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do any of you know where i can get a translated version or patch for the princess maker 4- PSP?

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It does not exist!

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any princess maker past 2 will never be translated

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I'm telling you, put the PM5 scripts to TLWiki. Availibilty will increase chances of translation tenfold.

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i know there is a partial translation for the pc pm4. i dudected that such may exist for the ps4.

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If I had the ability to take out the scripts, I would have translated the game myself.

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>I found a partial translation for the pm4 on pc and i want one for the pm4 on psp


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Really now?

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It's not like I don't do it when reading while playing. If everyone who played a game in japanese would jot down notes of their translations while they played and uploaded them, games would get translated quicker and in greater quantities.

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is the blanket she's holding supposed to look like a benis on purpouse?

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>is the blanket she's holding supposed to look like a benis on purpouse?

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I mean, if I happened to take out scripts from the game and put them on Wiki, could I expect that somebody, possibly you, would start translating soon after?

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OP here.
you know, even part tranlation, like only the menu commands and stats would be fine.

or if you tell me how to edit the *.cso file i have to replace some moon speech into english would also be aprieciated.

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im drunk, leave me alone..

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I'd probably casually do stuff when I had time, probably mostly the set stuff like the start up sequence and the newspaper, if the newspaper isn't a series of images.

I don't know what else I would need to do though, in the sense of patches and tools needed, so it would just end up useless text files of literal text probably. I'm sure more people would jump at the chance to correct me than translate from scratch though.

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>I don't know what else I would need to do though, in the sense of patches and tools needed
That's for other people to do. You know, hackers, etc.
Trust me, if you start translating Princess Maker then you'll get rest of the team easily.

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I seriously don't know shit about hacking, but you could go to #TLWiki at Rizon. There should be few guys there that know about this.

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How about PM4? The scripts are already at the Wiki. http://www.tsukuru.info/tlwiki/index.php?title=Princess_Maker_4

Also, there seems to be GUI patch there that should be helpful to >>3853514

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thread continue at:


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Thank you, but the patch is for the pc pm4.

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Nobody has gotten around working on PSP version, sorry.

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>How about PM4?
no. I never played it and so don't have the motivation. Doing PM5 would help me play it quicker in the future.

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Was this the beginning of an epic new meme?

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no. benis has been around since aol chatroom days, late 1990s, before you were born.

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Hey kid Ill have you know im and oldfag, ive been here since August. And yeah I wasnt born in the late 90s (cause im not an old man LOL) I was born in 2006.

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Man, kids are getting smarter. It took me a very long time to understand irony.

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I still don't understand it.

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I'm starting to think that the real irony is that everyone is being serious.

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The baseline is buried so deeply there's no telling anymore.

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Man, now THAT would be something. I'm almost crying thinking about how there is a possibility that it doesn't even exist, but is conveniently used as an excuse to get away with saying something that would not be considered acceptable.