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You arrive at Gensokyo, who would you visit?

I would offer riddles to Cirno.

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Leave donations at Reimu's

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I'd become a good lunch for Rumia

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I have said it before and I will say it again now: I will go to Kourindou and teach Rinnosuke computer science.

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Attempt to befriend Flandre.

Possibly never return.

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Favourite characters aside, the most interesting thing to do would be to learn magic from Marisa.

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That is a terrible idea.

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I have an absolute fear of dolls.

But I would still go visit Alice. I like her too much.

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Promptly kill myself and hang out with Komachi.

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Keine, so I can learn more about Gensokyo. Aya might work out too, but Keine would be a more reliable source.

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I'd probably die before I got to the mountain.

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I got suck marisa's cock-ze~

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First of all, run and put as much as I can possibly spare in Reimu's donation box.

Seriously, your chance of survival is minimal if you neglect the box.

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Find a way to get invited to Hakugyokurou.

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Patchouli, because her magic could surely allow me to learn the language.

Though, I'd probably get drained the moment I entered Scarlet Devil Mansion.

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There's also the risk you may become a snack for the doorguard...

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Hopefully Reimu, Mokou or Keine will find me and take me to the village before I get eaten, then I study magic under Marisa, because she would most certainly be the dominant one in the relationship.

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>Learn magic from Marisa
That would probably involve getting shot until you either die or learn magic.

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please cease and desist with your spamming on our board ano
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why do you think marisa would waste her time teaching you when she has better things to do

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Hang out with marisa, and Alice. Occasionally visit patchy whilst learning a bit of magic. Throw a little cash into Reimu's box.

And always bring a small box of chocolate with me when ever I go to SDM. Give said chocolate to Flan. Attempt not to die.

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>a snack for the doorguard

China, just like Alice, is too humane to eat humans.

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three words: "Willing Guinea pig

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She's in a realm of people so bored that they literally made shooting each other down from the sky an art form. She probably has some spare time.

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I'd go meet Yukari, ran and chen.

I'd spoil Chen, help ran with housewor, and compliment Yukari on how young and vibrant she looks.

if I play my cards right, they won't kill and eat me.

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This. She might at least talk to me if I did.

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No there's no risk, she's asleep practically 24/7 anyway

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I'm pretty sure I'd be instagibbed instantly when the girls all sense that I'm a person with a penis.

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Be eaten.
Because that is my fetish.

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just put on a frilly skirt and a crazy hat

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I'd visit Cirno or Meiling, so that I could

[x] Jump in the lake

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Having zero expertise in magic and probably lacking the faith to use it, head to the home of the land's most experienced martial artist.

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go to swamps or lakes, hoping to catch a frog or kappa

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or you could, y'know, go to the kappas and help them/learn from them their half-hearted technology.
I'd do it, they said they're friends of humans.

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But Rock Lee isn't in Gensokyo...

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1. Visit Marisa
2. Beat her up
3. Steal her outfit
4. Walk around like a badass motherfucker and threaten to fuck up everyone's shit

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with my luck i will be eaten, probably from a creature of myths from were i live, and taking into account my already say luck is not going to be a xana

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Ask for a job from Eiki. Proceed to fill in for Komachi, and also go around REAPING souls.

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>2. Beat her up

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You don't want a job with Eiki. That's soul-draining work if there ever was any.

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1. visit reimu
2. give her a quarter
3. get unlimited protection from the rest of gensokyo

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She's a girl and has been spending her whole life fighting other girls. As a man, I'm on a different level altogether.

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badum ssh

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Perhaps you should be careful mentioning anything work-related around her...

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Go drink with Suika.

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I bet Marisa and several other girls are far manlier than you'll ever be.

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1. find Suika
2. offer her alcohol
3. ???

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It would be like Rinnosuke trying to take down Marisa

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Find Mokou, beg for help getting to the human village. Live there and make a living. Visit the others whenever time allows especially the ice fairy.

Otherwise becoming food is the only option.

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Not seeing your point?

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I'd get lost in the forest of magic so I can live with Alice.

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Kourin is half youkai, is manly, wears a fundoshi and doesn't scared of anything, and has a history with Marisa. You, on the other hand, are a nobody, enjoy getting beaten up by little girls.

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>implying Alice would accept you

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>enjoy getting beaten up by little girls.
That's fine too, I guess.

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He didn't specify how long he wanted to live with her. So yes, he could live with her for a night or so.

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I wonder what would happen if I told Marisa that Rinnosuke ripped her off for a sweet sword.

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I'd search for some fairies and trade them candy and shiny things in exchange for delicious loli sex.

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Canon Alice would hate company, I bet.

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she'd just steal the sword. And then steal the money she spent.

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Maybe. But she'd still shelter him for at least a night.

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I'd visit the superior miko and donate some faith. I'd get a bonus loli goddess that's better than that ice fairy.

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I'd want to meet Luna and complement her on her awesome drills.

Sunny and Star can just fuck off.

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Who says frog goddess and ice fairy are incompatible?

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visit NEET
play vidya gaems all day
eventually get hourai elixir
play vidya gaems forever

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Shit, you may be the only person whole get to play Duke Nukem Forever!

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Haha, like Eirin would give you Hourai Elixir. Keep reaching for that rainbow!

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u jealous?

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Reimu's shine would be my first stop, then go from there and see how far I get before some someone kills or eats me.

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That's not happening.

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I jealous.

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Maybe it passed into fantasy the moment it was shitcanned. Maybe there's a copy in Kourindou right now.

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Holy shit. You're probably right!

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Why would he want to spend the rest of eternity playing Duke Nukem?

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Because it'll have a way better multiplayer than L4D and MW2 combined.

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Eirin's not difficult to please. Keep hime-sama entertained, help Eirin with lab work, keep udonge away from tewi's traps, keep mokou... oh fuck it i'll just try to steal some

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>you may be the only person whole get to play Duke Nukem Forever!

wont the nature of gensokyo make duke nukem forever actually....you know, existand IN gensokyo?

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Also, Kaguya likes to shittalk when playing. There's no way you can let that shit slide, nor will she let you own her and get away with it.

You, literally, will be playing forever!

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>three words: "Willing Guinea pig

Also can apply for getting on Eirin's, and in turn Reisen's, good side.

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Like Eirin cares whether you're willing or not.

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>better than MW2 multiplayer
This better be

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I love prostate examinations. Where's the catch?

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OK, well then you'll get on Reisen's good side by saving her from being experimented on, and in turn she can probably snatch some for you.

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fuck. I can't decide

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Love Flandre tenderly, possibly die in the process.

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Go to Reimu's, leave donations.

I hope Rumia doesn't eat me

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Lover her tenderly, get loved harshly in return.

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Only thing i can think of, catching frogs at Misty Lake for Cirno.

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Donate to Reimu, then find some of those faceless rapist guys and hang out with them.

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Go to Moriya shrine, hide in bushes until this happens, die of heart attack.

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This. We can go around raping and be bros for life!

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Get them all drink and whip it out.

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good end, gonna get basemented

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First, I go find Parsee and sex her up. Then I bring some alcohol to Eientei and have an orgy with Eirin, Kaguya, Reisen, and Tewi.

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Find Suwako.
Live happily ever after.

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This is also a pretty good route if you want to survive. Faceless rapists are invincible.

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Enjoy being hassled by Kanako for a reason not even Kanako herself can articulate.

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I'd go to the village and get a job doing some sort of a unskilled manual labour. I'd die alone and unloved a few years later from a massive back injury.

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Sneak around Scarlet Devil Mansion.

Get killed.

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Move in with the Yakumos.
In all likelihood end up being eaten.

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Be the only male in Gensokyo.

That is all.

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What, did Rinnosuke die?

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why is gensokyo entirely female anyway?

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Girls are cuter.

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it isnt. zun just likes drawing the ladies more than gusy

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As long as you are not a rapist from Paranoia cat doujinshi. This can get you killed.

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Go chill with chen ran and the old hag

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>old hag
you are already dead.