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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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why isn't the one on the left holding her fingers up?
does she hate peace?

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this says Choice, right

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god i love young women

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nice bet thesell catch on and be super huge

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dame ops looking ripe...
quick heres some gyaru

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gyaru scare me

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Please make a choice

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same same its like they want to steal all my vital fluids
cute honey unrelated cept by kumi koda being a gyaru and hot and singing the theme

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bio7desuwa was such a good ride cant wait for village

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finna bouta read

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Better skip the insults lesson or you will end up in jail.

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real kyok of the hi!

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fucking based
long story, long ago japan planted a lot of trees for the day theyd be expensive
pollen people raping people in doujins are due to this
anyway lumber did become really expensive but japan didn't chip the fucking trees and so the pollenpocalypse continues (kafunsho)
its very unpleasant
>inb4 some retard factcheques we: distorted somewhat for humor, look it up yourself (sugi)

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I asked GPT-3 how to learn Japanese. Finally, a good guide.
How do you learn Japanese?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question lately, in large part because of the upcoming release of my book, Japanese Language Made Easy: The Japanese Way.

I’ve been learning Japanese for nearly fifteen years, and I’ve tried many different methods. I’ve found that the best way to learn a language is to study with a native speaker.

There are a number of reasons why this is the best way to learn a language, but I’ll stick with the big three.

1. Learn with a native speaker.

If you want to learn a language, you have to learn with a native speaker.
The reason for this is simple: language is a natural and intuitive thing. If you don’t learn with a native speaker, you’re going to be learning with your brain and it’s not going to work.
If you learn with a native speaker, you learn the language at its natural speed, you learn it in a context that you’re already familiar with, and you learn with your brain’s natural language processing abilities.

2. You learn the culture along with the language.

When you learn with a native speaker, you’re not just learning the language, you’re also learning the culture. This is important because language and culture are inseparable.
If you want to learn a language, you have to learn the culture that goes along with it. Otherwise, you’re not really learning the language, you’re just learning a bunch of words.

3. It's the most efficient way to learn.

In my experience, learning with a native speaker is the most efficient way to learn a language. It’s not the only way to learn a language, but it’s by far the most efficient way.

The reason for this is that when you learn with a native speaker, you have constant feedback. You’re constantly getting corrections and you’re constantly learning new things.

Compare this to learning from a book or a website, where you might go for weeks or even months without getting any feedback. With a native speaker, you’re constantly getting feedback and you’re constantly learning.

So, if you want to learn Japanese, find a native speaker and start learning

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none of this makes any sense

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nah i'm good

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how do you learn japanese?
you read

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With your eyes

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You'll have to buy the boo, Japanese Language Made Easy: The Japanese Way, to understand

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Post it on plebbit and get 1000+ upvotes

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never acquired that

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buy this

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Do you think AI Jazzy would outscore the real one?
I got fluent in Japanese in just 9 months without ever leaving America, here's how I did it:

1. I started by finding a good Japanese language course online. I recommend taking a course that offers both audio and video lessons, as this will help you to learn the correct pronunciation of Japanese words and phrases.

2. I then practised my Japanese speaking and listening skills by finding native Japanese speakers to chat with online. There are many great websites and apps available that can connect you with Japanese speakers from all over the world.

3. I also watched a lot of Japanese TV shows and movies. This helped me to become familiar with the sound of the Japanese language and to learn new vocabulary.

4. I supplemented my studies by using a Japanese dictionary and other language learning resources.

5. Finally, I made sure to practise speaking Japanese as often as possible, even if it was just with myself!

By following these steps, I was able to become fluent in Japanese in just 9 months.

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9 months is more months than 8.5 months so jazzy won, ez

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good afternoon

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>i steal music via a modified spotify app haha
which one and can it bypass region lock?

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why are you learning japanese?

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whenever i play too exiting vs player vidya my dopamines are so empty there is no motivation to japanese.

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japanese is my multiplayer game

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we've known this for a while now

no 会話 no making it

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i will find her and when i do, we will get her a well fitting bra in perfect japanese and her torment will end

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Thats a really cool clip. Who's that?

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its literally written in the streamable, her name is takanashi kiara

some other clips of her

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whatever one that's on 4pda
yes, but maybe once a month it might randomly log you out and you'll need to log back in using a proxy, after that you don't need it

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Thanks. Her Japanese is really good.

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that's kiwawa, the being that went further than even nekomimi, and became the ultimate lifeform

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she learned by doing niconico live videos and then replying to chat messages she got, passing them through a translator and faking as if she understood them until she eventually did
then she moved to japan for 3 years or so


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true true

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imagine raising your daughter for 16 years and she turns into that.

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dont care about this chiwawa who eceleb

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i would be really proud

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holy chad! based

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h..hot... i think id.. discipline her immedia... oh god... thoroughly... shes been a bad girl but daddy will save he...r... dame..

also dame
she goes by keekihime shes super sweet and made it

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Think I will try watching a stream or two.
Thanks anons.

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really happy im not having conversations like these

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dame wish i was having conversations like these, really cool anon

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yeah im gonna have to say im glad this isnt my conversation

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vtumor abusing mod powers again love to say it my case is coming along well

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i recently noticed that most japanese i lay my eyes on, my brain just automatically reads it with no effort. i was putting in too much effort before

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read that as eggs

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same same

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what did you just say to me

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tribrigade bros, limit one is upon us

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its a matter of trusting your brain's ability to instantly process the things you've seen a hundred times. not everything will become automatic at the same time, but given the frequency phenomenon, most things (about 80%) will become automatic in good time. and then you can save your effort just for those less frequent words and phrases

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kek they banned fusion destiny
what kinda insane monster bans fusion destiny and a numeron? have they no mercy in their hearts?

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selling my halqifibracoin

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i prefer whitenoising and putting in 0 effort

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i always used to fantasize about a guy worshipping me but now that its really happening i i feel so shy about it

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You will never be a woman

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the dolly video that broke autists like matt/jamal/moe/qm

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youre free to disbelieve but im a real woman. i actually happen to hate trannies and the trans movement, not sure if that's a bad or good thing around here

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acquired 詰将棋

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me and og


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god i love dolly

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how did it break them?

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studying for n3 and why the fuck is 文法 so much harder than everything else? Is it because I'm a read only andy? Seems like there's a lot of n2/n1 vocabulary in the test questions...

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true true

>> No.40189691

sps sps sps sps sps sps spssss

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This is the truth. I hang out with native Japanese speakers 3 or 4 times a week for a few hours. I get the most out of this than any other form of learning I do.

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watch more anime

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that doesn't say much all it shows is that the rest of your learning is worthless

>> No.40189721

you mean Japanese subtitles right? no furigana or any English anywhere right?

are these on netflix or amazon prime?

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the cope

>> No.40189726

do the things you read not use grammar...?

>> No.40189728

suck my cock james

>> No.40189730

Agreed, all the rest of the learning is worthless in comparison to actual hanging out with Japanese native speakers

>> No.40189742

my favorite part
> you’re going to be learning with your brain and it’s not going to work.

>> No.40189748

seems like you misread the post consider mastering english before you try yourself at japanese

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It's a lot easier to infer context from words than learn the specific forms for the sentences I guess. Reading and listening are fine because there is enough information for me to infer from. And kanji etc. is just route study I have done for a long time.

>> No.40189768

no, I read it perfectly as it was written, and the sentiment still stands.

I'm guessing that you probably don't have any native Japanese speaking friends to hang out with so you can't cope with the reality.

>> No.40189769

hes right conversations with native speakers should only be like 30% of the pie max. the input you get will be way more beneficial because it teaches you what to say in the first place AND how to understand what the natives are saying without having to ask them a million times

>> No.40189771

>ez anime with japanese subtitles
>"you mean Japanese subtitles right?"
this is what we're dealing with here

>> No.40189779

if my daughter became a rich, successful performer, id be the first one shilling her and supporting her everywhere
maybe mind if she was a jav star unless her videos are really nice and tasteful, still...

>> No.40189783

do u just read the nouns and verbs and make up in ur head how they relate to each other?

>> No.40189789

true i only have セフレ but there's not much to pick up from their moaning

>> No.40189795

you probably live in some shithole place with hardly any Japanese people around

>> No.40189803

yep this anon won

>> No.40189807

good afternoon

>> No.40189817

true true

>> No.40189830

of course
I'm going in an hour to hang out for a few hours with a new Japanese friend I just met, his English is pretty weak so it will be a great exchange. Meanwhile the other non-coping anon will be sitting in his room depressed watching some boring anime or playing some stupid video game.

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first explain what the rest of your learning entails because this statement is retarded if you're doing input right

>> No.40189836

just got a bunch of free japanese books someone was giving away

>> No.40189840

yeah you're right you have to talk to retarded nips to get good now why don't you go and do that and stop posting here haha

>> No.40189849

any good isekai linnies in there?

>> No.40189853

hardly exactly but when there is grammar I don't understand with no way to look up the exact usage yes. More I try to understand the meaning inferred. I would rather read and learn that naturally than spend time not reading and studying grammar instead I guess. I guess it's obvious by now that it's not enough but honestly when reading and there is grammar I don't understand it's fucking hard to find resources on every grammar point at will. Most time learning language for non studiers is like that anyways, just immerse yourself in the language and some shit sticks eventually... I hope.

>> No.40189855

you win matts giveaway bro?

>> No.40189859

the only good Isekai is parallel paradise

>> No.40189860

thats what i thought too lol

>> No.40189862

imagine watching jav of your daughter and then critiquing her after
your face at 12:02 looked kinda off, put more spirit into it

>> No.40189874

if the rest of your learning is "worthless" compared to a 1 hour normie conversation with an average japanese person then you're doing something very wrong. its helpful to have sure but certainly not more beneficial than getting enough input and learning the things you encounter

>> No.40189877

okay this might be a retarded question, but how do you gauge the rarity of a word? or do people here just not give a fuck and would add anything, because I'm a little wary of wasting time learning words that'll I'll see maybe once in few years

>> No.40189878

true true

>> No.40189901

just eating lunch as I post here and then going soon, dude I'm going to hang out with is not retarded, actually a pretty cool university student. We will spend a few hours studying. I do this a few times a week, maybe four times.

>> No.40189903

for me it's not caring

>> No.40189911

words have rarities in a lot of dictionaries as well as kanji have frequencies, thats how
i just mine everything tho, even this place

>> No.40189921

in class there were a couple people who had just lived in japan for several years, their Japanese in a lot of ways was way better than any of ours but that didn't transfer well at all to some of the most basic shit we learned.

>> No.40189929

install at least a couple frequency list dictionaries, pretty sure there's a guide on that at itazuraneko

>> No.40189930

there's frequency lists
alternatively, add only words that you see more than once
alternatively, wing it
you can probably sense that you're not going to see 鉢金 that often

>> No.40189933

disagree, a conversation is a mutual real time exchange, it is completely different from a one sided input session, it both places a time limit and pressure on you to try to understand and reply, which just inputting more doesn't do
they are completely different exercises

>> No.40189945

>how do you gauge the rarity of a word?
freq lists https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/yomichan-and-epwing-dictionaries.html#frequency-lists

>> No.40189953

vlad says the word input is cringe

>> No.40189956

please tell me more about how you're wasting your time

>> No.40189970

>not giving her the pointers while we shoot
sounds like a waste anon, we just have to get a ton of takes and fix in post

>> No.40189973

>it is completely different from a one sided input session
it's worse

>> No.40189983

nice, thanks

>> No.40190010

how could it ever be when its harder and has immediate grading and feedback?
sounds like you just don't enjoy talking with people, and are coping
which is fine but grading things based solely on your preferences is inherently dishonest, its like tatsu staying dolly sucks cause he doesn't like her voice, re: utter nonsense

>> No.40190027


just don't mine it until you realize you should mine it cuz you keep running into it and have to keep checking the dictionary each time.

did he finally give up on japanese?

>> No.40190043

> grammar I don't understand with no way to look up the exact usage

there is always a way

>> No.40190046

true true just look at what all that """"immediate grading and feedback"""" from those natives did for og's """""""""""japanese""""""""""" lmao

>> No.40190062

input has immediate feedback too namely whether u understand or not

>> No.40190064

appeal to og is an instant concede, gonna leave the convo there

>> No.40190067

please tell me more about how you are trying to learn a language and have no actual native speakers around you to actually speak the language with

>> No.40190073


>> No.40190079

plz stop saying actual

>> No.40190086

the only feedback you get is the kind you explicitly ask for and sometimes even then. you could be making hella weird mistakes and japanese people will just infer what you meant and respond according to their best guess. meanwhile getting enough focused input will prevent most of those retarded mistakes from developing in the first place

>> No.40190091

yeah matt said this

>> No.40190094

you can practice speaking with native speakers but it's not an efficient way to increase your comprehension of japanese

>> No.40190103

have you ever spoken with a person?
you can readily tell when they understand or not. or are humoring you, their tone, facial expression and deameanour are completely different, also people tend to noticeably flinch if you say something strange

>> No.40190113

>spends multiple years in japan talking to japanese people every single day
>her japanese sounds like a literal fantasy language
you can't refute her example just admit you have no argument

>> No.40190135

how to tell between 恋 for the fish and 恋 for love

>> No.40190151

lol this is an insane post

>> No.40190158

the thing you don't understand is that she intentionally says and does a lot of things to trigger people like you, she doesn't take the place seriously, nor is she interested on "eclout" and rather detests retards who are
what im getting at is, you have no odea of her actual level

>> No.40190172

stop taking about yourself in 3rd person you're cringe

>> No.40190173

you put your pp in one but bot tbe other

>> No.40190174

>so much harder than everything else? Is it because I'm a read only andy?
yes, if you learn just through reading, your explicit grammar knowledge is always going to lag behind your comprehension ability. just as your writing/speaking is going to lag even more behind if you don't practice them at all

>> No.40190178

>word isn't even on a dictionary frequency list
>google search results return 30m results

>> No.40190180

can i worship you too mlady?

>> No.40190181


>> No.40190183

why u guys arguing with the insane tumor just let him 気に流れ lmao

>> No.40190186

trying to code an mpv script but i seriously suck at lua. someone help me pls

>> No.40190189

whenever i talk to this indian at work i "understand" what he says even when he uses wrong expressions and retarded word choices

>> No.40190191

then it's usually on a vinnie frequency list

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>> No.40190199

i've spoken with japanese people nearly every day for the past 3 years. my ability to understand and speak at the level of comfort and accuracy that i am now able to came 70% from hundreds of hours of listening to natives speak and shadowing, and only about 30% from the many japanese conversations i've had in real life

>> No.40190207

dame one of the benefits of spotify is that you dont waste time organizing your stuff

i wrote a couple

>> No.40190215

based, i wont even ask for a vocaroo, but even taking it on faith, do you realize different people are different and you are a sample size of 1?

>> No.40190233

dont care what other people think the world revolves around me and i am right even when im wrong

>> No.40190245

I have a sub-pause script atm and it currently pauses for 1.5 seconds at the start of each sub.

i want to modify the script so that it calculates a custom pause length for each subtitle instead of having a fixed pause length.

so basically use the sub start and end times to calculate sub length, then apply a percentage to that to work out a pause length for each individual sub. does that make sense?

>> No.40190250


>> No.40190253

if you're bad at googling you can always refer to the AI generated guide >>40188553

>> No.40190261

that's based on its own way, have a you and the W champ, its been an interesting convo overall, cheers

>> No.40190267

sounds very easy too bad i don't know lua haha

>> No.40190269

wish fake positivity guy would swallow a bowl of nails

>> No.40190274

I find that taking the lead by correcting their mistakes and pronunciations will make them more comfortable in reciprocating.

>> No.40190284

why not just read something so you can go at your own pace instead of trying to force a video to be a slideshow

>> No.40190285

but bro you dont even have to take it on faith... doesn't it make complete sense that putting all your attention on listening to a stream of japanese people talking about a variety of topics, many that rarely even come up in everyday conversations, would give you more knowledge of the language per hour spent, compared to having a conversation where half the time or more you're stitching together and listening to your own japanese which is worse than that of the native you're speaking to?
the amount of quality japanese that is entering your brain per unit time is cut in half at least

>> No.40190308
File: 3.91 MB, 3041x2160, hitomi honda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't the Japanese just use katakana and hiragana? For example, looking at the data for Hitomi Honda


she has both her names in Chinese borrowed characters

and all authentic original Japanese characters
>ほんだ ひとみ

I also noticed that Japanese on SNS use all authentic original Japanese characters when writing posts. See for yourself here:

>> No.40190317

how to you tell the difference between tear(noun) and tear(verb)?

>> No.40190320

it's not that i don't do that i just wanted to try something new out and thought this script would be helpful

>> No.40190321

seriously? reading hiragana is torture

>> No.40190322
File: 255 KB, 1416x1701, Screenshot_20220616-001632_AnkiDroid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My progress after 50 days. Want to hit 50% before two month mark.

>> No.40190334

i don't disagree per se, rather i am saying that neither ia devoid of value nor is it easy to make a judgement that would apply to everyone, solipsism anon is right that the answer for say, an autist (literal) that cant interact with people, and an outgoing extrovert would be completely different and for him, only one is real
for me, i try to balance eveything
i think the main problem with acquiring a language is the sheer amount of information you have to process in order to feel nearly as comfortable in it as in another, and for me that information is not only "at you", but also experience of yourself "practicing" the things, and i don't think theres better practice than interacting with others.
but i love people and am sorta outgoing so

>> No.40190362

that's literally what korea did... it'd work fine cuz at the end of the day spoken japanese is just sounds and you can write the sounds down, but there's no point to do it especially when learning Chinese characters is becoming more and more valuable by the day

>> No.40190374

there's 2 kinds of people:
ppl who get input from anime in the toilet during lunch break
ppl who get their input in the jks in the classroom

choose one

>> No.40190377

> >50 news cards a day
thats pretty crazy. how long are your reps?

>> No.40190382

just got some free one piece manga volumes lol. 45 and 42

>> No.40190384

holy based

>> No.40190389
File: 55 KB, 678x175, Screenshot_20220616-002607_AnkiDroid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Less than one hour. I usually divide it to two or three small sessions during the day.

>> No.40190410

that's impossible without some hacky review settings, I refuse to believe

>> No.40190413

what is the current script

>> No.40190425

love and fish are both nouns so I don't see how this is a relevant comparison.
this doesn't answer my question

>> No.40190438

it's just like that famous beatles song


>> No.40190453

homophones in English are almost exclusively different syntaxes. if they weren't it would interfere with communication.

>> No.40190458

I'm thinking of getting a trip code too, it makes it cooler here when you know who you are talking to.

>> No.40190467

Left is Minako Kirishima (age 49 years), Middle is Mio Morishita (age 47 years), and Right is Rei Kitajima (age 39 years)

>> No.40190468

i prefer being amogus

>> No.40190476

why do japs want to look like they're from jersey shore

>> No.40190478

same same
based hagthusiast
saved the pic back when it first was the op there

>> No.40190479

it's pretty cool, gives your posts magic invisibility powers

>> No.40190481


>> No.40190489

anacreon is very important dude

>> No.40190501

you realize japanese people talk to each other every day without kanji right? homophones don't stop them at all

>> No.40190512

i dont see what kanji has to do with homophones. the same would apply to English in that case

>> No.40190516

now your being 恋.
if you read "a tear on her face" and "a tear in time and space", what did you automatic assume for each?

>> No.40190517


>> No.40190521

How did he make it to Japan? It looks like these youtubers are just moving to Japan on a whim without any difficulties. Since when was it that easy

>> No.40190523
File: 845 KB, 681x466, ciconia_phase1_p4K5MqF627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok so I just finished my first VN in Japanese (Ciconia) and I need advice

Just before this scene, a character rants at the class for being lazy. This is the narrator's take on his rant. My issue is that I cannot naturally parse this narration, because I can't consistently deduce what the narrator is talking about.

I think the reason why I'm confused is because there is no は.
I checked the English translation (I never really do this but I felt defeated) and understood that the narrator was talking about the character that literally just ranted because of the pronouns used, but I wouldn't have assumed that in Japanese due to the lack of a topic marker here. How can I fix that? Is there a consistent way to deduce what the topic is even when it's not said? Hope my question makes sense.

>> No.40190525


>> No.40190531
File: 165 KB, 657x366, 1645583266324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the reason djt is a complete joke is because people like Analclown come here to "teach" japanese to other noobs, and we get blind leading the blind in the end.

>> No.40190538

>people come here to "teach" japanese to other noobs

>> No.40190539

are you not the guy that was asking about 恋 vs 鯉?

i am saying you dont need kanji to distinguish between them because in spoken japanese people use both words without any issues. so if you wrote them as kana it shouldn't be an issue either. it's all about context. even a word like "set" has pretty much no meaning in english without context

>> No.40190540

true ty

>> No.40190545

cant you just say youre self-employed and get a work visa

>> No.40190552

No of course not

>> No.40190554

didn't it literally take him like 3 years? i think he had to create a fairly large profitable business in japan or something crazy like that

>> No.40190564

yes of course yes, but you have to jump a lot of hoops, we are talking of an address, income, books, a tax number, and other paper trail stuff that verifies you are indeed employed, in other words, you can be employed by your own company, but you have to make that company first.
pewdie is worth several millions so doing so is trivial for him

>> No.40190565

the feels I didn't ask for

>> No.40190570

isnt there also a thing that lets you get a visa if you have a shitload of savings

>> No.40190574

btw matt confirmed that he is moving to japan in the next few months and his goal is to try and forget english. he wants to completely immerse himself in japanese for at least the first year he is there. probs means no yt videos so that uproot money will come in handy....

>> No.40190575



>> No.40190577

You have to have 2 Japanese employees and prove that your business has to be in Japan

>> No.40190581

Who are you calling a homophone? I support the JLPTQI2A+ community.

>> No.40190596

new maki

>> No.40190601

you forgot the 3rd kind
ppl who get their input from anime while cozy in their room after a day of hanging out with jks

>> No.40190608

here you go re: visa info

>> No.40190610
File: 58 KB, 639x562, 1645325779235.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


here u go it pauses for the length that the sub would normally appear on screen

>> No.40190614

based hybrid chad

>> No.40190616


>> No.40190632

>goal is to try and forget english

>> No.40190665

he's so despised in the english-speaking world that he has to jettison from it completely and pull the nihongo parachute

>> No.40190669


>> No.40190670

thank you kind sir. would it be easy to adjust this script and reduce each pause length by a constant percentage?

also pause_disease lol

>> No.40190684

he wants to immerse himself to try to get native level or something. he's moving to osaka though so that will likely mess up his standard pitch accent lol

>> No.40190698

i hope he stays in his room to study and watch anime all day like the first time he was there. theres nothing more native than being a otaku neet.

>> No.40190699

Is there anyone who likes this shit language?

>> No.40190709
File: 224 KB, 482x314, Layer 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kind sirs mind helping me decypher these two alien messages? I am idort at kanji

>> No.40190712


>> No.40190724


yes it is a disease, don't do this shit

>> No.40190730

how would you translate girl calling husband 旦那様? master? dear husband?

>> No.40190732

thanks for the disease. ill use it for 1 hour and then never open it again

>> No.40190737


>> No.40190746

Any good youtube lets players who do visual novels and read the script aloud?

>> No.40190748


>> No.40190765

cant u just google the vn name + jikkyou

>> No.40190770

the answer to your question is keep at it and read more and it will fix itself
it's very much expected that there's stuff going over head

>> No.40190774

my lord
it was a thing in old christianity

>> No.40190796

never seen a japanese lyric as cool as
i tried to eat her soul but she was soulless

>> No.40190807
File: 458 KB, 630x630, 1630786097923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40190830

my dearest husband

>> No.40190893

i have one final request for this disease script my guy. i literally have the code from another script i want to add to it but i dont wanna ruin your masterpiece of a disease (i dunno how to add it)

>> No.40190898

really liked the lyrics in this when i was an edgy teen

>> No.40190901

マガイモノこそかなしけれ 無我夢中疾る疾る

>> No.40190905

are you talking about this? >>40190525

i only wrote my lua script cuz how ugly and awful that one is, i'm not gonna touch it sry

>> No.40190915

you haven't seen this then

>> No.40190924

if it wasnt of matt djt wouldnt exist.

>> No.40190927


>> No.40190941

such a cool op for such a mediocre show
you mean nama sensei

>> No.40190943
File: 1.96 MB, 1920x1080, ousama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finished memorizing kana and I am looking for a good anki deck. I've tried Core 2K/6K, Core 2.3k and Ankidrone for a couple of days for each, but I feel like I'm being forced to learn words that aren't frequently used or just shouldn't be bothered learning as a beginner. Am I just retarded? Why am I learning 留学生 or 状況 right off the bat instead of more simple words like 此 or 何? Is there a way to organize the decks to where the most simple or often used words are first? Is there a better beginner deck to use, just simple words? Should I kill myself?

>> No.40190944

nooo i just mean putting one of the features of that script into yours. thank you btw ive been trying to do this on my own for a while but i suck at coding. you're a great help.

id literally donate to you because of how quick you made the script

>> No.40190951
File: 510 KB, 1920x1080, D5rD9bxNgl9r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40190953

I think ankidrone is the best.

>> No.40190954

core2.3k is literally the only one sorted by frequency, which words in it do you think aren't common enough to be learning as a beginner?

>> No.40190958
File: 1.75 MB, 500x375, cec985d8-480b-4aa2-8f36-c493d817f790.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.40190970

you should mine what you actually want to know, the decks are all guesses at whats gonna be useful, but you mining is better and a lot of people never even finish the decks
the things you want to lnow stick better than random lists, too

>> No.40190971

what feature do u want added?

>id literally donate to you because of how quick you made the script

>> No.40190972

it it weren't for the japanese, matt would have been a successful banker

>> No.40190976

i like how cucktatszuto cant even pay for his own website domain and begs for money for it.

>> No.40190980

>Why am I learning 留学生 or 状況
They are quite common.
>Is there a way to organize the decks to where the most simple or often used words are first?
Probably this https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/faq.html#what-are-your-current-thoughts-on-morphman-do-you-recommend-it but I wouldn't do it myself.
>Is there a better beginner deck to use, just simple words? Should I kill myself?
Do ankidrone N5+N4 and start reading real books or manga.

>> No.40190982

dameeeee 行動兄貴

>> No.40190995

Where is the source on Matt moving to Japan
i don't see anything on his twitter or youtube

>> No.40191001

this is why i don't mind anaking but cant stand tatsucuckmoto

>> No.40191005

just do 2.3k and hopefully train your brain to not pussy out so easily in the future while you're at it
start reading asap while you're at it
also ignore tatsuspam, of course

>> No.40191011

thoughts on jpdb premade decks?

>> No.40191016

he tweeted about selling his books and said something like: "im moving somwhere"
his gf is japs and pretty sure he made some money from youtube and patreon to move to japan..

>> No.40191024


>> No.40191029

same as any other premade deck: mine your own
the first thing a jedi does is make his own lightsaber

>> No.40191034

1. only show the subs during the pause, then they are hidden until the next pause
2. also ive just realised that when i skip ahead in mpv, the script no longer works
3. dunno if this counts as a feature but if i press pause during the automatic pause, it will stay paused

sorry just remembered about the last one.

also you are awesome for linking that tweet. you really are the goat

>> No.40191039
File: 763 KB, 750x932, 1652132523048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

making a fake analcream patreon

>> No.40191061

is there a good textbook-style thing for learning grammar basics

>> No.40191066

star wars is cringe now

>> No.40191077

if you could become a King of love and bliss, would you?

>> No.40191078

The trouble for me is memorizing the kanji, because they're just moonrunes for me at this point, so time spent learning 姿 days before 彼女 when I am more likely to see the latter while reading just seems kind of stupid to me even if they're both common, if that makes sense.

This sort of feels best to me.

>> No.40191089


>> No.40191094


>> No.40191095


>> No.40191097

Gotta go to the eye doctor, been feeling some pressure in my eye for like 3 weeks

>> No.40191109

cure dolly, tae kim, library genesis has all the genkis and minna no nihongos too, you can also just google things as you find them
been since jar jar bro
wonder why they never made that follow up trilogy or shows other than the mandalorian, crazy waste of an ip, can you imagine how amazing a new trilogy would be?
maybe one day

>> No.40191115

Yes, it's called all about particles. See this page of the guide https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/learning-grammar.html
Gonna warn you upfront: don't read imabi, dojg and cure dolly, or really anything not mentioned in the guide.

>> No.40191118

maybe learn the radicals then? or do a little bit of kklc/rtk until you get the hang of kanji. doth just drew the kanji in https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mindtwisted.kanjistudy&hl=en_US&gl=US

either way it's something you're gonna have to deal with no matter what deck you use, even if you make your own deck

>> No.40191133

good luck bro
whats the jk population and financial state of love and bliss? any territorial or other conflicts? cant just say before i know what the place is like

>> No.40191142

still cant tell if shes really like this

>> No.40191153

that ones cute

>> No.40191156

thanks i'm going to start with all about particles

>> No.40191182
File: 2.50 MB, 720x1280, ssstik_1652455644718.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this girl is unironically the cutest ive ever posted

>> No.40191186


>> No.40191194

pretty face, nasty lip fillers

>> No.40191211

this isn't like my anime girls

>> No.40191287

When should I drop the texthooker?

>> No.40191302

never used hookers never will

>> No.40191345

状況 is a top 400 word, but I get what you mean because I also had a lot of lapses on that motherfucker. you won't find a better beginner deck than core2.3k though, so just suspend the words that give you a lot of trouble for now and revisit them later
I feel like 彼女 was less frequent than 姿 in the beginner anime I've seen. I checked Takagi S3 and Non Non Biyori S2 (2 eps missing), because that's what I have on hand, and there's 5 姿s (including one in 勇姿) and 0 彼女s
anyway, the quickest way for them to stop being moonrunes for you is to keep making an effort at remembering them

>> No.40191355
File: 210 KB, 675x952, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40191393
File: 10 KB, 878x137, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

様子 is still my most lapsed
No idea how since both are really easy kanji
Also fuck 循環

>> No.40191395
File: 1.32 MB, 720x720, 1655260330858.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

night shahahahark

>> No.40191412

貸す is my most failed

>> No.40191428

Nice janny bias

>> No.40191435

i had a lot of trouble with that one too idk why

>> No.40191436

would lick her all over all day every day

>> No.40191443

kek exactly the same for me

>> No.40191444

do you know what love feels like? do you know what bliss feels like? it would mean feeling both those feelings whenever you want regardless of external conditions, and having your actions in the world arise out of that state of being

>> No.40191452

then thats a bad question, who would ever pass?

>> No.40191473

this song is so good bros

>> No.40191566

lmao actually funny and made me lol

>> No.40191570

like this? https://pastebin.com/4Am60pLR

>> No.40191581

What if I want to use あたし as a male

>> No.40191614

thats considered a label of homoseuxality iirc

>> No.40191628

think its more like ironic homosexuality unless u really look the part unironically

>> No.40191641

>Youngest looks the worst
Hagchads can't stop winning.

>> No.40191649 [DELETED] 
File: 103 KB, 500x1199, 1642847932391.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what kind of cult did you make

>> No.40191655

Damn, I'll take your word for it then

>> No.40191667

eye dont know

>> No.40191719

kyaaa how do i get into the special secret discord~~~

>> No.40191740

all you need is 愛

>> No.40191742

yep 愛m ゲイ

>> No.40191757
File: 17 KB, 904x520, 1646694389805.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/djt/er life-cycle

>> No.40191792

me in the middle

>> No.40191870

I'm IP blocked on 5chan, where do I go to discuss Japanese vidya games?

>> No.40191877


>> No.40191884

as long as there are japanese subtitles in hell i will go there for my gains

>> No.40191935

heres yalls japanese homework im outta here cuz the abuser is here


ユー・ウィル・ネヴァー・ビー・エイ・ ウーマン

>> No.40191937

all the kiddies talking about tokimemo and boku no natsuyasumi now after that retard brought them up makes /v/ feel like hell sometimes

>> No.40191947

nothing wrong with bumping good things but of course when the mainstream gets a hold of anything its only natural to hate it
the true hell is people never forget this

>> No.40191948

finally, a decent kyoku in this thread

>> No.40191963

i wouldn't call /v/ mainstream, it's just annoying to have people talking about it that clearly never played it and just base all their opinions off of his videos

>> No.40191981

the afternoon anxiety is really peaking

>> No.40192055

go for a jog

>> No.40192072

I'm going to play an english only spaceship game with a japanese guy, what are some japanese spaceship medias I can consoom to get some spaceship vocab?

>> No.40192113

avoid Anki at all costs unless you just want to learn how to read, it will really actually harm your progress in learning to have conversations in Japanese

>> No.40192122

Fuck M*tt

>> No.40192133

push ups until youre too tired too be anxious
always works
running does too or rope jumping

>> No.40192322

should i go in and replace all of the images in core2.3k with contextual sex and make coom2.3k for the noobs? it would be my only legacy.

>> No.40192334

download ankidrone starter pack to solve all your problems.

>> No.40192340

japanese matrix servers.

>> No.40192355

kek id get it if only for lulz, might distribute it too, depending on my mood
also lmao tatsucuckhold doesn't even read the posts or is running a bot again

>> No.40192376

knights of sydonia, macross, gundam, planetes (really good work comedy stuff), wings of mayonnaise, thats what comes to mind atm

>> No.40192394

oh, nadesico, space battleship yamato (first new series is good rest are meh, live action is actually really good), ryuvius, starship operators
really liked starship operators too

>> No.40192406


>> No.40192541

The sentence audio and the picture won't match up though. Unless you're talking about making an animecard deck from scratch

>> No.40192561

i would handpick the picture from danbooru based on the example sentence

>> No.40192567

also, most of the images in core2.3k already do not match up with the sentence

>> No.40192601
File: 3.13 MB, 4000x3824, 1655129957972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lets goon to fluidity bros

>> No.40192613

god i love women

>> No.40192657
File: 1.84 MB, 3793x2644, D85DB15D-4921-4558-BBE6-FB045A272C28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you get filtered by too much ひらがな?

>> No.40192684

What is this? A book for six year olds?

>> No.40192689

no bc i know japanese so thats very comfortable to read for me bc what trips me up is chinese ching chongs and not japanese

>> No.40192717
File: 223 KB, 1114x1083, Origin_of_Hiragana_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hiragana and katakana are also simplified versions of chinese characters

japanese doesnt have any remnants of its original writing system anymore

>> No.40192728
File: 217 KB, 1280x1408, Katakana_origine.svg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

カタカナ version:

>> No.40192739

i dont care about none of that nerd shit you cant read kanjis bc they are not readable they are just ching chongs but kana are readable

>> No.40192750

no it’s a book for 魔法つかい

>> No.40192765

how to tell between the big つ and the small つ

>> No.40192770

use ur eye

>> No.40192785


>> No.40192813


>> No.40192832

this goes against the public morals

>> No.40192852

> japanese doesnt have any remnants of its original writing system

Are you retarded? There wasn't one. The concept of writing was only invented by like 3 different cultures, everyone else just stole it from one of those 3 or from someone that stole it already. That's why all Western alphabets look similar, they're based on hieroglyphics

>> No.40192880

chinese managed to develop their own writing system.
makes u think why japan couldnt desu

>> No.40192886

probably the same reason europeans couldn't and had to steal from egyptians

>> No.40192900

ancient brits developed their own rune system:

>> No.40192918
File: 140 KB, 500x348, strokeorder?.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it should have been mayanji's instead

>> No.40192934

majanji stroke order looks hard

>> No.40192961


>> No.40192985

Did you even read the article you just linked at me?

> Related scripts
Parent systems
Egyptian hieroglyphs[1]
Proto-Sinaitic alphabet
Phoenician alphabet
Greek alphabet (Cumae variant)
Old Italic alphabet?
Elder Futhark

>> No.40192991

>Did you even read the article you just linked at me?

>> No.40193025


>> No.40193095

>in large part because of the upcoming release of my book, Japanese Language Made Easy: The Japanese Way.
he'll fit right in with the learning community

>> No.40193154

really raises the question: why hasn't there been a "learn japanese the japanese way" resource made yet?

>> No.40193178

Because learning Japanese "the Japanese way" means attending Japanese elementary school. When someone wants to learn English, you don't hand them the ABC book either.

>> No.40193235

what's wrong with that? sounds literally perfect. just cut out cruft classes for things you already know like math and volleyball and it'd probably be the most effective system ever. no doubt of course most people will get excellent marks and be able to skip grades but otherwise just use the exact same system

>> No.40193244

japs dont even know kanji

>> No.40193312

unlike children us adults are capable of understanding the concepts that more difficult words point to. all we need to do is memorize the symbols and sounds that represent those adult concepts and getting used to how they’re naturally arranged to express certain things (a pretty straightforward process). whereas kids are learning all of that at the same time - the symbols and sound representations, plus what things and concepts even are in the first place.

>> No.40193363






>> No.40193515

the again-date of your L1 is like 300 years (if you keep not using it). it would take him at least 3 lifetimes to forget his English

>> No.40193547

i really look up to matt

>> No.40193556

3 lifetimes long enjoy this foot up your ass

>> No.40193666

because everyone wants to learn quickly

>> No.40193677

it only takes a baby like 1 year to learn their native language

>> No.40193712

1 year olds are indeed known to be rather linguistically proficient

>> No.40193732





>> No.40193773

lol you guys

>> No.40193931

jap babies have superior brains. it htakes higher IQ to learn japanese than english

>> No.40193941

by the time japanese kids enter elementary they already know japanese
so this method would be - whitenoise 10,000 hours of listening
then start with elementary picture books

it's dumb and it takes kids 18 years to learn if 1/8th of that time was spent on actually reading and japanese language stuff it would still take over 2 years full time to go through this curriculum
where as just reading will be faster

>> No.40193946

I unironically think this is part of the reason kanji is still taught

>> No.40193977

>tfw not japanese or at least urdu

>> No.40194080

No, you need to focus on listening from the beginning if you want to learn Japanese.

>> No.40194103


>> No.40194136



>> No.40194144

there seems to be some mistake. >>40193990 was made a lot earlier. not sure why you would try and threadwar it.


>> No.40194157
File: 78 KB, 834x646, 幽霊.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.40194204

that pic is atrocious

>> No.40194214

shouldn't need a card for this

>> No.40194218

acquired 幽霊

>> No.40194232

needs vs wants

>> No.40194233

i lokethe picture

>> No.40194238

why so much iturazenko spam??

>> No.40194311

it's a lot better than some random manga page.

>> No.40194333

commission a djt mascot in /b/ draw thread and use it for every op

>> No.40194388
File: 414 KB, 330x495, DJT Girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She already exists.

>> No.40194433

love dekiru chan

>> No.40194603


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