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i’m financially ruined

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Do more amogus streams and TikTok dances ZUN

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Kadokawa would pay good money for the right to make a Touhou anime.
You already authorized the gachas, so why not sellout just a little bit more?
Think about your wife and kids, ZUN.

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Fuck Touhou antis, this wouldn't happen if antis didn't pirate games.
I'll make 3 more Steam accounts and buy all the games again to support him.

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Should start selling his original Reimuchu drawings on ebay

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Create another franchise, you one trick pony.

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Time for that Netflix show

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dump eet

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do one of those nfts that people are selling for like 5 trillion dollars or whatever

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>Bored Higashi Girl Boat Club

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what happened?

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I can't believe ZUN is the red after so many years

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I wonder how much people are willing to pay for a jpg of Reimu.

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Zun please stop buying beer. You can't paid it

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That's what he gets for shutting down fan sites. Hope he goes bankrupt.

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Did this retard put all his money into LUNA or something

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He has already said there are no fags

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He trusted the lunarians.

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no retard, he went batshit after tasting some of that lost word money

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I told you guys. The lunarians are so stupid, haha.

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Antis like you bomb the app store ratings for the game for no reason. I bet you're some kind of Fate/Grand Order fanboy who thinks that it's better than Lost Word. Just die.

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>I bet you're some kind of Fate/Grand Order fanboy
Look at this dude thinking any gacha game is better than another. It's all the same shit: cashgrab frauds for the mentally weak such as yourself.

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You're right, only true fans spend hundreds of dollars buying pictures of 2hus.

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If it means showing my support for ZUN, then yes. I don't see why this is such a controversial take.

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You're a vtuber fan masquerading as a Touhou fan trying to portray us real Touhou fans as cuckolds who support gacha games

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Most of the money is going to corporate executives, but hey, at least you feel like you're actually helping ZUN.

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Vtuber has gacha collabs all the time, so I'm not sure what you were attempting with this "insult".
>Dojin game
>Corporate executives
Are you fucking retarded?

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pretty pathetic, anon

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>Lost Word
Are you?

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Is this thread shitposting or did something happen to my nigga ZUN?

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OP was actually talking about his own bankruptcy from buying merch.

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OP invested in crypto...

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is this the zun lolcow arc? is he going to have kiwifarms threads because he btfo pirates?

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it's baseless shitposting.

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>gacha colabs all the time
And that's why it's so fucking souless, to the vtumors and those managing them you're nothing more than sheep. anon you need to wake the fuck up

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Do people still care about this piece of shit?
Hope he chokes to death on all that gachashit money

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I hope jp doesn't actually think ZUN makes money from the gachas.

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I am more concerned that he sold his soul to Kadokawa. They have a long track record of ruining franchises.

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If not for money, then why did he allow that shallow garbage to exist?

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bonito flakes

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I don't get it. Did he invest in crypto or something?

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The truth is hard to swallow isn't it?

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If people treated ZUN well you would have a serious argument against current IP laws
However he was fully chinked
You will never have communities created out of making art about someone else's creation

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I also was asking myself that but it appears some faggots are bored again.

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He decided to treat them like any other derivative work. He still talks shit about them in omake.
You can argue that he's making money from them indirectly if they make people interested in checking out official stuff I guess.

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FGO is better, but all gachas are dogshit that fuck the lore of their franchise and its characters.

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ZUN has been falling apart all year.

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>FGO is better
Christ. How Nasu has been able to dupe people with his plagiarism for decades is beyond me.

The guy stole all his plots from Leaf, blatantly.

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>You will never have communities created out of making art about someone else's creation
And touhou community isn't one?

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You're plagiarizing your criticisms

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Once ZUN! got that first big fat paycheck from steam, all his principles flew out of the fucking window.

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>they thought ZUN was the Stallman of Japanese developers
le fuck le corpos amirite /jp/?

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it has come to the point where the sooner he dies the longer touhou survives

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Then why does he waste his time showing up on the LostWord dev streams?
(I get it when it's for DanKagu streams because his friend beat mario is one of the sponsors and permanent host.)

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Ferb I know what we're gonna do today

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What happened?

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zun shouldn't have fucked with us

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Appearing as a guest on those sorts of streams is work.

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What is the US stake in this operation?

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Control over the truth about the lunar landing.