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Uh, so apparently tonberryking has a girlfriend now. WTF? http://kojioe.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/probably-going-to-setsucon-and-the-end-of-2d/

It won't fucking last.

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You already told us.
Fack off.

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sup tonberryking

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anything to keep him off here is welcome.

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Yeah, we know. Her name is Nene.

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Haha oh wow.

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Apparently this is his girlfriend's blog, but I haven't found any images.


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Get out, bumping samefag.

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/jp/ - Your blog for shit we never cared about even pre-/a/-split


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tonberryking was always one of my favorite tripfags from old /a/.

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Man, he really had to use a Kamina/Yoko picture?

Anyways, it isn't really a big deal to get a girlfriend, whoopie do. Keep it to your blog, I really don't think anyone gives a shit here.

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Old /a/? You're fucking kidding right?

zer0kage is old. tonberryking is relatively new.

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I kinda do since I've never been able to get one. Btw what's wrong with Kamina?

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Zer0kage? I fucking hated that guy. Me and him go way back from our Gamefaqs anime board days. Him and I are relatively the same.

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Suck my dick, you pathetic faggot.

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Wow, why are you guys so jealous about this? It might not even be true.

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His life ended tragically after he was run over by a glacier.

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we don't give a fuck

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Oh, there isn't anything wrong with him, it's just tonberryking using that image is a shame. ('A`)    

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>How many barrels of lard does she weigh?

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>I have leveled up. No more 2D bishoujo for me. Bitches and Whores is no more. 3D isn’t so bad

hahahaha owow

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The only old tripfriends I remember from old-old /a/ is AoG and fuck, I cant remember his name. Cid something. Oh, Jamescid.

I was on /a/ before Tonberryking started posting yet I don't recall any user by the name of zer0kage. Did he post under any other identities? I guess he must be before my time.

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I remember when we all were tonberrykings

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>tripfag thread

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zer0kage went on /a/ and /v/ I think. He had an obsession with "icy girls" and would never stop posting about it. He was pretty much hated by the whole 4chan community, and disappeared.

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He was that guy who liked Blanc Neige. A lot.

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You used to be cool.

Oh wait, no you didn't.

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He was the same way on Gamefaqs as well which was 2000 ish.

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Oh of course, GameFAQs - Anime and Manga OT.

That's why your name sounded so familiar; I saw you on there a number of times a while back. Board is full of casuals and normalfags. Probably one of the sources of newbie VN fans who come here posting recommendations threads and other shit threads.

That board likes to circle jerk to named users more than tripfags do here. It's like the most active users have a little secret club going there.

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Is this an old-old /a/ and old /a/ reunion?

If enough of us gather on /jp/ we can turn /jp/ into pre-split /a/. Who's with me?

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Don't be silly

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stop bumping this shit

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Guys, guys, you're slipping.
Thread is supposed to be filled with
>tonberryking !vzc9TxEtRo

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I was never noticed on Gamefaqs though. Now that I think about it my username turns 10 soon on those boards.

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Why have you forsaken us, mods?

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Zerokage was fine with me. All he did was post his waifus anyways. And it would be hard to argue that the Rika tripfriends are any different from Zerokage.

But honestly I've never really payed attention to the later /a/ tripfriends like Tonberry and Cirno. Well, once I successfully compared Gurren Lagann to Gaogaigar and it made Cirno buttmad for 200 posts. But that was the most interaction I had with him.

And I remember always requesting porns of JamesCID and unnes, but they turned out to be normalbroskies. Actually, a lot of the /a/ (trip) users turned out to be one.

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Say what you want about Tonberryking, but at least the man has guts. I always knew out of all the tripfriends he'd be the first to get laid.

He stands by what he says and isn't ashamed of it. Think of all the tripfriends that stopped posting with their tripcodes because they were ashamed of all the mistakes they made in the past.

Tripcoders like Jones and ZUN!bar are dimes a dozen. I give them both 2 more years before they go Anon on us.

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>I always knew out of all the tripfriends he'd be the first to get laid.
Jones and Eski aren't virgins, they're dirty normalfriends.

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I have a girlfriend too. Her name is Tenga.

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true neets don't tripcode. /thread

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I didn't know you were really from old /a/. I really thought you discovered 4chan in 2008 when /jp/ was made (and was just lying about being here before that). I guess I was wrong.

Being an ex-tripfriend myself I know that users don't just randomly decide to become a tripfriend after years of being Anonymous. You must have been a different tripcoder back on old-/a/. Tell me who you were. Also, tell me why you stopped using your old identity.

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>he'd be the first to get laid
Of course he would, this guy was a normalbro from the very beginning.

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Of course I fucking was. I just like anime and Japanese a lot. I hope I can watch my 300th show before the year is up.

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>>I know that users don't just randomly decide to become a tripfriend after years of being Anonymous

I did, but it was mostly because "Anonymous" started being associated with other things thanks to /b/. Post as an Anon sort of annoyed me around then.

Plus when /jp/ was made an Anon made a thread begging people to "stop making Touhou-related trips". Reverse psychology always works on me.

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Please do not kill yourself.

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I hope you never stop posting.

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Please don't come over to my house and allow me to film you and Anon Jones having sex. That would be terrible :(

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Too predictable.
Direct psychology always works on anonymi.

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I read these posts before reading ZUN's post and went "Aww, Anonymous is being ZUNdere." Then I read ZUN's post and laughed.

Not true. I started using a trip when I felt anonymity associated me with stupidity I didn't want to be a part of. I stopped using one partially because I got tired of playing in "Hard mode" and just wanted to take it easy while posting, without having to worry about random statements I say being used to pick fights with me months later (which ultimately derails threads into crap). Also because I felt using a trip wasn't that special anymore (case in point: /a/'s current trippers) and pointless.

You're that guy who posts on the ghostboard, won't tell us who you were on old /a/ and that assumes that every single trip user uses a name for the exact same reasons as you aren't you?

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>and that assumes that every single trip user uses a name for the exact same reasons as you aren't you?
More or less, yes.

I thought someone from the ghost board might notice me if I posted that. You have a good eye for spotting my post. I would expect nothing less from you.

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You are a true Bro.

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I don't give a fuck.

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Some tripfags from /a/ just before the split really got on my nerves. People like Cirno and 40% had the ability to derail threads just by posting in them, and they posted in EVERY thread. The Taiga/Lance Jack bullshit was the final nail in the coffin.

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Yeah, Taiga is one reason I really dislike /a/ and why I just don't come here anymore. Besides, I like blogging more anyway. My trolling days have long been over.

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I can't believe the sheer amount of replies in this thread.

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You were there during the Taiga/Lance period? The last era of tripfriends we /jp/ers saw was the Cirno era. What were you doing on /a/ during that time?

Also, what do you have against Cirno? He was the last good tripfriend of /a/. If anything, he only derails threads with his reputation of being a good user. Not many tripfriends can do that.

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I saw that thread where you were basically begging her to go out with you. You're just mad she turned you down for that Lance Jack guy.

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Hi tonberry!

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I just had sex....

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People thought I was fucking Cirno. Hell, people fucking think I'm Taiga. Wtf?

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>People thought I was fucking Cirno.
Who was top?

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Get out, tonberrydevs.

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I already vomited just from imagining your girlfriend

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I don't get it.



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And Im proud to be one!

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hi gusy m i late???

"Nothing can save you from me! I am invincible! I am doom itself!" -DONALD DUCK

You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

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>What were you doing on /a/ during that time?

I waited to see if it would get better. It didn't.

>If anything, he only derails threads with his reputation of being a good user.

He would become the center of attention of every thread, and as someone who has never been the center of attention of anything, ever, that got on my nerves. I don't deny that he was a quality poster.

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Im proud of you having your girlfriend and have a better life of you two!

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tonberryking is a huge faggot but he is living the life he wants and is no shutinfag or NEET.

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eheheehe ♥♥

"Nothing can save you from me! I am invincible! I am doom itself!" -DONALD DUCK

You're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!

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Why are we having this thread? Aren't we better than this, /jp/?

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Great thread faggots.


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I like the little facade your making Jones. I guess you learned from your past mistakes that hanging out with unpopular kids also makes you unpopular. In truth, you want to talk to Tonberryking but at the same time you don't want to be associated with his negative reputation.

And here I was thinking you didn't care what others thought about you.

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>tonberryking !vzc9TxEtRo

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Nope, i guess this really is the worst board on 4chan.

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tonberryking is a tremendous faggot. Oh, and this thread is absolute shit.

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I know what will get this thread deleted faster!

Flood the thread with Yami pictures!

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Maybe we can convince the mods that the OP's link leads to CP so they'll delete the thread.

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>Why are we having this thread? Aren't we better than this, /jp/?
Better than what? All I see is a bunch of pre-split /jp/ers reminiscing about old /a/. I don't see any problem with that - lighten up. I've always regarded you as one of the better tripfriends of /jp/, but if something like this bothers you then you need to take it easy.

Now if this thread stayed on the topic of Tonberry's blog faggotry then I would agree with you.

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The mods hate /jp/. they will not delete this thread.

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I smell jealousy.
Which means you don't belong here either, get the fuck out.

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I get banned for posting nsfw images of Otome Function and this blog shit stays up. Fuck you mods.

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This can only be two things.

1. KoGs feeling left out because no one brought him up during this reflection of post pre-split /a/ users.
2. Some other tripfriend that got here in 2008 and feels left out because we were reflecting on things before his time.

Either way, it doesn't really matter since the conversation had already ended successfully. Have a good one mystery man.