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Eh? My family? Why do you ask?

They all passed away, a long time ago.

Sorry, I'm not very good at pillow talk...

Now, let's get back to work~

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Slut. So many sluts on /jp/ today!!

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implying chen would outlive yukari and ran

it's far more likely ran will mourn the loss of her "child" you know

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...I apologize.

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What is your profession, young lady?

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Needs more adult chen

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Youkai are a proud and ancient race, thus, her profession is the oldest in this world's history, a duty she performs with the utmost dedication, lest she shame her people.

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Ah, a forger. She bears the responsibility of collecting enough food for her flock of cats, I see.

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This reminds me of the doujin where Rinnosuke has Shikieiki get raped for months and mouths until her mind breaks in order for her to be a better prostitute.


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I prefer to think of that as the doujin where Satori uses mind-reading to good results.

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Delicious Chen thread?

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