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Seeing how it's been 60 years since the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, is it safe yet to admit to ourselves that it was straight-up genocide? And for all you "HAD TO BE DONE"-tards, since when has the direct targeting and incineration of civilians been considered moral? Isn't that the exact reason we're all supposed to hate Bin Laden for?

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War is never moral.
Life sucks, then we nuke the 11s.

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Morality has nothing to do with war.

This is obviously trollan, but think about it. More Japanese would have died had we invaded the home islands, not to mention our own soldiers.

We saved lives by using atomics.

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When you know it's a troll, don't forget your sage.

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> We saved lives by using atomics.

The sad part is you actually believe this.

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I can smell the /n/iggers and /k/unts with their itching fingers to troll this thread. Or maybe they're at it already.

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The sad part is that you care about something that happened before you were born.

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The Japanese Air Force and Navy were already completely obliterated before the bombs were dropped. The Japanese were also willing to surrender IF we let them keep their emperor.

Instead, we dropped 2 atomic bombs on civilian cities. And guess what, we let them keep their emperor anyways.

That is the definition of unnecessary slaughter.

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>Isn't that the exact reason we're all supposed to hate Bin Laden for?

I thought we love him here. am I wrong?

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I believe logic and statistics, yes.

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I care that people who are logical STILL think that incinerating Japanese civilians was a GOOD THING, and HAD TO BE DONE. If you take more than 2 minutes to actually read history, you'll see that neither are true.

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Go back to bed, you have high school in the morning.

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Sorry friend. The Japanese were already crippled and willing to surrender. We dropped the atomic bombs on them as a demonstration of our power, and to scare the Russians.

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That was not their only stipulation. They wanted a surrender that was nothing but a cessation of hostilities. They would have paid no penalty for their war crimes, and their military jingoism wouldn't have been phased.

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There are still people who argue that holocaust didn't happen.


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Oh, well that TOTALLY justifies the atomic incineration of innocent men, women, and children. Just admit it, we did a really bad thing for really poor reasons.

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evidence? at least >>393050 gave a reference

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This thread is an eyesore.

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As opposed to justifying the rape and pillaging of innocent men, women, and children in East/Southeast Asia by the japs? Oh wait, that never happened, according to them.

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You're grasping at straws. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were two of Japan's largest military industrial areas.

Would you have perfered we use it on Tokyo?

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A bomb shitstorms are overdone

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Come on guys. If it was another country, say Iran, that had nuked the Japanese, would you honestly be defending them? By any rational standard, murdering innocent civilians is a bad thing. But the "HAD2BDONE"-tards just can't fathom the idea that the U.S. has done bad things in it's history.

You know, like the genocide of the native peoples of North America for one.

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more people died in the firebombings than the nukes

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Dumbass, Tokyo was already destroyed by firebombing. And I've actually stood at the hypo-center of the atomic bombing in Nagasaki. It was centered in the civilian part of the city. The military ship docks were far to the south.

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shall we?

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I'm in as long as we sage while doing so.

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was it bad - yes, was is neccessary - probably, did it end the war - yes.

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Dumbass. Japanese soldiers raped and murdered people, THEREFORE it's ok to incinerate innocent japanese civilians.

You fail @ logic.

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An excellent proposal.

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Tokyo was still a major population center, despite our having bombed an enormous X through it.

Nuclear weapons of that era were not precise, and the pilots were warned to retreat as soon as the payload had been released to avoid the backlash. The bomb fell where it did by change.

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OH, well that TOTALLY justifies the incineration of innocent men, women, and children.

Fucking murder-apologists.

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The second world war was full of genocide, from everyone. If you want to blame anyone, it should be us, the British, who were the ones to start the deliberate bombing of civilian targets, in Berlin.

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen because Tokyo was too bombed to shit to fully guage the effects of the bomb.

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ban the bomb, love the loli!

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Tokyo was never an option. If we killed the Emperor, we would have no way to barter for peace and the Japanese would never have surrendered. Martyrdom of a god figure and whatnot.

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And dresden. Some people just fail to grasp the idea that just because a country's government does bad things, that doesn't make it right to murder innocent civilians of that country.

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technically its a massacre not genocide.

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Oh, well that solves the problem. Bomb-away assholes.

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Goddamn yankees, making me work overtime...

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Good lord, your bleeding heart is killing me. It was a world war. People died. The Japanese had no qualms about slaughtering innocent people. The United States had a great deal more restraint in that regard, but even if we killed every Japanese person in every territory we occupied...

What of it? They would have done the same.

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Oh hi, I downgraded your bomb.

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Soldiers != Civilians

Just because the soldiers did bad things, it doesn't excuse you for incinerating innocent civilians.

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No, Soldier. You are the civilians.

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The Japanese made no distinction between the two, they were all the enemy. Kill a soldier, rape a civilian, then kill them.

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Dresden was actually quite late in the war; it gets attention due to being somewhere with no military presence at all and the whole deliberate firestorm thing. Berlin was where it started. All IIRC of course.

My point is, everyone was doing things which are war crimes by modern standards. Should we be remorseful? Absolutely. But back then the whole world was less civilized; we didn't have the UN or the human rights laws we have now. It was worse still further back in time - if you look at medieval times, or go further back to tribal warfare, it gets a whole lot worse.

Were we any better than those we were fighting? No. But the war is over now, nothing can be gained from wringing our hands over it. And we are better now; I think we know enough not to use nukes again. So we should get on with our lives. And we absolutely should condemn those who would act the same way in modern times. There is no hipocrisy in that.

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Damnit Tewi!

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I actually beat a guy up for mocking Hiroshima. It was a needless and illogical act but of course Americans will never admit that their government could do wrong.

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You got everyone under the age of 17.

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This hijack is going..

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Halp, there's an ice fairy in my drink.

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There is no reason to mock those who died, but it was, in the end, an entirely justifiable action on the part of the united states, even by modern reckoning.

A great idea at the time, and an acceptable one now, basically.

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Goddamnit, this was almost off the first page.
Don't forget your sage.

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It was simply the quick and dirty way to fix the situation but it was not the only way. I can understand the mentality behind it, and can appreciate that it was quite a different time but I would not call it a "Great Idea."

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The allies thought differently.

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Yuyuko did Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

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It was a war I guess. Something just occurred to me; we forgave the Germans for what they did but people bring this up. Say, did America apologise to Japan?

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Americans? Apologizing? Not gonna happen!

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I still consider it to be the most awesome thing we've ever done.

Is there any better way to make another country your bitch? Sixty years later, Japan is still grovelling for our approval.

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I guess that's the image limit.
Even if this shit continues, it's now only about 80 replies away from autosage.

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Well I was about to decide it was all in the past now but instead I shall continue to think of your government as a group of fucktards, Good day to you all.

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We should've nuked the japs more, they deserved it

Funny story actually. I was on a D.C tour a week ago to see the cherry blossom and other monuments whatever. There was a protester who was supposedly a part of a group of protesters that's been protesting about nukes since 1981. He had a tent set up behind the White House, near the statues of president Jackson and the French general La Fayete. I saw him and can't help but facepalm. I wanted to go up to him and say hey if you're going to protest about nukes, at least don't use pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the japs deserved it. But the stupid tour bus was leaving soon so I decided to make my way back to it instead

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I'm just glad Kyoto was a target, because i love that this city was not bombedddd

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Well then, time for Touhou copypasta.

Foraging for wild roots and nuts one day, you accidentally become lost in the woods away from the village. As darkness falls, and you still have yet to find your way back to the village, fear sticks its icy claw into your gut. These woods are not safe at all after dark. Carefully, cautiously, you wind your way around overly rambunctious fairies playing danmaku with one another, and give wide birth to a dancing swirl of fireflies with some likely highly dangerous girl playing in the midst of them. Desperation sets in, as even the light of the moon seems less and less sufficient to find your way. Have you gone so far into the woods that the trees have blocked almost all light?

A sudden wave of relief hits you as you hear a beautiful voice echo through the woods. You can somehow manage to discern where it comes from, and decide for reasons that aren't clear to you to follow the voice. Though the voice is wondrous, the lyrics of the song are... well, odd. At the very least, you are comforted by the fact that the voice is extolling the wonders of eating eel, rather than human flesh, and press on in hopes of finding someone who might help guide you home.

You stumble through the brambles, and can finally dimly make out what appears to be a small food stand. Even the lantern lights of this apparently grilled eel stand seems impossibly dim. A young woman with odd clothes and strange wings flips skewers of eel over the grill.

"Oh, traveler, traveler, bloodied red, red~.
He looks like he's scared out of his heady head~.
It's dark, too dark, indeed, for human eyes, eyes~.
But I'm selling a cure. It's true, no lies lies~.
All you need is to eat some tasty eel, eel~
It’s the wondrous night blindness curing meal, meal~!
Sight returns with great speed, speed~.

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What are you talking about? Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Suika are horrible.

I would never suggest removing Suika's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples.

Only a heartless youkai would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, more than her little throat can swallow. The idea of semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her suck it off her fingertips is just horrible.

You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her legs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal pussy, thrusting in, taking her cherry into one quick stroke, listening to her quick breathing, her girlish moans and gasps, her flat chest rising and and falling rapidly as she reaches her climax, hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm and feels a youkai's cum flooding through her freshly-deflowered pussy for the first time.

You're all freaks. Suika's too pure for anyone to imagine her in such a terrible situation, and anyone who does is evil, evil, evil.

>> No.393403

“I remember reading something about this,” you mumble, “aren’t you the one that’s causing this night-blindness in the first place?”

“Hee hee. Yes, and you’re absolutely right, right~, But eat, or you’ll stay blind all night, night~.” Keeping your thoughts about the absurdity of the lyrics, much less the attempt to carry on a conversation, in the song, you resign yourself to eating the food of this suspicious youkai.

Your vision suspiciously, immediately improves.

In spite of yourself, you enjoy the meal. Eel is an odd food, but she’s quite the cook, and if you don’t listen to the words, her singing’s rather relaxing and graceful. You stay a while, and get into a conversation. You get along so well that she offers food on the house.

You, however, refuse, saying that such an offer is much too generous. Such ingredients are hard to come by, and you would be horribly embarrassed to be in such a debt to a girl working as hard as she is. (Avoid Bad End #1!)

Reaching into your pockets, you realize that you were traveling a little light, as what you had planned to be a quick gathering expedition has turned into almost an overnight stay. Feeling more than a little sheepish, you ask if you could, perhaps, exchange some of the wild vegetables or nuts you had gathered to help pay for a portion of the food. Although she is somewhat tempted by the nuts, you come up with an alternate plan.

>> No.393408

Starting from that day, you help to sell grilled eel inside of the village. It’s something of a commute between the two places, but sales of eel are surprisingly good, especially since the rather landlocked humans are too afraid of youkai to go out for more than shoreline seafood. She quickly starts to raise significantly more money for feeding her ‘extended family’ with grain using a direct approach instead of trying to trick wayward wanderers.

Eventually, your partnership is strengthened in a far more personal way, as the two of you progress from friends to lovers. You come to love her silly way of singing through conversations, and her perpetually cheerful, tricksterish ways. You start to grow into the habits of a youkai, sleeping most of the day away. Every evening you spend with her, you feel like a child again.

Later in the night, however, the two of you are entirely adult. In the mornings, you take her up in your arms, her frame almost terrifyingly light. In your bed, she sings, too. It’s incredible, the sensation of her wordless voice, and the sensation of her body meld in a harmony that melt through everything else in your mind.

It’s something that takes getting used to, but Mystia swells up quickly, and comes to lay your eggs in a nest-like futon at her home in the forest. You have to take more and more time away from the human village to stay with your unborn children, and keep the eggs warm, and working on adding more eggs to the nest.

>> No.393409

Kaguya Houraisan waited. The moon above her blinked and sparked out of the air. There were trucks in the house. She didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. Her warnings to Erin Yagokro were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Kaguya was a Lunarian for 1200 years. When she was young she watched the highways and she said to dad "I want to drink the Hourai Elixir daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY TWUCKS!"
There was a time when she believed him. Then as she got oldered she stopped. But now in the old mansion of Eientei she knew there were trucks.
"This is Erin" the radio crackered. "You must get the trucks!"
So Kagya gotted her Impossilbe Requests and blew up the wall.
"SHE GOING TO KILL US" said the trucks
"lol I'll sh00t @ her" said the mokou and she fired the flame fires. Kaguya impossibled at her and tried to blew her up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must get my twuck!" she shouted
The radio said "No, Kaguya. You are the trucks"
And then Kaguya was a NEET.

>> No.393411

The End: Then it all changed. A pair of ghostly girls came crashing through the forest, laying waste to everything that moved. They brutally murdered fairy after fairy, even ones who put up no fight whatsoever. You tried to stop her, but Mystia leapt out to stop them from harming the woodland home of her fellow birds. She tried to use her night blindness ability and her ability to call upon other youkai upon the leader ghost, but to your horror, you see the green-silver streak of the younger-looking girl invader dart behind your lover, and cruelly skewer her from behind. Blood and yolk from her most recent unlaid eggs mix in streams pouring off of her quickly drenched dress, as her wonderful voice cracked and fell into a bloody gurgle.

“Youmu~. That looks so tasty, why don’t we stop for a bit to have something to eat.”

As you wildly stumbled forward, coming close to the green-and-silver girl far too late, the girl twists ever-so-slightly. Her forearm darted out in a blur, backhanding you through the wall of Mystia’s home without her ever even turning to face you. You crumpled into a ball, broken in body and soul.

“Yuyuko-sama, we really need to manage our time better. We can’t stop for eating every ten minutes if we are to ever complete our task.”

“But You~mu~, there’s even an empty yakitori stand below us. The oven still has some coals smoldering. Just fire it back up.”

The girl called Youmu sighs, and says, “Yes, Yuyuko-sama.” To your indescribable horror, she lifted your still-struggling lover up, and threw her down upon the grill, cooking her alive after rekindling the flames.

The ghost called Yuyuko giggled with glee as she tears the arm off of Mystia. Once the songbird youkai’s gurgling scream of terror died down, the ghost said, “It’s lovely to cook yakitori like this. It sears all the juices right in!”

>> No.393413

Pastajack? I like it.

You are a proud warrior in East Asia, serving a most charismatic and ambitious young warlord by the name of Temujin. In his glorious unification of his ancestral homeland, you serve him with the might and energy of a hundred men. After the most magnificent of battles, you see a strange distortion of space, where two oddly clothed women, one who somehow appears to have several large furry tails, are dragging exhausted sleeping soldiers. You, knowing no fear, charge towards the women full bore. However, you misjudge the distortion, falling through time and space.
When you finally gather your wits, you find yourself in a strange world, one you gather must be tales of the land far to the east beyond the sea. You find you have landed in a place called "Hakurei Shrine", and that the lady in charge is a miko by the name of Reimu. She's rather annoyed by your less than pleasant smell and tendency to devour a small feast at one sitting. Worse yet, you don't have any of this "money" stuff she keeps going on about. She mutters under her breath how you must be another "oni".

>> No.393414

“Ah! I just remembered.” The ghost then said. “That girl had eggs! Let’s have omelettes, Youmu, omelettes!”

Youmu disinterestedly floated over the hollowed out husk of your dispirited body, to take away your unborn children, and crack them over a skillet. “Ick. They were fertilized.” The light in the eyes of Mystia then went out, drowned in her tears of horror and sorrow.

“You can’t be so picky, Youmu. I just think of it as extra protein.”

“I can’t make myself believe you think of what you eat at all, my lady.”

“Well, that’s not true at all, Youmu! A girl must always think of what she eats! If she doesn’t, she’ll lose her girlish figure!”

“I don’t even want to start arguing with that, my lady.”


After enjoying their macabre meal, they finally left you to your puddle of ineffectual tears.

>> No.393415


Upon those words, a young girl with horns sticking out of her head leaps at you and pins you to the ground. "Another oni!" she squeals with delight. The two of you certainly seem sure to get along well together.
As time passes, you enjoy the company of this young oni girl by the name of Suika. Even your remarkable strength is easily matched by this girl, and her tolerance for alcohol outdoes even your own. She loves competition, and you find yourself exhausted, bruised, with many hangovers, and with a very sore pelvis (Although you agree that both of you won that competition very much.), and you couldn't imagine a greater reward for a warrior who must have been slain in battle and granted the delights of the heavens.

>> No.393417

“Ah! RaN, lOoK! tHeRe’S oNe! ThAt CoUnTs, DoEsN’t It?”

”Yukari-sama, aren’t the rules that we are only supposed to take humans from the outside world?”

“BaH, rUlEs, ShMuLeS. iT fIlLs ThE qUoTa.”

A purple miasma rips the ground out from under you, as you are flailed about through a bizarre sub-space. 

You are ejected onto the floor of the most impressive kitchen you have ever seen. A maid turns to look at you with a pretty and elegant smile. In her hands is the most wicked-looking knife you have ever seen.


>> No.393419


One hot summer's day, you mention to Suika that the sun is a terrible thing, far too hot and far too bright. She agrees, and insists you two get drunk in order to cool down. Her answer for everything, and not a bad one at that. After what seems to be endless amounts of this liquor she calls "sake", you get a brilliant idea. "I should punch the sun!" you exclaim. Suika agrees emphatically. However, you sadly remember that humans cannot fly, and you just can't quite reach the sun to punch it, even though you try for a full hour. Suika then has a brilliant idea of her own. She will use her awesome strength to throw you at the sun, so you can punch it.
You fly through the air so fast, you are shocked to find that up in the sky really high, everything is black with a bunch of tiny spots of light. There doesn't seem to be any air up here... However, the woman you saw on that fateful day peeks her head at you, somehow traveling at the same speed you are, and explains briefly "Mongols are like Batman. You can breathe in space." What this means, you never manage to find out. As you reach the sun, you punch it with all your might. Or rather, you fly into the sun with your fist mightily stretched out. Even a mighty Mongol quickly burns to a crisp when he lands on the sun.
Suika has realized this, far too late. She's sad that her new friend is gone. However, the freak occurrence of a total solar eclipse the next day warms her heart. You really did beat the crap out of the sun after all.

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