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He's so cool.

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The coolest guy in Gensokyo. To bad Sumireko stole his Novel.

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There’s something I find very intimidating about guys with white/silver hair.

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I feel bad for the guy. I can stand girls for barely 15 minutes or so and this guy only ever interacts with girls. Besides none of them want to be his friend or fuck him.

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he isn't

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care to explain?

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ZUN self-insert

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>colt 1848 cartridge mod
he probably thinks that gun is for washing socks or some shit, the dumb fuck

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ah yes Marisa's future husband

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Imagine he just looks at it and reads "final solution" and nothing else.

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The Final Solution to The Marisa Question

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I don't know what to post about Rinnou.

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Well he doesn't seem interested so I don't see that happening

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I always thought the same. Are there any interviews with ZUN about this?

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ZUN is referred to as the kannushi of the Hakurei shrine

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grooming your NBR uncle to becoming your husband!!!

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Rinnosuke, I'm here to save you.

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Rinnosuke, identify this hog!

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No that's Sumireko.

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he took it back somewhat. Feels like ZUN got back on his feet in the latest few chapters

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I will always remember encountering the mannosuke flash as a teen. One of the first 2hu encounters I had

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the touhou's Zetsubou Sensei guy.

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Sumireko is the representation of today's youth in bad sense.
Sanae is the representation of today's youth in good sense (words of Zun himself).
Rinnosuke is the guy who takes out supplies where he is and drowns in a glass of water, exaggerating many things. He even comes to confuse a Gameboy with a massive destruction weapon. The typical intp.

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> Sanae Good
> Sumiriko Bad
Yeah I don't get it. Neither of them seem particularly good or bad.

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Also his dick is massive.

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By Gensokyo standards or Outside World standards?

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His dick is massive.

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>I don't get it
I'm guessing it's something along the lines of "tradition and backwards customs good, phone bad".

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Anons im not sure if you know but Sumireko is kind of a social media minded idiot? Shes not bad in a malicious way but she is shown in many ways as disrespectful and brash because of her personality, and towards things regarded as either sacred or personal too due to her ignorance.
I could go on an on but to keep it short its not because shes evil, its because shes really autistic; in an unpleasant way.

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