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no letty thread, let’s change that

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Letty's cold fat ass!

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Fat cirno

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Letty just wants to give you a big hug

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This thread is a no Mai zone. Only soft, comfy, huggable Yuki-Onnas allowed.

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need it on my face

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Isn't Letty's endgame to freeze you to death?

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This is Letty's REAL theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef_MrDv3-iM

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Would it really bother you that much?

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she's frozen people before but it's in no way implied that's something she plans to do to everyone

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getting frozen and eaten by letty whiterock!

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This isn't right...

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Letty and Muge are milk trucks!

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Hi, Letty is fat so could you please post some fat lettys? Thank you

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Sure, I love this cool soft lady

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Letty is just healthy in all the right places!

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my wife and my child

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Actually, you'd be her child

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i mean i be suckin on her titties like i am

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unbirth is a powerful fetish

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Hibernating with Letty!

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I want to make several of these with Letty

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don't you think she's fat enough already without childbirth destroying her body?

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Does that mean I have to hibernate with her for 3/4 of a year too?

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Reminds me of those videos where Yuuka and Letty are one and the same, but as alternative personalities that change with the weather

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She is a supernatural creature
Her body will bounce back with ease

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can confirm i’ve made many children with her as a result of much seggs

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She's great.

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Hugging the Yuki Onna!

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is she trying to be sexy or has she just outgrown all her clothes again?

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Letty sure is fond of hugging
What a good, loving girl

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I have the feeling that despite her icy appearance, Letty gives the warmest hugs in touhu
So soft!

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Bathrobes are so erotic

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I want to massage Letty's cute feet!

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Letty is not fat she is pleasantly chubby and if you say anything bad about her I will kill you!!!

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fat legs

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You ought to be more careful with your physique, even if you're waiting for a child, this can't be too healthy.
...Oh? You're not pregnant? My mistake, but it makes much more sense why you're not, and will never be.

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proto-cirno a shit

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Pls don't bully the Letty. Having a little chub is not the end of the world.

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Letty is a fat. FAT!

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You are a meanie!

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can you read, this is a no meanie zone

plus letty isn’t fat, she’s ripped

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Mai is too tsundere to directly ask Letty for a hug, so she tries to get her attention by bullying.

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What do you expect me to do after posting this picture?

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That's okay, I'll just tell Letty that Mai wants a hug from her. Problem solved.

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GREAT thread

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The softest woman

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that's not a bragging right, tubby

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you won't get big hugs with that attitude

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what flavor does her milk have?

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spicy mango

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fine, but Letty is lucky that her hugs are a human necessity

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Letty, snow, please.

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Letty is giving me all the snow
I really wish she wouldn't

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You know, they say that death by hypothermia comes with a final few minutes of extreme warmth, as your blood vessels sort of burst in an attempt to break the freezing state your body's been in for a while.
Perhaps you could think about Letty that way, a Yuki Onna you'd expect to be on par with her species, Winter's harbinger of death, but actually, that's not quite what she is: She just wishes to revel in her most comfortable environment. I'm sure she's quite lovely.

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I like that Letty is fat. Her hugs are soft, and you can stay warm clinging close to her.

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>Letty gives the warmest hugs in touhu

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If I let her cuddle, won't she freeze me?

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She'll only freeze you if you ask for it

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I'd probably jizz myself is she did that to me

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that would make her upset
cum doesn't belong on her, it belongs in her so she can turn it into more Lettys

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Letty thinks her kids would look best if they looked a little like you

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Anon, he's wearing his clothes, he's jizz in his pants.

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She'd freeze you before you could do that

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Letty's hug is like poetry. A single piece, a singular act that speaks a thousand words: It'll be alright, there's no need to worry anymore, I'm here for you. These words, these ideas flow through your veins as Letty blesses you with her embrace.

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Come on fatty, quit slacking

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She hates heat and likes cold, doesn't she?

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>as Letty blesses you with her embrace
One thing leads to another and you end up like pic related

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Fug :D

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in japanese mythology Yuki Onnas were able to take human form, marry and have children with dudes.So Letty could take a form that doesn't harm you... just don't let her go near hot water or she will melt.

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Why does she give me warm cuddles then?

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How do I get hugged by a soft and fluffy Yuki Onna?

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safest bet is to wait until she's hibernating and hugging her while she's asleep

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brb going to ask lettys hand in marriage

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But no one knows where she hibernates.

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Just go to your nearest mountain during a snowstorm and you might find her!

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I wonder if the thread can last until the end of Winter
Also, Letty Tights!

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all of Letty's clothes are tight

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Her face looks weird

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I like Letty, but if she's not bringing snow anymore, I'd like to not have to heat the home now.

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Are you proud of being so mean to Letty? She works very hard to bring a nice winter, you need to have a lot more respect for me! This yuki onna doesn't deserve ridicule!

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you mean respect for HER, right?

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Letty got you a drink!

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Thank you Letty.

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How can she be that cute?!

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What gifts would you ask for Christmas from Letty Claus?

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a hug, that is all

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Her children

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it's March now, guess it's time to say goodnight to Letty. let's keep the thread going in her honor though!

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winter may end but i will always love letty!

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I love Letty, never forget!

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I hate goodbyes!

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We don't have to universally say goodbye until the 21st. Let's love Letty some more until then!

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Fuck you Letty!

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In Lafcadio Hearn's rendition, the Yuki Onna did freeze people to death but spared a young man cause he was handsome. Later on she came to him in disguise and they were married with many children, but ultimately she revealed her true nature when her husband decided to tell her about his encounter many years ago. She spares him again for the sake of their children.
In general I think that in the Japanese traditional understanding the Yuki Onna has a maternal and loving side, but also a conflictingly alien and hostile side as well due to her youkai nature.
I wonder if I will be alive still by winter of next year.

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don’t make her sad, she doesn’t deserve it

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I wonder if it's the result of the Yuki Onna's previous life. Maybe it's retaliation against a life of unfairness, but amidst this horror lied family & love, which still gets her going to this day.

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hypothetically, if I married Letty, how much would it cost to keep her fed?

>> No.38863950

3 yuyus worth

>> No.38864251

holy shit, it might be time for a diet then

>> No.38870589

Hug you Letty!

>> No.38878844

Fuck you too, Mai!

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Winter imagery is so relaxing

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find letty missing asshole and then properly return it ho her

>> No.38904736

literal worst girl.

>> No.38905421

losing my dick to frosbite doesn't sound so bad

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Its starting to get hot here and I hate it

>> No.38915455

Resting my head on Letty's soft belly

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Wait if they take human form why would they still melt

>> No.38924710

And listening on her digestion noises?

>> No.38924827

Listening to our unborn child kicking in her womb

>> No.38924941

What if Letty gives birth while she's hibernating?

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Beautiful girl

>> No.38936318

Her hand in marriage

>> No.38944236

very pretty

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True fact

>> No.38952539

sleeping in the same bed as Letty is all fun and games until she rolls on top of you