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Discussion concerning Higurashi, Higurashi Rei, Higurashi Kai, Higurashi Kira, Higurashi Jun, Higurashi Gou, Higurashi Sotsu, Higurashi outbreak, Higurashi Meguri, Higurashi Reiwa, Higurashi Oni and Higurashi forever!

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Cute sextoko

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Thread ruined

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Can we make this thread a hanyuu thread?

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Anything's better than a Satoko thread.

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as long as you keep it quite, let satoko and rika sleep

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Sextoko teaches you about sex

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I love my cute dumb goat wife!

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Kill yourselves

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Fuck off sperg.

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What did she see /07/?

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Someone else, piece of shit.

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Anyway what do you all think about Mion?

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I hate that smelly old man

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very kyute

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These two can rap

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i understand why people would like a girl with a tough exterior but is a huge softie inside but give me rena any day

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I like how spergfags have to make their retarded threads the moment after their old one hits the bump limit in order for the charm to be missing from the OP.

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Hanyuu would love that!

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Love this goat

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Anon I just wanted to make a thread with Satoko in the OP, I don't care about the charm. Your thread celebs aren't behind everything

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None of my days will be boring with her. Why can't this smelly tomboy be real?

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Generic waifubait and bar none the least interesting character. Has zero character development and stands out in a bad way compared to everyone else for it. Was hoping she'd redeem herself in Sotsu, but Wataakashi-hen ended up being the worst arc of all.

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She would make men go mad with her pure sex aura. She's too powerful for the real world

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>Was hoping she'd redeem herself in Sotsu
You had hope that Sotsu would expand on any of the characters, other than making Satoko and Rika look like massive retards?

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Why, yes.

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Not going crazy is her thing that fucked her character.

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Not that anon, but before wataakashi started, no one expected they'd avoid giving character focus to Mion as much as possible. Especially considering how they had just given a recap of Rena's backstory, even if adding nothing to her character.

Because apparently the hacks writing the script didn't even read Meakashi to see her backstory and the explanations behind Watanagashi's events (so we also ended up with Shion's actions making no sense), although no one had any way to know that before Wataakashi aired.

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It's more that R07 made Mion so passive as a result of her being the one sane member of the gang, while also making her the most influential member when it comes to village politics etc.
I actually really liked how Tsumi had her get involved, even if most of her efforts would backfire on someone that has HS paranoia.

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It was the first time that Mion was going to lose her mind. I was interested in seeing what kind of development and internal conflicts would lead to her transformation, but it ended up being a massive dud.

I mean, you don't need to go crazy to be interesting. I've always liked Ooishi, and he never went L5 (prior to Sotsu, but even that was a shitshow).

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Mion should've stood up to Oryou more, I mean what could that old bitch do, disown her? There's no one else to be the successor. She's too fucking proud to bring Akane back into play, and Shion would probably spit in her face before taking that job back.

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Mion (Shion) is a fucking loser

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I want to fuck Mion

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Mion is best girl and I won't stand any of you shitters smearing her good name.

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This is cursed

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Mion is used goods.

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Those damn old men

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Why did you post this picture of an old man

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No she isn't, your stupid doujins aren't canon you dipshit

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Correct, Mion is a virgin even at 50 or however old her hag version is.

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So where did Hanyuu go after Sotsu since she apparently leaves the Higurashi gameboard shortly after Rika and Satoko?

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she went to the cream puff dimension

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The hunted dow rorieua and scissored her until they fused

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Without the crazy parts of Higu, Mion is indeed the best.

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