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Wait what?

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Not only that, he broke the add-on.

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/jp/ is so shitty it has its own server now to prevent other boards from getting infected

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hi nanoha

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The 4chan add-on is now broke.


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damnit moot

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The favicon color is different too.

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RIP zip.

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This is all part of the plan to make 4chan noob-friendly.

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why moot ;_;

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/jp/'s been promoted from .zip!

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Oh great, we share a server with /b/ and the archive's broken too.

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Useless. I just checked
We are still on the same server as /a/ and /v/.
Good thing is /b/ is on img.

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Well, luckily enough, all the Opera scripts seem to still work.

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I don't like this make it go away ;_;

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Well now I have to rewrite my style and addon doesn't work. What the fuck, moot

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>No thread hiding
>No Quick Reply
>No Quick Report
Fuck, I can't take this.

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i suggest you have this playing for now

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Every old board url redirects to boards.4chan.org now.

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Oh no, now I can't hide the 3D.

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Everything is broken, we have a hideous new favicon, and every other page load is a white screen.

moot, so good.

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It's the same everywhere, though all the old servers still seem to be there... cgi, zip, orz, img, they still work, but only boards appears in the location bar. This confuses and disturbs me.

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I guess taking a break from reading Higurashi was a bad idea.

Back to it I guess.

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>Making it easier for Aus government to censor /jp/

Moooooot ;_;

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I can't take it easy like this.

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Fuck this shit.

While all this is happening, /rs/ is still not fixed.

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I'm frustrated.

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We have those shitty tshirt ads again.

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I will play some Summon Night when I come back everything should be working fine, right ;_;

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what the fuck

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Jesus Christ, and here I was thinking /jp/ would react differently than the other boards. Most of the post in this thread can be found word for word in /v/'s reaction to the sever change.

Have you guys not been paying attention to what has been happening all day? I'm going to pooshlmer, you guys are /b/-lite. You're not bad in the same way that the newcomers on /a/ are bad. You guys just don't have anything interesting to talk about so you spam thread templates and force memes. Instead of trying to think of anything new to talk about you monkey each other. I guess the only reason why you're even talking about the op's meta topic is because it's sadly the most interesting topic on the main page.

/a/ - Newcomers trolling newcomers.
/jp/ - Bored veterans using their experience to troll harder.

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shut up, bawson

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>Summon Night
Best ever.

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u mad

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P.S. images are now hosted on images.4chan.org so you can whine about that too

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I'll give you a 5/10 because I am actually bored.

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I agree.

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Come back, Jlist. We waited for you.


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Yay fychan!

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I just managed to get the filter working again too.

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Oh well, I'm off to sleep.

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Nice, unfiltered /jp/ goodness!

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Anonymous Jones (a.k.a Nameless Fairy) testing out his imagedump/spammer script to derail threads he disagrees with.

People like Jones hate the fact that /jp/ doesn't have a dedicated moderator so they take the law into their own hands and try to fight shitposters by becoming shitposters themselves. In the case of Jones, he wants 4chan to be a place like bunbunmaru where people are afraid to post in fear of being moderated. (He's a /bun/ dev, case you didn't know that).

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That's seriously revolting. I'm surprised he hasn't been ISP banned yet.

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The only downside is now I'll have to re-filter all those things again.

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sys and boards are slow pieces of shit, probably because they are running every 4chan board, /b/ included.

I'm frustrated, Kircheis.

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Faggots like him should just fuck off back to /bun/.
He is a hypocrite that like to post goodnight thread as well.

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Sup samefriend. Never had to deal with Touhou Hijacks in the past?

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this board is gbs as fuck

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I always thought that Nameless fairy was AoRF

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Wrong fag, I like Jones. He's one of the few tripfriends I like. But I disagree with his methods of dealing with the trolls. If you see a thread that shouldn't be here, you should report it and hide it. OR, contact a mod on #4chan.

Also, Nameless Fairy has only recently resurfaced. Apparently /jp/ no longer meets Jones' standards.

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Jones IS AoRF.

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I didn't ask about Jones. What's wrong with the Hijacks, you're hiding the threads anyway.

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Someone contact the 4chan addon dev, I want to be able to hide threads like this.

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Oh my god. Everything I know is a lie.

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And on top of that he actually messed with our janitor a few days ago.

Here's the story. Jones didn't like a harmless Persona thread so he started imagebombing it with AoRF's script. Soon our meido came and started deleting his post. Even though he clearly couldn't win and was making everyone mad at him, he kept messing with our janitor because of his hatred for Persona threads. He thinks he owns 4chan and has a say in what belongs here. (See: god-complex).

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>You can use temporary replacements. There are some scripts at userscripts that you might find useful enough until everything's back on track.

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>He thinks he owns 4chan and has a say in what belongs here. (See: god-complex).
Just like everybody from #meltanjp, ZUN!bar, Arc, hell every tripfag and every anon here. So the problem is?

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I don't have Russia's script. I haven't even looked at it since back when /a/ was good.

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>I didn't ask about Jones. What's wrong with the Hijacks, you're hiding the threads anyway.
You cant fight spam with other spam. When kids and/or newcomers see the spam they tend to emulate it. See King of GETs.

Nameless Fairy is funny as a joke, but the merits of its use was never valid. More harm comes from it than good. Also, you're NOT stopping the trolls when you use it, if the trolls wanted to they could keep recreating their shitty threads. All imagebombing does is bump said shitty threads to the main page.

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>implying you dont imagebomb threads

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Fuck off back to #bun Jones's white knight.

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I never implied that, you silly Sion-chan you.

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>Jones IS AoRF.
Anonymous of the Russian Federation = Anonymous Jones = Eksopl = Investment Banker Pedo

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Well this is interesting.
Now if only /rs/ worked!

>> No.3951359

Oh god, what am I looking at?

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Except I probably do it in jest. If I were Jonesy-level then I'd be spamming every Fate/stay night thread into the stratosphere. But of course I'll never sink that low.

Also, I just realized that it's pretty ridiculous to think that Fate is any better than Persona. Shame on you, Jonesy.

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You used to do that but you got banned. Baw more.

>> No.3951364

Jones = AoRF = Sion = Suigin

>> No.3951366

>Also, you're NOT stopping the trolls when you use it, if the trolls wanted to they could keep recreating their shitty threads.
Thankfully this doesn't happen often in /jp/, they back off once the thread's being spammed.

>All imagebombing does is bump said shitty threads to the main page.
Nah, the current Nameless Fairy bot doesn't bump threads.

You do have a point there, with the KoG analogy and all. Given your hate for imagedumping and all, people might think you're moot or something. There's isn't much one can do to make /jp/ less shitty though, we only have a janitor, so why not take it easy and let things work themselves out, let whoever do Hijacks whenever they want it.

Oh hai there bandwagon hopper, should I accuse you of being Sion?

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>ZUN !bar

>> No.3951372

"It works!" is apache2's default index page iirc.
So in all likelihood, /rs/ does not even exist at the moment.

>> No.3951373

>Anonymous Jones
>Anonymous of the Russian Federation
1) All three of them are programmers (Jones wrote some code for bunbunmaru and knows how to write imagebomb scripts).
2) They all know each other and hangout at the same locations i.e., easymodo, bunbunmaru, and #bunbunmaru.
3) All three of them have hosted their own websites.
4) All of them have used AoRF's image hijack script. Eksopl once said he used to use it to derail King of GETS' threads.

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Supporting hijacks is the same thing as supporting the guy that was doing the Wahahahaha italic spam earlier.

Only reason why hijacks were mildly tolerated in old /a/ was because of how it targeted retarded Shounen threads. But of course we all know how it turned out later when moot splitted the board.

>> No.3951379

I know.
It was a lame pun.

>> No.3951381

>3) All three of them have hosted their own websites.
AoRF hosted the archive off his own computer in its infancy, but apart from that?
Also, what did Jones host?

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I know none of you give a shit, but most of us at #bun don't support Jones' image-bombing. We even had an argument over it the other day.
I'd rather both boards remain useful, and what he does doesn't help anyone.

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Why, just why?

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Taking a board's moderation into your own hands is a really juvenile way to "improve" said board.

That said, I can foresee a noticable lack of reports being filed due to the loss of the quick report feature, which may make hijacks even more of a problem until the addon is fixed.

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Talking about me behind my back again, Anon?

>> No.3951411

>Implying /bun/ is useful

>> No.3951412

If it wasn't for the spam, I would really like Jones. I used to like Nameless Fairy back in the old days but things have changed. Fighting shit threads with more shit is /b/ tier logic.

If it keeps up at this rate I might have to filter Jones and his imagebomb script. Nah, I'm just kidding. He'd have to shitpost much harder than that to get me to filter him. It's just a shame though.

>> No.3951428

what is the name of this temp script? There are a ton of 4chan scripts at userscripts.org.

>> No.3951433

Jones is about 15 years old in his reasoning.

>> No.3951433,1 [INTERNAL] 

/jp/ is currently unreachable for me. Before is was just slow. I think this move might have been premature. It worked flawlessly on /s/

>> No.3951433,2 [INTERNAL] 

Dead for me too at the moment. Oh boy oh boy.

>> No.3951433,3 [INTERNAL] 

same here.
well, there's always that other site..

>> No.3951433,4 [INTERNAL] 

I already gave up trying to load 4chan.

>> No.3951433,5 [INTERNAL] 

I was trying to find the name of the temporary work around script.

>> No.3951433,6 [INTERNAL] 

What script?

>> No.3951440

>Taking a board's moderation into your own hands is a really juvenile way to "improve" said board.

As much as I want to strangle Jones for imagebombing bad threads I can understand why he would be led into doing such a thing. /jp/ is NOT moderated. This is a fact. Just mention the word /jp/ to any of the mods on #4chan and they'll start laughing at you. moot said its the worst board on 4chan. ALTERNATIVE said it was dumb-town. And another mod said it was a trashcan board. The only boards the mods actively moderate/browse are /a/ and /tg/. Our niche /jp/ topics are apparently too otaku for their taste. The only thing we have is a janitor, but there's only so much a janitor can do.

And to make matters worse, since the mods don't browse /jp/ they have no idea what belongs here. Put yourself in their shoes, try moderating a board you're not familiar with like /o/ or /y/. (And you can see why our report queries go unnoticed.)

>> No.3951440,1 [INTERNAL] 

White screen of death for everybody else?

>> No.3951440,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.3951443

And the moment I say "white screen of death", boards starts loading again.

>> No.3951449

Just post a simple lurk moar or gb2/whatevershithole/ whenever some faggots post offtopic shit.

You don't really need to imagebomb or imagespam to get your point across.

>> No.3951449,1 [INTERNAL] 

How did Eksopl make the archive adapt to 4chan's changes so quickly?

>> No.3951449,2 [INTERNAL] 

Because he just cares that much.

>> No.3951466

I'll give this new server configuration 2 days to stop sucking. But if it continues, I'm gonna bother moot about it.

>> No.3951466,1 [INTERNAL] 

Try loading zip.4chan.org/jp/* and see what happens.
There's your first answer.

>> No.3951477

Be sure to pretend to be a poster from a board moot cares about.

>> No.3951484

I doubt he is going to care much about any board you are on.

>> No.3951485

If you just ignore a bad thread people posting in said thread won't spread their anger into threads that they know that the imagebomber enjoys, thus further shitting the board.

>> No.3951490

What are you talking about people... everything is fine... stop using that crappy over hyped browser called firefox and use a real browser instead... like Opera...

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So Jones, what's your response to everything that was said about your use of thread hijacking scripts? Do you see the light or are you going to keep shitposting with them?

The Nameless Fairy's days are over, I thought you had the decency to bow out of the spotlight gracefully, but you couldn't resist reviving it, AoRF. Stop trying to be the savior of /jp/, I think you just need to take a break from 4chan for a while. Are you going to be doing this in your late 20s? I want to protect /jp/ too, but I know my limits. The best way to help it is to teach the next generation how to post properly. Instead of beating them up with a baseball bat, try helping them.

>> No.3951499

Imagebombing just doesn't work, especially when there's actually a janitor around. He'll delete your shit and leave the off-topic rubbish around, because he doesn't know any better.
"All things Japanese welcome!"
And the idiots who post such threads won't get discouraged by image bombing either. They have the Janitor on their side after all, they can't be in the wrong!

>> No.3951505

Sure does work nice when ZUN and Sion samefag their threads to hell and back in order to make it look like they have a "following" on /jp/.

Honestly, every tripfag that makes threads should just kill themselves.

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Ha, all the user scripts I've been running with greasemonkey still work.

>> No.3951519

I am missing the hide thread feature.

>> No.3951532

>He'll delete your shit and leave the off-topic rubbish around, because he doesn't know any better.

You imply our meido doesn't know what he's doing. In truth, the reason why the meido leaves the shit threads undeleted and deletes the nameless fairy's post is to teach the thread hijacker a lesson that taking the law into your own hands is foolish.

>> No.3951534

Sometimes Meido-san tries to protect the threads and only deletes spam posts; other times she just lazily deletes the whole thing.

But you're missing the point behind imagedumping. It's not to force a thread off the front page or permasage a thread (which is impossible using images alone unless the thread is already >100 posts, anyway). It's to stifle whatever conversation happens to be taking place in that thread.

>> No.3951538

No, the reason he leaves them alone is so ZUN!bar, Sion, et all won't make another thread and will simply shit up their own.

>> No.3951543

I'm saying his definition of what's off-topic and what's not is biased and flawed.

>> No.3951549

Sion =Jones

>> No.3951555


Just a small test to see if the board redirecting system works now

>> No.3951559

Hmm... odd...

It's not working...

>> No.3951562

/rs/ is greentexted - guess it really doesn't exist at all anymore.

>> No.3951606

>It's not to force a thread off the front page or permasage a thread (which is impossible using images alone unless the thread is already >100 posts, anyway). It's to stifle whatever conversation happens to be taking place in that thread.

1) If the trolls wanted to continue their conversations they could simply create another thread. As long as you don't have a ban hammer, it's pointless. If they really wanted to continue their conversation they could go on #4chan and start reporting your hijacks. 90% of the time the mods will delete the spammer's post and ignore the shit threads.

2) What if people start using your "disrupt the conversation" logic to derail anything they don't like? Do you not care about imitators? Remember wikispam, one guy did it then everybody started doing it. KoGs, following after your lead, keeps spamming Cirno images.

3) How do you justify its use in that Persona thread? That Persona thread where you battled our meido was harmless until you appeared. So let me get this straight, because you don't like Persona, you don't want others discussing it? And don't give me that crap about it belonging on /v/. You and me both know niche RPGs have historically received small followings outside of /v/. Even back on old /a/ we used to have said discussions. To say /jp/ is only for 'doujin' games would technically make commercial games like Rance no longer allowed here. And if you're not being opinionated, then I would expect to see Nameless Fairy hijacks in Xenosaga, Disgaea, and Star Ocean threads. Which is clearly not happening.

>> No.3951608

Persona is "niche"?

>> No.3951616

>niche RPG

ha ha oh wow

>> No.3951617

I personally find that I can easily continue a conversation even if the thread is being imagebombed. It's not as though seeing an unrelated image makes me say, "Oh geez I can't remember the topic anymore!" and leave. I don't understand the rationale behind it because it does nothing IMO.

>> No.3951622

All JRPGs (with the exception of Final Fantasy) is considered niche.

>> No.3951626

It's super effective against the child invaders that merit imagedumps.
Probably something to do with the attention span.

>> No.3951627

You keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

>> No.3951633

>imagebomber calling someone else a child


>> No.3951634

>JRPGs is

>> No.3951644


>> No.3951645

I just want you all to die. Is it really that hard to do?

>> No.3951647

What are you going on about. In terms of units sold, Persona isn't more or less than Xenosaga or Disgaea. In comparison to Touhou or Rance 7, no it's not niche. But in comparison to most JRPGs that we talk about, yes, it's niche.

>> No.3951658

Are you just going to not address the points made in this [>>3951606] post?

>> No.3951664

Persona threads have a tendency to devolve into /y/ & /cm/ (read: gay) imagedumps, due to the fact that the franchise has literally the worst fanbase in the history of video games.

>> No.3951674

>the franchise has literally the worst fanbase in the history of video games.
Sonic the Hedgehog and Kingdom Hearts fans would like to have a word with you.

>> No.3951676
File: 867 KB, 1200x1200, 1260658246788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think that we've established that /jp/ is too broad to be moderated efficiently, yet why has none of the staff proposed being more specific as to the board's contents?

I assume if this happened it would be relatively easy to moderate the board.

>> No.3951687

I'd hate to interrupt our manchildren ITT discussing how they enjoy covering the walls of /jp/ with the contents of their own diapers, but please don't bother with Mainstream Game Anon. His reasons for hating certain games are even more nonsensical than Jonesy's reasons.

>> No.3951688
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>the worst

Sup. I would like you to meet the Touhou's fanbase where the fans actually fight among themselves despite being faggots on both sides.

>> No.3951694

Persona threads plagued /jp/ and /a/ for months. Let's just rejoice that it's gone for the moment.

>> No.3951697

I once mailed moot, asking him to lay out some criteria for /jp/. I said he could either make the rules more specific or turn it into a Japan/Random. Either is fine with me, as long as something was set into stone, because right now, each person has its own idea of what consists of "/jp/-related content."

No reply, obviously.

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File: 44 KB, 450x638, freud[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon Jones is Jewish.

He doesn't despise /b/ for its shitposters; he hates it for its freedom. Jones doesn't understand why we invented democracy or freedom of speech. Like all Jews he wants a closed off environment where we are spoon-fed his Zionist lies. His inferiority complex clouds his judgment and makes him think he needs to control us in order to have a fair playing field. He wants us to become /bun/, a place where users are constantly in fear of being silenced.

His elitism has made him lonely and he wants to protect the only community that has ever lived up to his standards. He doesn't want to experience life the way it was before he met us. That lonely existence of procrastination and stagnation. He cant accept the fact that life isn't fair and that Utopian ideals never work. He's a modern day Hitler/Stalin.

>> No.3951736

Could you please refrain from insulting Hitler and Stalin ?

>> No.3951748

lol, e-mailing moot and expecting an answer.

>> No.3951774

>Touhou is niche
ha ha oh wow

>> No.3951784

>the worst fanbase in the history of video games
You're saying that Persona has a worse fanbase than Touhou.

>> No.3951789


>> No.3951798

Touhou has a pretty good fanbase (yes, you read that correctly) when you compare it to games like Halo, Madden, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Sonic, etc.

>> No.3951808

Eye find my enimy to be Suwako because she does not approve of my freezing frogs! Eye do not always break them, it is only on accidental, yet she is so mean to me!! But eye will always be the winner! Buwahaa!!


I'm a Cirno supporter:
  </ ̄ ̄丶
 \ ルリ゚ヮ゚ノリ


>> No.3951816

your protesting it like its some kind of drug.
then again,
so i guess it makes sense to say it like that ^.^

>> No.3951820

Get out of here, faggot.

>> No.3951823

Omg the reason i became a fan of Touhou was because of the shitty Mcroll they made (well there was also this kind of Metaknight vs. Flandre thingy with O2 remix). BUT STILL, after i went to see U.N Owen was her? i went "OMG how can those fags ruin such epic music!"


I am still not manly enough to beat a single touhou project game on lunatic though ;_;

>> No.3951840

Well, if you don't know already, I'm one of the moderators over at a video streaming website called Livestream/Mogulus. On our channel, we typically stream Touhou-related content 24/7, but there are times when we get the... odd request.

In fact, it has now become a running gag that from time to time, we stream about 10 minutes of Wombo Combo videos, and the whole chat gets into a frenzy over it.

Truly, it is something you have to see to believe.


P.S: That little Satori (from Touhou) in the corner is my FLELE desktop pet. She smiles and blushes when I pet/rub her, as I show during the whale video.

P.S.S: Yes, I'm on that website every minute of my computer time. You can find me there no matter what, and every now and then I will do LIVE video game playing, such as GTA:SA, emulator games, and Touhou games.

>> No.3951842

Pretty sure he's just quoting a youtube comment, bro.
No need to rage.

>> No.3951848

Sorry, I replied on instinct after seeing the emote.

>> No.3951851


>> No.3951859

I know you're being sarcastic but Touhou IS niche in comparison to even the most unpopular JRPGs. In terms of unit$ sold, doujin games don't come close to commercial games. If even 5 of the Touhou games combined came any where near Arc the Lad, Star Ocean, Disgaea, Valkyrie Profile, or La Pucelle Tactics' sells, ZUN would never need to make another game for the rest of his life. Touhou is popular in the same sense that GNU is popular. It's fun for low budget projects and templates, but can never hold a candle to the professional projects. Just like GNU, it's really only popular with the hobbyist/independents. For non-developers/hobbyist, the Touhou franchise is about as appealing as watching paint dry.

>> No.3951868
File: 16 KB, 200x200, 188752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Touhou IS niche in comparison to even the most unpopular JRPGs

>> No.3951878


Jesus christ, I have never been more ashamed in my life.

>> No.3951897

The sin of a lifetime.

>> No.3951912


>> No.3951921
File: 14 KB, 500x281, ohgodrena.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit these are embarrassing.

>> No.3951924
File: 452 KB, 1501x1000, Xenosaga_Episode_Three_Dvd_ntsc-front.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At any rate it doesn't matter about Persona's fanbase. If Jones IS the law, then he should follow the law by the book and start hijacking all /v/ threads. Otherwise he's just another opinionated manchild.

>> No.3951924,1 [INTERNAL] 

Man, is there ever a lot of drama in /jp/ lately.

>> No.3951937

Jesus christ. Western fans need to learn some shame.

>> No.3951946

Well it 'was' niche when it first came out. And its sequels haven't had the same success as the original.

And Final argument. Final Fantasy X had a budget of 32 million and went on to sell 6.6 million units.

>> No.3951946,1 [INTERNAL] 

I blame the lack of the meido.

>> No.3951946,2 [INTERNAL] 

So which one is Jones-chan?

>> No.3951966

Those guys believe it or not are regulars at that Mokou tripfriend's stream channel. That video was filmed by a lesbro (emoticon spamming) moderator on his channel called Chibity. They're also from pooshlmer.


>> No.3951966,1 [INTERNAL] 

So moot broke the filter intentionally?

>> No.3951966,2 [INTERNAL] 

fuck I am lame I fixed it. Had to add "boards"

>> No.3951966,3 [INTERNAL] 

Any fix for the 4chan enhanced greasemonkey script?

>> No.3952173

I am 12 years old whats Persona?

>> No.3952299


>> No.3952299,1 [INTERNAL] 

It's simple. Right click on the monkey icon -> Manage User Scripts -> Add http://*.4chan.org/* to the Included Pages for all the scripts you use.

>> No.3952299,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.3952299,3 [INTERNAL] 

Hey, does anyone remember which script redirects dead /jp/ threads to easymodo threads?

>> No.3952299,4 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.3952299,5 [INTERNAL] 

Thank you.

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