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Sooooo, how the hell is one suposed to defeat this?

In gensokyo, not in any of the games that is

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Hold shift for focused movement

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what do you mean?

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First of all, you will likely not meet her normally.
She stays in the Netherworld most of the time, and if she has business in Gensokyo, she usually has one of the spirits go in her stead.
There is one major exception.
You can speak with her after your death.
Normally when you die, after you set out on the road to rebirth, cross the Sanzu river, and receive the judgement of the ten lords during Higan, even if you've done no wrong, you go to the Netherworld and await reincarnation or enlightenment.
You will definitely see her there.
Surely something dreadful will await you if you manage to incur her wrath.
Her assistant Konpaku can sever the cycle of transmigration with her sword, and if Yuyuko sent you back to Higan from the Netherworld, you'd surely be sent to Hell.
It's probably best to read about her before you die.

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I don't what the fuck you're talking about but I'm gonna post tits.

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Why did we have to fight her again? Something about messing with the border of life and death?
Anyways just offer her food like you would a goddess.

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I say 2 10-inch black rubber dicks, one Myon (one of us, screw you youmu) and a hell lot of craziness.

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Then, how about how we defeat her?
Any ideas?

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You can't.

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Once you're in the netherworld, I wonder how much ass you have to kiss to be one of the little ghosts that circles around her body all the time. I wanna be that ghost.

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do her next

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>do her

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only good for her sex appeal etc

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talking about sex appeal

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I like flat Yuyuko a lot more.

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Why is this reaction image always used for the most disgusting pictures?

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>>3897043 how the hell is one suposed to defeat this

You ain't.

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I bet you're one of them lolicons.

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with this

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She wanted to revive the cherry blossom tree her corpses laid at to find solace in the netherworld.
Reimu, being the bitch she is, didn't allow her redemption to be fulfilled.
Or something. I don't really know, can someone tell me?

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Yukari is suppose to be a loli.
I don't agree with all this fan bullshit turning my DFC into WOMEN.

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People with no taste in women also have no taste in reaction imagery.
This shouldn't really be a surprise.

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>Reimu, being the bitch she is, didn't allow the evil man eating demon cherry tree to be revived by Yuyuko's blundering.


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I challenge you to find a hotter pic of reimu than this!

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She was "stealing the essence of spring" which caused Winter to be prolonged.

As primitive as Gensokyoan technology is I imagine a prolonged winter would really, really suck.

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She had gathered up all spring (well, told Youmu to), leaving Gensokyo in eternal winter.

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hell, im sure even with today's technology there would be pretty big problems

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Those little ghosts are part of her body.

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Wait, what? I thought they were just ghost groupies.

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Someone was stealing all of Gensokyo's "Essence of Spring", so our heroines set out to find the culprit. It turns out that Yuyuko just wanted to revive an old tree in the Netherworld. Only as it turns out, that particular tree is a horrible demon which Yuyuko gave her life to seal (but which she has since forgotten about).
So in saving Spring, our heroines also avert a much more dangerous incident.

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Yeah, unless you have the fusion-powered hydroponics up and running, things are gonna get really crappy in a hurry.

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IMO they probably are, though it's probably never stated explicitly that such is the case (ZUN ahs also never really nailed down if water is wet in Gensokyo). The Konpaku family are the ones who have both ghost blob and humanoid forms at once.

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Yuyuko is easy to beat.

Just make it to the end of the river.

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What the hell, man.

Now I'm dead.

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well, her main ability is "invoking death in mortals"

Working around that is as easy as transcending your own humanity.

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Doesn't she have a self-imposed ban on her powers?

Of course, self-imposed doesn't mean much.

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Very very mad!

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Japanese supernatural beings commonly have little fireballs and shit surrounding them. Those things tend to be part of the entity.

Though in gensyoko, those could just as easily be snacks for yuyuko.

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Snacks? That sounds...convenient.

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only the kappa have ipods and internet in gensokyo

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Not really, no. Unless you count the fact that she might just be well-connected enough to ignore the spellcard rules and get away with it if she ever feels like it.

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IIRC she got her position because important god people were impressed with how she killed herself rather than hurt anyone with her power. So deathing people is probably the last option she'd use.

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For me, healthy sized breast are prefered over super huge breasts, but if it's Yuyuko than it's fine either way~

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"Impressed by her unwillingness to curse people and her ability to control spirits, she was appointed by the great Yama to manage the souls of the dead.

In return she was permitted eternal residence in the Netherworld."

Which I interpret as them simply going off her powers and personality, without the suicide bit playing any direct part.

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Oh, well same thing, they were impressed with how she didn't kill people with her mind when she could totally do that.

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What does it feel like to hold a ghost in your arms, /jp/?

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Feel like nothing at all.