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I don't like this. This makes me sad.

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Don't worry, OP.

I'm going to count the seconds until she stops blinking.
It's all terribly scientific.

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These pictures are the worst. Why was this necessary?

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This is even sadder.

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Once you've seen an image so many times, it's hard to feel any emotional reaction whatsoever.

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Nothing sad about beheading. It's a great fun for everyone.

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What is it from?

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I found these images amusing when I first saw them, but, the more I look at them, the more I hate them.

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meh, boring at most unless your into guro, but its not my cup of tea

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A horrid imagination.

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aw :( shame, if it was from some VN or something I'd have been very interested

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Only faggots hate Depth Bomb.

See the comments for any of his images on danbooru.

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OH GOD, the cute, it burns... ;_;

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What a waste of a good pillory.

They should get rid of the guillotine and just get a conga line of faceless men to rape her while she's defenseless.

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I don't hate him. His images can be good. This is fine. But why is it necessary to behead and punch some of them? Maybe it's the lack of context.

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why the hands too?

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>But why is it necessary to behead and punch some of them?
Why not.

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Because the idiot confused the stocks with a guillotine.

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When did this board become guro/general?

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Ah, I was also wondering about the hands, but that makes sense.

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>Nitori gets de-kappa-tated.jpg

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surprise buttsecks

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