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How profitable are brothels in Gensokyo?

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There's only one customer.

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Probably not very, since there are no whores in Gensokyo.

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I would only see Suwako working there

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In which case it would be a very profitable brothel.

two weeks pay to bang your favorite loli frog god? I'm in.

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source on this and the rest?

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Why don't you ask the workers?

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Gensokyo has hookers and blow?

What's the difference between this place and Las Vegas, again? Other than being Japanese.

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The is no difference. When someone says "bitches leave," you fucking leave.

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gensokyo doesn't have a giant desert surrounding it

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What ever will she do with all that money?

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Quality topic.

Quality response.

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Buy herself some clothing that covers her armpits.

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here is raw sauce of red light district, trying to find translated sauce for it

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Hope this helps:


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You're telling me Rinnosuke has enough money for all them bitches?

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he pays them in trinkets and hot dickings.

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What the hell, it was all his dream?

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Yes, but he LIVED the dream.

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We already know who eventually gets the cash anyway.

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We don't even know if her soulbucks are the equivalent of Gensokyo money. We don't even know if she can buy anything with them. It simply might just be a test for any souls to test their greed.

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Actually, he dreamt the dream.

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They can't be too useful if she's literally throwing them around.

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Perhaps, perhaps not. Do you remember the age-old method of biting a coin to see whether it's genuine or counterfeit?
If it's good enough for ordnance, it's most likely genuine.

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Just to let you know, I would bang the SHIT out of her and her ribbon.

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Almost right.
Gensokyo is a fantasy world dreamed by Marisa and will be destroyed as soon as she wakes up.

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I'm sorry, but source?

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Patience. You'll see her soon enough.

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Lucky you. You get to see her multiple times.

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On a later doujin, it is shown that she is quite miserable.

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Perhaps some gloominess can be expected from someone incapable of forming a thought unrelated to death or suicide?

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Gloominess doesn't cut it.

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Komachi, way too good.

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She prays to be put out of her misery.

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