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Era Games Thread

>What are era games?
Era games are a group of (usually) Japanese developed text porn games. Some of these games have ongoing translation and modding projects. It's not exclusively related to 2hu but it's one of the series with most era games.
WIKI: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Main_Page - Contains useful guides and downloads for all era games
GIT: https://gitgud.io/era-games - Git repository that has latest builds to any of the games, stability not included but rarely the case anything wrong happens
JAPANESE WIKI: https://seesaawiki.jp/eraseries/
TRANSLATOR: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Sugoi - Automated translator with a customized built offline model
UPDATER: http://madhammer.club/files/era-updater.7z - Makes creating an account for git unnecessary, just pop it in a empty folder and let it do it's job. Once done this once, you can update again just by launching it whenever a update is out. No, it doesn't download dolphin porn.
BUGS?: https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php - Report them over here

>How to play?
Run anchor.exe, japanese locale is advised so you don't run into untranslated text.
If you wish to manually update, delete old files aside the sav folder to avoid any bugs.

>How can I help?
Read https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Contributing for starters
You could try your hand at translating dialogue, there's guides currently in TW folder(in #Translation) on what to do, since I mostly played TW, not sure if it that folder exists in other games.
Another guide from threads is:
1) Download an IDE. VS Code, for example.
1a) If using VS Code, install the EraBasic addon
2) Select UTF8 encoding
3) Open the ERB files and edit them
That way you can now edit files without much trouble.
The path for files to edit is usually the ERB folder:
K: ERB/口上
TW: ERB\口上・メッセージ関連\個人口上
You can also report bugs or typos when you see them.
If you'd like to either edit or add your own portraits for 2hus, the files are located within the resource folder as webps.

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should we just stop

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Does Hina have custom text yet?

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Does anyone know where to get sports drinks? I got a case from the Moriya Lottery, but I'm running out, and trying to get more just from that seems annoying.

Surely sports drinks aren't exclusive to the lottery?

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You mean translated? Only when it comes to purging misfortune.
It's fine, threads are sort of slow even though there's 70+ at times. /jp/ is already a slow board as is.

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You mean translated? Only when it comes to purging misfortune.
It's fine, threads are sort of slow even though there's 70+ posters at times. /jp/ is already a slow board as is.

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Actually Kosuzu was the mummy

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Can't you make them under mixing?

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random events by following a girl

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Don't think so, only energy drinks, unless it's a special recipe I need to learn.

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Can you not buy them from bunnies?

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50% ghost, 50% CUTE, 100% dumb. That's our girl, Youmu!

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File: 2.12 MB, 1280x1838, 11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I expected a harsher training to become hermit.
Seems doable so far.

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Oh shit I didn't see this thread.
Any update on when Sanae is getting translated?

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流れ星ひとつ見つけたら 願いかなうかな
言えなかった言葉を 届けてくれるのかな

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>eraDigimon never ever
>at best it'll be a crossover questline/one-off event in eraMegaten

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What's that have to do with translation report?

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I'll translate for you.
「The only line translated for Sanae currently is:
The pleasure of being cummed inside.」

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Be the change you want to see(tm)
Behind every eragame there is one anon mad enough to write it.

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I wouldn't be surprised if someone had tried making a digimon or pokemon era game before but is but one of the many projects that died so quickly after it started that there's pretty much no mention of them. Even adapting code from an existing game can be difficult, and the only game where you have a sort of 'field' you move via wasd is era4X, and that's somehow using TohoK's coding on the side. Unless they make the digimon/pokemon game a 'pick where to go' prompt like eraAS, I can't see it possible to create a proper map of an area.

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Someone intends to make a mix between K and TW eventually
It's not out of the ballpark for it to be created

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Time for my quarterly download of TW only to immediately have sex with patchouli, coom, and uninstall for another 3 months

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How do you even fuck Patchoulli without timestop? She completely ignores me.

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Good taste man, she's what got me to sink so many hours into this game

You have to actually spend time with her building up a relationship. It's kind crazy but you actually need to put in some effort!

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I talk to her and do her chores for a week

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Talking with her doesn't do anything, do I need to catch her while she isn't in the library?

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You need to be annoyingly insist around her
Fill her fat ass with tea, try to do any requests she may have and living in SDM helps out a lot

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Cuddle command indoors when
It's a shame it's only applicable when sleeping together

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If she's anything like Mokou you could also try love potions.

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That wouldn't be true love though

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You just select the study option while she works, since it increase favorability with her.
I'ts basicaly "Help her with work" but for patchouli.

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TW really has shown me how little I know about touhou outside of the main cast. I don't know half of the girls I've knocked up.

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Somebody please continue gvt's development

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Is there a way to teach innocent girls about sex while in incompetent mode?

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It's either tw or nothing.

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I don't know the restrictions off the top of my head but you might be able to take her on a date/lead around to an area where you can read (SDM is library, human village has kosuzu's or the school) and read an ero book together.

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Seems you can go to the temple school in the human village and read ero books, but they won't listen to you if your education level is low.

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Are you some kind of retard? Why have you not been training your mind and body to survive the trials of gensokyo?

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Most dangers can be avoided if you max out your time stop, which is very easy.

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We're just acclimating to the board's speed that's all

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>only Ruukoto as an android
Bring in VIVIT so I can challenge my cock into impregnating another robot.
We'll conquer every pussy in Gensokyo.

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Yukkuri potion at Mixing EX when?

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I guess Suika was really easy to translate because she only has like 5 lines.

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She has more lines when going down the lust path.

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Do other characters generally have completely different dialogue when you go lust route? As in enough different content to be worth seeing even if I don't really like the lust route itself that much?

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Day 250, the town square is now nothing more than an arena where I beat up any 2hu who dares to set foot in the human village.
Not even the likes of Reimu, Yukari, Okina, or the oni are safe.
I still can't win against Heck and Yorihime.

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I honestly have no idea I never go down it I only knew about Suika because I looked at her code.

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How do I get good at danmaku? I'm at Combat A but still struggle to get rolls about 600 while girls with the same level are well exceeding. I beat them by being smart but it's a slog sometimes.

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Damn, do you use danmaku items?

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As it turned out, Yumemi.

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As a game GvT is really interesting. At its most basic it's just a 'magical boys/girls fights the tentacle incursion', but the customisation options on it is just insane. You could go all Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu and set it so that untransformed all your characters are tall typical high school boys but when transformed they all turn into lolis with long twintails. Or make your girls turn into guys when they're transformed. Or make them look older/younger, or even look like a completely different person when transformed. Or make it so that your characters can't transform, and find out why everyone else in the world was getting raped by tentacles without magical boy/girl powers.

Individual pieces of clothing has HP and give bonuses, and you can customise those pieces of clothing even more for better bonuses with penalties. Clothing has HP because when you get hit/restrained they get destroyed until they no longer 'function' (inceased sensitivity gains as they get destroyed, underwear has to be destroyed (with exceptions) before penetration is possible). Or you can run around naked if you want. You can make the game as hard or as easy for yourself as you want to.

If there's one thing I'd like to see more in TohoK (and other K-series games) is the idea of the 'barriers' GvT has. As an extra layer of protection you can get up to 3 barriers that protect B/C/V/A gain (at least one must always be exposed) that prevent sensitivity gain or penetration while active. If damaged you can pay to instantly recharge it or just pass time, but if destroyed then you have to pay to restore it. If added to the K-series games at least it could act as a form of 'scapegoat doll' against unavoidable scripted sex events.

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Man I wish you get favor by making the girls see you kick ass

>> No.38892822

Is this unique characters beaten or can I just go to town on the local fairies every single day?

>> No.38892851

You get some, I find it funny I can beat my pregnant lover in danmaku and still get 30 favourability from her.

>> No.38893147

Is there a way to do exposure play without needing a second person? there's the "public use" option but that only lets me "hinge on mercy"

>> No.38893171

You mean you want them to walk around naked by themselves?

>> No.38893190

I mean I want to walk around naked by myself

>> No.38893195

just do it then lmao

>> No.38893198

Just unequip all your clothes I guess?

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I'm talking about Eratohok, not TW

>> No.38893215

oh i thought you meant real life

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Yeah you need to beat different characters for these achievements to advance. Once you win against a character they get a tag "beaten in danmaku" or something like that.

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So I've been mass gathering 2hus and farming all their undergarments, but I think Tenshi became suspicious and started spreading rumors. Now everyone other than my lover is mass spreading bad rumors about me effectively resetting my favor with everyone else to zero. Is there anything I can do to stop the rumors?

>> No.38894774

Bite the dust and be less dumb.

>> No.38895129

>mass gathering
You can just stop time and go on a snatching spree
Also, the only one I was aware of knowing was Satori, does Tenshi also suspects you?

>> No.38895287

When stealing tenshi's panties, don't be in the same place as her when you resume time

>> No.38895307

No guarantees here since I got a massive backlog of stuff to do still but would anyone be interested if I gave dicks to some of the portraits? Can the game recognize it, even?

>> No.38895321

i dont want to answer your question because fuck you but yea it can

>> No.38895400

It can.
No, nobody wants that.

>> No.38895575

wrong, I want it, especially if the game recognizes flaccid/errect sprites for the characters

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I was stopping time, gathering everyone in my room, stealing everyone's underwear, and depositing it everyday. Guess reading everyone's reactions after ressuming time backfired.

>> No.38895905

I feel you, there's a weird sense of satisfaction seeing Yuuka being powerless and quietly seethe.

>> No.38896022

Alternatively, you could move Tenshi away before resuming time to see everybody's reactions without having her get mad at you

>> No.38896606

Raising Nemuno's stats is pain

>> No.38896633

Fuck, I just can't achieve Pleasure Mark 3

>> No.38896804

Damn, first time I've tried living at the SDM, the map is pretty. And big.

>> No.38896895

You need to get 3 different places to orgasm at once, just buy the clit and nipple caps and put them on her as you dick her down, it should trigger it. Or dildos, and kiss her as you do it.
Or if you've got her well developed already caress command will do a bit of pleasure on every part of her sans anus.

>> No.38897034

I can do 2 places at once at most, I wish there was a tracker on how close they're close to orgasm through a place.

>> No.38897072

bibito is already in k

>> No.38897091

There is though

>> No.38897109

I think he meant in TW since there's special descriptions for how hard some races are to impregnate.

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Next time pay attention to these, upon lvl3 9999 she will cum.

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Don't care, didn't ask, unsubscribed.

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That's easy. Each character has a personal data file where you can define how their portrait will alter. Dicks can be even attached like an effect type without the whole body, and you can also add bodily fluids like cum, milk, etc.

>> No.38898099

As it turns out, Kaoru (portrait artist) has naked bodies for every 98hus, and it's possible to rig something up with those: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/32339777

>> No.38898129

Finally nipples!

>> No.38898137

We had nips for every standing portrait in the older version from like four years ago, but they were all overridden when japs moved to webp. It's kind of a hassle to go back and reattach them all back.

>> No.38898345

How does Tenshi realize you steal her panties anyways?

>> No.38898439

Where the fuck does Louise live?

>> No.38898516

Man the newhu portraits is so far away, get closer dammit I'm not a bad guy

>> No.38898601

They know they don't belong, and it's only a matter of time before they get erased for good.

>> No.38898688

As you can see on the abilities menu, every girl has some hax skills so the best way to beat them if they're at your same combat level is by using cheat items. If they're at a higher level than yours it's better if you train and get to their level first.

>> No.38898720

Activate Orgasm denial, take CVB beyond the orgasm trigger point, turn it off and do a Caress command.

>> No.38899044

Oh, is this about if migration were to happen for forgotten PC-98hus from K to TW?
Well, it's a start but there's a few things to consider from observing TW portraits:
>there's an additional five busts of the following conditions: pleasure, high pleasure(located just under the first 2 columns). roughly 2 "empty"(the first column, first spot just being a blush to be applied over the bust) away, a column in which has that special in-heat mood(clothed and naked) and the very last being masturbation
>as for full body, it requires not only naked and clothed but facial variants for happy and angry for both states
And then comes the worst part
>having someone willing to code the whole character in and a location for them to stay over, even if temporarily visiting like Rika, Meira etc
In sum, it's not going to happen anytime soon unless we get a dedicated PC-98 autist.

>> No.38899045

Lotus is your friend

>> No.38899240


>> No.38899250

Where is Makai?

>> No.38899402

I see dancing seems to be an option to raise music, but i've never seen it. What do I need to buy in order to unlock it?

>> No.38899546

If you're talking about the Music stat, I think they include singing/dancing to justify girls like Mystia or Kokoro gaining Music when they join your playing. The girls have stats too, and that "or something" at the end of those descriptions is legally-defensable rhetoric. Like how being a librarian makes you better at speaking or being a waiter makes you better at cooking.

>> No.38900135

Playing music is surprisingly powerful if you can get 2-3 other people to play in accompaniment, sekibanki would be even harder to win over than she already is if the tsukumogami band wasn't frequently hanging around the same part of the village

>> No.38900240

What's the best place to grind up Danmaku wins?

>> No.38900302

Am I the only one who keeps having softlock issues when first encountering Nue? I tried updating to see if it fixes it but no, it still locks up after the "Input a name Nue should use when referring to you" action

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File: 44 KB, 250x298, 1634037216340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a softlock, input a name. Come on, stop hitting yourself, input a name, dammit!

>> No.38900409

How the fuck do you even edit webp images.

>> No.38900440

Well after a bit of just inputting random numbers I got her to stop softlocking me.

>> No.38900455

Use one of those online converters into png and then revert back for the game?

>> No.38900461

Wont that fuck up the transparency?

>> No.38900468

Just slam down on everyone you see that didn't lose to you before. If you really need more wins you can teach people with 0 skill to fight and then grind them into dust, like Kosuzu. Mix up your fortune letters into the king crimson items, this should help with the final 2.

>> No.38900488

I wouldn't know, I'm just giving a suggestion.
Try it out and see what happens

>> No.38900531

Don't you have GIMP?

>> No.38900541

No, my computer is shit and it don't run that well.

>> No.38900602

First time playing EraTohoTW. Meiling is constantly raping me until I pass out. Not like I'm complaining.

>> No.38900640

It's fucking annoying how low res the images are.

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>Just taught Maribel how to fight so I could get my final win
There's only one god here and he isn't merciful

>> No.38900733

Try opening in paint then? Or look up something else that can open it.

>> No.38900765

If only the 2hus in TW occasionally danmaku battle'd each other. In K throughout the NG+'s I ended up giving more than half of them Witchcraft and trained them up to the point where characters like Rumia was a 10* black orb of death, for example. If they would danmaku battle each other (maybe over you) I'd try to get everyone to become a danmaku battlemaster in TW too

>> No.38900803

It just needs someone to program that.

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Why fight over player if they can just fuck him at the same time? I don't think anyone just refuses to join in sex, provided they're developed enough.

>> No.38900865

Should I confess to Yuuka or Yukari? I can't decide.

>> No.38900868

It varies from character to character, I've trained Byakuren to the point where she'll orgasm from the slightest touch but she won't join in with anyone she's not already okay with.

>> No.38900870

Yuuka has more content

>> No.38900918

She does in Reverse

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File: 1 KB, 453x56, yuuka heartbeat..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38901051

Use paint.net

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File: 1.34 MB, 620x620, 1543668043005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not going for Yuuka, Ran and Yukari to recreate THAT doujin
Never gonna make it

>> No.38901286

I wish japs wouldn't be so busy making stupid minigames like stonestacking and even stupider quests like "listen to me vent and hope you pick the right option, oh by the way here's a potato and some meager favorability gain lol"
Between character interaction is possible and you often see fairies happily stroking each other's heads and talking

>> No.38901298

Yeah, especially considering how high res the originals are if we go by >>38898099
We should probably join forces and have a bunch of anons prepare upgraded webp collages for most or all of the girls.

>> No.38901366

Goddamnit, my Youmu bullying lead to her confessing after a date and I couldn't bring myself to say no.

>> No.38901401
File: 38 KB, 588x451, I CAN COUNT THE FUCKING PIXELS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if the program would accept bigger images, i'm not sure it can resize the images itself if needed.
Also the problem of the images is that at least i don't have all the parts in higher res, i have the bodies that this artist posted but not the expressions for everything.

>> No.38901402

Weak, turn her down and then confess first thing in the morning to assert dominance

>> No.38901439

Can't, I'm playing in incompetent mode because ojii-san likes it when small child-like girls push him down.

>> No.38901446

The discord has like 800+ niggas and like 5 doing work for coding/translating and 1 for bigger breasts busts
It's some bullshit

>> No.38901511

I miss the days when I was a boy and could start a game and just start pressing buttons to see what would happen... I have no clue what to do in touhoutw and I want a guide, instead of just making a save and doing random shit regardless of what happens to me...
That aside, I heard that when you start the game, you're under Reimu's protection, but I was not directly told that, or anything really. I just kind of appeared in her guest room. Is there an intro cutscene that broke, or should I read something in the game folder to get a grasp on what's going on and why I'm here?

>> No.38901512

>i have the bodies that this artist posted but not the expressions for everything.
I see, that's a big problem. I hadn't dug into the artist's stuff yet but I was hoping the expressions had been made by him too.

>> No.38901530

Don't think, just fuck

>> No.38901544

Their is a tutorial in the sleep menu but don't expect to be given a goal you have to make one
for yourself.

>> No.38901547

Dunno about intro but lore I've seen is a little in between the lines.
Yukari brought you to Gensokyo under Reimu's care, there's even a mechanic that was turned off about waning talismans, in which would make Reimu would slap your shit if you fucked around Gensokyo too much

>> No.38901559

You forgot to mention it's mostly western devs over there, there's also japanese devs as well.

>> No.38901587

Nice, carry on then

>> No.38901603

What does incompetant mode actually do?

>> No.38901622

Removes being able to push people down and other actions like embrace but they are much more likely to push you down.

>> No.38901626

Makes you unable to perform a lot of actions, or raises the entry-barrier for them, but it makes the girls a lot more forward and they take the initiative much more often.

>> No.38901627

What about the "Pretending to be retarded" incompetant mode?

>> No.38901641

Thanks bro, knew there was no goal in particular, but I'm still trying to find a goal to work towards so I can tangent off into my own spiral. Guess I'll try to become a millionaire for now...

>> No.38901709

There's no set goal, think of it like Animal Crossing

>> No.38901725

Even those interactions are just fillers, I'm pretty sure, unless the game is hiding the tracking of favour/etc. gains/losses between the characters in those circumstances.

EraJK, which is pretty much like a much more incomplete (and possibly abandoned?) high school simulator version of TohoTW actively keeps track of those stat gains between each character that you can see, but it's hard to tell sometimes what Marks are given between them except for obvious signs like someone having high Hostility against someone to know they most likely also have Hate Mark 1-3 against that character. The characters even get into fights (or lewds) more often based on those. It's like playing an era version of Artificial Academy, with the 'lots of nothing to do' part included due to how incomplete it feels.

>> No.38901728

Part 2 of >>38901622 without part 1

>> No.38901737

On dumb questions, what does lust mode do? I've tried it on and off and seem to get sexually assaulted just as much with it off. Turning it on also won't let me jam it in on girls who don't let me without a hate mark either.

>> No.38901738

>be so busy making stupid minigames like stonestacking and even stupider quests like "listen to me vent and hope you pick the right option, oh by the way here's a potato and some meager favorability gain lol"
I hope you're getting some objective insight into the Japanese mind anon
>it's better to never even try to do something significant than to do something significant and get it even slightly less than perfect

>> No.38901969

>There's only one god
There's like 8 million of the deific fuckers.

>> No.38901974

Most of the "lore" is told through the text you get when you meet each girl for the first time.

>> No.38902092

I could be wrong here but it looks like there's a tracker in terms of affinity that's static akin to 2hu lore relationships, what I've seen so far come out of it is just headpats and chatting though, not much else to it. Maybe it influences if you play as certain characters?

>> No.38902096
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There was no special text when I bumped into girls for the first time? I just walked out of my room, straight into the Hakurei living room, and 2 girls said hi like we'd known each other for days already?

>> No.38902109

Meant for>>38901974

>> No.38902148

What version are you running?

>> No.38902160

It's an open ended sandbox/escapism simulator, just fuck around and talk to girls to figure out mechanics (or talk to doremy in your dreams. Like another anon said in this thread it's kinda like Animal Crossing in that you can go at your own pace with no consequences. You can romance girls, catch bugs/fish, practice danmaku, and a bunch of other stuff. You gotta use your imagination and set goals to make the most of it.

>> No.38902197

I downloaded the dev build a few days ago.
Again, I get that, I just gotta figure out what the hell I'm doing before I CAN set goals. I needed the tutorial, and now that I just finished it, I'm ready to go into the world of Gensokyo and... grind danmaku and cooking for a month straight.

>> No.38902224

I'd grind logging 'cause tools shaves off so much grinding other stats in advance

>> No.38902242

It's not worth the time, just smash out farming and sell the veggies in hell, bring a girl with good speech along on a date and you can get 500k in a single sale. Easier to make more money than grind out logging for the discount.

>> No.38902243


>> No.38902248

Dialogue, yes. For a long time actually.

>> No.38902259

I personally am waiting for the next update before participating here again.

>> No.38902265

It's not about money but rather helping out on advancing stats easier, it's about tools like chair/desk, the cutting board, even the bamboo broom helps.

>> No.38902276

How come I don't see megaten being discussed here?

>> No.38902286

a borderline exploit I saw in d*scord was that you can go to an area with ginseng forage and timestop spam forage, items cap out at 99 so eventually you'll only get ginseng which you can sell to eirin for 500 a pop

>> No.38902300
File: 61 KB, 465x386, 1645657979431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait wtf I just met Ruukoto again after reloading to do the tutorial and there was a proper intro scene this time? I guess I need to go to a room properly, instead of just passing through on my way to somewhere else.

>> No.38902305

His site. Some expressions and nudes are OC by TW devs though. And of course, nipples.

>> No.38902306

Dummy, you don't need wood for tools. Just money

>> No.38902388

It's a (mainly) touhou board so most people here only care about the touhou era games.

>> No.38902400

It gets discussed sometimes, but the touhou stuff seems more popular.

>> No.38902406

It's a bit shit if I'm honest. Feels as wide as an ocean but as deep as a puddle, about as attractive as a public bathroom flooded with piss too.

>> No.38902422
File: 18 KB, 517x432, hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, Jesus. That's what I get for not eating in my room.

>> No.38902441

Looks like you're going to the gap realm, boyo

>> No.38902460

Been enjoying Reimu's translated lines. The flavor text makes me hurt inside however.

>> No.38902496
File: 1 KB, 687x29, the expected happens.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The expressions are the part that is hard, fuck i guess i have to see if i can maybe use waifu2x on it?
Also i wonder how hard it would be to add more clothes if i find good images, there is already a clothing system in TW but the changes are just in text unless you ask them to go nude while sleeping.
EraMegaten is too autistic even for the average Megatenfag.
Seriously, my pc can't even run it because the amount of shit it loads.

>> No.38902547

I've mostly been playing eraMegaten over the past few days. I'm currently struggling to get through the FATE EX events in order to try to obtain Jeanne Alter.

>> No.38902551

Also there is a .psd with some expressions and some clothes, makes things easy.
Now i would like to know if the program would even work with higher res images.

>> No.38902573

Not every character has dialogue

>> No.38902593

You'd have to dig in deeper, I personally don't think it does, maybe there's a set dimension so it doesn't break some of the ASCII apart

>> No.38902607
File: 177 KB, 586x538, 14234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know how to program, honestly i may just ask later.
Also there are some cute clothes that could be added.

>> No.38902620

I could easily see that as Flandre's PJ

>> No.38902635

Newest updates have an option to eat in private.

>> No.38902640

There is also her in just a towel, but not all characters have more than just normal clothes and nude without genitals, the nipples i can just get from the guy pixiv.

>> No.38902647

Newfag here, I just launched TW and I want to know the effects of the skills what do they do and what else should I know before starting?

>> No.38902664

The moment you pick up a fishing rod is the moment you're doomed to 2hus asking you for fish for the rest of your life.

>> No.38902667

Mouse over them for a brief explanation

>> No.38902678

You can use time stop to move 2hu's around, this can be very useful for grinding skills.

>> No.38902708

You need to be in a relatively open space if you want to do combat training or danmaku battles

Try to max out your time stop powers even if you don't want to rape anybody because it has several other applications

>> No.38902735

I think I'll add "please read the tutorial if you're a new player" to the OP
You also get a neat pillow if you go through most of it...

>> No.38902751

make sure you include the cheat menu option to increase the text speed

>> No.38902772
File: 230 KB, 990x792, 1639870039804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And get to choose a reward which can be sexy time when you fist meet the mistress of the ream in the waking world

>> No.38903222

Megaten is pretty good but I'm still sad the Desu routes will never be finished

>> No.38903246

>he lost to the text speed

>> No.38903336

We just need more bitter people that don't want to answer the same few questions every day


>> No.38903341

i can read faster then that stupid fucking doremy can speak

>> No.38903370

Once we start using emuera with sound support, I'll force you heathens listen to the soothing sound of her voice, as AIs got pretty good at speaking.

>> No.38903407

sure with voice accompanying it thats fine

>> No.38903443

it better be yukkuri voices

>> No.38903517

Only if Doremy is a yukkuri in the dream.

>> No.38903537
File: 218 KB, 325x978, Chara4533_P3女主人公.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I felt the same way when I first tried it several years ago, but after giving it a second chance I've honestly kind of fallen in love with it.
There is a learning curve but I've never played an RPG that gives me quite the feeling of freedom it does. Right from the start of the game you're making a dozen choices that will impact the entirety of your playthrough, and it just never stops. Go where you want, do what you want, to who you want, when you want. The game is so open-ended it gave me agoraphobia when I first tried it, but now that I'm used to it every other Megami Tensei game makes me feel like I'm trapped in a box.
At the same time, it's not lackadaisical or directionless. You can play it like that if you want to, but if you want a challenge it does an amazing job of putting you under a crazy amount of pressure, then loosening its grip as you carve out small victories that keep adding up.
The combat is particularly good; battles go as fast as you can type so once you get used to the system you can have five battles in sixty seconds, with just as much depth or more than any other JRPG.
And the amount of content is stunning. There's something like 150 characters with unique dialogue, and for each of them not only are there all the different fall states, the characters have different dialogue depending on how they entered the fall state, and then some characters have additional routes on top of all that. Even after that there are still more scenes that only trigger under specific conditions. The dialogue folder is like 90 MB of plain text, it's bonkers.
If you're a big fan of the series EraMegaten is like Candyland on crack, and for me it honestly helped rekindle my love for Megami Tensei.
If anyone in the thread is on the fence, I really recommend giving it a shot. It takes a while to get it properly installed and learn how to play, but it's so much fun and there's just nothing else quite like it.

>> No.38903604

if only those dialogues are translated

>> No.38903660

It takes a solid month or two to get one done. Who's gonna bankroll that?

>> No.38904174

I keep fishing up Hina dolls. I'm not going to get into a horrible accident, am I?

>> No.38904179

What does a collector's gap do?

>> No.38904194

so they cant find panties on you

>> No.38904311

Tenshi ate the cumfrog I made for Suwako...

>> No.38904351

What the fuck man

>> No.38904352

thats fucked up how could she

>> No.38904450
File: 46 KB, 866x571, safe day.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hold on bro, I'll fix her for ya

>> No.38904454

Immediately deposits panties into your collection so you don't get searched and confiscated
>why collect panties?
achievement rewards

>> No.38904513

Which room is Kokoro's? I got an easy request to clean it but she doesn't appear on the wiki character list.

>> No.38904552

Why not just cum in Suwako and skip some steps

>> No.38904586

Collection? I assume that means I can take panties back to my room and stash them somewhere safe?

>> No.38904621

Are you leading her around? She lives in the hakaruei shrine area from memory so start there. If it's not your home area use the Visit a Room command while she is with you.

>> No.38904629

Yeah, right after I posted, I realized there was an option to lead her around, so I dragged her around on a cleaning spree until I saw the option to clean together.

>> No.38904643

It seems more fun to prank her by feeding her a cumfrog.

>> No.38904648

Yes, you can check the collection in the sleep menu at the end of the day. I think it happens automatically but I'm not sure, I always use the gap.

>> No.38904658

im pretty sure you have to select collection to stash them away or else youll just have them on you

>> No.38904661

Yeah you have to select a command to store them in your room I learned that the hard way after being caught by my lover and getting a vibrator shoved up my ass.

>> No.38904694

i hate "unintentionally" having panties on me and ""unintentionally" getting caught by my lover and have her get sexually frustrated with me and then getting pushed down

>> No.38904701

I bet you want a shark general, you fucking traitor.

>> No.38904703

Reminds me of an old joke
Did you know frogs die after sex?
All the ones I fucked did!

>> No.38904711

I wish this was actually possible but the blackmail actions cancel the push down when they happen.

>> No.38904717

Yeah, blackmail is a total buzzkill. That's why you take and stash the panties beforehand in timestop.

>> No.38904726

make sure to go back to see their reaction

>> No.38904753

That can backfire on you if they don't like you enough. I did that with Tenshi and returned after stashing away her panties in timestop and she immediately suspected me and I lost -100 favour and dependency for the trouble. It was a good thing that they were still at the single digits at the time and that they can't go negative.

>> No.38904811

I was wondering why Kasen was sleeping in my room, but now I realize she's just calling me a lazy slob. Thanks mom.

>> No.38904814
File: 46 KB, 251x193, 1622778906158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dug up through Kaoru's image packs and I've decided that Remimimi is going to get a new portrait for dating in/going to the village.

>> No.38904911

>filling rate 27%

>> No.38905196

That's not a pile of ashes.

>> No.38905467
File: 39 KB, 466x395, suwakotl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you have a death wish?

>> No.38905614

I've fallen in love with the girl I TSP rape impregnated and feel like a piece of shit now. I'm dodging every attempt of hers to take what she thinks is her virginity but as ever day goes by its getting harder and harder. I just dont want her to find out what I've done.

>> No.38905681

I just spent the past 5 hours on this shit as I have many times before this point. I wouldn't even mind playing without the porn element. The game itself (TW) is fun. Same with K, but that one bums me out a bit, and I don't feel such a strong connection with the girls. It's just cool to have an open-ended experience in Gensokyo where you can do all kinds of stuff. I just wonder how long it would take to complete all the achievements without optimizing everything.

>> No.38905682

Well? Who is it?

>> No.38905684

"Anon, why am I in late pregnancy with your baby despite us not starting until later? Eirin said it's a few months too quick."
"...our love transcends time and space?"

>> No.38905695


>> No.38905739

Well shit. I have a request and maybe a solution.
I saw a anon mentioning that depending on how close you were to Akyuu, she'll remember you even after bite the dust. Maybe you could enjoy some time with her and then bite the dust for a more pure relationship?

>> No.38905893
File: 47 KB, 284x652, 1646811413579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38905899
File: 678 KB, 1280x1845, 18_Human_women_only.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indeed she does.
That's the beauty of it, no matter where (you) run she will always remember (you) for that is her power, to never forget something or someone she see once.
There is no escape for him.

>> No.38905927

Fuck, so not only am I in trouble for knocking her up unconsciously but by doing thatI was also cheating on her friend kosuzu... I think I might have to delete my game to escape this one.

>> No.38906005

I still don't have access to the discord so I'll throw the suggestion to the wind, given I've seen a lot of people complain their 2hus don't have enough content.
How about a checklist of events 2hus have content for? The tracking doesn't even have to be in-game.
The reason I'm considering this over is a situation similar to Sakuya in which anyone willing to contribute filling the blanks for lacking dialogue. Some quick examples that come to mind on 2hus that are translated and have little content is Yamame, Suika and Nitori.

>> No.38906655

Yep some 2hus recognizes you even after new game+, the other ones that i know is satori

>> No.38906867

Time to not bite the dust but bite the bullet, you fucked up big time.
Go and get her in another life.

>> No.38907193

Delete your save and don't be a scumbag next time. 2hus deserve better ;_;

>> No.38907456

Fucked up big time buddy.
Gonna have to reset the timeline completely.

>> No.38907658
File: 529 KB, 471x461, dyingcato.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me, cultured bros... How's Byakuren like? I'll never make it to learn japanese.

>> No.38907695

Makes me want to try an Akyuu route run and bite the dust to do it again.

>> No.38907852

just use sugoi and deepl, it's a pretty accurate translator besides names

>> No.38907996
File: 15 KB, 987x347, strong_fairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38908012
File: 1.08 MB, 724x1292, a9cf0a8b90c2487f171752b68e9b481b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38908112

Do NOT make this fucking mistake
I beg of you

>> No.38908510

Just say no lmao.

>> No.38908540

>accept request
>cancel request
>move on with life

>> No.38909009

Right now we have a line count for each dialogue, that's the closest thing we get. Going through each dialogue and compiling a list of content is too much hassle.

>> No.38909114

A stances for dialogue in the future seems likea good idea, I might try to have a list of it soon.

>> No.38909175

I should've worded that better, it'll take a while still as I'm still busy

>> No.38909494

>The flavor text makes me hurt inside however.
Same here, anon. They're some gosling-worthy material of the highest grade.

>> No.38909860

you can sell them for profit

>> No.38909915

Do real women actually do these sorts of things to you if you get into a relationship
Or is it just fantastical wishful thinking

>> No.38909920
File: 26 KB, 521x420, shota.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean the moment you pick up a fishing rod is the moment you've doomed all the 2hus you're going to date to nothing but being forced to watch you fish for half a day.

Thanks captcha

>> No.38909943

did someone translate Reimu?

>> No.38910061

She's 75% done. It's mostly the coom dialogue that is untranslated.

>> No.38910275

I'm sure at least some of them do.

>> No.38910503

There's a whole bunch of useful info about what does each item do written in the @MAIL_ORDER_DESCRIPTION function in the MISC erb, but the function isn't called anywhere in the game's files. Is that normal?

>> No.38910724

The Personal Information page in the Abilities menu tells you where they live and where's their room.

>> No.38910731

It's used in PRINT_ITEM_DESC which is called in the shop.

>> No.38910769

Sorry, I should have checked the latest version before asking.

>> No.38911569

Her hat and dummy thick head are wide enough to reflect the sun rays. Well, and she only goes outside at evening anyway.

>> No.38912095
File: 5 KB, 1200x117, feryeatchcolate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder to violentely raep every fairy you come across, mob especialy.

>> No.38912120

What can humanity do against such reckless onaholes...

>> No.38912141

Why do you wipe their mouths?

>> No.38912203

So they don't run around looking like they got shit smeared all over their faces.

>> No.38912258

Fuck fairies indeed.

>> No.38912335

The real problem is that fishing requests are taking over easier to complete requests instead.

On another note, since I started living at SDM, everyone is asking me about logging quests, but I don't think I even have any levels in it. Is there anywhere to even go logging in SDM, I can't seem to find a spot.

>> No.38912430
File: 60 KB, 1197x840, eetbegins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's start with this one...

>> No.38912531
File: 44 KB, 1201x589, fissionmailed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38912652

It's okay, she had a retarded name. You don't want any progenitors with a retarded name for a mother.

>> No.38912770

Holy shit why are onis and human mobs such sluts? I can't find a single virgin for both.

>> No.38912800

Oni only have 5% chance of being virgins, and married women, well, they're always used. Look for village girls, they're mostly intact. Unless... [REDACTED]

>> No.38912823
File: 341 KB, 1175x755, 1601376842837.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unless what

>> No.38912827

You gotta be shitting me, why do onis fuck around this much?

>> No.38912854

They have nothing better to do

>> No.38912862
File: 580 KB, 2400x1900, 97cfe90a2acf7364387e3b45b4e0bab3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, oni like to party. And what do you do when you party? You get drunk and fuck.

>> No.38912909
File: 528 KB, 1209x1656, 1623919405828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Species: Maid

>> No.38912953
File: 48 KB, 931x872, gensokyo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to Gensokyo anon

>> No.38912965

What's in Spark Nut Cave?

>> No.38912982

Man imagine a slutty fairy maid in your house you could push down at any moment while she tries to suppress her moans and worries about the casserole in the oven.

>> No.38912985
File: 49 KB, 573x525, cryat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But there's more to it than just fucking, what about doing dumb shit? I thought onis would get drunk and smash everything around them and make an ass out of themselves, not show their asses to have bird poop on it.

>> No.38912991

the marisa translation for TW

>> No.38913003

Eragame all about fucking around with randomly generated mobs when

>> No.38913023

>not show their asses to have bird poop on it
I'm sorry, what?

>> No.38913029

There is more ackstualy in the flavor text when you live in the underworld and roam around the street.
For example in the tavern where you they fight, or when they visit (you) when you go to bed for a drinking contest.

>> No.38913035

I can only assume he says bird poop because it's white.

>> No.38913041

Sex isn't that special, especially when you're like 800 years old

>> No.38913065
File: 1.84 MB, 1869x1614, birdpoop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they don't know

>> No.38913096

Of course they get drunk and do stupid shit.
You might look at oni as a warning of the dangers of unemployment for a normal person.

>> No.38913220

My explanation for onis being not virgins is that they'll try to drink sake from other holes too, cum amount in orifices in the past is just how much they manage to drink through said orifices.
Take it or leave it.

>> No.38913224
File: 48 KB, 1080x833, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Virginity loss history
Huh oh
What the fuck Reimu is even doing?

>> No.38913238

You can always beat the shit out of each other, hell Yuugi's gimmick is how she limits her power level by fighting while trying not to spill her sake.

>> No.38913274

What's the point on wasting your time on married women? Even worse, that one is both used and damaged goods.

>> No.38913323
File: 5 KB, 648x180, grimsyoko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you might be right.
I just walked by my daughter while taking used good to hakurei shrine to solve this out and she gave me this look

>> No.38913390

All this mob posting made me want to youkai hunt so I can slay them with the power of cock, wish me luck.

>> No.38913478

>What's the point on wasting your time on married women
there's nothing like stealing another man's wife, anon

>> No.38913486

Speaking of raping fairies, here's a followup to:

I've found the [Capturing Skill] on the shop does unlock the Restrain Mode command, but after getting her drunk and using it she still moves to another room once she gets sober. Does this command only work on sleeping people?

>> No.38913494
File: 4 KB, 587x98, damagedguds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol. Lmao
Did I just awaneked a NTR fetish?

>> No.38913517

>youkai rape victim
I can fix her.

>> No.38913565

I'm curious if anyone on /jp/ has tried era inSchool
I'm guessing it or the translation is not anything special yet since it doesn't have a wiki release

>> No.38913610
File: 20 KB, 959x572, Anon can fix her.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont even know what to say anymore.

>> No.38913676
File: 56 KB, 1315x804, wat da fug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First thing I see
What the fuck
This tengu is a fucking mess, I'm not touching it

>> No.38913693

>had this much anal sex
How? Did her ex trick her into it or something?

>> No.38913727
File: 648 KB, 615x800, 1444212025794.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's an open secret that tengu are into anal.

>> No.38913744

But she's Ignorant.
She doesn't even know what sex is.

>> No.38913768

They're also a slut despite being ignorant.

>> No.38913776

She doesn't know what sex is, but she knows it feels good

>> No.38913794

Dumb bitch, needs rape correction.

>> No.38913796

What does needle skill do? Reimu has it as well and all I can think of is the image of reimu poking holes in condoms.

>> No.38913822

That's probably what got her into trouble in the first place. She just needs some love and education about what she is doing.

>> No.38913863

As far as I know it's only really useful to forcefully cum inside a girl that hasn't given you consent to do so yet. They can still break free if they run out of stamina or something else.

>> No.38913881

>reading [Shameless]
>not embarassed when entering bathroom
Huh? How does one get a bathroom?

>> No.38913884

The only thing getting holes poked in them is you buddy.

>> No.38913903

In that case eraAS or eraMakaiRanch might be up your valley.

>> No.38913925

Where do you live?

>> No.38913934

Human Village.

>> No.38914046

I haven't lived there yet, but other places have bathrooms in the larger houses other 2hus live in.

I guess you only have the public bathhouse in human village?

>> No.38914063
File: 55 KB, 1331x792, fox gril.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seems like it.
Found a better youkai, by the way.
A nice and humble tiny fox gril that also so happens to be a virgin.
Now to have my way with her.

>> No.38914071

Try getting tanuki in the forest of magic or inaba at eientei, they're cute.

>> No.38914260

Will do
I was going to be the one to push her down but she bet me to it
She's too cute and tiny so I'm just letting her do what she likes

>> No.38914386

Human village is dumb like that. You have to pay 5k to so you can wash your missus back.

>> No.38914407

So when are we getting to mating press our daughters
They took a lot of money I need some recompense.

>> No.38914556

I had no idea you could ever come across them once they left.

>> No.38914623

Getting six gorillion favorability seems tough, does the amount you get increase as you get closer to girls? I can't tell if I'm doing better because I'm getting better at speech, or because I realized serving people tea is free, or because as a girl's numbers get bigger, they increase faster.

>> No.38914632

Yes, once you get Love and high desire and sensitivity you can get 60+ favorability gain for each h action.

>> No.38914655

God yeah, and once they become slaves to your cock you can get +60 favour every turn of sex.

>> No.38914715

Can you live together with a mob?

>> No.38914758
File: 537 KB, 1100x800, Reisen Reads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You got a full chain of event for that in Eratohok.
In TW they send you letter with sometime money in it of you spend time interacting with as child.
They settle in various spot of the world.
Their reaction change depending on how much affection they have for (you).

>> No.38914825

>Their reaction change depending on how much affection they have for (you).
Considering the fact I usually ghost their mother until she is ready to be impregnated again I don't want to run into them now.

>> No.38914859

I am trying to make a girl lose ignorant by reading ero books, but it just keeps telling me I should try more. Do I need to further increase her knowledge up from 2 or is it an RNG thing?

>> No.38914883

What's your knowledge at?

>> No.38914896

Both mine and hers are at C (2)

>> No.38914924

Your knowledge must be greater, I messed up the condition for the hint it seems. Thanks for pointing it out.

>> No.38915013

... Why would you want that? It's like adopting a unvaccinated stray that will pee all over the place, shit on the carpet and tear the house apart.

>> No.38915045

Because I can fix her

>> No.38915653
File: 66 KB, 1200x420, cheenie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanted to give translation a shot since it seems fun, so I went for Chen since she doesn't have a lot of dialogue.
Don't know Japanese, relying on DeepL and Google Translate, so there's a good chance I got something really wrong.
Besides, English is not my first language, so it's probably a bit fucked too.

Here's her original introduction:

>> No.38915687

Touching Medicine a lot seems to poison me and cripple my Stamina, Energy, and Vigor, is there any way around this?

>> No.38915721

I'm pretty sure it should be outsider instead of foreigner.

>> No.38915809

Get along. It tells you about that all the time.

>> No.38915820

I remember being told to draw water before I can make sake, but where do I draw it from? Also, is the second stage Sake I can make the same as Regular Sake that Suika is asking me for?

>> No.38915829

Best place to do it from is the misty lake since that water skips straight to plain sake and doesn't become unrefined first, but pretty much every map has a draw water area. They're not always clearly marked, just walk around until you see the option appear.
>Also, is the second stage Sake I can make the same as Regular Sake that Suika is asking me for?

>> No.38915887

Thanks, how much TSP do I need to do time controlled brewing? Seems like a good way to burn my TSP since I can never seem to use more than 400 in a day...

>> No.38915922

It's 2400, but iirc the option only appears once you've reached the peak of your time stop ability which is 4000. Using timestop to clean the entire map or just to fast travel to places is a good way to train it.

>> No.38916102

Use auto-TSP to move around and once a day, steal the panties of everyone you can find during timestop. Eventually you'll have enough TSP to make panty collection trips around the entire map, deposit them safely in your room, and go back to whoever's reaction you want to watch.

>> No.38916525

The game seems to break a lot when using energy drinks on girls, it first stalls, then I get a message about there being literally millions of process attempts or something, then it crashes either way. I've safely used an energy drink before, but it breaks more often than not, I believe the chance of it crashing increases the longer you play as the times I've safely used it were usually not long after I loaded up the game.

>> No.38916680

Can you provide the log? Such odd reports are useless without it.

>> No.38916909

The crash in question:
The log file, excuse my lame cumbrained faggotry:
Issue appears to be an infinite loop?

>> No.38917614

Your numbers went bonkers there. Lemme guess, you have cheated mixing knowledge above 100, huh? The lag happens because the loop has to run equal amount of times to your mixing level and stack the recovery value multiplicatively. And then when it checks the caffeine effect to the sleeping schedule, it's so massive the loop becomes endless and you'd have to wait several years irl for it to finish, probably.

>> No.38917657

Oh, yeah, I actually happened to do that completely by accident, I was looking through what abilities you could have and hit mixing by mistake. I tried to toggle mixing level off but it kept going up, I assumed it'd be a max of 99, then 256, I think I gave up around 280. The error message, which doesn't show in the logs, was that it had already tried to perform something a ridiculous number of times (around six or seven digits). That's a funny error.

>> No.38917703
File: 4 KB, 526x25, mixing level.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if this would make me an alchemholic.

>> No.38917845

How the fuck

>> No.38917896

I see you also found out it's only possible to cheat skills up not down.

>> No.38918487

Wow Mystia's translation is awful

>> No.38918534

awful in poor grammar or just she herself has bad dialogue ?

>> No.38918540

Bad dialogue
Funnily enough it reminds me of the debacle that happened for the fangame she's had recently. References & ill mannered.

>> No.38918557

curious to see whats its like ive never really bothered to talk to her. and the fangame translation has been sort of fixed here and there chen shit talks reimu for not knowing what is a popular meme but that got a chuckle out of me

>> No.38918588

I think I made a deal with the devil. I got Shinmyoumaru to give me a giant cock but now that its faded I'm left with a tiny shota cock. How do I go back to my average size without biting the dust?

>> No.38918592

talk to the gods

>> No.38918604

Thanks! Time to go steal the worlds smallest pair of panties

>> No.38919490
File: 312 KB, 500x550, am I baka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only played TW with a regular dick. Is there some benefit or other dialogue if you pick one of the other dick options?

>> No.38919839

If you get a big cock you will need to level up V and A sensibility before penetrating
but yeah mostly text change

>> No.38919934

also it's easier to get orgasm with a big cock

>> No.38919954

Though smaller girls will suffer with I unless you get a certain skill or manage to make them lubed up enough for it
Imo not worth the effort

>> No.38920087

The cable train seems like the perfect scenario for that fetish of molesting people in it.
I'm surprised the japanese devs didn't include that in.

>> No.38920223

its used to make dates more romantic, i like to imagine hugging and holding hands with my lover while we just stare at the scenery

>> No.38920926

I got a request from Sakuya to deliver provisions to Meiling, but I can't seem to find anyway to deliver them. I recently caught Sakuya masturbating at night, is that causing some kind of interference?

>> No.38920973

You must do it while she's still "working" at the main gate, once she's done it's impossible to do it that day. Iirc you got 6-12 am.

>> No.38921097

Damn, thought so.

On another note, why is Lunasa so damn horny. 3/4 night events I've gotten at SDM are her.

>> No.38921167
File: 2.46 MB, 1600x1900, bed6f23a8d4c3256f784e5f0e99f9e69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3/4 night events I've gotten at SDM are her.
Once you witness her mashing it, she cancels that action, and keeps the sexual frustration. I guess she just got unlucky in a way that you get the prompt often but she's propably the only one with 100%. I did this with Youmu and kept the poor dearie unable to touch herself for two weeks, visiting her every day from outside the map.

>> No.38921460

Hey, TW newbie here, Having a blast with the game so far. I just can't wrap my head around the character creation. All options characters have are there regardless of the gender I choose and I'd rather not get into any weird kinky shit later on, should I be worried?

>> No.38921483

You can cheat and edit things out later if you have to. For now just check the descriptions you get from hovering over the tags, but play whatever way you want. I think the most extreme things are futa and butt stuff on the player if you want that. Optional and you must initiate them.

>> No.38921511

Gotcha, thanks Anon.

>> No.38921609

Chikan would work better if the 2hus used it more as the main way of getting to the human village. The idea I'm having is how eraJK implemented it, with the 25 minute train trip between your home area (and most student NPCs that don't live in the school dorms) and the school area.

In eraJK, if someone has the Molester trait (settings configurable to allow anyone to do so) and was present on the train platform in either the school or home area when you took it to cross between the two, the game calculates the 'chance' of you being molested by them (or more, can get molested by multiple people with the trait or everyone at the same time) every minute of the train trip, which then takes you into a special interaction phase where for every minute (counts as 1 action for each person involved) of the train trip remaining to the destination or if you successfully run away after making enough of a commotion, you can either just endure it, 'weakly resist' (raises commotion slowly), or try to find/identify the molester so that you can either then egg them on instead or cause even more faster commotion build up. If commotion is high enough they can stop on their own, otherwise if it continues it can lead to penetration (tools or no). The chance of being molested can be raised or reduced with game settings as well. As far as I can tell you can't be the molester though (never tried slapping the Molester trait on myself). You can avoid getting molested if you take the train while no one is around with the Molester trait.

In TW, unless they do this or have a more meaningful way of having characters converging on certain entry ways (like the Human Village Gate), the only way I can see them try to replicate this is if on the cable car you either find a random mob character to molest (or vice versa), or totally random in the sense of 'you took the cable car and happen to find x on it', unless there is a 2hu in the cable car entrance you were at. TW is made to be more vanilla and less rapey in mind (unlike getting molested in eraJK), so I can only see them implementing this as another way to find mob characters or as another dating/lovey dovey interaction, or maybe even as a way to level Exposure if you're banging away on one.

>> No.38922412

Does anyone have a better special dish than Sakuya? The TSP regen is so good.

>> No.38923162
File: 40 KB, 1200x689, cheenieweenie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shoot, don't know why I didn't think of that.

I'm still trying to translate Chen's lines for the fun of it, and I really hope I got her confession right because this is adorable.

>> No.38923409
File: 382 KB, 700x700, 1638577956895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just don't get caught with panties or you WILL get rotors shoved up your butt. Time stop is your friend.

>> No.38924049

How do I git gud at K?

>> No.38924122
File: 56 KB, 227x238, 1640962111887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get along with pic related and let her carry you.

>> No.38924132

Hard mode: git gud
Easy mode: click the starts in the options menu

>> No.38924172
File: 709 KB, 1466x890, 3733a62a225cbc2ad618083a2e7d8556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thread started 3 days 5 hours ago
This is getting stupid

>> No.38924192

Increase the bump limit to 750 like on every other normal board. jaypee is full of generals anyway.

>> No.38924255

Bad idea and I won't spoil why
You'll see it for yourself

>> No.38924278

I feel like these threads have been more productive than the ones in 8ch

>> No.38924387

Define productive.

>> No.38924485

we could move to /trash/ but these threads are actually on topic and have higher quality touhou discussion than most

>> No.38924548

TERRIBLE idea, please don't.

>> No.38924583

there's not much point in using an imageboard that doesn't have images working

>> No.38924611
File: 163 KB, 1200x1200, FJJej5qacAU279Y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enma here, I'l allow it.

>> No.38924630

I'm neither posting nor lurking there, of course they get shafted :^)

>> No.38924634

hi greetings from /v/
how do I play eraMegaten on android

>> No.38924752

You don't.

>> No.38924759

buy a real computer

>> No.38924826

I'm too much of a moralfag to rape 2hus

>> No.38924841

I don't understand the mechanics of dating. I'm always told that I failed.

>> No.38924858

You're not meant to succeed on the first date, the score improves as your relationship with the girl improves.

>> No.38924885

The 'failure' is for two actions, 1 being her giving you her first kiss and 2 being her confessing love. If she doesn't love you you can be sure it will fail. Doesn't make the date bad or anything.

>> No.38925029

>it's so massive the loop becomes endless and you'd have to wait several years irl for it to finish, probably
That's hilarious.

>> No.38925047

It's like a checkmark on how much favor(I think?) it's necessary to trigger special dialogue/flags for the next step of the relationship.
You don't have to necessarily go through them to advance the status between you two but it's still nice to see what dialogue it has to offer.

>> No.38925076
File: 164 KB, 500x300, 1635584404894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you even need more TSP for?

>> No.38925093

Commodity of not wasting time moving around
Sake brewing
If you waste a day just doing fetch quests, your TP is almost nearly gone

>> No.38925096
File: 119 KB, 889x471, casual talking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know it's propably unintended, but the idea that they're casually talking to each other or fighting as they're mercilessy milking a man to near death is pretty funny.

>> No.38925117

1) Gather all 2hus, pilfer
2) Do a trip around the entire Gensokyo, pilfer
3) Spend leftover on foraging/logging/etc
4) Recover TSP, have a few thousand for emergencies
It's really simple.

>> No.38925130

Like what?

>> No.38925155

Slip out needs 500 TSP iirc, sake bug also needs some, maybe I'll need to clean the place to farm abnormal cleaning before I crash. Also you can now eat and cook in TSP too. It has some uses.

>> No.38925161

Like if you get pushed down by a sadistic 2hu that you don't want to lose your virginity to. Or don't want to impregnate and it's her dangerous day. Or if you find someone who wakes up later than most and she's got unique panties.

>> No.38925170

It's funny, because the more you play and bond with the girls the more you can't bring yourself to molest them, but since the porn elements are there you feel compelled to do it anyways. You really have to try hard to find a girl you can turn into your fuck pet without feeling bad about it.

>> No.38925193

Then there's Akyuu which you rape then you spend enough time to regret all your life decisions so far and erase your life to atone for your sins

>> No.38925207
File: 150 KB, 1892x2182, 1641053430656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's been so long since Reisen became my lover that I forgot I time stop raped her in the beginning for some reason until I checked her body stats.

>> No.38925216

How could you? You monster.

>> No.38925222

>implying thats where the main threads are

>> No.38925343

prolikewhoa threads are dogshit though, full of megaten "discussions" most of the time. I got beaned after some local "smarter than thou" shitposter got told so hard he had to go cry to jannies, hilarious. Left that shithole without any regrets afterwards.

>> No.38925391

I fail to see the problem, not all threads need to survive for a month.

>> No.38925487

It's not exactly favor, it's called Date Score and it's made up of a bunch of things like moving around together, eating together, giving gifts, etc. An older version of the game used to show the value and threshold for success at the end of the date, but it was kinda annoying having it shoved in your face so only the result was left.

>> No.38925497

I should check up on sake brewing more often, it's pretty good for making some money.

Moving everywhere to pilfer gets boring after a while, also the higher achievements require so many panties I don't bother anymore.
I forgot I could forage and log during timestop though, thanks for that tip.

Is farming abnormal cleaning good? I thought it could have some bad secondary effects.

>> No.38925500

It still does that if you're on dev branch. It's part of qol.

>> No.38925510

Cleaning addiction is good, it lets you clean locations thoroughly even if you're resistant to smell (which lowers the upper threshold for cleaning).
You can also use TSP for helping cooking characters with their job for easy cooking exp. Perhaps even help Reisen with her mixing or Eirin, if that's possible.

>> No.38925698

Why does cooking eat up my TSP? Is there an option I can't find somewhere?

>> No.38925733

>I forgot I could forage and log during timestop
How can anyone even survive logging without timestop. I try doing that and I pass out after one tree.

>> No.38925745

I've simply never tried logging yet.

>> No.38925778


>> No.38925891 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 605 KB, 1440x959, 1646946127636.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.38925935

I have been trying to apologize for weeks, and it's finally over. How do you apologize better, do I need to grind my speech stat?

>> No.38925945
File: 6 KB, 657x139, apologies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38925957

Wrong thread, lazy oni.

>> No.38926076
File: 53 KB, 1072x828, Combat S rank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit a virgin oni.

>> No.38926079

I pretty much hamfisted my logging without realizing you could use TSP
Passed out every time

>> No.38926123

All her suitors died before they could get to bed with her.

>> No.38926154

Probably, but one of them still got her first kiss before dying I guess.

>> No.38926169

Oni aren't virgins without good reason. It's a red flag. Run before its too late.

>> No.38926209
File: 8 KB, 745x230, 1v1mefaget.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Run before its too late
Fuck this.
She is done for.

>> No.38926236
File: 4 KB, 529x150, lol lmao.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So much for the so called oni power level.

>> No.38926302

Hey don't discriminate against NEET onis!

>> No.38926333

Could anyone improve the oni virginity rate just a little bit? Like a 10-15%

>> No.38926384
File: 563 KB, 1054x1741, 1616473520268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38926455

Damn, what cheat item did you use?

>> No.38926487

None, I just have good grazing, full spirit power and lvl5 combat rank like her.

>> No.38926500

I assume you get full spirit power the same way as good grazing, so I guess I need to go beat up more girls.

>> No.38926542
File: 1 KB, 568x20, woah there.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never seen someone with panties like that

>> No.38926556

>good grazing, full spirit power
How does this work? I just beat up girls every day for training and I thought that was it?

>> No.38926612

I think they nerfed cum output at some point because I can't abuse group sex to fill up several girls at once anymore

>> No.38926640

They get extra sets just for you once you get them lewd enough, or through love. This is how you can get the 2k unique panties, by default you're capable of only finding around 1800.

>> No.38926673

That's the only use for characters with no dialogue.

>> No.38926679

>good grazing
Win at Danmaku against more than 25 people.
>full spirit power
Win at Danmaku against more than 75 people.

>> No.38926735

Thanks, I forgot to check the achievements in a while.

>> No.38927206

That's rude.

>> No.38927710

They'd speak up if they wanted to be treated like a normal character.