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In SoEW bad ending marisa bathed Reimu in the acid. See how cruel ZUN was in the very begining of the series.

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Reimu killed people in the beginning. Why did ZUN get so family friendly and soft?

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Not canon

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Obviously. It's a magical portal that summons a downpour of acid.

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I've just noticed

We don't have an corrosion Touhou yet. The closest we have to being corrosive is Medicine.

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Then make one. I give you permission.

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Suika can make you explode or implode, depending on which she finds more amusing at the time.

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I'm talking corrosion, not explosions. Marisa can make you explode if she so whims.

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But she's not the embodiment of corrosion with a stupid pun name with a daft, green, slightly dissolved hat and a face like she has too many genes.

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Thats pee.

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