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Best ZUN art yet.

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That isn't Hina.

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sup secondary shit

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Why are the shoes so badly drawn in all of the ZUN art?

Seriously, he puts some serious attention to detail on practically every aspect of his art--and then spends 20 seconds drawing the shoes.

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This thread.

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>Seriously, he puts some serious attention to detail on practically every aspect of his art

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That's not Shou

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is dis sum female inuyasha??

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Mokou's feet look fine. You should've posted PCB Yukari or IN Wriggle.

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Speaking of art... has anyone seen any pictures of Cirno in spandex, or latex? It came up in a discussion that I had, and I have been on a search ever since.

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Her shirt is so dirty.

She is a child of the working classes.

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I have checked various places ranging from Danbooru to Pixiv. Does anyone have any advice as to what my next possible step might be to find a picture of this?

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Should I even consider trying to contact an artist to give them the idea/pay them to do such a thing?

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This has a few http://www.pixiv.net/search.php?word=スパッツ+チルノ&s_mode=s_tag

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Is..that the frog from Rocko's Modern Life!?

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I'll just leave this here.

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can't unsee

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Wow, thank you. That truly makes my day. I guess I didn't really think of searching for leggings.

I guess I was thinking more along the lines of a full bright blue rubber suit, but I shall keep looking.

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You may already do this, but a fast method of finding japanese tags is to find what sort of thing you want on danbooru, then hop over to its pixiv source and see what tags it has. And try several because pixiv artists all tag differently.