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POV: You're an outsider who ended up lost in the Scarlet Devil Mansion basement

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* Gets deleted from the existence *

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Hey cutie, come here often?

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Flan is a danger to society and I will put her down for the good of everyone. I'll slay this NEET Monster of the Basement

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Same situation except if you end up in Chireiden instead

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Wow, home delivery too? Remilia must've impressed Yukari if she's delivering takeout right to the manor now.

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Flandre has been particularly thirsty for blood lately so she needed a bit of extra supply to sate her hunger

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Yukari really has been reduced to a glorified delivery girl hasn't she?

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I'm not lost, I'm here to pick up Koa for our date. Can you go get her, little girl?

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Don't look down on her, we should be celebrate the elderly wishing to remain useful to society

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No worries, I'll survive by offering to become a full time narrator for Flan chan who reads her novels with a dramatic flair.

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same situation except its satori

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Anon no BWAAAKA.

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Well I know of a great place to get some blood

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Anyways i would likely survive by dragging humans to her so that she could feast on them

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You would give her random people, right? You wouldn't sacrifice your /jp/ friends to please a dumb bratty loli vampire, right?

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I would sacrifice anyone anon and I do mean ANYONE. But for now the people I will sacrifice to her will be truly random

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>she could feast on them
Not “we”?

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Hmmm well I guess I could let you join in feasting on the humans

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wow cool basement flan, can i leave now?

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cute artstyle. i like the color palette. muted + faded colors are kino, fuck that vibrant shit

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Thank you flan chan!

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I want yandere koishi to cut my head with her knife and cuddle with my corpse before nibbling it

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I want to hug flan so bad!!

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Is Koishi really that dangerous? Doesn't she wander around the human village and such things?

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So sweet i'm gonna go make a wife from one particular kasha

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>Is Koishi really that dangerous?
If you're a villager? Nah, as is the case for all other yokai

If you're an outsider, though? Ho boi, prepare yourself for a yandere

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I really like you~, would you stay with me for the merrymaking? ️

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I have a terrible fever. I wish Koishi-chan was here to take care of me.

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Hi Koishi I didn't know you browsed /jp/

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I love the flabby flying Flan!

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flan is sicilian

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only if you introduce me to satori

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I'll knock her lights out

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Where is the bathroom?

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Flan is not a stinky southerner!

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she is and thats ok. remi is french

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Personally I would show Flan my pp and ballsack!

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So, we're dead?

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Won't I just die first chance I get?

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Spreading Flan chan's labia and fingering her puffy tight virgin vagina

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W-would she like that?

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>Showing a blood sausage to a vampire

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she will get a job at the local wallmart!

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Agree to play...a card game!

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I'm here for the interview

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Please don't lewd Flan-chan.

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Letting Flan-chan gently feed on you

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Remember to let her win Anon, or else...

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What's the purpose for flan-chan being so sexy

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So...what does kids nowadays do?
They do...tofu or something?

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What was the other card?

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>Get lost in the SDM basement
How the fuck did you get past Meiling, Sakuya, Remilia, and Patchouli? That is a insane level of luck.

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Just wait until Yukari releases the Youkai eats app.

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I was trying to get to the human village, but I have a terrible sense of direction.

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Play with Flan

what's the worst that could happen?

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afterwards, anon was blown up for going gas passer pyro on mvm

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someone post the gif ver

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Wow you suck Anon
Aren't you embarassed to get beaten by a 495 year old? olololol

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Oh no, I lost my bet. What sort of sinister punishment shall she inflict upon me now?

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i eat garlic every day and have alcohol in my blood i think theres been a mistake

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Anon gonna get both kinds of suck right before death

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Well your dead anyways

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Oh, are you going to kill me now? Go ahead

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People still play TF2?

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You think Flan would even know about sucking a dick? I would think she would wonder what the rod was and likely the strange sack too

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Teaching Flan-chan how to properly suck a penis and how if she sucks it enough protein rich white cream comes out which she can eat with her food. I

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>Teaching Flan-chan how to properly suck a penis and how if she sucks it enough protein rich white cream comes out which she can eat with her food. I
This is a practice all female youkai do on whatever human male they catch, there's a reason why outsiders are particularly designed as the food source

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not>>39292662 but I stopped because the game got really stale for me

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T-that sounds kind of hot, I would for sure try teaching her! I wonder If Flan would manage to be gentle while sucking it...not to mention I hope she likes the 'white cream'

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I'd tell her she's much better than her sister.

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That's genius, that would make her really enjoy sucking it. What happens if you run out of produced cum though?

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she starts sucking blood out of your pp until you break

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But my dick would become flaccid pretty quickly If Flan sucked blood from It! Would she not care and keep sucking it from my soft pp?

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Your pp would stay hard because she'd keep sucking more blood into it, what would go flaccid would be the rest of your body, and then your pp.

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That's extremely terrifying but sadly also really hot for some reason! I wonder, would my doomed pp some how manage to shoot anything out as she sucks all my blood out my dick? Maybe just dry-orgasms?

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Oops forgot image

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doesn't sound like that bad of a way to go out

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Is it normal for this to make my pp hard?

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Not sure but same!

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Is it a good idea to knock her up?

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Is that you Zoro?

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It is a great idea.