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Announcement thread for the new PC98 pack that was completed earlier this week.

Have you always wanted to play the PC98 games in english but were too lazy to set things up and fiddle with the emulator's settings? This pack was made for you.
Simply unpack it, run a script which checks your windows version and gives you a suitable emulator, then double click a game icon to play it. The emulator's settings will be changed depending on the game you've chosen.

Main features:
- Custom Touhou-styled icons for diving straight into the games.
- Both Japanese and English versions of the games are included.
- The game disks are free of any custom settings and score files, for a brand-new game experience.
- Two emulators included, one of which (NP21/W) features a fullscreen mode with lower input lag than any of the most commonly used emulators.
- Open source.
- Lots of useful tools included.
If you've already played the games but you're interested in playing them on NP21/W with reduced input lag, you can copy over your hdi disk files from your current emulator.

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Pic related shows how the icons look after unpacking.

Link: https://mega.nz/file/SkECyKDB#2YtgpI_CevXX_4DXJsv2KM4l8SOK43c-xU04meXCMLg
You can also find it on nyaa by searching for "touhou98".
If you run into any problems feel free to mention them here (or in the gameplay thread, once this thread has been archived).

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That's really cool.

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Kino bro

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Love you anon <3

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Thank you !
Will check this on my Windows XP PC to see if works.

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I only played Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, here are my thoughts so far.

It runs almost flawlessly. I have slowdowns on the last 2 boss fights, specially Chiyuri. Probably because i have 512mb of RAM and a Pentium 4 because Neko-project is CPU intensive, might look for a upgrade this weekend.

Great work anon!

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You're welcome.
I'm glad it runs fine on XP which I haven't tested, and I'm impressed it runs decently on a Pentium 4 even though I've cranked the emulated clock multiplier quite a bit, which makes it smoother generally but harsher on old cpus. Thanks for the feedback.

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Fellow man of culture

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Nice work, thanks

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How do I repay you anon?

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Simply by playing the games. I absolutely love them and want to see more people with PC98 clears on their 1cc charts.

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That'll be 1,800,000 yen plus tax, thanks.

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Thanks for this Anon. I never knew how fun HRtP is.

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No worries. Here's also a bunch of tips in case you get stuck trying to 1cc it, but I recommend trying to discover the game on your own first.

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Very nice, I'll replay them all again... Mima-sama...i return...

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Good job, anon! This is a cool way for lazy people to get the 98hu experience and to preserve the games themselves.

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Which of those are easy to 1CC? I'm the kind of autist who only buys new games if I get a one CC and I heard the Yuuka game is easy.

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Yeah, the fourth game (LLS) is the easiest to 1cc, probably among all touhou games. It isn't exactly easy by itself but it gives you tons of lives and bombs to make it through even after a lot of mistakes.

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Can't say i'll be playing these ones much, i'm too used to the newer games
pretty cool anyways

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You are a madman.
Thank you a lot, I was looking for a way to force my friends to play the old touhous, and here you made it.

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Sleepy bump

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Nice, thanks!

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Can't wait to play Yuuka's games but I'll be patient and work my way through the earlier ones first...

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You're going to love Mystic Square

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Great job OP. You did a good thing here.

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*thanks you*

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Please take this down.
If you really loved Touhou, you'd buy these games. Fake fans don't steal.

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I didn't even know PC98 English patches were finished. When did that happen?

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It's been years, anon.

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It has been ages since I last touched the PC98 games and I haven't been looking at news about them, that's why I asked.

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It's time then!

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Cool stuff. Thanks, OP.

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Once again thanks anon!

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You're welcome. I'm surprised no one has come with problems yet, I guess all that testing helped for a change.

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neato anon, I've been using a very janky emulator set up too ply them for years.
thanks man!!

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is that for the whole collection?

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Thank you for your hard work anon!

I have a problem of cracking sound on the FM band with Neko Project (that I don't have with DOSBox). I tried messing with the sound type, sampling, ect... But it's still there.
Actually running on Windows 11, do you have any idea of what it could be?
Thanks in advance.

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Crackling sound is usually caused by the sound buffer being too low. Try increasing it if you haven't yet, give it 500 for starters and if it sounds fine try decreasing it (to lower the delay caused by it) until it starts crackling again.
If that doesn't help, try increasing the CPU core multiplier. You've just made me notice I've made a mistake when setting it to 42 in the settings files (the line is clk_mult_42 instead of clk_mult=42), so the emulator starts with 20 (its default setting) which is sometimes a bit low for these games. Set it to 42 before you try to increase the sound buffer.
I'll upload a 1.01 version later today, thanks for the feedback.

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Thank you, i couldn't motivate myself enough to play the games before and especially not for HRtP. It's so painless to run them now thank you!
I don't really get this image

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Well. I tried increasing the buffer and the sound stabilized at only apx. 650ms (playable but the sound delay is a bit high now).
I tried messing with the CPU multiplier and type (and other settings I don't remember) but the problem remains...
Same goes with my laptop (W11, Realtek audio too).

Strange. I remember playing the emus on NP with my old computer a few years ago and I didn't have this problem. Maybe it's a W11 issue after all (?)

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Bro i just want to buy a physical copy

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Yeah, that's a collection CD ZUN made in 1999 with the five games. The disc on that pic (including the instructions booklets you see behind it) was put on sale at BEEP's Akihabara store on July last year for that price. It was bought right after the store opened by a guy who had been preparing for it after seeing an announcement.

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I'm using windows 10 but while testing the x42 clock to make sure it ran better than the current x20 I've started to notice the crackling too. Maybe it was there all along but I wasn't playing with the audio loud enough to notice.
Changing the clock back to x42 didn't help fix it, so I tried setting the sampling rate to 48k, which did solve the problem but only after resetting the emulator.
Give it a try, though make sure to reset it from the menu cause the exe will rewrite your settings before starting the emulator. If this works fine for you I'll change this setting in all of the settings files before shipping version 1.01 of the pack.

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Oh my... I'm so retarded...
My sound settings are the following:
PC: 48000Hz - 32 bits
Laptop: 48000Hz - 24 bits

I tried 44.1 and 88.2KHz, but not 48.
The problem is solved when you apply the same sampling rate as your computer.

Thanks a lot for the hint!

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Glad to hear it's solved.

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I can't do the good ending 1 in HRtP
Fucking YuugenMagan eats my lifes like crazy

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HRtP is about strategically bombing in stages so you can get a ton of lives for the boss fights. Aside from stage 8, which does not work well for this, you can do this for all stages 6 to 9. Position Reimu below the 'HI' signaling the high score and bomb as soon as the stage begins, that way the orb will not touch the ground and you'll get more points and more lives. You have to be below the 'HI' right at the start of every stage so you can bomb right away without the orb touching the ground, so remember to get Reimu there before clearing each stage. You should be able to get about 4 extra lives with this.
Good luck, YuugenMagan is harder than Elis in my opinion, so once you can beat him you should be able to reach stage 20 with ease. Sariel will rape you though.

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After some more testing I've decided to use a 27x clock multiplier for NP21/W, which results in a clock speed of 66.3MHz, almost exactly the speed of the 486DX2 processor that ZUN lists as a requirement in the games' readme.
Setting it lower can cause slowdowns induced by the emulator, setting it higher requires a faster PC to run the emulator at full speed and is overkill.

So here's version 1.01 with the following changes:
- Added bugfix patches for th04.
- Updated the readme.
- Changed the CPU clock multiplier in NP21/W's settings files from 20x to 27x to prevent slowdowns.
- Changed the sound sampling rate in NP21/W's settings files from 44.1KHz to 48KHz to prevent crackling.
The patches for LLS fix a couple rare crashes the original had, specifically division errors on the second and fourth (when playing as reimu) stage boss battles. You can read more about them here:
I couldn't add them to the english-patched version unfortunately, because they replace one of the translated files.

Link: https://mega.nz/file/2p0inLrI#0ivZ46qpR4kBLS96K9Cx_Ea10xgdtPXu8bTDE9J2RKI
There is no need to update unless you're using NP21/W and have run into slowdowns or crackling sound, or you want to attempt challenge runs on LLS with a slightly decreased risk of the game crashing (most of ZUN's fuckups are still around, as you can see on nmlgc's blog above).
If you do want to update, simply copy over your "disks" folder and delete everything else from the old version.

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good for him, I guess
its nice to know that for even a high price, they can still be had, even though very few legitimate copies were purchased
it really makes me wonder about who ripped and pirated the versions that we all enjoy today
Bless whoever did that

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Do I need to install the mega software to uncompile the pack or can I just unzip it normally?

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Thanks, anon.

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You can unzip it normally, just make sure to have 7zip installed. The mega software makes downloads a bit faster and resumable, but that's only worth it on stuff large several GBs.

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Update 1.01 here >>39545601

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One last bump for the road.

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Holy mother of all kinos.
I only played PC-98 games on shitty, buggy and just awful emulator ages ago and when I tried this thing here I had like a small orgasm.

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39544747 here. Confirmed no more sound problems out of the box.
The last one remaining now is the fact that I still suck at these games...

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Cool, I can finally stop procrastinating on playing these games.

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How's inputlag compared to Anex86 with settings from this thread?
It was miles better than the nekosomething from all-in-one pack but still unplayable for me.

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Nice, anon.

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Why is it so slow?

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solved by setting the soft rendering mode

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I've never tried annex86 so I can't tell but I'll give it a try tomorrow. Neko Project 21/W is the most modern version of neko project though, and its input lag is pretty much as low as it gets (provided you're playing on fullscreen, cause that's the only way the emulator can get direct access to the screen buffer).

That emulator isn't either of the two included in the pack, are you using only the disks?
In any case, when playing fullscreen you can optimize the resource usage by changing the screen resolution to 640x480 before playing. You can do it easily (just double click on a shortcut) by using the resolution changer included in the extras folder.

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Nurse Reimu and Detective Marisa are very cute.

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thanks for this. I was just thinking about how many of my favorite music arrangements come from Lotus Land Story but I had never taken the opportunity to play the game. I'll give it a try now.

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I've finally got around to trying anex86 and it looks like it does use exclusive fullscreen like np21/w, which results in a low input lag, but it feels like it's still got a slightly higher input lag than np21/w, probably because it came out 18 years ago while the version of np21/w included in the pack (aka the last version before the dev removed the exclusive fullscreen feature) is from May 2021.

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"just buy a game that no longer exists in the physical realm bro"

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Is there any source or record on the amount of PC-98 physical copies released by ZUN? I remember an anon's post claiming HRtP has only ~30 physical copies. If that were true it's insane that we actually have the image and its not lost media.

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I'd think he had some fanbase before EoSD, even if it was small. Someone had to care when he released Mystic Square, he was still selling the previous installments at the time.

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Right, I agree he had to have a fanbase pre-EoSD. I just find it fascinating we have the images of something so limited given how hostile to software preservation Japanese thought tends to be.

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>Fake fans don't steal
That's right, only real fans do!

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There's always a 'black sheep' or two in every community, and the fact they were all rereleased on a CD compilation certainly helped.

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Just tried Mystic Square and it ran great. Really appreciate this OP. Will be nice not to configure emulator settings every time I want to play a 98 game.

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I guess this is all Windows only?

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fucking go up

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Painful image!

>> No.39657397

Painful image!

They run fine on wine too. No need to do anything.

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Not him, but I prefer to avoid Wine unless it's necessary.
I haven't tried running it myself (partly because I couldn't really find binaries and I'm not sure about building from source) but there's a NP2 fork called NP2Kai with a Linux port.
It's available in the AUR: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/xnp2kai-azo234

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Two more things. I read that there's a PC98 module for RetroArch, but my distro's version has the core downloader disabled and the core isn't available in my repositories, so I can't check it.
I also saw that the OP archive has DOSBox-X, so you should be able to set it up, but I don't know how it was customized.

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Yeah, one of the two emulators offered in the pack is dosbox-x. In theory he should be able to run the linux version of it with the settings files included in the pack.

>> No.39668582

>DOSBox-X, so you should be able to set it up, but I don't know how it was customized.
Shouldn't plugging in OP's .ini config files from win64_emus/dosbox-x/emulator/configs into your own installation work to give you the settings?

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You're right, it does work. I didn't look closely at contents of the file and all I did was change the path to the floppy image in the autoexec at the end. I only wish there existed a portable binary of DOSBox-X because I'm not a fan of Flatpak either.

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>I only wish there existed a portable binary
I don't know much about compiling stuff for linux, but the source code here might help with that.

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I think he means that there is no precompiled binary in the releases section for this project, and that it's not in the repository of his distribution.

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wish granted.

>> No.39678442

Correct. I'd try compiling it myself and see if I could make a portable binary myself if I was more tech literate.

>> No.39680689

Well, I wanted to see how hard it would be to do that, so I cloned the repo, and followed the build instructions. The script completed without errors, but it appears to get raped and not produce what is expected.
I can think of four reasons for that, from most to least likely: master branch is raped, somehow i used wrong tools, information on how to build is outdated, or the build process itself is broken, and incidentally that might also be the reason why there are no binaries for GNU/Linux.
I'd maybe try to download the release source code and try again, but to be honest I don't care enough to bother.

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last one.
It's the weekend.

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Thank you for keeping it alive anon, at this point I think anyone who could have been interested has seen the thread already.