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In order to better understand the meaning of faith, Marisa decides to build her own shrine.

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I'd worship in her shrine if you know what I mean.

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In order to better understand the meaning of their penisses, touhoufags fap at least 5 times a day

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I don't see this ending well.

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Only 5 times? Weeeak.

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I wonder how long it'll be until Zun decides that the Touhou Pantheon is full again and chucks everything out and makes Aya the new main character after the reset.

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Damn you now I gotta do it again.

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When somebody upgrades PC 2001.

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/r/ copypasta of Poor Reimu

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It's been a hard winter, harder than most I can remember. The shrine has had few visitors; most people would rather stay inside where it's nominally warmer. As you can imagine, the donations have been even scarcer. The prices for just about everything have been rising steeply. Being a volunteer of sorts is particularly hard without resorting to begging, and I can't afford to lose face like that. I didn't save up nearly enough food in the fall. My arms and legs look so thin...

Lately I've been subsisting on two rice crackers and a cup of water per day. Every other day I make a cup of tea. I use every drop, wringing the leaves with shaking hands to squeeze out as much moisture as I can. I moved the rest of the crackers, clean water, and tea leaves to my room, because there's just no use leaving it. I look out the window at the driving snow. How long this has gone on I can only guess...

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All of my supplies are gone. I drank the last fresh water today. It's not that I've even been very hungry; in fact I've had a fever for about a week now. But today I feel a little better, and I know I need to find something to eat. I have to go outside. I step out onto the porch, where there must be two or three feet of snow. I take up my trusty broom and try to push some off. At some point I trip and land on the broom. I can't believe I even weigh enough any more to break it, but I've managed it. I make my way through the snow with red, throbbing hands until I get to the loose board. With a grunt, I heft it enough to comfortably get my arm in. There's grass down there, not covered by the snow, I can feel it! With a burst of strength I rip out a chunk of the stiff, frozen stalks. There's no time to look at them as I crawl inside. In my bedroom I spread the grass on the floor to thaw. I breathe on it to speed that up, but the sound of my ragged breath in the silence is enough to spook me. When it's thawed, I bundle the grass up and suck on it to get some water out. Then I begin to chew it, a few stalks at a time. It tastes terrible, but I don't exactly have a choice. After all, it's been a hard winter...

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A few days later I awake to the sound of groaning. I struggle to rub bleary eyes and sit up. After a few moments I realize that the sound I'm hearing isn't the sound of my poor stomach. I look up to see its source, the ceiling. And then I look outside again, at the snow. The snow! I focus my eyes on the ceiling again. It's visibly bulging inward, straining under the immense weight of the snow. I swear, a very unladylike thing to do but given the circumstances I don't care. I scramble to get up and out, my joints screaming in protest. The roof could go at any time. I'm almost past the front threshold when the aching of the wood turns to a wail and the boards give in in a tremendous clamor. I was almost outside. Almost. A heavy beam comes down on my right leg, throwing me to the frigid porch. All of the front of my body hits the wood at once. A few ribs break, a few teeth get dislodged. I lose consciousness immediately.

When I open my eyes I'm standing on a hard surface in a strange place. It's a warm night. I feel no pain. I look at my arms, legs, I'm alright. A gentle breeze flutters my dress. This feels so real. I look around and gasp. I'm standing on the top of some kind of platform. Around and below me, the tops of massive structures stretch as far as I can see. Their sides glow with tiny scattered rectangles of light. I drop to my knees; what kind of a place is this? There's no mountain in sight, no field, not so much as a single tree. I make my way to the edge of the platform I'm on. I make the mistake of looking down. I scream. The side of the platform seems to stretch below for miles. I must be on top of another one of those structures I saw. A voice just behind my left ear speaks my name. In my shock, I lose my balance and tumble over the edge of the platform. I open my mouth to scream again but the wind rushing past me steals my voice. I hear the voice again, "Reimu... Reimu..."

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"Reimu!" I open my eyes. Cold air stings them. I try to say something but my mouth is full of blood and those teeth. I cough, spitting the blood onto the porch of the shrine. I've never been in so much pain. I look at my hand closest to my head. It looks a very unnatural color.


I move my head a bit. "Wh...who..." I croak. I can't feel anything in my arms, much less my legs. Somebody lands from the sky at my side. I see a broomstick hit the porch and the occupant running to me. "Ma...Mari...sa..." My eyes tear up as Marisa shoves away the board that crushed my leg. "Marisa..." I say. She picks me up like a doll. I see her face, trying its best to hold back tears, as she takes me back to the broomstick. "I... I love you," I whisper. I hear a level affirmation before I pass out again.

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No more giant turtles to feed you through the winter, eh, Reimu?

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Why didn't the dumb bitch just move in with Marisa?

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She owns the shrine and pride, you dumb nigger.

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You can't forget shrine and pride.

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scoot off, zombie.

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Then every game will be Shoot the Bullet.

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Because of that, it's killing her inside.

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