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So my masters and I open our presents on Christmas Eve, so I got mine. I had probably the worst haul ever. I'm an only nekomata, so I usually get a lot of shit. This year, Ran first bought me a stupid Nintendo Wii. I told her a thousand fucking times that the Wii was for fucking stage one fairies and cirnos, but she thought it would be fun for the whole family to play. Whole family? IT'S MY FUCKING GIFT. I don't want to play with fucking Ran and Yukari; they're fucking lame.

She also got me Cooking Mama 1 (NOT 2) for DS. I told her that I wanted Grand Theft Touhou: Lower Hell Edition, but she fucked up and got Cooking Mama because it was cheaper by $20. She thought they were the same, and that the game would help me learn how to cook better for Mistress Yukari, and I had to tell her for like 2 hours on how they were radically different and Yukari is a hag and I hate cooking. So fucking awful.

I also got Ikaruga for dreamcast, but I already watched someone stream it on /v/. I don't give a shit, really. I thanked her for it, though.

Yukari got me an anime boxset because she knows I like anime. She got me the first season of Nyan Koi. She said I would like it because it has cats in it like me. What a fucking retard; Nyan Koi is awful and everyone knows it. She probably wasted like $200 on all those fucking DVD's, if she didn't steal them from her faggot boyfriend Kourin's shitty shop. I'm probably going to just sell them or just hide them in my litterbox.

I also got some silly hats, an iPod Touch (meh, wanted an iPhone), and a new portable DVD player. I asked for some new masters that aren't such douchebags, but I guess Yukari wasted the money on the DVD set.

What about you guys?

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>This year, Ran first bought me

Stopped reading there. Chen would never refer to her like that.

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;_; Reminds me of that comic where Chen is a capitalist CAT.

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Nyan Koi was pretty funny.

Fuck you, Chen

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>an iPod Touch (meh, wanted an iPhone)

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merry christmas, you douche

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Dat ass...

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If Chen thought highly of her "family" she would not spend half her time fucking around with other cats in some field in the middle of nowhere.

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Why would you do this, anon? Chen would never be such a horrible child.

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Chen is a rebellious teenager, engaging in such disgusting acts as premarital sex.

Ran raised her so well, and can't believe what she has become.

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Those cats are play-fighting.

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>from her faggot boyfriend Kourin's shitty shop

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Marisa, go back to bed.

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I wish I had a picture of Ran and Yukari beating the shit out of Chen, but I don't.

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sup modcat

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>just saw this on /a/ a few minutes ago


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Hello friend.

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Cat, unban Meiling.

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This thread has a disturbing lack of Chen pictures.

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Great, now I have to fap.

Thanks a lot OP.

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