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Heard about this game during the semester, on winter break so I want to check it out.

Saw on wiki that it's untranslated, so I'll be using atlas.
But, I can't find the download, looked through all 48 pages in fakku VN section (Kaimax is a retard, took down the master list to edit it, derp)

Would appreciate if anyone could drop me the game or just the CGs (I need to get rid of this boner to good guro)

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GSS is not that fucking gory. Stop believing that it is.

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never said I expected it to be super guro, gtfo

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Come for gore, stay for Gore. Story of my life.

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Not /r/

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Search in Google for "Gore Screaming Show Hongfire".

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Hello dear newfriend. When you are looking for a VN, always try this:

a) Googling "hongfire+name of said game" should almost always give you a torrent/ddl, unles it's really obscure or old.
b) Search through the VNDDL (http://vnddl.webs.com/list.txt).).
c) If it's not there, you can try in VDZ's FTP ( - Anonymous - /jp/).

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CG art here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/4618/54ca693aa1/

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And next time try to search here: http://g.e-hentai.org before postan.

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it is here written
by white slave