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I finally managed to clear SA's Extra stage. Koishi's spells are quite difficult to get used to, but still, one of my favourite Extra stages. I might unlock it with MarisaB to see how she performs in it.
What are you trying to clear these days?

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Probably gonna try SA Normal just to have a 1cc in all 18 games. Haven't started yet but from what I keep hearing i'll probably be using ReimuC.

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I think you mean ReimuA. That's the most commonly used shot in SA. Good damage and decent bombs.

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I'm aware of ReimuA commonly cited as the SA shot to use but it looks boring and I prefer to press X. If it's that bad i'll switch.

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ReimuC is great for x pressing, and you can skip the midboss in the extra stage with just 1 bomb

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Been optimizing Stage 2/3 routes in UFO lately. By now I think I have fairly good routes to try full game runs but honestly just practicing the game is draining so I don't get to play as much as I probably should. I just want to get those stages out of the way as consistently as possible because UFO early game is tedious as hell

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Playing PCB normal. After reimu A+B and sakuya A I'm now trying to clear sakuya B, but the hardest challenge is proving to be getting a good night's sleep so I can stop losing focus every run at some point between the fourth and fifth stages.

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a few days ago i 1CC'd eosd normal with reimuA, now i'm trying to 1CC pcb normal ... also with reimuA

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Reimu A is good for stages but lacks in damage, especially if only the homing amulets are connecting. Do not rely on them, they are supplementary, get used to tracking the boss with your shot properly. If you have anyways been doing that then go do Reimu B too

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How are you supposed to dodge Meiling's rainbow spiral garbage in eosc? Messes me up each time

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Which one? She has multiple attacks with rainbow shit

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Trying to 1cc Eosd. Can usually get to stage 4 without losing a life on a good day, but everything start to falls apart with Patchouli
Every once in a while I manage to get to Remilia without a continue

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This one, specifically. Rainbow windchime. I can easily dodge by moving to the side, but when the second batch comes, It seems like a matter of moving without touching anything. Is this just a moment I have to get good at passing?

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It's Lunatic right? At any rate, it's just straightforward micrododging at the bottom. I'm not sure if it's fully static but even if it is it doesn't really need any special routing. Just staying ever so slightly to the right of the bottom center is almost completely safe, the only real part that needs some more movement is that short lane that goes to the right and then to the left again. What exactly are you trying to do?

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Would anybody be kind enough to give advice to a hardshitter trying to 1CC SA on Lunatic with ReimuC? I have made it to stage 5 quite a few times but now I feel like I'm stagnating. I don't think I'll get anywhere bashing my head against the wall. This is probably my best run so far
Please and thank you

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seriously learn routes for bosses. sa is kinda generous with [P] so it's not the worst if you bomb in the early game, but when you have to bomb the first spell card of the stage 1 mid boss you just know it's gonna be a serious problem later on.
there's some cards you could have lived if you had actually had a decent amount of power. speaking of which there are tons of cards/non-spells that are perfectly routable and yet your strat consisted of dropping 2 bombs on top of the boss and hope for the best (i.e. hoping there's enough [P] for another bomb) right after, satori fight probably being the biggest offender. it becomes even more important in the endgame when you actually need bombs because the stage becomes too annoying and you only have like 0.5 power left.
good bomb usage is mandatory in most lunatic runs that don't abuse meme mechanics or shot types, and good bomb usage is more about smart resource management rather than just being able to press the button X out of panic.

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Like the other anon said you should practice your routes better, some of the weekly spellcard videos might help.
Also memorize more spawn points, those blue bullet-shooting orbs from stage 3 always follow the same order and can be shut down leaving you with only the lasers to deal with, similarly, the stage 5 orbs after the title drop do the same, destroy the one on the left, wait for the next one to spawn on the middle, then go right, and after that you can just dispose of them as they come by. No shame in bombing Yamame's first non though, it's kinda shitty on lunatic.

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Im trying to clear eosd extra and its such fucking torture. I hate having to play a dogshit stage before a hard boss that if i fuck up even once i should just start over. I've been trying for like 6 hours and its just sucking all the fun out of the game.

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What parts are you struggling with? I beat this stage without bombing, I might be able to help

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I'm too stubborn to look up how people navigate patterns or ask for help. but fuck if this isnt a hard wall to bang against

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Get thprac and practice the specific bits that trouble you, that way you won't have to replay the whole stage for a chance to practice the fight.

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For normal and hard mode i just go with the flow of it near the centre of the screen, falling back whenever i need space. I haven't tried it on lunatic yet.

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Shouldn't vsync be turned off as vsync introduces input lag? what's the point of vsync patch if vsync will be off anyways? is it because vsync is turned on by default before installing the patch? I'm really confused

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Alright, as I did the extra stage with Reimu B this weekend, and came up on the same issue ie. having to play through the worst stage in the game before getting to Flan, I'll chime in.
The first four lines of fairies that come out are streamable, I ended up going to just above the mid point of the screen for the first line, slowly navigating to the left as they shot, then quickly breaking to the down right and having the second lane send all their shots there. Then just side to side for the rest. Look to at least pick up the big Ps they drop. Then for the four lines of red shooting fairies, get to the top half of the screen before the first in line reaches its stopping point, the moment they stop they shoot. You want to kill them before they do that to have freedom of movement. Once all but one visible and one invisible are left in the far side move to the other side of the screen, pickup the P and kill the new fairies.
After you are done with these guys next come the ones that shoot the wavy blue ball lines. With all shoottypes other than Reimu A you can kill the first one that comes out before she can shoot all three of his waves, immediately upon killing her move to either the left or the right side and shoot the new ones that have come. All except reimu A will be able to kill the fairy before she can shoot her third line, and then you will only have to be wary of the third line of the fairy on the opposite side. The third line is the fast one btw. Alternatively, you can go down to the bottom of the screen and dodge a that comes, as you will anyways need to do that for the rest of em. The balls they shoot have very small hitboxes so dont be afraid to approach their sides. For the final fairy before patchy, reimu cant kill her before she finishes her barrage so dont worry about doing damage, focus on doging the blue lines. If at any point you have difficulty bomb, you dont need to save up bombs for flan.
On to patchy, silent selene is easy, if you stick close to her with shot types other than Reimu A you will kill her fast, but keep a heads up for the blue projectiles as they can spawn right on you. If need be fall back to the bottom half of the sceen.
Royal flare, my technique was to get through the first two spawns of lines by dodging, and then bombing the rest away.
Philosophers stone, a lot of micro dodging, bomb if you cant do it.
Then the first four lines of fairies are annoying, they are aimed but whenever i tried streaming it it didnt work, so I just dodged it by feel. Then the books, they launched two sets of attacks, one is the red dots that are dodged similarly to how you dodge the green dots right before Koakuma in stage 4, and the second are aimed lines of white dots, stream them.
Then the final fairies, just stream them but dont go to the edge of the screen. Also dont focus during this part, the wide shot is best for it and you dont need to move particularly slowly, just make sure that you can kill all of them in one travel from one side of the screen to the other.
Thats it for the stage but here is the most important piece of advice, dont fret over getting hit in it. I spent 5 hours constantly restarting the damn stage, and less than half an hour actually fighting flan. And because i would tire my self out with the stage i would end up chocking on easy to dodge spells. Flan isnt particularly difficult, get thprac up and running and test out her spells, dont be afraid to bomb in some of them. For me the golden rule was, if i could get to ripple of 495 years with at least 3 bombs I can beat her.
Seriously, dont bother restarting the stage if you don't get hit two times, just go fight flan, if i hadn't been so obsessed with getting to her with as many resources as possible I'd have beaten the damn thing in an hour tops.
And dont feel disheartened, heres an anecdote. About three hours into my attempts i had gotten to And then there where none? her second to last spell with three bombs and two extra lives, I find that spell to be ridiculously easy so i turn off my brain due to all the tiredness and furstration from the stage, and i ended up getting hit two times on it without managing to get a single bomb off! Well that woke me right up and then on ripple i managed to kill her, but just as the bullets were clearing one hit me and i failed! So dont fret about the stage, save your mental reserves for flan and you'll beat her no trouble. Also I'd recommend watching a no hit no bomb run of it, just to get a general feel for how attacks are dodged, there was one i watched, tho i ended up doing maze of love differently to the guy, he actually went round the merry-go-round while i stuck to the bottom of the screen and made tiny tiny adjustements to not get hit, so dont feel that you need to follow along all that you see and hear, get a feel for different attacks, find the best ways for you to dodge em, and dont be afraid to use bombs to clear the screen when need be.

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ZUN's janky vsync introduces massive input lag while vpatch recuses it with both enabled and disabled vsync.

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Understandable, thank you anon.

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nat but I have a different question about vsync. If I play the game with vpatch, it gets rid of the input lag but it creates a tear that goes across the screen horizontally. Is that normal?

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check vpatch.ini and try messing around with the Vsync option then. pretty sure it's set to 0 by default to reduce input delay but if the screen tear is getting too bad then you can change it

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Lunatic is exactly the same but with slightly more vertical movement, if I remember right. I don't recall having any trouble with it.

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Try ultra! It's good for you.

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Slowly going through HSiFS hard 1ccs while playing fangames on the side.

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This looks the same as normal to me.

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I have been trying to beat the Windows games in order on at least hard with all the extra/phantasm stages. Just completed PCB with MarisaB. Will try IN on Lunatic next

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Anyone knows how often are the official games on sale on melonbooks? Been a while since I've seen any available.

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There's a nip seller on ebay that has all of them new and used.

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I just beat Nue for the first time. How hard is she actually supposed to be? It was hardest one for me yet.

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I've only gotten to her 6th or 7th spellcard, but from what I've heard the extra stage itself is absurdly difficulty while Nue herself is one of the easier extra bosses. Fuck Kogasa.

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Is there any sort of pattern or trick against Satori's Extending Arm? I can't seem to ever read the laser's trajectory.

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>but from what I've heard the extra stage itself is absurdly difficulty while Nue herself is one of the easier extra bosses. Fuck Kogasa.
Okay, I'm not crazy then. Besides Darkness, I wouldn't find Nue too hard. Indeed fuck Kogasa. I just bomb all three of her spellcards. The only one I can do sometimes is her 3rd one.

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>fuck Kogasa. I just bomb all three of her spellcards
Same. Bullets coming from the side is the most shit, because you can be tricked into thinking it is fine since it isn't dense at all, but they always get you when you don't expect it

Nue herself is pretty easy tho, especially with SanaeB

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Sanae B is good for the stage too. I unlocked Marisa as well and the stage was bullshit hard.

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what game

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The one with Utsuho (aka Okuu) on it.

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Forget I asked.

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Do any windows 7 users here notice the frame rate randomly dropping on any of the newer games (13 and onward)? Every time I play one of them the framerate will drop to 59 or 58 FPS for a second every once in a while. It doesn't have any significant impact on the slowrate (except LoLK, DDC, and ISC but I'll get to that in a bit) but it still triggers my autism. At first I thought it was just my PC but then I tried the game on a laptop that also has windows 7 and I noticed the same thing happening on those same games. I don't recall this ever happening when I use to be on windows 10.
Also, going back to LoLK, DDC and ISC, framedrops will appear on replays but the slowrate always comes up as 0.00%. Has anybody else experienced this? They're the only three games that give me this problem

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I keep getting tilted in early UM, I hate getting hit early which just makes it easier to fuck up again. Just wanted to vent.
Also is it normal that Michael doesn't sell her own card? I usually buy it because rest of her inventory is rarely good, so I'm wondering if if happens if you buy a certain card often or it's just random.

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You're probably experiencing the bug whereby if you restart a run without going back to the main menu, any cards you've bough in the previous run(s) won't appear in shops. Otherwise, all the bosses should always sell their own cards, unless you're already holding them.

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Thanks for the info, it must have been that.

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Are you using a 4k monitor or playing high resolutions? The old games chug hard for me without the vsync patch.
Also there's a really obscure rounding error in Win7 where your monitor refresh rate isn't actually 60 but 59.99, and you can fix it by going into your graphics driver settings and forcing a custom resolution profile and setting refresh rate to 60.01

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Does a solo character run in IN only counted if I never use the alternate character at all until the run ends or just end the run with 100%?

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No, solo characters are separate shots from the teams. I think you unlock them by beating Kaguya with all 4 teams.

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SA Mod?

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It's the Grimoires isn't it.

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I typically play the games at 1280x960 in fullscreen mode. If I play them at 960x720 in windowed mode, it still happens but not as frequently, idk why

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Just play them at 640x480 fullscreen and let the monitor take care of the scaling.

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How do you get over Reimu A's garbage damage in 6 and 7? Is Reimu B any better or should I just be satisfied that I one CCd with Marisa?

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needles reimu is pretty much always a very strong shot type. homing is cool in stages but it doesn't really do much against most boss patterns

>> No.38742432

Play those shots first so the other shots being better don't make ReimuA feel like unplayably slow. I only did a proper 1cc of 6,7 and 8's homing shot Reimu months after I originally beat the game so I had time to forget how dogshit low her damage was.

>> No.38742817

How exactly does Lunatic midboss Nueball work? Her attacks feel static until they aren't, I can't really find a consistent route so I try to react and hope for the best. It's not exactly super hard but it's incredibly punishing when you fuck up so I want to be more consistent at it. Is there a common strat against it?

>> No.38743048

I dont mind the low damage shots but even the bomb has not only garbage damage, but can't even clear the screen properly. Meanwhile Mastah Spaku is a literal skip button or at least can delete the bullets on screen that is broken enough that they nerf it to only two bombs in PCB, but her bomb and shot type being good makes up for it.

>> No.38748227

They are static but randomly rotated
A lot of people do it differently but ive found it best to be near the left corner for the blue waves and the right corner for the red waves

>> No.38752698

Huh, seems to be working pretty consistently for me too.
Thanks for the tip anon. Are red waves just reflected variants of blue waves or something?

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nta but I'm on a laptop so I only have GPU scaling available (nvidia control panel) i just play 1280x960 windowed otherwise I try to use "no scaling" as other options don't look as sharp not sure why. Are there any other solutions for this? (i considered getting an actual monitor for a while now as 15inch laptop is starting hurt my eyes)

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Got lucky tonight, I was considering switching to Reimu. Byakuren's card is a godsent.

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The picture is always gonna look slightly blurry on fullscreen unless your screen or gpu happens to have an option for using nearest neigbor scaling instead of the usual bilinear (most won't), but you get used to it quickly and it's the only way to have the best possible smoothness and input lag.

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You made it yourself?

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What difficulty settings? Pic related happened to me earlier

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Reimu B Normal, I have a bad habit of not bombing

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just dodge the bullets anon move left right

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Anyone else have trouble getting into post SA touhou games. I was able to 1cc 12-14 but can't bring myself to do the extra stages or play LoLK or the ones after.

>> No.38776284

I feel like that with 16

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PoFV and SA are the only games I haven't been able to get into. I got some 1ccs in them but have no desire to play them afterwards or do their extras. Every other game is at least fun enough to make me want to replay it somewhere down the line.

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LoLK is fucking abysmal, I thought SA was hard back in the day holy shit.

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>havent played touhou in actual years
>pick up LoLK
>play on Normal
>Sagume kicks my ass in
>"I'm out of practice, let's try Easy for a bit"
>Sagume kicks my ass in

Was ZUN sober when he made this game?

>> No.38780645

He was in a really good or a really bad mood

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He mentions in the omake he was inspired by "I wanna be the Guy", so considering that game I'll assume he was in a really bad mood.

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Anyone ever try playing Touhou on a bigger monitor? I used to play on a laptop with a 15.6" screen, but recently I tried playing WBaWC with a 27" monitor and PC I just built. Couldn't decide if having a giant monitor made the game easier or harder. On one hand, it was easier to spot gaps between the bullets. On the other hand, it was harder to keep track of everything on such a big screen. The paranoia of not seeing a bullet coming at me definitely made me panic-bomb more than I should've.

>> No.38785477

Windowed mode solves this issue

>> No.38792306

I want to beat up ZUN until he forgets how to code bullets that come from the sides of the screen and move horizontally.

>> No.38792321

>bullets that come from the sides of the screen and move horizontally.
What do you have against them

>> No.38792415

Why is Sakuya so weak when Yuyuko is literally the same thing? Obviously it's the way it is coded, but I wonder what is the logic behind it.

>> No.38792464

Maybe Sakuya wouldn't be so bad if she could bypass familiars like Yuyuko can

>> No.38793827

how about curvy lasers that come from the sides and move horizontally, aren't those the best?

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On the 13th of January I did my first 1cc clear (EoSD)
And now, about a month and a half later, I've 1cc'd every Windows mainline game on Normal (except for 15, which was with PD) and beaten every Extra Stage (+ PCB Phantasm)
I was struggling hard in the beginning, but after that first 1cc clear it just started rolling
Was hardstuck on 11 for a while, which was to be expected
But aside from that everything went by pretty quickly
11's Extra Stage was also the hardest by a longshot, in the end I captured Sanae's first Spell Card over 100 times lol
Just wanted to share my achievements thus far and ngl I'm pretty proud of myself...
I've got a long way to go before I actually get good, but you have to start somewhere
Probably gonna play 6, 7 or 8 on Hard next
Thanks for reading my blog lole

>> No.38795437

Damn, that's pretty impressive. At that rate, I'm sure Hard won't give you much trouble.
What sort of practice routine did you use, if any?

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Is clearing a game with all characters without 1CCing them is a good enough cope to move to another game?

>> No.38795452

Nope, you HAVE to 1CC on Normal or higher at the bare minimum. You don't have to do it with all shot types, but you HAVE to at least get a 1CC, even if you literally end the game with no lives and no bombs left

>> No.38795728

I'm not sure if you can call it practice, but after I died on something which I had no idea how to do I would look up a video of a run and skip to the part where I messed up and examine what the player does to get through it
Aside from that not much else really, never messed around with those practice patches or whatever where you can attempt any Spell Card without having to play through the game

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>On the 13th of January I did my first 1cc clear (EoSD)
>And now, about a month and a half later, I've 1cc'd every Windows mainline game on Normal (except for 15, which was with PD) and beaten every Extra Stage (+ PCB Phantasm)
Oh wow coo-
>I would look up a video of a run

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Very shamefur dispray

>> No.38797927

Only for PoFV because you unlock everything by just clearing the game with continues or not and it's just not fun in general.

>> No.38798028

You probably should. Touhou has never had very good practice options outside of the one or two that have spellcard practice.

Whine more. Even arcade shmup players exchange videos and information. And you still have to actually execute on that information.

>> No.38798779

>And you still have to actually execute on that information.
Lol Trembling Shivering Star? Just zig zag bro! You Grow Bigger? Just dont hit knives and kunais lol, easy! Ghost Sinker Ghost? Just move in circle what's so hard? - Gameplay watchers who never play before

>> No.38804812

just watched a perfect run of lolk lunatic legacy mode gonna go beat it real quick brb

>> No.38805195

watch a run that bombs everything and you'll realize it is within your capabilities

>> No.38805965

Do whatever you want. If you want to read all the story you'll need to 1cc them, if you just want to experience the stages you can move on.

>> No.38814226

The gameplay, has it evolved?

>> No.38814229

I've found myself using similar movement patterns. It's not really about looking up a run, it's more about being able to execute it properly; not being so far out of position that you'd have to zip to other areas of the screen, and not out of rhythm. If you're trying rather than going with the flow, you need to cool it.

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>> No.38822133

Would you say Raiko + Mamizou + Saki is a good set for UM Extra?

>> No.38824334

Personally, I'd say yes only if you're using Sakuya. For the other characters, I didn't find that extra damage was enough help during Momoyo's tougher cards, so I'd replace Saki with Sumi or possibly Byakuren. Raiko and Mamizou are solid no matter what, though.

>> No.38825953

Byakuren's was great in the main game, but stronger bombs have more limited usability and I'm not sure how much difference it makes to the Raiko cooldown. I'll check Sumireko's next time.

>> No.38826375

I thought Undertale would've prepared me for touhou but oh boy was I wrong.
Beat Sans first try, but this is something else entirely.
It's hard enough to beat the games on normal, but doing in without continue? That's gotta be impossible.

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You'll get used to it. Just practice and don't give up, that's all it takes to make progress and eventually get the clear.

>> No.38826768

Which game are you trying to clear?

>> No.38826970

This reads like a troll. And if you were actually somehow able to beat Sans in one try, you should be able to sightread any spell card on Normal; aside from maybe 15, Touhou is downright glacial in comparison.

>> No.38827061

If your'e not having fun trying to 1cc it and it just becomes a grind then I'd say yeah, I used to do it anyway.

>> No.38827398

All of them, the closest 1CCs I ever almost got were PCB, EN, MoF and TD.
But the energy is lowering itself, I can't play like I used to anymore...

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Barely salvaged it

>> No.38830827

Awesome job, getting through Yumeko without bombs must've been horrible.

>> No.38831867

He probably just leveled up a lot and spammed healing items.

>> No.38832450

What's the diffrence with bomb spams?

>> No.38832524

Final B run with Team Magician feels hard asf, other than Team Border are the other teams easier?

>> No.38832713

Team Scarlet is a bit gimmicky, but their DPS is insane so you'll melt everything once you get the hang of them.

>> No.38832790

I though Malice canon has the highest DPS? How do you do it with Team Scarlet?

>> No.38832812

Malice canon is team magic only, I meant that Remilia's shot hits really hard.

>> No.38832983

Nether team is my favorite, pretty great if you get used to Youmu's shot. Stages are a cakewalk with Yuyuko's spread, and Youmu has great damage if you align her with her ghost half, her bomb deals good damage too. It's pretty similar to SA's Marisa A.

>> No.38835082

Stage 5 was definitely painful, two deaths on the post-midboss section because I refuse to skip it and two more on Yumeko. The deaths before stage 5 were the really sloppy parts though, excessive practice runs versus Yumeko have taught me that, depending on your character/shot, you either get annihilated or she lets you win.
Shinki was a good deal kinder which saved it.

>> No.38836547

Are there any general tips for lunatic mode? Any guides for retard? Fairies fuck me up even more than bosses do, by the way. Though it was always like that.

>> No.38837199

which game?
in general you have to optimize your bomb usage a lot, and for that you need to be as consistent as you can in the "easy" sections so you can figure out where you will actually need bombs. to do that you will need a fuckton of stage routing and even more experience with specific patterns.

in other words, the only tip is: practice. a lot.

>> No.38837306

>which game?
>to do that you will need a fuckton of stage routing
fuck this shit, I don't want to watch other people's replays and I'll spend eternity figuring out shit myself, I'll just install thprac to practice spellcards for now I guess and maybe someday I'll watch some replays

>> No.38839253

Depends on the game. Since you're playing EOSD, I suggest optimizing the route in stage 1 to gather at least 55-60 power by the time you reach Rumia at the end. The enemy spawns before the midboss are fixed, so use that to your advantage. Personally, I try to save my bombs until I reach stage 3, otherwise I just reset. Losing a life to Meiling is fine, after that you should be fine for a few fuck ups in stage 4 and beyond. Ideally you should reach stage 6 with 3 or 4 lives in stock and you're good to go.
If you need help with a specific part just ask.

>> No.38843828

>Depends on the game. Since you're playing EOSD, I suggest optimizing the route in stage 1 to gather at least 55-60 power by the time you reach Rumia at the end.
That kind of thing came to my mind, it really puts pressure on you when you have to be focused since stage 1.
>Personally, I try to save my bombs until I reach stage 3, otherwise I just reset.
Yeah that's obvious.
>Losing a life to Meiling is fine, after that you should be fine for a few fuck ups in stage 4 and beyond. Ideally you should reach stage 6 with 3 or 4 lives in stock and you're good to go.
I've tried playing some boss fights and most of them seem to have the same concept, just higher density, so I guess the main problem now is learning fairy spawns so they won't rape me and get more power.

>> No.38843979

Dont know if this is the right place to ask, but is the fighting games worth to buy or at least pirate? Do I need a controller or is a default laptop keyboard fine?

>> No.38844930

Laptop keyboard might not be great because of ghosting issues, but they are certainly at least playable on keyboard. As for being "worth it", they're completely different from the other games, so it's impossible to say what you'll think; you have nothing to lose by pirating them and checking them out.

>> No.38845105

Which one should I try first? There are there of them right?

>> No.38846315

>but is the fighting games worth to buy or at least pirate?
Yes, even if you don't intend to play against other people, the story mode battles have their own spellcards that you have to figure out how to beat, so it's pretty engaging as far as fighting games go. Some people can play on keyboard but imo it's kind of awkward, so I use a PS4 controller.
If you care about the story at all, you could play them all based on release, if you want to practice the ones with a community, most people play hisoutensoku, and AOCF.

>> No.38846426

You mean in general or as actual fighting games? Like, to play with other people every so often and get better at them eventually?
If you mean the former then they are alright I guess, you should probably just play them for the story but there's really not much else to them if you just want to play alone. If you do intend to play with other people then keep in mind absolutely no one plays SWR, HM or ULiL anymore in the first place.

The others have small communities too, but hisoutensoku is the most active. They are still pretty alright games though, so yeah I'd say they are at least worth pirating, and maybe buying them if you find one you really like.

>Do I need a controller or is a default laptop keyboard fine?
Not like I have any real data but at least from experience it always seemed to me more people played on keyboard than with any other controller. As long as yours doesn't have ghosting you'll be good.

>> No.38850372

Thanks people, I'll try Hisoutensoku.

>> No.38856144

I like to use marisa A because of the extra bombs desu

>> No.38856162

I usually go between the shots in the first volley and then move in a spiral around her in the next ones, there is a big opening to circle around her, at least on normal

>> No.38863314

>I suggest optimizing the route in stage 1 to gather at least 55-60 power by the time you reach Rumia at the end. The enemy spawns before the midboss are fixed, so use that to your advantage.
Are big [P] static too?
Also god, I fucking suck at switching to and from focus, I thought playing PofV for some time will teach me to do that, but it only resulted in hard switch from "always focus" to "never focus" mentality, while everyone on lunatic videos has like 0 brain delay.

>> No.38863392
File: 78 KB, 618x890, c7f20c9eba654922dce06a2c926a5051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dumb fat slut

>> No.38863509

Wait, there are no big [p]s until midboss, i'm retarded.

>> No.38864490

focus while firing helps I think, at least for me

>> No.38866406

Can someone explain to me Mokou's second Spellcard? Watching gameplays and copying excatly what they do helped me a lot, but none of them capture it in a similar way, but they all do it in a weird way? Like how do I know if I should either stream or misdirect the birds?

>> No.38866454

Start at the edge of the screen, stream the first three birds but pause when she's not shooting, then misdirect and repeat. She always shoots three waves, pauses, and repeats.

>> No.38866575

A video I watch does what you said but this guy doesnt.

>> No.38866893

It's a bit riskier but it ensures he stays below Mokou with magic team's narrow range, every other team can move around while still dealing damage so it's easier for them to make use of the whole screen.
Try what works best for you in spell practice.

>> No.38867970

I noticed MarisaC in MoF works a bit differently than IN Remilia. If you rapid tap Shift, the hakkero will stay in place as long as you don't let go of it for too long, meaning you don't have to consecutively hold focus to dodge everything, unlike Remilia where they move as soon as you release shift. Is this a bug?

>> No.38869239

I am actually going INSANE!! touhou 10 to 16 (?) all of them have the same issue of random frame drops. It isn't much, it only drops from 60 to 57fps but the stutter is very noticeable and causes frame skips or input delay. I tried with thcrap english patch, without it, tried installing vsync patch turned it on and off. Nothing seems to work. RTX2060 gpu laptop, same results playing windowed and fullscreen. Anyone know a solution for this? Maybe it has to do with nvidia settings? I'm so lost.

>> No.38872108

You mean it drops some frames in short periods of times or it just slows down to 57 fps at some point?
I have similar problem when playing fullscreen, I just alt tab to desktop and back to the game.

>> No.38872194

Try opening task manager, right clicking on the game on the list and setting its priority to High. If that helps I'll tell you a way to have it set automatically every time you open the game.

>> No.38872283

Nope, just an improvement. He does that every once in a while.

>> No.38874692

The hakkeros take too long to reset meaning you'll have to dodge for an excruciating amount of time with unfocused marisa of all things. It was better in IN where it reset the instant you left go of focus

>> No.38875453

I see. I prefer the ability to macro-dodge at full speed for a moment without ruining my setup. How often are you trying to reposition your options while in the middle of an attack? I usually set them only once or twice per stage and try to keep them there.

>> No.38875676

I don't see why you would want to reset them. They take up a third of the screen and MoF bosses don't move around much, so you will be dealing damage most of the time even if you just plop your options in the middle of the screen. The only attack I can think of where not being able to reposition instantly is a problem is Aya's third non, since she can go all the way to the side and the attack is fast with has no obvious resting points.

>> No.38875842

I don't move them during bosses all that often. I move them a decent amount on stages which can get annoying if I misplace them initially. Its the worst if I don't have a route and forget to place them near the top since their range is low. Combine the low range with marisa's sad damage output without the hakkeros and how long you have to play unfocused to reset them and it makes for a very route-heavy experience rather than in IN where you can just readjust whenever you felt like it

>> No.38876061

it usually drops to 57 when there are a lot of bullets on my screen but i've seen it drop randomly when there are no enemies at all but that's rare.
I'll try that thanks. I'm really not sure what's causing the issue. New touhou games like 17 and 18 have no issues like that, touhou 6 to 9 i don't remember having issues with that either (downloaded from moriyashrine). I don't remember having issues with 9.5 even thought i own it through steam but 10 to 15 or 16 i have the same frame drop issue. Doesn't matter whether it's fullscreen or windowed.
Such a weird issue i couldn't find any info about this.

>> No.38876351

still having the same issue sadly. i'm on a 144hz screen and when i turned on vsync and fullscreen i had no frame drops. stable 144fps but unfortunately game was unplayable like that. maybe i should try capping the fps somehow?

>> No.38876376

Hm yeah, try setting the screen to 60hz on the display settings you can open by right clicking on an empty space on the desktop. If that fixes it I've got an automatic way to set that too.

>> No.38876450

ok now it's even worse! i'm constantly getting 56fps now

>> No.38876456

Is that with vsync on?

>> No.38876484

yes. at this point i'm going to assume that it's either the laptop screen or the shitty nvidia laptop gpu that's causing the issue. Seeing my character teleport by skipping 4 frames is so frustrating.
I have gpu scaling on, not sure if that has anything to do with that. I don't have monitor scaling as an option in navidia control panel.

>> No.38876522

>I have gpu scaling on, not sure if that has anything to do with that
That's likely. Even with a decently powerful, although old, HD7970 the games stutter a bit for me if I use gpu scaling. I guess you'll have to check if any newer (or older) drivers will let you turn it off.

>> No.38876527

I'm all about the route-heavy experience.

>> No.38876585

tried running touhou 18 with default settings (windowed dot by dot, only thcrap english patch nothing else) and it was smooth, no fps drops.
I'll try to disable gpu scaling i don't see anything else to try anyways

>> No.38876922

game feels much smoother but it's still dropping to 57fps ugh

>> No.38877183
File: 10 KB, 374x270, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but are you talking about this thing? If I set it to "display" instead of GPU my games changes from 4:3 to 16:9, should I keep it at "GPU" or what?

>> No.38877213

Ideally you should set it to Display, then change your monitor's settings so it won't stretch the image, but your mileage may vary.
Depending on the monitor you might not have that setting, and on more recent gpus it might not make a difference at all.

>> No.38877254

>then change your monitor's settings so it won't stretch the image, but your mileage may vary.
You mean set-up my windows to 4:3 resolution or something else?
>and on more recent gpus it might not make a difference at all.
Is 1070 a more recent GPU or not?
Google says something about dx8->9 patch but I remember that when I started playing I ended up not installing it, don't remmeber why.

>> No.38877330
File: 1.46 MB, 4032x2268, DSC_0389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean pic related, which is a setting that only becomes available when the monitor is sent an image that's smaller than the 1920x1080 it's got as native resolution. If I enable GPU scaling the setting is not available cause even though the screen resolution is 480p the GPU scales it to 1080p before sending it to the monitor.

1070 is fairly recent but we're talking about solving stuttering issues so it's up to you to find out whether you're experiencing them. If you aren't you don't need to change anything.

>> No.38877394
File: 153 KB, 409x466, Rnz3e7w.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1070 is fairly recent but we're talking about solving stuttering issues so it's up to you to find out whether you're experiencing them
I have them, but they're not persistent. I mean could always just alt-tab once every few minutes, but if I can fix that then I want to do it.

I've changed it to "aspect" and now I remember why I played in windowed-fullscreen on my preview windows installation, if I change it to aspect it takes a long time to alt-tab. I'll switch it back to "GPU" if there won't be visible difference for me, but thanks for helping me find the setting.

>> No.38877612

Yeah, no stutters anymore, feels nice.

>> No.38878247

No prob, anytime.
Taking longer to alt-tab is proof of it being true fullscreen (the technical term is "exclusive fullscreen") instead of a simple borderless window. A little known advantage of playing on exclusive fullscreen is the fact the input lag gets reduced by a tiny amount because of the window manager (dwm) getting bypassed.

>> No.38878384

behead those who insult marisa

>> No.38878396

touhou 14 acts weird, the settings reset every time I launch it

>> No.38878438

Make sure you're not running it from a system folder like "Program Files"

>> No.38882083

Are GPUs in those "gaming" laptops notorious for having problems?

>> No.38882800

I had no other choice I'm travelling a lot and I'll continue doing so for the next 2 years. "Gaming" laptops are basically shitty overpriced pre builts filled with bloat and issues

>> No.38882929

Touhou 10 has a steam drm but is that the case for th15 as well? maybe that's causing the issue?

>> No.38882989

Honestly anon just get them from Moriya or Doujinstyle or something idk why you didn't do that before

>> No.38883265

insaneanon here finally figured out the issue. I played MoF steam version, replaced the th10.exe with moriyashrine version this way i could run the vsync patch otherwise it wouldn't work. I played the game through vpatch.exe cleared the game with marisa b, almost cleared extra stage too had no fps drops at all. Next, I tried running the english patch with and without vsync, both versions had the frame drop issue. This confirms that thcrap does a crappy job patching the game. I'll never run thcrap again.

>> No.38883427

one last update: no it's %100 steam drm. replaced th15 still had the issue so i replaced the exe and it's fixed. apparently thcrap also has a fix for the steamdrm but then you have to do something else for the vpatch?
this anon was right

>> No.38884433

does anyone know where to find high resolution image of the girls in game pictures? everything on google sucks

>> No.38884589

Spriter's Resource has them.

>> No.38884934

Why would you play a steam version, even if you (for some reason) care about playtime, screenshots and etc you can just launch a pirate version and steam will count hours anyway.

>> No.38885440

There's also this, might be a bit more detailed.

>> No.38887417 [DELETED] 


>> No.38887418

Page 10
What is going on?

>> No.38887656

I swear youmu in pcb has some literally undodgeable patterns, this doesnt feel fair

>> No.38887667

Some dumb fuck bumped half of the catalog to be the one who makes some shitty general OP.

>> No.38888073

She's annoying as fuck but I've been able to perfect clear her on normal a couple times, what are you having trouble with?

>> No.38888273

the only one that gives me trouble is the big ones with all the red ones inbetween, it feels sometimes it's literally impossible to dodge
the repetition is annoying as well, feels like ZUN got lazy with this boss

>> No.38888318

Yeah, that's the one I bomb the most often too, though after a while I've found that if you get ready to pass through the barrage as soon as the big balls break down into smaller ones and little before time slows down (instead of staying below youmu as long as possible) you're more likely to find a gap through the bullets and pass safely during the slowdown.

>> No.38891785

Patchouli isn't really that difficult. I usually just panic and focus too hard on my character and not the incoming bullets. Usually I end up using way too many bombs because I'm panicking. This time I only had one miss on Patche, and no bombs.
Fucked up on the stage portion too, but that's because I haven't played in a little while.
I'm going to keep at until I go to sleep. Maybe I'll get the 1cc tonight. Not that many resources I need to save to finish the game easily.

>> No.38893669
File: 629 KB, 640x480, 1629539086897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will never be able to pull off this run again holy shit.
For reference, before this run i can't even get past Orin.

>> No.38893959

You CAN do it again! Just keep at it to build consistency.

>> No.38894714

What fangames have you found?

>> No.38897159

Explain to me croaking frog or whatever that is that Spellcard of Suwako where you have to go in her pool of danmakus

>> No.38898659
File: 1.65 MB, 1329x876, kaboop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've only played 3 so far. I have a backlog of ones I'd like to try later on, but I'll probably stick to the english translated ones for the time being. For the ones I've played:
>Hollow Song of Birds
It's my favourite one so far. Tons of replayability (4 characters with 9 shots each), top tier OST and great characters. The game is fairly easy, you get bombs up the ass and can cheese most of the dangerous parts with them, though there are 2 shots that restrict your bombs so those can balance out the difficulty. I'd consider hard difficulty in this game to be equivalent to normal in mainline games. The stages can get really long though, and the game does occassionally suffer from frame drops. If this was a mainline game and made on a proper engine, it'd easily be in my top 3 favourite Touhou games.
>Infinite Blade Pavilion
Also really good. It's probably got the best stage design I've seen in the series. Enemies can come from all sides and the game does pretty well to force you out of the bottom third of the screen. Reimu's shots can hit the sides and back which further stimulates you to move a lot. The game's skill system makes the different shots feel unique and does give that feeling of getting stronger the other games lack since danmakufu scripts seem to lack a power system, or just these games don't implement it. It's the hardest game of the 3 and does take some getting used to, especially Youmu since unlike in the main games she holds her charge if you let go of focus, so you have to consciously stop shooting to use the charge.
>Book of Star Mythology
I only started this a few days ago, so I've only cleared it 3 times. So far it's enjoyable, but insultingly easy, even more so than HSoB. The game shits bombs down your throat, you can have capped bombs by the end of stage 2 and without using them much that stack can last you until stage 5 at least. It doesn't seem to have a full english patch complete, but thankfully the one I found in some forums seems to be fully translated aside from the endings, the manual and some other textboxes.

All in all, fangames can be a nice diversion when you want to take a break from the mainline titles and try something more casual, or atleast HSoB and BoSM since they're on the easier side. The missing power system of the danmakufu games can make it an interesting experience, since you're more or less at max power from the start and the game doesn't need to tease you with 1-2 stages of fodder enemies until you power up.

>> No.38901543

Frogs explode at middle -> Quickly go to spot which frogs exploded -> Follow the other frogs as they explode -> Repeat

>> No.38901592
File: 1.30 MB, 1280x960, Screenshot_20220308_232320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The power of getting lucky rolling Phoenix's Tail and bruteforcing things. Sumireko + Raiko is a powerful combo.

>> No.38901667
File: 27 KB, 355x369, 1628242473224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I've done 30 runs total of the extra which reached Momoyo and have never seen Mokou's card pop up. How rare is it?

>> No.38901717

I have 13 attempts recorded on Momoyo's first card and I think I saw it appear in Extra one other time besides this one. I might have still managed without it if I didn't mess up the first spellcard and was more liberal with bombs. You should still be able to do fine abusing Raiko's and Sumireko's cards.

>> No.38905180
File: 1.50 MB, 1280x960, UM reimu extra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I abused Raiko's for my 2 clears, but haven't played around with Sumi's card much. Byakuren does make the stage a lot easier and lets you skip the harder nonspells and the lower cooldown is always nice to have. Eirin can save you from wasting resources, but I suppose in a way it's a crutch to make up for not being to deathbomb. It just seemed to me that Mokou's card is more or less a free win choice, so I was starting to wonder if they didn't remove it from the extra card pool entirely. Maybe I should do some runs with Mike's card to see if it pops up more.

>> No.38906815

It must be just RNG being RNG.

>> No.38909747
File: 654 KB, 740x720, 7938379486babf88fab219f3f (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so tell me anons, keyboard or controller?

>> No.38909873

Controller because im a longtime console player. I heard arcade stick more fun than both tho, anyone can confirm this?

>> No.38910523

I seemed to get Mokou on half my attempts (probably not actually true, but it cropped up so often, that's what is felt like), so it's definitely just RNG. And Mike isn't worth it, unless you just wanted to collect data without worrying about beating the stage; you only get four cards, so wasting one on something that provides no advantage during the boss fight is a terrible choice.
The cards that got me clears in some combinations were Raiko, Sumi, Okuu, Byakuren, Mamizou, and Mokou. Or, for Sakuya, the higher-damage bonus options like Mari missiles.

>> No.38914808
File: 141 KB, 549x473, 1630360038450.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I spectate in PoFV? "S" button in adonis2 just closes the window.

>> No.38914994
File: 3 KB, 960x480, 1632805283091.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean W, the third one

>> No.38916147

Have you confirmed that host and client modes work?
Have you tried adonis 1?
Does the host have spectators enabled? (Is that a setting in 2? I don't remember, it might be in the config file.)

>> No.38916195
File: 1.04 MB, 1406x888, 1619883463167.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Have you confirmed that host and client modes work?
Yeah, we're playing with friends but discord streaming sucks with 2hu so I'd like to know how to spectate using adonis.
>Have you tried adonis 1?
Is there a difference between 1 and 2? Most guides say that I should use 2.
>Does the host have spectators enabled? (Is that a setting in 2? I don't remember, it might be in the config file.)
I don't know, but it closes itself without asking for IP or port.

>> No.38918319

I keep making stupid mistakes in otherwise great runs. It's really disheartening. I stop caring if I fuck up before a certain point. Hard to bomb because it's usually really dumb things like backing up into a stray bullet I didn't see because I'm looking ahead.

>> No.38918510

I can't seem to get thprac to work on EoSD even though it's working on every other game i've tried. Anyone know what's going on? thprac says 'No valid game was found' when I try apply it

>> No.38918517

You're playing jp version, right?

>> No.38918581

I've tried en and jp now. Same issue

>> No.38918594

Wait I got it to work. Running thprac in locale emulator did the trick, thanks for the help

>> No.38924514

pretty new to these games but is EoSD particularly free on easy mode? I put in a decent amount of attempts on Sakuya A on PCB but never got a 1cc, on EoSD I got Reimu A and Marisa A both second try.

>> No.38924577

The final boss is locked behind Normal stages and higher for EoSD. As soon as you defeat Sakuya in a easy mode she'll tell you to fuck off

>> No.38925583
File: 543 KB, 640x480, 1622818671723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thought doing this on Lunatic would take quite a while but I did it in couple of tries. Feels like I've actually improved

>> No.38926319

Congrats anon, what are you trying next?

>> No.38928250

I'm going to clear EoSD on Lunatic with all shottypes. It shouldn't be that hard once I get used to Marisa's movement speed

>> No.38938994
File: 253 KB, 1916x1080, IMG_20220312_073734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this shit accurate? Video link just in case you care. https://youtu.be/wWauorw2POM

>> No.38939073

No, that's just embarrassing.

>> No.38939115

Samefagging but where would you put PoFV which he ignored and UM?

>> No.38939817

Why would I care what normalshitters think.

>> No.38939893

9 is there; it's with the fighting games, for some reason. 18 should be maybe on par with, or maybe a notch above, 16.
But this chart is a mess, anyway. First of all, what is it based on? Normal 1cc, Lunatic, LNN? And what about the photo games, are we talking full completion, or just the minimum number of cards to move on from each level? No matter how you slice it, I don't see how 11 can be in the same tier as 9.5 and 12.5, while 16.5 is two tiers above 14.3. And how are 16 and 17 both two tiers above 7? And what's even the point of shoving all the PC-98 games together with no further information? If you haven't played them enough to judge, just leave them off.
Just dumb all around. Play the games and judge for yourself instead of giving views to morons on YT.

>> No.38940255

Title says (Based on Difficulty)
which is right bullshit with GFW up top

>> No.38942351
File: 69 KB, 806x932, 1646765384490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38942728

Who made this list? Does this apply to all difficulty settings? My only two Lunatic 1CCs on this list are PCB SakuyaA and MoF ReimuA, I'm surprised ReimuA is that high on the list because the homing amulets practically trivialize the stages. SakuyaA gets four bombs and said bombs actually deal decent damage (the focused ones at least) and Yuyuko's final is easier to bomb skip being a survival spell unlike say Scarlet Gensokyo or DVoWG. I also don't see how SA or DDC in any capacity is easier than PCB and MoF

>> No.38942932

Is this a LNB 1CC tier list or something.

>> No.38943135

Is Reimu Autumn that busted? I should watch some gameplays considering I destroyed MoF with Marisa B glitch

>> No.38946685
File: 118 KB, 960x720, Sanae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Managed a UM Sanae 1cc by accident when I was trying to collect cards. I thought I had continued but apparently not.

>> No.38948426
File: 463 KB, 640x480, finally.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The longest two weeks of my life, but it's finally done.

>> No.38948442

I kneel. I wish I could get past stage 5 on SA Lunatic

>> No.38954361

I wish I could get past stage 5 on normal, damn

>> No.38964227
File: 546 KB, 640x480, th07_2022-03-13_21-55-30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After a month of failed attempts in which I'd NMNB the first three stages then fall asleep from the fourth stage on, I've finally realized f.lux was being extremely detrimental.

>> No.38964258
File: 31 KB, 278x345, 1645742371579.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nicely done anon, runs where you have to use every available resource just to survive are always the most fun. Hope you enjoyed SA somehow.

>> No.38965297

In my restless dreams,
I see that game.


I promised myself I'd 1CC it someday.
But I never did.

Well, I'm alone there now...
Playing 'Stage Four'...
Waiting for it...

Waiting for it to
come to me.

But it never does.

And so I wait, wrapped in my
cocoon of pain and loneliness.

I know I've made terrible
progress. Something you'll
never forgive me for.

I wish I could change
that, but I can't.

I feel so pathetic and unskilled
laying here, waiting for it...

Every day I stare up at the danmaku patterns and all I can think
about is how simple it all is...

Remilia came today.
She told me I'm getting
close to my 1CC.

It’s not that I'm getting better.
It’s just that I've been using
bomb spam...

I think you know what I mean...

Even so, I'm glad to make it further. I've missed terribly.

But I'm afraid, /jp/.
I'm afraid that it really
won't come to me.

Whenever I make a post,
I can tell how hard it is on you...

I don't know if you
hate me or pity me...
Or maybe I just disgust you...

I'm sorry about that.

When I first learned that
I was going to suck, I just
didn't want to accept it.

I was so angry all the time and I
struck out at everyone I loved most.
Especially you, /jp/.

That's why I understand
if you do hate me.

But I want you to
know this, /jp/.

I'll always love you.

>> No.38965620

Nice post anon, I appreciate the effort.
I believe that, excluding people with some physical disability, everyone should be able to 1cc eosd after enough training, however long it might take.
Playing a lot gives you the confidence to move around without running into stray bullets as often. Once you've got that down, you need to figure out which parts are giving you the most trouble, to the point you can't even skip them without bombing them twice. For me it was patchy's princess undine, then the whole sakuya fight, and finally remi's scarlet netherworld. I decided to save time and practice them on thprac until I had them down and could beat them at least 9 times out of 10, which of course turns into a 2 out of 3 at best during an actual run.
At that point it's just a matter of doing a full run without fucking up too much, and getting to the last boss with as many lives as possible so you won't have to fret.
It can take months for some people, but as long as you don't give up and you practice at the very least once a week you'll succeed.

>> No.38965810

I know, I'm not doing half bad. I'm just ironing out getting through the first 4 stages right now. I've been a little over confident with stage 3, being really aggressive about pick-ups. Stage 4 I've practiced a bit. I think I have the most trouble with metal fatigue. The one on Marisa B with the large yellow bullets. Even then, I should be fine if I only bomb once.
From there, I don't really have much trouble with Sakuya. Shouldn't take much practice to learn stage 5. I beat Remi once with continues and extra lives, but I still think she will be kind of difficult.
I just give up if I die before a certain point, usually stage 3 due to the overconfidence.
I only made the post because I dreamed of playing EOSD last night. I'm actually doing ok, progress is good for how much I play.

>> No.38966069

Oh, that's good to hear.

>> No.38971727

Who is the worst character in HSiFS?

>> No.38976046

Aya feels really awkward to use with anything that isn't fall subseason. Otherwise, Cirno for her lackluster shot damage.

>> No.38976081

UM felt so.difficult since I dont know how to utilize the cards properly. I'll just ram my head against HSiFS and TD repeatedly instead and see if I'm lucky enough to 1CC those one day.

>> No.38976138

Beating UM is a matter of getting used to the patterns and finding your preferred way to cheese the game. I like Raiko's drum for the huge safety net it offers and the Megumu/Tsukasa card combo for free power and bombs.

>> No.38976560

I heard you guys talk about card combos so much bit what if you dont get the cards you want for the combos in the shop throughout the game?

>> No.38976614

Since you've brought this topic up I'll use this time to express an unpopular opinion: I don't like using actives at all except for Rice, partially because I don't like having to use the C key. I also hate using more than one at once because that means having to use D on top of using C which means I have to make sure I don't forget to switch cards while also dodging bullets. It unironically makes the game harder. I find Fang to be really difficult to use because it never deals enough damage to skip cards entirely so I get trapped by bullets and die most of the time. It's unironically easier to just cap some cards normally than to take such a huge risk. Drum has a fast cooldown so I feel like I'm forced to use it which means it's easier to choke on spells. I like running out of bombs sometimes because that means I don't have to worry about dying with bombs in stock and I can actually focus on dodging. Rice is the only active I like because it has a slow cool down meaning I don't feel as forced to use it and it's helpful for keeping me at high power
t. 1CC'd the game on Lunatic

>> No.38976776

If you want to focus on the combo entirely you'll most likely have to pick the relevant cards as your starting ones, otherwise you're relying on RNG. If I'm fishing for some card for a combo but fail to get it I just grab an equipment card or an extra life if nothing interesting is available. Trying to get the alt endings kind of conditioned me to ignore cards that don't give you more resources, since your main goal is reaching stage 6 with max lives or as close to that as you can.

>> No.38976959

>It's unironically easier to just cap some cards normally
Not him, but the Spellcards in UM feels retarded as early as Stage 2, and Sanyo's and Misumaru's are even more insane. If I can get past those fuckers with decent amount of lives I think I'm fine because Megumu and Chimata aren't the worst Stage 5 and 6 boss out there. Tsukasa's nons though....
>If you want to focus on the combo entirely you'll most likely have to pick the relevant cards as your starting ones, otherwise you're relying on RNG
I guess the safest decision is starting with Jizo and then buying all the defensive or resource Spellcards. I like Alice's card but I feel like its occasionally useless unless I got it early like against the Stage 4 mid boss and two of Chimata's cards since one of them are semi time out and one of them is a time out.

>> No.38977347

The best thing to do is just sit down, think of a combination of cards you want and try it out until you find the ideal one. UM felt like the hardest game at first, but once you find the card combos you like and understand the patterns it becomes one of the easiest (at least in normal, casual play).
I personally find it easiest to just get a bunch of familiar cards, usually starting with Alice and both of Marisa's shots, just deleting enemies before patterns become too crazy, but most people find it easier to abuse Byakuren''s boosted bombs and any cards that have synergy with that one.
Also, make sure you have all 3 starting slots unlocked just in case you haven't.

>> No.38977781

>Also, make sure you have all 3 starting slots unlocked just in case you haven't.
Wait, you can have three starting slots? How?

>> No.38977815

You unlock the secret ending by buying the blank card (the one that removes every other card) at the end of stage 5 and then finishing the 1cc. When you do that, you can start with three cards.

>> No.38977828

Just beat the game once, and then do it again by taking the blank card on Stage 5. Difficulty doesn't matter, no 1cc needed, so you can just do quick Easy mode playthroughs and test out cards along the way.

>> No.38978255

>since your main goal is reaching stage 6 with max lives or as close to that as you can
More like stage 5. After that, Chimata is practically free.

>> No.38981285
File: 314 KB, 1414x1080, IMG_20220315_111528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone played CtC before? The final boss OST got recommended to me so I looked up for the last and extra stage gameplay and the plot seems good for a fan made game. But then again, its fan made, so I'm still sceptical about it?

>> No.38981595
File: 63 KB, 754x721, 43fee45ea0cdd933f4950ec3db3d9686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...people actually read or care about the plots in Touhou?

>> No.38981833

Where do you think lorefags, powerlevelfags and Grimsokyofags come from?

>> No.38982474
File: 1.15 MB, 1223x751, go to hell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes? It's part of what shapes the overall experience. It's why I don't want to play the games in JP, they wouldn't be as fun when you're an EOP who can't understand the banter.

>> No.38982557

If I'm doing well I don't want to interrupt my flow by stopping to read, and once I complete whatever clear I'm trying to get I don't want to play it again. As a result, I have never read much of the dialogue at all.

>> No.38982834

I played it for the same reason and it was pretty good, even though it was a bitch to set up and get running. The dialogue at the Reimu fight is sad and the story was pretty good but I liked the music arranges in the game more than anything else. It's kind of underrated how good the music in that game is.

>> No.38983147

God, I want to play Wily Beast now

>> No.38983179

>If I'm doing well I don't want to interrupt my flow by stopping to read
Youre not going to do well on your first blind gameplay whether you read the dialogues or not, might as well enjoy the plot. Imagine playing Team Phantom in PCB and not reading the dialogue, thats just sad
>even though it was a bitch to set up and get running
Meanwhile I can't even set up PC98. But the YouTube gameplay I watched of the game gave a media fire link to download, so I'll try that. How hard the game is difficulty wise? I have only 1CC 6-10 before.

>> No.38985383

Thanks guys, I just unlocked two slots, now all I need to do is do another round to get the blank card and get used to that retarded Drum Card

>> No.38987834

It's for LNB

>> No.38988103

That's what I thought, but even then, it's full of some retarded shit. MoF has some micrododge fuckery but there's no way any shot types are harder than any UFO NBNV runs.

>> No.38988288

i was working on my MoF lnb last year but broke my keyboard lolol now im using this shitty mechanical
touhou is best with flat keyboards so i gave up till i bother to buy a new one, i made it to VoWG tho choked with like a tiny bit of HP left, kinda bs almost had it

>> No.38989793

I always start in thprac with the last spell of stage 6 and work my way backwards through the game. Only once I know I can 1cc do I start making actual attempts at the full game. Yes I am autistic.

>> No.38992072

Anon if you wanna play schmups without plot you might as well play one of the cave games....

>> No.38993182

Samefagging here, so like I said I unlocked two slots and go for another round, but there is no blank card. There is only Tsukasa, Miko and Megumu's card and the others are resources cards. Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.38995556

Since no one is responding can anyone at least tell me some of the good two card combos, since most of the recommended ones I saw are three card combos? Or should I do meme stuff like Saki and Alice card with Marisa or Sanae?

>> No.38995985

It depends on your play style. You can stack damage with Saki, Suwako, and any of the cards that give you extra options; you can maximize survivability with Eiki and Komachi, and maybe pick up Eirin later; you can use Sumi and Raiko and "bomb" whenever you're in trouble; you can stock up on lives early-game with Remi and Sannyo, then burn them all on stages 4 and 5 if that's what's giving you trouble. There are a lot of viable strategies, so figure out which can best compensate for whatever you're having trouble with.
And for Chimata's card, did you get the achievement after beating her, and check the card list from the main menu to make sure that it's unlocked?

>> No.38996162

>And for Chimata's card, did you get the achievement after beating her, and check the card list from the main menu to make sure that it's unlocked?
For the first round I did get the 'Beat the game with Sanae' and 'Cleared Normal mode' achievements, and then unlocked another card slot. No achievments or Chimata card after second round

>> No.38997726

What is the tip for Apollo 13? I just can't do it consistently.

>> No.38998818

the center of the circulating bullets is a blindspot, if you can't dodge it consistently try that. Also it helps to be Border team for their smaller hitbox

>> No.38998982

If you can 1cc 6-10 I don't see why you couldn't 1cc ctc

>> No.39000203

Are the hitboxes on them smaller than they look or do I need to position myself better to squeeze through the gaps?

>> No.39000579

I tried looking around for best shot types in UM but the opinions varied too much. What do you guys think, and which of them synergize with which cards? Also did my third round and still no Chimata card at Stage 5 shop, I even finished Stage 5 without continues.

>> No.39000690

if you are going for no card story mode runs then Sakuya, in literally every other case use Reimu

>> No.39000699

I think Sanae's best if you're doing a Byakuren bomb/active card abuse run since her bomb is so powerful and Reimu otherwise

>> No.39000729

i actually ended up clearing with with reimuB, im trying to beat IN now with border team

>> No.39000859

My bad, I was wrong earlier. You need a 1cc to get the blank card (just do EZ modo), the slots them selves don't require a 1cc however.

>> No.39003780

I heard that they removed Reimu's small hitbox, if its true what makes her better than the other characters? Is it the homing shot type?

>> No.39003875

Combination of homing unfocused and strong focused. For some reason Marisa's damage is absolutely gutted with Sakuya being the new powerhouse but Sakuya's shot type can be very unwieldy, struggling with quite a few stage portions, so Reimu's just got the most consistent damage along with being simple and easy to use. Sanae's shots trivialize the stage portions but she's very weak when it comes to single targets like bosses (which can be patched up with shot type cards or Byakuren boosted bombs)

>> No.39003979

Second highest damage output behind Sakuya with good aiming, except her damage scales even better than Sakuya's with damage cards so at her best she's the single strongest shot type in the game without needing any aiming at all. Pretty useful in a game where everything has a metric fuckton of HP for no good reason. Unfocused homing is also as useful as ever, and it has basically no drawback since she can deal so much damage anyways.

>> No.39003983

Damn, and that Marisa only YouTuber 1CC UM with only one card slot...

>> No.39003992


>> No.39004061

This guy https://youtu.be/5NRRkQ9QkLs.. Also I was wrong, he actually used two slots, but he probably don't know the combos seeing he starts with Koishi hat and Marisa's missile cards

>> No.39004079

Oh, I've heard of that guy. I only care about LNN level players but even then I don't watch their videos because watching replays would spoil the fun. My one exception to this was SOC's LoLK Marisa LNN because I'll probably never 1CC that game on Lunatic or any difficulty setting. It's been months since I've seen it though so I don't even remembered how he routed it anyways

>> No.39004203

Marisa's missiles makes complete sense, it's a strong ass shot and my absolute go to card. Despite Marisa's nerfs, her cards kept their high damage output. In fact, all the cards seem more like the demo values than the final game. Koishi's also makes sense if you die a lot since you only lose 50 pow upon death instead of 100.

>> No.39004448

I open up gameplays in background because listening to the OSTs without the bullet sounds so wrong, but learning wise I'll play blind in the first day and get destroyed and then start watching gameplays

>> No.39012338
File: 55 KB, 419x248, 1640116097762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which arcade stick would /jp/ recommend?
>inb4 my own

>> No.39012370
File: 59 KB, 353x308, 1627775744199.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recommend the one up your butt

>> No.39016026


>> No.39018168
File: 11 KB, 176x162, 1618836010617.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, please...

>> No.39019410

UFO is pretty fun so far, when playing hard and above should I go for red and rainbow ufos only, or are green ufos a better choice?

>> No.39020428

is using the rapid tap trick in SoEW cheating?

>> No.39021718

Not at all. I think it is common in shooter games.

>> No.39021952

iirc it's supposed to be an intentional mechanic.

>> No.39022353

What do you mean? If you meant streaming then it's fine

>> No.39022363

the trick where pressing Z really fast deals more damage. I thought it was a bug. Is it not?

>> No.39022501

ZUN explicitly mentions it in the manual, so no. Using a tool to tap for you would be considered cheating, but if you're doing it manually, totally fair.

>> No.39022520

well fuck the retarded ass touhou wiki then because they listed it as a glitch

>> No.39023697

How do you guys deal with those fidget spinner's suicide bullets in HSiFS Stage 5 and 6? Should I even bother shooting them down at all?

>> No.39023714

For Normal and Hard I just bomb skipped most of stage 4 and 5. I'm trying to do Lunatic and I'm struggling with it a lot

>> No.39023853

I dont mind bomb spamming stages if the bosses aren't those two faggots. Also, season release dont give immunity to lasers right? So I can imagine how useless autumn is in two of their Spellcards

>> No.39023869

Winter is the best subseason for skipping spellcards assuming it's at level 6, just shotgun the boss and don't go outside the circle

>> No.39024035

Did they ever continue that weird Panzer Dragoon-style doujin games? I remember seeing the one for EoSD.

>> No.39024224

why are these games so damn hard? I have been playing daioujou all week going through 1-(1-3) stages over and over again. Even if you don't play to score you have to chain for hypers, so breaking the chain means restarting.

>> No.39024241

That sounds annoying as fuck, have you tried playing crimzon clover instead?

>> No.39024268
File: 40 KB, 190x188, 0a2a7bd0-1665-4f49-84e1-0d93c0f8c8e0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I'm decent enough to clear hard mode for some of the easier games now(6 and 7), should I jump straight to Lunatic for exposure instead of trying to 1CC hard mode? I won't get anything if I 1CC them anw since the good endings and Extras are already unlocked after a Normal 1CC

>> No.39024292

which one?

>> No.39024294

EoSD on Lunatic is WAY harder than Hard. PCB with SakuyaA would be much better. You could try UM but it probably won't feel satisfying unless you restrain yourself from using cards

>> No.39024309

All three versions are pretty good, though I'm partial to the new Arrange mode of the latest one cause it's the closest in difficulty to a Normal run in an average touhou game.

>> No.39024337

I can't even 1CC UM on Normal yet... I was also the same guy spamming questions on UM a few days ago.

>> No.39024360

what cards do you use?

>> No.39024381

You didn't max out starting lives for EoSD and PCB did you? If you can 1CC those games on Hard with default lives then surely you could cheese UM on Normal

>> No.39024454

He said he can clear hard on 6 and 7 by using continues.
>should I jump straight to Lunatic for exposure instead of trying to 1CC hard mode?

>> No.39024484

>You didn't max out starting lives for EoSD and PCB did you?
I didnt. And yeah, the problem is the cheese part since I havent figure out yet how to cheese it, been experimenting around nowadays, but at least I can reach Chimata without continues.

>> No.39024498

If you can't 1cc Hard then you are gonna get violently raped by Lunatic in just about any game. The gap from Hard to Lunatic is brutal, and much, much bigger than the gap from Normal to Hard.

>> No.39024561

I did some dumb shit like Saki/Alice or Dragon Pipe/Jizo(when I can't even capture some cards at Stage 2), but since I havent unlock Mamizou's card yet I compensate with Koishi and see which card can fit in with hers.

>> No.39025891

How does ReimuB's bomb work in SA? I thought it worked like MarisaB's bomb but the damage it deals is completely random regardless of how close I am to the boss. Do you have to graze?

>> No.39025964

Transforms every foe bullet inside it into aimed shots.

>> No.39026003

so does that make her bomb better on Lunatic than lower difficulty settings?

>> No.39026116

Let me guess it does, but it really depends of the spell you are facing.

>> No.39026127

Thanks for the tip anon, now things shouldn't be as hard now that I know how to use this bomb

>> No.39026780

I 1cc hard first unless I've already 1cc'd lunatic with a different shot type. Jumping straight to lunatic seems unnecessarily frustrating and unlikely to save much time since experience gained in hard is largely transferable.

>> No.39027062

Do Xbox One controllers not work with touhou games? It keeps scrolling when I get to the menu.

>> No.39036964

I'm playing on a dualshock 4 and use DS4windows to map it to the usual keyboard keys, this one should probably work fine for an Xone pad