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Will sell millions.

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Not Nazrin ;_;

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wots dis? (im 12)

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That's... kinda cute actually.

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I am hoping for Nazrin gore.

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Superior book for learning English.

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well its about time I've found a book that i would be interested in without freaking out any 4-5 year old cousins/nephews/nieces i may have

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This is actually going to be introduced to Japanese elementary school in order to help Japanese students learn proper English.

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Trying to teach the japanese english?

All that you have done in the past, walfas, has been forgiven.

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>Mystia is ____
Is what I saw

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I don't see "Instinct" anywhere on the left page. Except the vocabulary, of course.

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See title.

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Just be glad they aren't teaching japanese children using Rance.

Add -ing: Rance is ____ a women. (rape)
Conjugate: Sill _____ him. (watch)

That's because you're gay.

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>Add "ing" to make a noun.
>1. Mystia is ____. (cook)

...But that's a verb...

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>add -ing to make noun

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If I ever have kids, they will learn english with the aid of touhous.


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That is still a verb form mister. This just proves how scummy, dumb and smelly Walfas is.

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They need a better names. Kids won't dig anything called Minoriko or Yamame.

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>Add -ing: Rance is ____ a women. (rape)
Rance is rape-ing a women.

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silly anon

you have to remove the 'e' at the end

so its "rance is raping a woman"

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No, >>3942190 says he's raping "a women".

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Rance is raping a woman
(next page)

s leg

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Kids love jthe apanese stuff.

I know! Lets make a cartoon using their desgins! It will be a hit!

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Kids need to learn respect. Todays english student books are just plain horrible. Example, gap fill "Roy Roy's gonn' bust a ___ in yo ass." and "CJ you a _____, straight up _____!"

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"Roy Roy's gonn' bust a ounce of knowledge in yo ass." and "CJ you a gentleman, straight up class act!"
Did I do it right?

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Ah, you noticed my typo. I couldn't decide whether to use a woman, women, a lot of women, a princess, or any number of other things.

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The other morning, my baby girl cat crawled up into bed with me and cuddled up. And, that's just fine with me. She's not a bed-hog by any means and always provide nice company. But, sometime during the middle of the night, I woke up to a strange stinging sensation on the top of my head.

Upon further investigation, I found that she was sitting on my pillow and biting me gently on the top of my head. She would lick my head and then bite me. Not really hard, but enough to wake me up. She's done this before. Like sometimes when I am working on the computer, she will sit on the back of my armchair and suddenly bite me on the top of the head, really hard, especially if I've just come out of the shower and my hair is still wet. Once she even smelled of my shoulder (while sitting on the back of my chair) and got so upset that she bit me. It left a really nasty purple mark.

She's not an evil cat. Not really. So, I'm wondering what would inspire her to do something like bite me on the head while I'm sleeping. And why would she suddenly freak out and stop being a nice cat and bite me on the shoulder? Is that a cat domination thing? Why do cats flip out like that?

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Cat language. Biting someone without aggression simply means "I'm serious".
As for serious about what, you have to look at the other signs.

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Tried changing your shampoo? I'm guessing the cat doesn't find the smell of it all that pleasant.

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If a cat is serious that can only mean one thing.

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