

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Say something nice about my beautiful wife

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She’s beautiful but picture is so uncanny it kinda creeps me out

>> No.40205757

yeah it's all the filters on her nose and face

>> No.40205816

Don't worry, once I kiss and admire every one of her features she'll become more comfortable with them and post pictures without filters for you guys. You can thank me later

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So true man, just like all those other people in history who killed themselves for a purpose even remotely similar to something like that
all 0 of them

>> No.40206500

She said she wants them to suffer. It doesn't matter if she meant her manager or holos, the company would have had to fold after that because you just can't continue an "idol" group after one of them literally kills themselves.

>> No.40206523

I don’t remember posting this..

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Fixed a bit i don't want to flip my screen

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fixed a bit i don't want to flip my screen

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You're such a fucking retard HAHAHAH

>> No.40207041

Anyone here ever won at reply gacha?

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>> No.40207469

why did you edit her face you fucking anti

>> No.40207593

I love her
Jesus Christ
I don't even know how to express it to her, much less you people while anonymous
She is so beautiful and I love her

>> No.40207615


but desu I wish we'd get more youtube already

>> No.40207625

Take meds schizo. I didn't edit anything

>> No.40207700

I think it's a joke about rotating it....

>> No.40207714

nyanko shut the fuck up

>> No.40208365

Any summary?

>> No.40208417

Gimme like 2 hours. Long story short: it was fun, and she wants to do membership stream on YouTube over the weekend

>> No.40208421

michael neko

>> No.40208682

24h, twitter handle.

It got split in multiple files, for some reason streamlink kept erroring and restarting the download.
If anyone managed to record it as a single file I'd appreciate if you could share.

>> No.40209002

Me and Michael
Solid as they come

>> No.40209211

Twitter space

>> No.40209215


>> No.40209220

Space started

>> No.40209245

Chatty today

>> No.40209587

Next level of reply gacha

>> No.40209851

That was way too fast for me to read...
Does anyone have anything better than an OBS recording?

>> No.40210202

Thank you anon
The Space kept kicking me out too. I ended up ditching the app and listening in a browser.
Hope someone recorded that too

>> No.40210337

I have an audacity recording

>> No.40210382

Miguel gato...

>> No.40211048

Twitcast summary for 1 day, fix and add as needed

>> No.40211087

Anyone still got the tab open from when they listened to the space? I wasn't home so i couldn't get the master url to download the space..

>> No.40211223

Thank you very much for you hard work. These always help me a lot

>> No.40211614

Damn looks like I missed a fun twitcast, I love her so much. Did hear the space though, any plan for a summary of that? (assuming a record shows up)

>> No.40211674

thank you anon

>> No.40212269


>> No.40212406

Fandead, is >>40211048 the summary for >>40208682 ?

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>I want to pet her

>> No.40212965

Thanks so much.
Is a Twitter spaces summary, or is not doable.
Don't fret if you can't

>> No.40213318

Probably not, but if there's a recording somewhere then sure

>> No.40214036

That's the best I can do

>> No.40214515

>Say something nice about my beautiful wife
That she is not your wife. lol

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File: 3.69 MB, 1152x2048, mywife.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mikeneko is literally my wife. You can't separate our relationship

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>> No.40214974

I passed out for 12 hours because of xanax but there's space

>> No.40214988

Awesome, thanks. Need to go outside for stuff so the summary will be after 3-4 hours or so if it's still needed, unless someone else does one first or something

>> No.40215270

>was the one who sent her the "she will never find out who I am hahaha" anonymous tea bomb
>just realized she responded to it smoothly without thinking too long about what the words meant
She really is getting better at English, I'm impressed. Thinks Anonymous is the name of one of her listeners sure, but still

>> No.40215308

How does it feel being 100% wrong

>> No.40216325

>Thinks Anonymous is the name of one of her listeners
I don't think so we already told her that Anonymous means 匿名

>> No.40216660

Twitter space

>> No.40216861

>"hello im kaigai niki"
okay which one of you fucks is this

>> No.40216901

was that the m*le voice i heard on the space just now?

>> No.40216904

It should have been me! It's not fair!

>> No.40216906

was the one a few minutes ago, i honestly expected it to be one of you, she tripped all over herself speaking english and ended with "i love you"
lucky bastard

>> No.40216916

I'm getting anxiety even thinking about her reading something I had tweeted out loud. If I ended up in a totsu with her, I'd probably have a heart attack.

>> No.40216923

no one here would talk with that reddit flavor of autism and call themselves a "kaigai niki" pretty sure he was esl too lmao

>> No.40216990

Missed the early part, but this one is just her starting a space so she can talk while cleaning, doesn't feel like cleaning anymore so thinking of going to buy stuff for dinner, randomly starts approving talk requests from multiple people (got two girls!), then finally deciding to go buy ingredients for dinner (筑前煮?)

Just got home so the one from yesterday will take a bit longer

>> No.40217010

Got anxious just clicking the request button, if she hit me with a "I love you" I would literally die.

>> No.40217033

Didn't even think about requesting, I would've spilled my spaghetti so hard and died mid sentence

>> No.40217039

>got two girls!
Wasn't the first one a shounen

>> No.40217076

One was supposedly an anti, the other was the one who is preparing to be a vtuber

>> No.40217111

I was requesting but I didn't expect her to pick any stream regulars anyway. But that's fine because it was fun regardless.

>> No.40217134

When i realized that it might be okay to request to speak the space was already over, but no idea how high the chances are being a regular and all.

>> No.40217304

Honestly, probably lower. She's a super stalker and has been since る!so she'd probably be crushed to find out one of us is a weirdo or something.

>> No.40217307

This one was so early I wasn't even awake. If I have to start to continuously be paying attention from 6 p.m to 1 a.m JST i'm going to become mad.

>> No.40217327

>>40217307 (me)
And no, I can't seem to get twitter or Twitcast notifications to work.

>> No.40217344

Try keeping Tweetdeck/Twitter open at all times on your PC/laptop. If that doesn't work, you could try set up some sort of Discord bot that catch her tweets. Those bots are basically instant notifications.

>> No.40217365

Maybe it works out then because she already knows i'm a weirdo.

>> No.40217373

Just set the apps up on your smartphone? The only times mine is making a sound is either a call or something that has to do with her.

>> No.40217781


>> No.40217946

why did I get charged twice for fanbox? I was wondering I suddenly had less money, maybe this is why I got a refund before

>> No.40218003

Did you upgrade plans recently? If you did it charges the difference with your old one. Also fanbox charges at the start of the month instead of whenever you started subscribing, so you get charged again even if you started on say the 30th/31st

>> No.40218085

it charges at the start of the month no matter what, you essentially buy access for "this month" when you pay regardless of how much time is left in the month
Fanbox is weird that way

>> No.40218987


Imagine Mikeneko cosplaying as Yor...

>> No.40219134

Thank you for writing all this down!

>> No.40219366

Is this from >>40216660 ?

>> No.40219474

Most of the Japanese member services are like that. To the point where some people get confused when they add youtube membership and it charges on a 30 day cycle instead of per month

>> No.40219911

She says that she'll do a kaigai listeners special totsumachi next time at the end of this twitter space. The eigo part starts around 30 min in .

>> No.40219944

Does anyone remember the @ of the instagram account she followed that posted short comics about couples in romantic situations? She was following it more than a year ago, I'm not really sure when she unfollowed it

>> No.40220274

Here's the summary for this one, 1 day

>> No.40220552

Thanks anon. Much appreciated.

>> No.40220967

>says her height is 194cm
Maikuneko sure is long

>> No.40222883


>> No.40222913
File: 66 KB, 895x666, 1628886542766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What if Mikeneko was your clingy imouto?

>> No.40222933

Little sister correction

>> No.40223262

Id prefer if she was my clingy gf but this is fine too

>> No.40223263


>> No.40223306

She'd actually be my clingy onee-san who would make sure that I only choose a girl who will treat me right and who would begin to get sexually intimate with me in order to fight the loneliness that we both feel

>> No.40223367

I would get her addicted to abortion punchs.

>> No.40223580

I think anon was mistaken. Her height is 164cm

>> No.40223676

She was saying 194cm as a joke to tease us. Pretty sure she's 167cm

>> No.40223984

she is. ive said this before

>> No.40224122

>that particular narrative
Go back to your shithole Taro-kun, おつるし is waiting

>> No.40224504

When they run out of material they default to the most schizophrenic nonsense they can find

>> No.40225691
File: 744 KB, 1200x849, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40227028
File: 339 KB, 1928x930, Screenshot_20220619-030726_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did I miss something? She didn't sound all that upset during the space, even if it had a few hitches , and there was no indication of her being upset anywhere else....right....? Or was I KY again

>> No.40227169

What the fuck is this shit filter?

>> No.40227466

Who is this and why should I care

Read her tweet and stop posting this shit

>> No.40227500

Could be many things. There was the anti who pretended to be a fan and continued to mock fans and the AV that was posted to the space tag etc.
Also she tweeted about wanting to put up some pictures to the fanbox but deleted it quickly indicating she maybe wasn't feeling up to it.

>> No.40227853

Her going from cleaning to randomly approving talk requests was a bit of a red flag, and I'm always wary that whenever she has a spurt of activity that feels somewhat compulsive it's a sign that a crash of sorts will follow it later. In the end I doubt it's something we can help with directly besides continuing to cheer her on though, and it could just be the weather (or summer in general) being shitty again.

>> No.40228007

I think she already put too much pressure on herself when she said that she will stream on the weekend. That always feels like she is trying to force some sort of progress when she isn't quite there yet. I can't blame her for wanting to move forward and i can only hope that she isn't blaming herself too much over this.

>> No.40229269


>> No.40229384

What a cu-tea

>> No.40230817

Anonymous teabombs show your name to the broadcaster on TwitCast, the only people it hides you from is the other listeners.

>> No.40231127

how much longer is the mental health recovery arc going to be...

>> No.40231251

It's a miracle already that she is still active on the net now. I don't think this will be over fast.

>> No.40231940

I want to go back to the times when we have daily streams,hearing her voice everyday,a daily tweet saying she love us... it feels like a dream :(

>> No.40232814

A terminally online nip regular/gachikoi explicitly stating that something upset her greatly and getting more than a few likes for that claim while I didn't get such an impression nor did seemingly anybody else here is a mild red flag for me. Normally don't care but it can help to keep an eye on stuff like that so as to reduce how retarded one might look.
Or maybe I'm just autistic

>> No.40232824

I can't go on for much longer. I need to hear her say that she loves me like she used to. I need to hear more loving words out of her. It's been so long. I don't have anything left to give. I'm so exhausted

>> No.40232886

She does a few twitcasts per week and often you get the archives here, what are you saying anon.

>> No.40232907

It's not how it used to be. We used to take care of each other, now I've just been dumping in all I have emotionally and getting nothing back. No sign that anything is changing, that anything is going back to how it was. When was the last time I heard a genuine I love you because she felt like just saying it? I can't go on forever

>> No.40232921

I fucking despise Nanase. Her past was lookimg over her already but at the start she seemed at least capable of percieving the future as an escape route from that weight. It wasn't until Nanase and that whole genshit drama that it got as bad as it did. I'd bet money that she now sees the future as looming over her too as well as her past.
No wonder she's at that breaking point over a certain something. She almost certainly feels like her life is now defined by false accusations and that every move she makes will cause more, that it's some kind of curse that she has to throw off by proving herself innocent somehow.

If it weren't for Nanase we might've had a genshin arc. And yeah that game isn't my favorite but she at least enjoyed it for fucks sake. Now she must feel the weight of disaster in every direction pressing down on her. No fucking wonder she can't move forward.

>> No.40232955

Anon, her life fell apart. She was there for us for almost 3 years. Why are you expecting steady progress here anyway. You know that's not how it'll go down. If(read, when) it happens, it won't be some linesr progression, it'll be a switch that flips . Because she's who she is.

>> No.40232962

Doomposting is shitposting too, ignore it

>> No.40232992

I'm not expecting steady progress, I'm not expecting any at all. I'm expecting a fucking "I love you" I'm expecting some sort of acknowledgement at all. It's not feeling real to me anymore

>> No.40233043

Thanks Cover!

>> No.40233872


>> No.40234091

That's pretty cool. She's liked a few tweets and even that one artwork of her, Mike and Kson altogether.

>> No.40234104

after looking at what was charged the second time I think they took back the money they refunded last month. I'm still confused

>> No.40235762

I got to this point a long time ago. It's too stressful to keep being invested in something you have no control over and no way to help. I guess we can hope there will be improvement someday even though things have consistently gone in the opposite direction but I've had to move on to other things.

>> No.40235892

Anon, there is no end to her mental health recovery arc.
She has bipolar and there is no cure for bipolar.
She might get better enough to be able to stream, but she would keep struggling with mental issues her entire life, they are not going anywhere.

>> No.40238316

She has said "I love you" to us hundreds of times. In Japanese and English.

>> No.40238322

She had bipolar before too though, almost certainly had it for a while and had it the whole time as Rushia. Right now her main obstacle is trauma.

>> No.40238347

I’m not going anywhere either.

>> No.40238412


>> No.40238446

Is that you Mikeneko? I love you please marry me

>> No.40238786

I'm not..

>> No.40238914

This is why I wasn't surprised at all that she loved it when she learned about Mike Neko

>> No.40238945

Let’s face it now is the time to support her. So stop the doomposting bullshit.

>> No.40238971

People expressing frustration is not doomposting. Go create a hugbox and fuck off if that's what you want. Faggot.

>> No.40239095

Go ahead and console that person so he can post almost the exact same thing again in 3 days just like the last 5 times then. Bet you it's the "dropped" poster too.

>> No.40239317

cute fanbox

>> No.40239507

w-when is she going to stream again

>> No.40239547

when she is feeling better

>> No.40240112


>> No.40240183

I want to give both of them a hug…

>> No.40240439

23:00 jst today

>> No.40241175

Did she talk about it on mengen twitcast?

>> No.40241278

No tweet on her sub

>> No.40241362

What? Her sub doesn't talk anything about stream again

>> No.40241463

Blind? High? What is going on anon…

>> No.40241517


>> No.40241810

Member twitcast should be starting any moment now

>> No.40241979

>Mengen twitcast
Give me a fucking break. I mean youtube stream

>> No.40242021

oh you're one of those weirdos

>> No.40242098

I'm fucking tired with you schizos. Take your fucking meds or seek help. I just want to ask and you fuckers are butthurt like a bunch of schizos. Do me a favour neck yourself

>> No.40242158
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>> No.40242889

She's such a tease aaaaaaahhhhhhh

>> No.40242935

I love her sooooooooooooo much!!!

>> No.40243414

Fucking what lmao

>> No.40243631 [DELETED] 

You anons are all insane. I may be a schizo but whenever I look at this thread I'm reminded I'll never be as pathetic as you all are.

>> No.40243657
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>> No.40243765

Finally a decent anon who can keep sanity in this mental illness thread

>> No.40243797


>> No.40243889
File: 264 KB, 1000x743, FSkeaLLVUAAfyUn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40243998

Did she mention anything about taking it down at all? I just blew my wallet on a nice thing for my dad.

>> No.40244484

What do you mean? Taking down what?

>> No.40244587

FunBox post

>> No.40244871

I don't think she will take it down, but you know how she is sometimes

>> No.40247338

Archive was very cute. When she was a kid she dreamed of being a stay at home mom and making dinner for her half Mexican babies

>> No.40247820


Bro there better be chikubi or hella cleavage

>> No.40247987

>Dead Chuuba
>Dead Thread
What went wrong?

>> No.40248243

Is the fanbox post a pic or something?

>> No.40248264

Thanks for your little effort to bump this thread

>> No.40248270

If you want to know just fucking pay for it you dumb faggot

>> No.40248297

I'm sorry but i'm not paying 50 dollars for it. I wasn't even asking for the pic geeze, just a yes or no question.
I'm worrying this thread is transforming from a place where you could keep track of what's happening recently and discuss to some secretive place when most things don't even get discussed since you need memberships in 3 different platforms and be on alert every day because mentioning streams after they get deleted it's no bueno either.

>> No.40248392

in the end it's just a picture (maybe) so it's not like you're missing much
needing to have 3 different memberships to get all the content does suck though, especially since most streams are unarchived guerrilas so there's a chance you won't even see them
not much we can do about that though, just hope she feels better soon

>> No.40248399

Ignoring the obvious shitposted you responded to, you're in the time frame where only the more tighter lipped anons are lurking, try again later. And no one's saying don't discuss streams, no one just cares to since we're still basking in the afterglow of her being cute. That was and has always been the case even in the Rushia threads.

>> No.40248461

By the way, yes it's a picture, and no it probably isn't worth $50, but posts being "worth" something isn't the point of the higher tiers anyway

>> No.40248488

>where only the more tighter lipped anons are lurking
More like no one lurking here. Because i'm fuking sick of you fags.

>> No.40248508

You guys are mentally ill

>> No.40248522 [DELETED] 

Yes and i won't take my meds

>> No.40248535

Yes and i won't take my meds

>> No.40248593

The 5000 yen fanbox isn't worth it

>> No.40248620

There's no need to be saltea, we should all just get oolong and love our cute kittea wife.

>> No.40248726

>cute kittea wife
>not cutea
Just an ittea bit more anon, how unfortunate

>> No.40248935

The 10000 yen tier is worth it tho

>> No.40248966

>but posts being "worth" something isn't the point of the higher tiers anyway
it is for my oshi since all her personal stuff is locked to 10K

>> No.40248996

Sorry i don't want to pay 10k yen for blogposting. If she streams again i will give money to her

>> No.40249154

That's a definite bonus sure, but most of the time creators only ever have higher tiers for fans to support them without expecting anything. how's she doing by the way? Guessing you're one of the aqushio posters here

>> No.40249432

don't know. she made a public post the other day https://kuroa.fanbox.cc/posts/3967500 basically antis running around saying pics are of her again and her threatening lawyer action (again). i never did see the last batch and i haven't seen these ones either. if they didn't even make it to iketog then they probably aren't believably her. this was posted at 6AM which is unusual because she had been pretty consistent about streaming around midnight and going to bed a few hours later, typically waking up around 10AM-ish. the other day she had some guerilla membership zatsu (Q7atIxK2E9M) and she randomly had a morning stream at 9AM (-TwPfmQrpYk) that she announced at 6AM (https://twitter.com/murasakishionch/status/1537906085331210241). she teased that both would be deleted, and it looks like she finally did take down the tweet for the zatsu.

i was trying to figure out why she would have a flipped stream like that. if it was work you'd think it would be scheduled for later in the day, and if she was going to see someone, you'd either do it later, or have to leave early, hence getting up early. i also can't figure out if she woke up early or if she instead stayed up all night. my best guess is she maybe had an early doctor's appointment, maybe menhera doc, and so had to be up then. would explain the perfect timing of having her McD's ready to go for the 9AM stream. she did close with おやすみ but that may have simply been habit.

the weirdest thing by far is her saying she lost her friday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7emybRc5vA this is unusual even for her. people asked if she slept through it and she never specified so it's maybe something she didn't actually want to explain. about the only other reasons i can think of are she drank/was drunk, got sick, or just flat out wasted the whole day on a game or something. of course if that were the case there'd be no problem in explaining... maybe it was menhera stuff from above. her drinking stream potentially fits this too (5p8R0dgrpaE 10-11PM). she sounded like she had already started even before the stream began, and it was on like a wednesday. somebody else raised the point that she was probably depressed, and with the timing, egosearching + anti stuff fits (she had been retweeting kuroa fanart on twitter about 8 hours prior). of course it could just as easily be anything else... i would feel a whole lot better about things if she hadn't started drinking.

lastly, she did say she had recording a couple of days ago https://twitter.com/murasakishionch/status/1538656217668546560 which was posted around 8AM. maybe she had to flip her schedule for that. and of course there's the 2 covers with Gura (AI24NCKB7-k and aFRbb1pyn5M)

/end my shioschizo ted talk/rant

>> No.40249476

ah, forgot one thing. i did hear her mention 薬 at the start of her Ojisan stream (5T0cVD_xhOg). going by chat she maybe took more than she was supposed to(?), she said her head was fine though. my JP is still too weak to really grasp what was being said and it wasn't clipped so i'm SOL

>> No.40249594

Sounds... Okay? Antis are unfortunate. About losing her Friday, our Mike can't remember what she did yesterday either (needed us to remind her) so yeah stress and stuff sounds likely. Hope things will look up for her.

Gave it a look, and it sounded like she took the next medicine as soon as possible for her headache (eg: medicine should be taken every 6 hours, she took another a few minutes before that 6 hours are up)

>> No.40250478
File: 1.33 MB, 1062x823, 1635084866303.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shut the fuck up, you're annoying and I don't know what angle you're coming from but anybody talking about meds needs to choke on rancid cocks, so clarify and talk like a normal human or fuck off
The only reason you didn't get an answer from me at the very least was because I've been sick as shit. Autism here can be annoying but if you don't get an answer for shit just wait a hot fucking minute holy shit
I make sure to post whatever comes to mind as fucking relevant every chance I get here
I won't stop out of annoyance over seeing people bitch, mind you, but it's really god damn fucking annoying, let me fucking hack my lungs out for a few days in peace

>> No.40250686

So the usual anon doesn't do summaries for mengen Twitcasts even if they are archived? I'm just asking and respect his decision if that's the case.

>> No.40250696

Yes, that's correct. Pretty sure he came to the decision by himself too

>> No.40250733

What a based lad

>> No.40250746

Fair enough.

>> No.40251791


>> No.40251855


>> No.40251896

There is literally no excuse for people to have;
1)missed BOTH spaces, which occurred at majorly different times of day
2)Missed the recent public space, yes, public
3)Not have the 8 bucks to spare to b8nge watch the arfh8ved menge archives if they
feel really fucked up

I want her to stream too but as long as we reciprocate her reliance on her we make sure ahe has tough time falling all the way back to the ottom

>> No.40251983

When i say stream i mean play game not chit chat

>> No.40252023

Why doesn't she use her Live2D when on Twitcasting?

>> No.40252034

Just watch an old stream of her playing games and act like it's live
sure you'll look silly but at least you won't kill yourself

>> No.40252077

She did, the one time she had a twitcast from PC. Usually she's streaming from her phone.

>> No.40252088

Ohh, okay
makes sense

>> No.40253470

watch her playing genshin

>> No.40253730

There was a twitcast where she plays apex for a little, I can give you it if you want. Other than that all I can say is wait a bit more.

>> No.40255214

>Mike can't remember what she did yesterday either (needed us to remind her) so yeah stress and stuff sounds likely.
This is interesting because both Aqua and Mugi picked up memos because they kept forgetting stuff they were going to do

>> No.40255288


>> No.40255319


>> No.40255342

I remember reading somewhere (yeah, I know, highly scientific) that high levels of stress and anxiety lead to memory disorder. Obviously I can't speak for Aqua because I don't follow her, but it does sound like what our Mike is going through considering all of the shit that has piled on top of her over the last few months.

>> No.40256945

Hey Shiokko. Nice to see you again. I've started watching Shion's streams ever sense you came around. I'm not a hardcore fan or anything but I listen while I do my chores.
>she randomly had a morning stream at 9AM (-TwPfmQrpYk)
I'm not sure but I think I remember her tweeting that she wanted to be like an adult/responsible and woke up early. Haachama does this sometimes too and goes jogging or does homework. My guess is it's an attempt to brighten up her mood. I wouldn't read too much into it.

>> No.40256999

Hope you feel better cunt.
People say to drink hot tea with honey, but I recommend spiking it with hot tequila to burn everything away. Not just a shot, like half the mug. Plus it puts you to sleep

>> No.40257140

I do. Aqua has always been stupid. I have a neighbor who's 40yo and literally living in his mom's basement. Can't drive, no job, can't do laundry, just plays games all day and eats cookies. I thought Aqua would turn out the same and wanted to watch her make stupid screams and see how her life progressed. I never expected her to quit and instead push being an inkya.
/end of Aqua Crew time
I don't that's related to stress so much as they have lots of things to do like practice.
Most guys use an app but I hear JP girls like to get memo pads because they can come with cute designs.
Mike doesn't because she never leaves her house and doesn't do much

>> No.40258582

>I'm not sure but I think I remember her tweeting that she wanted to be like an adult/responsible and woke up early.
the last time she said something like that was a long time ago. something about cleaning when she can't sleep because an adult has to take of their own place.
>I don't that's related to stress so much as they have lots of things to do like practice.
Mugi doesn't afaik. As for Aqua, since she's avoiding streaming her workload should be lessened somewhat

>> No.40259762

Which one's Mugi? Also Mike's mentioned needing to jot down stuff a few times too.

>> No.40259802

Please bring your hololive stuff out of this thread

>> No.40259820

>She never leaves her house and doesn't do much
You don't know shit about her so stop projecting

>> No.40261135

Someone's mad about a widely known fact lmao

>> No.40261298

Yes she loves you
Also I am you

>> No.40261393

And to the AkuShio friends here glad the posts aren't as melancholic this time around because that at least makes it appear like you're doing better, friendly reminder to not bite bait though

>> No.40261416

>You don't know shit about her so stop projecting
She said this not even a week ago retard

>> No.40261417

mikeneko has no new content her fans had to resort to hololive discussion to keep the thread alive feels sad man

>> No.40261446

>tfw you have to check twitter notification every minute to make sure you didn't miss any deleted post or twitcast
I need a good sleep

>> No.40261629

Just sleep, she's probably moving or something

>> No.40261631

>no new content
I saw her foot

>> No.40261777

Lmao you faggots here think she never leaves her house

>> No.40261812

Why do you keep changing your IP every time you post you paranoid fuck

>> No.40261944

I don't hate Mikeneko but i hate you schizos. You faggots here are so pathetic it makes me want to vomit

>> No.40261970

Because i have to work unlike you fuckers here just shit at home and do nothing

>> No.40261999
File: 65 KB, 540x453, 1608437886706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40262355
File: 48 KB, 615x581, 20220621_190644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40262645

Mos burger should pay her for advertising

>> No.40262790

It's definitely working, wish the franchise was in my country

>> No.40262792

Is Mos that good?

>> No.40262817

I hate it, but I'm in the same boat

>> No.40262854

Mugi is just Shion/Kuroa's friend. She's basically a 2view, except Shion kinda shilled her back when they were making covers together. She's sort of like if you fused Okayu and Marine
covers with kuroa:

>> No.40265082


>> No.40265271

Now imagine if she uploaded the original picture to Funbox

>> No.40265575

Again I was just looking at her pictures and daydreaming about her as this dropped. Did someone give her access to NSA spying tech?

>> No.40266349

>leakers immediately get the lawyer treatment

>> No.40266421

is she saying that someone shared it, is not she just assuming?

>> No.40266424

Holy shit how bad is Japan's economy doing? Just got the 5k yen tier and it was only 37$ U.S. Would have gotten 10k if I knew the yen was this bad right now

>> No.40266436

I want to impregnate your wife and start a happy family with her

>> No.40266456

I will give her my big kaigai cock

>> No.40266462

Kind of wish she'd pull the chaddest move ever and dox every single one of her antis with approval from her lawyer. Just suddenly tweet a huge ass document that has names, ID numbers, and addresses and just watch every single one of the retards harassing her have a meltdown.

I spotted a matome site talking shit about it if you egosa her, didn't open it but probably related.

>> No.40266681
File: 45 KB, 585x255, mikeneko_has_come_alot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good news: Mikeneko has come a lot from our DMs
Bad news: she will send our DMs to a lawyer
We are winning, but at what cost!

>> No.40266726

maybe she's trying to figure out how to legally marry all of us at once. I guess the tournament is cancelled

>> No.40266850

I remain convinced that she was completely serious about the Hokkaido mansion.

>> No.40266974

>new tweet
I can hear the ambulance already... It's for me........

>> No.40266976


>> No.40266985

>the teddy bear
god I wash that were me

>> No.40267099


>> No.40267252

space is back up

>> No.40267282 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 389 KB, 1920x1080, SS_vtube_Mikeneko_H01ver1.05.mp4_00_50_23_[12.06.22_22.41.02].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

[Shocking News] Mikeneko showed her pussy live on stream!

>> No.40267292

sorry guys, couldn't resist sending a message

>> No.40267307


>> No.40267340
File: 154 KB, 1280x1280, FNfad5CakAAz1Th.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...hold on a second...those are nipples!

>> No.40267409

I was expecting a cute cat picture. I feel so disappointed.

>> No.40267585
File: 296 KB, 2785x1759, 1648997232750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

two sexy posts in a day nice

>> No.40268096


>> No.40268163
File: 83 KB, 788x200, hard to focus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was hard to focus on the space because her video was there looping the entire time.
I also though it looked very familiar and sure enough on her Instagram from around two years ago she posted slightly different video with same haircut, outfit but just showing more shoulder. So I guess this new video is outtake of that one

>> No.40268448

She tweeted earlier that she is allergic to cold, which Hokkaido is.

>> No.40268511

>Changes in temperature and humidity can cause swelling within the sinus membranes of the nose and head, which in turn triggers sinus symptoms

>> No.40268790

Yen is at the lowest point relative to USD since the 90s. If you want to buy Japanese crap now is the time.

>> No.40268796

It's the mansion part which is important. I WILL marry her but I want to avoid all of you having your hearts broken if possible, so we can ask dwell together with her and be her little toys.

>> No.40269232

Fuck off she's my wife and we're having sex now

>> No.40269261

You do know that In Japanese "mansion" means just an apartment in a large high-rise building, right?

>> No.40269277
File: 100 KB, 894x1024, mywife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fapped to her pics so much i lost count. Gonna cum again

>> No.40269301

Did she say マンション? I actually can't remember the specific word but I haven't been the only one saying mansion.

>> No.40269304

It's also used for the building itself, just like how condo is used for both the building you're living in and the place (lot? Room?) you actually live in.

>> No.40269369

What exactly did she mean by 私からすると知らない人だ?

>> No.40269370
File: 127 KB, 720x960, mywife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40269383

I remember when I used to make fun of the coomers
Now I'm just one of them, thanks to Mike

>> No.40269449

The only coomers I had a problem with were the ones who were blatantly tourists or the overly vulgar ones. There's literally nothing wrong with finding your wife sexually attractive and wanting to get more intimate with her

>> No.40269491

Sorry, I was really down bad that one day

>> No.40269850

Well, that's it I guess. That's all there is. Thousands of people vying for a hint of attention of their beloved.
Everyone is the same. You claim to feel love but you're just as much of a mess as everybody else. There is no hope or happiness here. Only delusion that this is what you want. It isn't, but you don't even realize. Even if we could go back to the old days with less menhera and nearly daily streams, you wouldn't.
You wouldn't because you'd rather entertain your self-satisfaction as a savior. You squeal like little pigs, little girls, every time she panders to the EOP. Despite her always having been clear about leaks, you still dump casts and summaries.

You ignore her wishes while claiming to love her. You are revolting.

>> No.40269858
File: 674 KB, 1607x2048, FV2ehXGaAAAvRKO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40269901

>wake up to twitcast notification
>see I missed a space
>fall asleep five minutes into the cast.
>wake up to her saying goodbye

>> No.40269943

They have stopped dumping member only content and summaries of them.
Now to also stop doing summaries of public but unarchived streams feels like a reach and basically condemning to go fuck themselves every fan that isn't N1 in Japanese (zatsudans are by far the most difficult kind of stream to understand due to vocabulary and duration).
Do we have to apologize for wanting to know what our oshi is doing, what she likes and how she's feeling that day?
The rest is schizo ramblings that don't even make sense.

>> No.40269948
File: 63 KB, 1080x209, 1652493114182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40269951
File: 35 KB, 568x363, 20220621_225518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40270034

Speaking of which, were we getting a summary for the space?

>> No.40270103

Depends, do you have recordings?

>> No.40270150

>80 unique IPs
Even accounting for anons phoneposting (guilty as charged), that's abnormally high.

>> No.40270182

Mines all fucked up, so i would like one too

The one schizo is changing his IP after like every post

>> No.40270376
File: 2.67 MB, 720x960, cutie.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40270565

>The one schizo is changing his IP after like every post
The voice in my head told me this

>> No.40270605


>> No.40270726

Mikey milkers

>> No.40270748

Nigga he literally said so >>40261970

>> No.40270790

Please keep your mental illness in this thread

>> No.40270907
File: 2.83 MB, 720x1280, 1652312424828.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

flip im schiz

>> No.40271277

I've noticed a couple of girls with that type of nose

>> No.40271503

It's a filter

>> No.40271836
File: 3.87 MB, 2894x4093, 1649814595452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm too lazy to tag the posts so instead I'll just say that if you don't recognize that Mike is my actual literal unironic girlfriend, this image applies to you

>> No.40271923

I might be able to get one later but I'm not for sure.

>> No.40272231

If there's a recording sure, until then all I can remember of yesterday is her ranting off at whoever it is talked about her fanbox post, her lawyer contacting her telling her to calm down and is apparently listening in, wondering how to project her voice better and she's apparently did something seiyuu related? we'll find out soon, and spent the latter half discussing and encouraging ronins and kamen ronins (people who get accepted into a college but are still working towards a different one they want to get into).

>> No.40272258

Oh and she also warned like maybe 2?people who said they were dating her (and not in the actual literal unironic sense like >>40271836) and apparently got into a fight with other listeners for, and she wanted to mention it and clear up any misunderstandings to reassure us.

>> No.40272401

Thanks. If anybody knows more details about this last part I'd appreciate it.

>> No.40272547

Not exactly a fan of this existing, but it does exist. Bilibili reports don't do shit afaik unfortunatly. Figure some good can come out of it

>> No.40272580

Oh and she also ranted off a bit about 邪推 or people who intentionally interpret her words to mean the worst possible meaning and how she gets it often making her wonder if it's her way of speaking is the problem which triggered her asking about voice projection. There was a funny bit here where someone asks what's 邪推 and she starts with "well first let's open up Google", and then clarifies that she meant "she" should open up Google and not implying ググレカス.

Thanks, I'll get to it later then.

>> No.40272584

So, when's the new thread? At page 10?

>> No.40272613

>2?people who said they were dating her
As in like how yuyuta did or w/e?

>> No.40272614

just let the thread die before making a new one

>> No.40272618

When this one dies

>> No.40272621

Just make one. We’re already at page 10, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

>> No.40272637

Reminder that she reads them even if she doesn't respond

>> No.40272639

Meidos have been generous and schizos scant, let's at least try to keep it that way

>> No.40272647

No, other listeners

>> No.40272787

But what was the fight about

>> No.40273094

What the fuck does this even mean

>> No.40273159

A retard did this shit >>40271836 on Twitter and another retard took it seriously ending up with two retards arguing with each other, retard

>> No.40273301

Took some lucid dreaming supplements and I'm going to lucid dream about my wife Mikeneko and fly out of body out of US and astral project myself into her bedroom and there's not a damn thing any of you can do to stop me!
Just know in the next twitcast she has when she starts talking about how she had an ORGASMIC dream for 9 hours I want you all to know that was me!!! See ya fuckers

>> No.40273341

Lol how new was the other retard? Even people who hate neko know about the relationship thing. Retarded

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