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Hay /jp/ I thought I should drop in and say that I have a girlfriend. Does this mean I have to stop watching moe anime and playing date sims/eroge? I'll probably ask her about it.

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I think Nene will be very accepting of your hobbies

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A real 3D one I mean. Haha.

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Leave /jp/ forever, you are one of them now.

Or alternatively you could lead a weeaboo double life hiding it from her. But no one must know your terrible secret.

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Well she is REALLY into wow and used to write yaoi fan fiction so she is just as nerdy as I am...

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Looks like it's time for you to leave.

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WoW and yaoi? That's quite the catch.

How ugly is she?

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if she lets you then why stop? but, >>3855798
< this
if she says no then dump her and welcome home

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She's cute. She's actually kinda short and petite.

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Do you play WoW though?

If you both play then it can be a great thing when you aren't physically together as long as you can moderate yourselves.

I just think questing and talking are better than a bland IM chat.

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This thread...

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Get her permission then post a picture of her.

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I kinda did but we weren't going out then. It was in a thread about how to ask her out. Haha oh wow.

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/r/ing link to said thread. Also, where did you meet her and how did you ask her out?

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Jealous Jones? Don't worry, you always still have your butt-buddy ZUN!bar.

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This is why this board is so shitty.

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oh you

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It was a while ago actually from Oct. To be honest, we go to the same college, but I didn't meet her until we studied abroad in Japan. I was interested in her, but she seemed like serious business so I never said anything despite hanging around her a lot.

Then I started hanging around her this semester and I've just figured what do I have to lose. I asked her informally on Facebook. I was drunk after a party and sent her a message saying that I liked her and we should go on a date. I then told her in person the day we all got back.

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Got back from Thanksgiving break, I mean. So this was actually all fairly recent.

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>nerdy chick

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Sure she is.

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She's my everything, guys.

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This is evidence that even amongst the nerds of 4chan there's still some degree of difference between us. I argue that wapanese/weeaboos are just normalfriends with hobbies.

Tonberryking in my opinion has always represented the the traditional/stereotypical Japanese culture nerd. (I.e., the nerds that existed before 4chan.) We /jp/ers are a new breed of nerd. If you:
1). Aren't a NEET.
2). Post in 3D threads.
3). Aren't content with your current lifestyle.

Then you aren't a true /jp/er. (To all of those that whined about your life in ronery threads, you're not a true /jp/er.)

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Me the stereotypical? I dunno. I'm just who I am.

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Hey Tonberryking, how come you haven't posted on bunbunmaru yet?


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NEET is legion XD

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Looks like she got hit up the face with a shovel.

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>>3855803 Well she is REALLY into wow
Oh Jesus Christ

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>NEET is legion XD

Being NEET is just one out of many conditions that makes us who we are. Also, if you have a better way of differentiating us from Tonberryking then be my guest.

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Never heard of it. What's that?

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A site created by /jp/ers.

It was created because some /jp/ers were getting fed up by the lack of moderation on /jp/. But in truth they just love sucking nazi mod cocks.

This >>3855833 guy is one of its devs.

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What's so good about it? I don't really visit forums too much. I mostly read blogs. I only stopped by to tell everyone how I was doing.

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Nothing is good about it.

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It's basically old /a/. You'll fit in perfectly there.

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Did you save a picture of said advice thread. All I need is a number and I can find it on the /a/rchive myself.

Also, if you've already posted a picture of the girl before, what harm could come from posting it again. There's probably already pictures of her on your blog from your trip to Japan. Withholding the picture of her at this point is just silly.

One more question, have you went on a date yet?

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Oh, Sion-chan.
You know I don't have any feelings for you, so why do you still try?

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We've been going on dates all this week. Haha. If I were at school right now we'd probably be playing in the snow, but I'm home right now because I need to take the JLPT tomorrow in New York.

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I hope your "girlfriend" is not Rinko, because if that's the case, I think I have to kill you.

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No, that would be my girlfriend.

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It has nothing to do with Love Plus.

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Give some details about said dates.

I think you should make a few blog post about it. Think of it as helping people that haven't made it there yet. (Assuming this isn't one big troll attempt for attention).

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It seems he went for Nene:

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Oh, that. Yeah, I went for Nene my first time through, but I've grown to like Rinko. I don't play it anymore because I don't need a virtual girlfriend anymore. :D


I dunno. We've been just going to lunch/dinner a lot together, going to bars, and spending what little time left together until we graduate. It's fortunate that we actually only live an hour away from each other because at the college I go to, a girl could be from almost anywhere.

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What happened, you used to be a funny troll. This thread is completely dull and uninspired.

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Oh bloody hell, is this from a VN? This whole time I thought Tonberryking was referring to a real girl.

I can never forgive you for this Tonberryking.

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What? I am talking about a real girl.

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Did you follow my advice?
If so, good for you.
If not, then good for you too.
Just stop posting on 4chan, please?

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I know how you feel. Manaka is real to me.

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Get out tbk.

Also translation fucking where

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Fuck you. This has nothing to do with Love Plus.

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Prove it by posting a picture of her.

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I feel like this would be bad just because of the connection I have with her now.

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>hard trolling.

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just do it
you two will break up anyway

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If you cant do it, I'll do it for you.

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Two-timing SLUT

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Tonberryking's girlfriend. I found this on /a/ when he first posted it.

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1. Play dating sim in front of her
2. She's now jealous and turned on
3. Cuddle her and apologise, attention sex

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Fuck you. I raged.

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I don't understand why you would post this here.
Do you think it's appropriate?

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Sure. I mean it is my blog.

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My girlfriend is a VIPPER fujoshi, do I still need to leave /jp/?

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Youre rather easy to aggravate arent you?

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    (.`ヽ(`> 、                      /''''''   '''''':::::\

     `'<`ゝr'フ\                 +  |(●),  
 、(●)、.:| +
  ⊂コ二Lフ^´  ノ, /⌒)                 |  ,,,ノ(、_, )ヽ、,, .::::|
  ⊂l二L7_ノ / -ゝ-')´               .+ |   `-=ニ=- ' .::::::| + .
       \_  、__,.イ\           +     \   `ニニ´  .:::/    +
         (T__ノ   Tヽ        , -r'⌒! ̄ `":::7ヽ.`- 、   ./|  .
         ヽ¬.   / ノ`ー-、ヘ<ー1´|  ヽ | :::::::::::::ト、 \ (  ./ヽ
          \l__,./       i l.ヽ! |   .| ::::::::::::::l ヽ   `7ー.、‐'´ |\-、
            レ|        ヽ | { l   l ::::::::::::::::l ヽ  ,ヘ,',',',ヽ  l:::::::::
            ヽl    /   \ ヽ、  / ::::::::::::::::::ヽ ∨ .〉‐〈 ヽノ|::::::::
             ヽニ二..__   `ー=ゝソ :::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ.   l,',',','l   l::::::::
                      ̄ ̄「 ̄,,;::::::::::::::
::::::::::::::ヽ.  |,',',',' ! ,'::::::::
                           l ;;;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ヽ |,',',',','| /::::::::

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No, I just say that for effect actually.