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EraTohoK has changed since I last played it.

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Also, who is the artist for >>38473486

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Anon... take another look at the filename.

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No results for the image.

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I swear, for a type of game that requires a lot of reading, anon's reading comprehension sure is awful.

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Let me rephrase.
The name is correct, the image itself has no source if you look for it. Whether it be iqdb, saucenao, or yandex.

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Login required to download? No.

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Retard? Yes.

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I'll spoonfeed you:
Scroll down to "latest builds".

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>Harvest Festival
>Kosuzu invites me to her room after she's done
>refuse because I have to take of drunk 2hus
>next up Akyuu does the same
>refuse once more, my goal is clear
>then it's Renko
>denied as well
>even Keine even though she's fairly reserved
>nope once more
Is Harvest Festival a synonym for girls getting plowed or something? Did I miss a memo? Because never have I seen them this thirsty.

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>Kosuzu invites me to her room after she's done
I know about 2hus asking you on a date, asking to stay in your room for the night when they are from other area but straight up invite you in their room?
Never seen that, how does it happen?

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How do i increase the desire parameter faster than favor/intimacy?

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Mirada stone, active sex, aphrodisiacs in tea/food

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Developing their bodies through timestop rape helps, but you'll have to make up for the unconscious orgasms later on when you get them to consent.

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I'll ask again, what does the prayer for panties do?

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Dunno, test it for us please

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Is there any way to revert this back?

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Don't think so, there's a pill on the final tier of mixing skill that regrows the hymen, but your ass doesn't have that. Guess your butt is gonna be forever marked, boyo, I don't think even the [bites the dust] reverts that on player character.

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I did and arrived at no conclusions. That's why I'm asking. I presume it makes the panty rain happen sooner than normal, but I don't even know how to check that.

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I guess i'll just live with it then..

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The prayer sets up flag that gives you a 2/3 chance to escape if you get caught carrying panties around. In addition there seems to be higher chance of finding panties while cleaning rooms.
There might be more but that was just a quick look at the code.

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>Start playing era4X because I saw that there were updates for it and got curious
>It uses TohoK coding for a part of it

Just how many games did TohoK spawn from just existing? Is TohoTW actually a variant of TohoK coding as well? Makes me wonder about eraMegaten as well but chances are that is completely separate since they're trying to incorporate the mechanics of the entire shin megami series into a single text-based game.

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I dunno man, I think it has to do with favor, the 2hus I mentioned have around 10k favor each

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Ok then, I was wondering about the specifics especialy.
Like do you live in the human village? Do you play with lust mode on? Are they all with the Slut trait? etc...

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>Like do you live in the human village?
>Do you play with lust mode on?
No but I think it's not only favor but desire/intimacy etc, since I interacted with them a lot, I guess it just accumulated over time
>Are they all with the Slut trait? etc...
Nope, vanilla as it gets.

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What's the quickest way to train cooking?

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Help with work on a character that works with cooking. Or maybe make light snacks and don't eat them?

Why does Nue work in the SDM despite living in Myouren Temple btw?

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Human Village, helping Miyoi. On most days she has a 6pm-12pm (or was it 1-2am?) job that not only gives a lot of favour and dependency to her, but also trains Cooking while you're helping her (2-3 exp usually). You can also timestop help out with her work to literally spend 200 TSP for 1-2 cooking exp when she's at work. She has so much 'work' that you can easily spend a full 4k TSP bar at her work and her work is still not done. So if you spend all your TSP and physical time helping her out you can easily get 50+ cooking exp a day she's working with an even bigger TSP bar.

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What I wanna know is how did you end up getting pegged by Ran of all people?

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Loli Junko when?

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i like moving in to the mayohiga and make chen no longer have decent sleep since i fuck ran and yukari moan too loud

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why is Reisen blonde?

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When you cheat that in, it's possible in game.

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The portrait is still a old hag though.

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>Is Harvest Festival a synonym for girls getting plowed or something? Did I miss a memo? Because never have I seen them this thirsty.
From what I understand from older accounts of country life yes.

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I can't believe how fast these threads have been lately.

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used to last a month or so didn't it?

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Yeah, close to it.

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what builds you guys runnin? I'm cook/music maxin'

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every stat

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I change by the week based on what comes up, if I need money I go logging, music and cooking when I need to soften up a new hu. Got my ass blasted by Reisen in danmaku so I spent the rest of the week in a martial arts training montage. Now at a B rank in combat.

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Logging? I guess bitches love wood.

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how else would you pay for child support?

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No it's not. These systems are majorly different, what are you talking about?

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She's cooking up some trouble with Koa!

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It makes them not pissed at you but this dosen't remove hate marks try going on dates or give gifts

pro tip:

if you run out of collector gaps you can store the panties you obtained in your home for instance the empty hut near the scarlet devil mansion rember to do it while in time stop mode

>works with eratoho theworld
>fck what has my life come to

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Parsee just caught me stealing panties and now has a status as "can blackmail you"
What do I do?

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Wait for her to forgive you. Get ready to endure getting things shoved up your ass. In my experience it took 5-6 times before it went away.

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Run with it.

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Well, just worried since it's been nearly a in-game year and nothing really came out of being caught, she doesn't treat me any differently.

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Just started TW. What's a good way to make money?

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She will once she pushes you down
>Parsee just caught me
so was it "just" or was it "a year" since?

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help meiling with her guarding duties occasionally other 2hu's will give you the 'help with work' option

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The best I experienced was selling sake and my crops in the underworld

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I think you can get evens with her if you catch her masturbating.

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It's been alternatively raining or downpour for the past two weeks. Is the world ending? Is the game gently pushing me towards biting the dust? My umbrella is breaking every two days.

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Is it Spring season? Weather is fucky during that time.

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You don't. Live off the land until the debt becomes too much to handle. Then bite the dust and it all disappears. Sell off your veggies to become rich again and repeat the cycle

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what the fuck?

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Is trapping based off a stat or what?

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Here's where I interject with the great answer of "I'm pretty sure it's based on speech." However, I have not used that feature in game so I can't really say if it's luck or RNG based.
Either way, it's probably a good way to get food(?)

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It's based on luck mainly to see if it catches something, and your fishing skill (which doubles as hunting I guess) for planting the trap.

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Oh excuse me, not fishing, it's knowledge and combat ability + luck for searching tracks. And for catching bugs, bait is everything.

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I misclicked

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Take it in pride anon you gave a special thing to the one you love

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is there any consequence in fucking a pregnant character?

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What game? In the TW there isn't, the game will also stop you if you attempt to perform an action it would deem inappropriate for a pregnant woman.

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I can't increase the favorability of some characters like Mokou and Junko. Why is that?

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You gotta pour your steaming hot tea directly into their throats, and do requests for them at first.

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Try touching their butts instead of talking.

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Speech skill is probably too trash for those cold, introverted types.
What's the best way for a hu to lose the ignorant tag, besides just splitting their cunny with dick?

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In other news, Anon has been crushed by a tremendous amount of chocolate appearing on his doorstep today. No lasting injuries, thankfully.

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Since when did research carry over into the next run?

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When is goat coming out?

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Her avatar was made barely last week. I doubt they are gonna add her to the roster until a few months later.

>> No.38517842

Well, they added a new request and something else you can do with your lover that's also untranslated.
Maybe it'll be a little sooner?

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You can now conduct Sex ED in any library that lets you read books, just have the Ignorant character close and read porn mags, it'll show you hints if you're lacking something for that.

>> No.38518383

I read it wrong and thought that some characters could give you Sex ED

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This game has ruined me. Main software we use at work is called ERAnet and every damn time I boot it up I pop a stiffy.

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>Sex ED taught by Keine or Eirin.

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"...And then you put it in, okay? Aim a bit lower, that's where the entrance is, and then in in in, keep it going."

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Been a while since I played TW, have they added/fixed anything relevant in the recent updates?

>> No.38520223

It would be so good just for the chance to have dialogue for them...

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Thanks, peasant.

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I'm gonna pee in your mouth for that kind of response, punk.

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On that topic, is there any urination content beyond feeding them diuretics and making them piss on orgasm?

>> No.38521770

this is exactly how I understood it, doesn't sound out of place with other systems too

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What's this? A Touhou text based game?

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Neat. Googling it now. Will it take more effort than that to get set up? There's no convenient OP full of links like the Elona threads...

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Welcome to jap text games. In the link there's a direct download repository at the bottom of the page.
EraTohoK and EraTohoTW is basically what anyone here talks about. A kingdom managment strategy and dating sim respectively.

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Are you sure you gave her a true american burger?

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Ah, sweet, I always wondered if they existed but I figured they were too deep in the nip internet and I'd never see them. Cheers mate, I wish you luck in the random encounters you get in whatever game you're playing

>> No.38522656

Also when running it you want to use the Anchor executable since the other is in nip, and you'll probably want to pick up some translation software like textractor since it's not fully translated yet and opening the clipboard to copy paste into google is a pain in the ass and a boner killer.

>> No.38522689

What are some good cooking recipes that are character specialties?

>> No.38522697

Can I run eratohoTW on macOS using Wine or something?

>> No.38522755

Maybe? Just give it a try it's not exactly a massive game to download.

>> No.38522897

Whatever enchants the food or makes it spiritual. I think Marisa and Reimu do that. It restores your TSP.

>> No.38524012

I think some foods do that without their help too, just forgot which does since I just tend spam the doping soup.

>> No.38524040

Anyone else like feeding their meat loving 2hus gingy dish?

>> No.38524178

Doping soup?

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What is this? Is there any way to copy the text from the game into DeepL?

>> No.38524525

doremy noticed you were going to have a nightmare and got rid of it so you recover some strength
>Is there any way to copy the text from the game into DeepL?
no clue, some people in the previous thread were talking about using Textractor to extract and translate the game's text but i haven't even tried it myself. try checking that thread out

>> No.38524544

Yes there is

>> No.38524562

Open clipboard, I also recommend downloading translation aggregator, you can set it to automatically copy from the clipboard to translate on it's own

>> No.38524742

Neat. Thanks!

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Uhh, what happened?
I've been lied to? Why is she preggers on a safe day? What's going on?

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I don't know whether you should call that lucky or unlucky.

>> No.38525514

Jesus, the god of RNG smiled upon you today. Go out and buy a lottery ticket

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What does it mean?

>> No.38526103

At least TohoK has a concept of womb capacity, 1.5L of semen is the stuff of womb inflation fetish levels

For reference for those that don't know, most average sized normal females in TohoK has a womb capacity of 100-120ml

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How can a womb only have 100ml capacity if a baby can weigh over 5kg. Surely wombs can do better.

>> No.38526872

I wouldnt mind it so much if it stayed as a outlier fetish item. But for any chance of impregnation you need 1L+, some girls closer to 2 before it hits 100% full. Wish it could be toned down a bit but instead there is an item you can take to temporarily increase semen production to litre levels for the day. Make it special rather than the usual stuff

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Only care about Youmu, and I'm planning a big coom for her soon. Any new lines/content, translated or not? Don't care if it's K, TW, YMAEM, reverse or LiG

>> No.38527290

Is there actually music in reverse or is it just the track name popups?

>> No.38527321
File: 1.28 MB, 4606x2244, 1590693585777.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You need to open up another file, it's somewhere near the anchor. Can't remember what it's called, but there are only like 8 tracks anyway, you're better off playing your own music.

>> No.38527367

fuck i'm blind

>> No.38527455

Why did you buy a strapon in the first place dummy

>> No.38527471

What the hell is Eraruina?

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P-please let me evacuate, Okuu

>> No.38527539

Harrisburg. Chernobyl. Fukushima. Gensokyo.

>> No.38527558

Sounds like you need to get punished until you remember. That said, the game seems to try calling for music that isn't available - or at least Yukari's did.

In TW, mostly or fully translated? Has a whole bunch of lines, but on an average level compared to some others like Ran.

In K she doesn't have much lines beyond combat lines, and even those aren't translated if I remember correctly.

In Reverse she isn't translated at all, and I assume it's also the case in YMAEM considering that a good part of that is also untranslated. Never touched LiG but last activity on that was years ago, so I assume not there either.

So if you want translated Youmu content, it's still TW.

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Eragame for PM characters?

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>In Reverse she isn't translated at all
What? You mean she has lines at all? Where did you get your version of reverse and when?

>> No.38527628

Oh, I just assumed that the name being there means they had lines but just not translated, since I never picked anyone that didn't have TL next to their name. I guess the the name being coloured means they have lines of some sort.

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I fucking wish

>> No.38528263

Yeah, doping conmsome soup or something like that, recovers a lot of ENE/STA

>> No.38528302

kek, im sure you'll make a great dad anon

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It's hard to resist leading Kyouko astray when it's her dangerous day, she's already drinking herself into disarray while Byakuren is away... sorry Nue, just this once I'll betray!

>> No.38528773

its shit, that's what it is

>> No.38528799

Byakuren never drinks at parties or events, but guzzles that shit in her own living room.

>> No.38528973

That's mega rare, you should rejoice.

>> No.38529248

How often does TW get updated? Was thinking of waiting a while before playing since I heard a lot of girls don't have text and similar.

>> No.38529332

>start playing erakancolle
>realize it's literally just kancolle but untranslated and incomplete with sex
I have no idea what I expected

>> No.38529732

i didn't even know you could get a 0 for the pregnancy check
grats, anon

>> No.38530047

If you wanted to wait for all girls to have content you'd die before trying out the game, download it now, if it gets updated you can just move the save files folder from one place to the other in order to keep progress.

>> No.38530067

>in order to keep progress.
lol. It's a shame how characters get reset if they got new dialogue.

>> No.38530093

Isn't that optional?

>> No.38530186

Why do I have no character images? I enabled them in the options but it's always blank, I even thought there are none for a while but that doesn't seem to be the case.

>> No.38530242

you might have accidentally clicked on "display image" above where it lists what they're wearing, that would hide the picture

>> No.38530285
File: 27 KB, 1195x490, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, I checked, it's just blank, I think it's a bug

>> No.38530299

Looks like you might be missing the image assets for some reason. I'd try re-installing.

>> No.38530524

That's most likely the case, I do get some warnings about failure to load assests when I start up the game

>> No.38530601
File: 105 KB, 848x1200, b00439a65f3e754355202d423f4da990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey everyone, I'm playing eratohok and I can't cause an abortion by punching the stomach of 2hous. Any idea why it won't work? I don't want to pay for contraption or arbotions. No matter if I punch them a thousand times the child won't go away.

>> No.38530611

Maybe your fighting prowess is too low?

>> No.38530616
File: 523 KB, 945x945, 1643132724132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There also was bug on older version with image size settings, images would not show up with some size settings. Seems to work fine in latest version though.

>> No.38530642

It's A in both defense and attack

>> No.38530663

Could be it, I'm running it on a 720p laptop

>> No.38530689

Have you tried not being a fucking monster?

>> No.38530719
File: 178 KB, 1224x751, loading.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is what I get on startup, afterwards it runs normally

>> No.38530735

I got some of that after I deleted some of the alternative images from the resources folder to force certain portraits to always appear.

>> No.38530756

Yep, looks like the warnings for missing images. See if your "resources" folder is still there.

>> No.38531000

seems to be a laptop issue, I copied it over to my computer and the images run flawlessly

>> No.38531719

Where can I get the latest jp version of TW?

>> No.38531929

That's your personal luck. It's good now. Go forage, fish or play at casino or someshit.

>> No.38531955
File: 54 KB, 199x414, 1630465322748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"I will have your balls served on a platter next time, boy."

>> No.38531966
File: 1.07 MB, 1147x1375, 1623186950122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Core UI for non-sex stuff is fully translated, what are you talking about?

>> No.38531976

Need to enable that in options first.

>> No.38532555

it's just kancolle but partially translated and incomplete with added sex

>> No.38533372

On the internet

>> No.38533686

Have you played it?

>> No.38534048

I fucking love eraTohoK.

>> No.38534098

What do you like about it

>> No.38534181

Is there a file showing all the foraging locations and probability?

>> No.38534286

Allow belly-punching on preggos and allow belly-punching abortion. Aside from that, it should work. No idea if there's a difference between Simple and Elaborate, Elaborate worked for me. Alternatively if you have magic you can fill her with eggs and the baby will dissolve like pepto-bismol.

>> No.38534391

Just use a condom.
It's literally 800 yen
800 yen in a game where you can rack millions.

>> No.38534454

Or you could punch 2hus instead
It's literally free

>> No.38535714

Fuckin Ran in TW says she spent a night with another dude (probably like 100 years ago or something) when you talk to her in the love hotel in the human village

I fucking hate this, i made all my 2hus kiss less virgins
Fuck whoever coded this line in

>> No.38535778

Just delete the lines then

>> No.38535810

Will do and upload it to the wiki and the game will forever continue without that

>> No.38535822

Congrats on your used goods, loser

>> No.38535873
File: 1.09 MB, 1411x800, 1581444278452.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why I go for her pure, perfect master.

>> No.38535913

Learn how to edit era games? Fuck if I know.
It's doable since often I see in their discord people trying to do works on their own and once in a while being adapted into the full game.
Write some virgin Ran lines and you're set.

>> No.38535937

Why do souvenir shops just have 5 items per page after the update? It was already hard to find good gifts damnit.

>> No.38535943

Pedy wanted to nerf it so that's what he did.

>> No.38535987


But let them know, i don't use discord

>> No.38536015

I think you can do it just fine with the wiki alone though when and if they'll accept it is a different story, sometimes it takes a bit long to add in translation and whatnot.
By the end of the day, all it takes is their own preferences taking place first and foremost.
Best of luck to you still.

>> No.38536061
File: 208 KB, 1085x1217, 1644187719050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lads I fucked up. I asked Shinmyoumaru to give me a horse cock and now the aftereffects of magic steroids are kicking in. Now Ran's mocking me behind my back for my small penis. Does it eventually turn back or am I fucked?

>> No.38536129

Open \ERB\口上・メッセージ関連\個人口上\藍\M_KOJO_K25_日常系コマンド.ERB

You're probably talking about the lines on line 634-635

Delete it or replace with your own fanfic

>> No.38536135

Is the english version actually significantly different than the untranslated version?

>> No.38536291

Some of u niggas are soft as fuck

>> No.38536393

At what rank does bite the dust gets bonuses from?
A or S?

>> No.38536482
File: 66 KB, 300x300, 1613653181255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no, an impossibly ancient youkai fucked someone before, boohoo. Cry me a fucking river. It just shows how incredibly small-minded and insecure you are, worm.
A direct quote from her dialogue:
>Foxes have been bewitching humans since time immemorial

>> No.38536545

>settling for used goods in a self-insert power fantasy porn game

>> No.38536578

How do I turn off farting in EratohoK the option in the settings to disable it isn't doing anything

>> No.38536698

It's back to 10, but fucking swede forgot to merge it in.
10 was modded, but japs put a flag that would increase the selection to 10 from 5, so I thought that can work. Turns out that event is bugged and never triggers, which I fixed. So now, 10 is default, and you get 20 during that event.

>> No.38536752

I know she's a really small character and won't ever get content but goddamn do I love Meira

>> No.38536768

Any events where I can get more money when I was selling shit?

>> No.38536774

Exploring other Era games, I started playing EraGvT recently (Magical Boys/Girls vs Tentacles). It makes me wish there was a more combat-orientated Era touhou game that allowed the same level of clothing customisation that has actual effects on your combat capabilities, and even clothing damage, with battle rape (if your character(s) get knocked down/caught by the tentacles). While there is already some sort of clothing customisation in most games through the standard clothing menu, they are for most part only taken into account when training, with some games like TohoTW causing them to get Exposure exp if 'underdressed'.

In touhou terms the closest I can think of that is like that is Tentacle Palace, but if it could be extended to a TohoTW type of game, it'd be amazing. Would blast away the clothes off the girls in every danmaku fight.

>> No.38536786

Horde up your sake/strong sake and then wait forever for the event where you can sell sake for even more higher prices. Or just keep selling sake to them and they'll improve their prices for you for being a regular.

That said, I've never worked out exactly what I'm supposed to do with Sacred Sake other than just drinking it or serving it to others. Do those more special sake sell somewhere?

>> No.38536800
File: 289 KB, 500x500, 1644368755397-v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All 2hus are pure maidens until explicitly stated otherwise. So unless ZUN himself says something like "yeah, that 2hu had sex", the 2hu in question remains a virgin. Yes, even Suwako and Junko.

>> No.38536814

Are you implying both Suwako and Junko are virgin Mary?
If we're going by technicality here, it's not like as a goddess that Suwako could rebuild a hymen to herself or anything.

>> No.38536821

Just play eramegaten and pretend it's a 2hu game
GvT is so fucking slept on I fucking wish somebody would continue to develop that game

>> No.38536838

We're talking about Gensokyo here, so there's always some mumbo jumbo shit involved. Basically, everything's possible, so don't think too much about it and just take it easy.

>> No.38536868

This hag is even more ancient she probably fucked countless daimyos and shogun before gensokyo closed off

>> No.38536889

what are you talking about

>> No.38536913

I also play eraMegaten but I end up getting too into the RPG aspects of the game. Also I'm running with a party of 5 Sworn Friend humans as a Devil Summoner, so I'm probably playing the game 'wrong' in that aspect

>> No.38536929

Everyone just uses the Gap Generator to gap sperm into their wombs to get pregnant and then when they're about to give birth they use it to extract the baby out of the womb. Gap Technology is amazing!

>> No.38536939

Can you even sell sake somewhere else that isn't the human village?

>> No.38536952

How much money do you need to make Joon notice you? She's quite rude even though I have millions already.

>> No.38536961


>> No.38536972
File: 182 KB, 1639x1015, 1632819214710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari lost her virginity to toyohime's strapon

>> No.38536979

This hag barely shows any interest in men in the first place, you dumbass.

>> No.38537021
File: 61 KB, 200x215, huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's this expression trying to convey?

>> No.38537116

She forgot her hand up her ass.

>> No.38537266

I'm sad Kasen doesn't keep her right arm bandage during sex

>> No.38537288

guys don't even get to bang in gensokyo?
what a miserable existence

>> No.38537324

Guys get to bang unnamed human village girls

>> No.38537342

The only guys in existance in TW are the shopkeepers in the Human Village, and even then it's just the Old Carpenter, I'm pretty sure. Or well, human guys at least; pretty sure the Hobgoblins that are in SDM are by canon all guys as well. Yukari and some of the other more curious touhous probably cross the barrier to the Outside World just to gap some sperm to keep the Gensokyo population going.

>> No.38538176

What the fuck is the carpenters problem anyway?

>> No.38538214

If you're going to use logic like that none of the girls would be fucking the player at all

>> No.38538225

no pussy

>> No.38538270
File: 120 KB, 476x474, 1640442489568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't you help her? Where did all decent men go?

>> No.38538275

Wrong. Your skills outshines them all. That's why they fall for you every time. Well, maybe not you, loser.
All girls had dick before in my Gensokyo. Deal with it.

>> No.38538285


It would honestly be faster to just learn beginner level Japanese than it would be to wait for a complete translation. If the girls you're mainly interested are the ESoD girls, they should be mostly translated unless you pick one of those alternative personalities that you can pick when they show up.

>> No.38538317

>Your skills outshines them all
Why would 99% of the girls ingame care about your sex skills? They wouldn't even be talking to you.

>> No.38538471

I can't imagine a loser like kogasa getting a guy

>> No.38538492
File: 80 KB, 608x312, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm glad these got translated, never knew they gave such nice rewards.

>> No.38538561

To be fair, for some of them their interest in you is mainly either that you're an Outsider that somehow didn't get themselves killed, or that you're an Outsider with a special skill of some sort. Or in the case of the SDM start, you're an Outsider that Remilia hired as a butler/meido. Or that you didn't die the instant you accidentally stepped into the Underworld?

That said, TW is supposed to be a dating sim, so if everyone had the attitude of Sekibanki to you, you'd be stuck at sub 100 favour/depend for a long time even if you help them out. Still, maybe they should implement a 'hard mode' where those gains are dropped significanlty (or starts dropping after x days of not talking to them at all) so that you coud play TW more like a Gensokyo Fantasy Life Simulator without having the girls jump on you because you talked and helped them a bunch of times.

Speaking of being an Outsider, the dialogue all assume that you're Human regardless of whether you have animal ears/tails or even Kitsune and that other related racial option. Does the two racial traits actually do anything, or are they placeholders for some future content? And if you have animal ears/tails, can your character also go into heat or is that only for the Touhou characters?

>> No.38538580

Is it true japanese TW is a shit ton more brutal?

>> No.38538622

Half the Ran route feels like she's looking down on you, as if you're being judged constantly, it's not that enjoyable unless you progress far enough with her where it stops for the most part. Writing could have been better, or maybe the writer wanted to go with some kind of a passive aggressive femdom angle.

>> No.38538728

Funny that in Reverse she's the only one you can't get the game to turn into a virgin because she has had sex with an y number of guys because she trains them like cattle/punishes them

>> No.38538872

I recall someone mentionning that it's even more grindy toward the 2hu and (you) also have hard time to even being able to eat to not pass out.

>> No.38538972

So it really is too easy to make the 2hus fall for you just simply by talking to some of them? I've always felt like you're supposed to build up skills over time from doing a bunch of stuff while developing a relationship with them, and if you had to eat at least once a day it'd make foraging to look for food make more sense. As it is I only bath to recover stamina/energy and only eat if I did some exhausting work outside of timestop for some reason (like logging a huge difficult tree). Should have the original JP difficulty available as 'Normal Mode', since it otherwise feels like playing Easy Mode all the time

>> No.38538996

You could enable peasant mode to make it a bit harder.

>> No.38539154

Same, I really love her's and Konngara's designs, the sole fact that she's included in TW is a miracle.

>> No.38539165

>Sacred Sake
You can offer it to Suwako I believe

>> No.38539338
File: 148 KB, 1220x1046, magical bubbles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.38539403

Nue made me have sex with a pillow...

>> No.38539489

What game?

>> No.38539492
File: 55 KB, 1051x747, Nue.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

za worudo

>> No.38539541
File: 98 KB, 1200x1030, __houjuu_nue_touhou_drawn_by_midori_misuriru8__96f49f9c005eac34941e419de3c4dfc1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stupid sexy Nue

>> No.38539570
File: 255 KB, 560x517, 111253615123.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah no ok thanks to the based retards

Reminded me that it's fanon and that my ran is just a pure maiden and that line is just some fuckin random fanon shit for cucks that prefer used goods that's meant to play in the scenario that you do make 2hus used goods
In my power fantasy self insert world I'm still the only fag that ever got to be intimate with the 2hu girls so I'm the only one who's ever got to see that side of her not even Yukari did which is fuckin canon til japanese beer man says otherwise

Still fuck whoever coded that shit in i personally dislike you

>> No.38539852
File: 25 KB, 120x234, Ran.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a bit of food for thought: "Ran" isn't the original one in control of that body. Ran is a shikigami consciousness put in control of that fox body. There is a very valid interpretation that while her body may be used goods, her mind is still a virgin, but merely has the memories of that fox's sexual history.

That is to say, Ran herself hasn't actually had sex or anything.

>> No.38540261

just edit the dialogue yourself and put up for grabs for another anons if it bothers you that much geez

>> No.38540418

I'm sorry, why are the cardinal directions like this again?

>> No.38540466

Recommend me some well written girls in TW, anons. So far I've more or less went all the way with Sakuya, Alice, Yuuka, Ran, Meiling, Joon. Doesn't matter if they're translated.

>> No.38540702


>> No.38540803


>> No.38540923

Sunny, Luna, and Star have a surprising large amount of lines. The child-raising ones are pretty cute. Too bad they're not translated yet.

>> No.38541036
File: 16 KB, 726x225, useless bunne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The moon capital has a liquor store, but the sake selection and price bonus are the same.
Heck, just learn the grammar and use mecab/jparser.
Go try Reisen, she goes from super shy to eventually trusting you.
How good is she? I'm currently getting closer to Shion and might do her next.
It's weird that out of all the fairies only Clownpi and Larva are translated.

>> No.38541216

Right? I'd expect at least CIrno would be translated

>> No.38541291

What the fuck? So there was a hunger system?

>> No.38541373
File: 9 KB, 687x121, 1618853468944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38541398

Anyone got a good way to level up the mixing skill in TW?

>> No.38541528

Do kids share an affection stat? I'm getting letters from kids I've literally never interacted with.

>> No.38541547

Help reisen with her experiment
Jo'on is doesnt have the biggest word count but shes one of the cutest one, she act like a little shit at you at the start then gradually goes dere. Its good old classic tsunderes. I dont care about joon before but now shes top on my top 5 2hu just because of her TW character

>> No.38541646

>Help reisen with her experiment
But I don't want to leave my pregnant wife...
Isn't there some mixing recipe I can spam with easy procurable materials?

>> No.38541680

Then use time stop? You can milk more exp that way too.

>> No.38541794

the way i used to do it was forage in Myouren Temple's Cemetery and then make a ton of fertilizer since you end up getting both materials (Bone Scraps and Manure)

>> No.38541795

Tsundere deserve the rope.

>> No.38541914

Can you teach non-musical touhous how to play an instrument?

>> No.38541925

Because if you are in the jaypee you should know a modicum of japanese, no excuses allowed.

>> No.38541965

Fair for the board, stupid for the actual translation.

>> No.38542044

Well, for the sake of "lore" you'll always be a outsider that was bought in by Yukari as Reimu shelters your ass.

>> No.38542064

Perhaps that's a Byakuren thing? The ones I got with Remi and Cirno uses arrows for the directions.

>> No.38542069
File: 100 KB, 935x919, 1635985092645.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kids are buggy for me, I made Sakuya preggers, we sent our Hisui on his way in life, and now he's literally back to square one. I did not touch that woman in the time she was caring for him. He apparently inherited the baitsa dasuto skill and used it now, the little leech. Or she stole some of my cum at some point. I did make him when she was caring for another child initially, but it's been over a year now.
Another kid with Kogasa, I spent so much time on him, I COUNTED that shit, at least 300 interactions. Spent entire days on nothing but being a good papa. Sends a letter that Kogasa needs to take better care of herself.
I'm not wasting my time on any more goddamn kids.

>> No.38542071

Untranslated character, I believe

>> No.38542101

If you were truly ready to tussle with Byakuren, you would instinctively understand the directions even without knowing japanese.

>> No.38542245

>let's bring a random human with time powers to Gensokyo
What was Yukari thinking anyway?

>> No.38542259

>What was Yukari thinking anyway?
Yukari is too old to think anon

>> No.38542295

probably that it would be funny

>> No.38542405

>random human with time powers to Gensokyo
I thought the powers were a secret and that it was a fluke that she picked a follower of the great opantsu-sama

>> No.38542423

is 4x any good?
should I just play starsector instead?

>> No.38542454

Seems like she's unaware of the our powers anyway.
That or she plays dumb whenever you rape or steal her panties while time is stopped. Perhaps her fetish.

>> No.38542485

i wish we were able to cause an incident in the name of the great opantsu-sama

>> No.38542640

Clean the whole place and the fairies fuck everything up in the night. What can humanity do against such reckless cunnyniggers.

>> No.38542816

Which girls have the spiciest sex dialogue in TW?

>> No.38543373

Are there any dialogue difference if you choose to be Yuuka's lover and then choose to bet your virginity against her?

>> No.38543427

Punitive rape

>> No.38543705

>Play TW
>Alice untranslated

>> No.38543728

Because fuck you, we don't care about her. DIY.

>> No.38543733

who are you quoting

>> No.38543746

I'm quoting >>38543705

>> No.38543797

Be the change

>> No.38543816

Do you have some spare time? Of course you do, go translate her.

>> No.38543826
File: 191 KB, 827x1169, 1636777574532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I recall reading in a earlier thread that Alice has a autisticaly high amount of line (or was Seija ?).
Which is why, I guess, she is not translated.

>> No.38543865

Shikieiki does
Literally a wall of text if you're (un)fortunate enough to give her tea

>> No.38543906
File: 6 KB, 329x181, 2022-02-10 11_43_48-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is not an exaggeration.

The book "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, which is enormous, is just as large in file size.

>> No.38543945

>give shikeiki tea
>she goes off on some long-winded autistic sermon
>character loses energy from listening to her
Definitely caught me off guard the first time.

>> No.38543961

I expect a not insignificant part of it is comments and code.

>> No.38543967

Someone likes Alice that much, huh? My thoughts and prayers to whoever takes on translating it.

>> No.38543994
File: 919 KB, 853x1204, aki_chimaki-1491028422948421634-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Self correction: "War and Peace" is about 4MB in size as a plain text file.

>> No.38544019
File: 183 KB, 287x680, Tewi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lel, I actualy spent time on her a few weeks ago.
Each time you get her tea, she teach you about various sins and punishement.
The best one is when you grop her in public she straight up force you to listen to her preaching for what feel like an hour.
>character loses energy from listening to her
Oh yeah she does that too.

Her reactions when she tries to use her mirror on (you) and see nothing is also priceless.
Whoever write all of theses is legit in love with her.

>> No.38544066

WIll Eiki judge me for being a rapist? I now realize I've barely interacted with her.

>> No.38544432

How do I trigger the restless night scenes more often in TW?

>> No.38544653

I got distracted translating much important things, like fish descriptions

>> No.38544676

I play eraToho for the fishing, not the sex with 2hus

>> No.38544687
File: 73 KB, 691x374, 75 turns to win.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for your hard work. Can you do bug fights next? I need to know what's happening.

>> No.38544741

where do you get the jp version of the game?

>> No.38544823

Git, there's a game/japanese branch.

>> No.38545116

What would be the best way to grind up exposure exp in TW? I've been sticking with masturbation commands and getting decent results but progression's been slowing as levels start getting higher.

>> No.38545474
File: 47 KB, 1290x761, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was going through Okuu's dialogue and realized things her dialogues for fellatio and paizuri do not show up in game is their a reason for this?

>> No.38545790

Gee, I wonder.

>> No.38545796

Maybe a bug, report it either in the wiki or discord.

>> No.38546051

How do you even read these, is something like notepad+ enough?

>> No.38546060

I'm using Notepad++ in the screenshot

>> No.38546077
File: 71 KB, 1625x874, notepad++_Ku7PB58KfY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is also written in a way that leads to the non-lover/love lines playing still so that's another problem.

>> No.38546125

Oh, alright. Thanks

>> No.38546261
File: 1.62 MB, 498x325, okina-matara-satono-nishida.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Glad your priorities are in check, thanks for your hard work.

>> No.38546294

"Girls" more like hags hangout is untranslated
If you're talking with one of the members and they leave for it, the text for it is untranslated.

>> No.38546699


>> No.38546943
File: 586 KB, 805x1060, 1625848211639.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I unironically spend most of my dates doing nothing but fishing. The girls get happy on their own, they get fishing experience and I pile up more fish to sell or cook. Everyone is happy.

>> No.38547227

You're a dumbass, it's like that to throw you off and not make it easy.

>> No.38547261

Keep repeating that to yourself, maybe reality will bend to your will one day.

>> No.38547273

All false.

>> No.38547345
File: 153 KB, 619x609, 1632331135033.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.38547356

Anon it also has versions with properly translated directions it's just meant to fuck with you.

>> No.38547380

Dialogues for Cirno and other fairies came out way later, brainlets.

>> No.38547485

It's a literal あっち向いてホイ. If you needed it untranslated to make it more difficult for you, even as an EOP, your brain's pattern recognition is fucked up.

>> No.38547600

I knew you were hopelessly irredeemable just from the fact you asked such a foolish question in the first place.

>> No.38547867

What does Satori Princess mode change?

>> No.38547918

Thanks, it'll be fixed. Whoever wrote Okuu had to immerse himself so much he became birdbrained as well.

>> No.38547996

Who told you that? I'm 17.

>> No.38548019

Excuse me, this site is 18+ only.

>> No.38548026

Careful, I actually got a 3 day vacation in gensokyo for making that joke once.

>> No.38548038

Haha I get this joke

>> No.38548071
File: 36 KB, 1089x705, notepad++_vXX0pPNXVK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Belly Caress is also broken thanks for fixing it.

>> No.38548526

Yeah I went through it. In fact I decided to spend the day going through every translated dialogue because it seems to be a common problem. Gotta pay attention to the shoddy code these writers are putting in, they forget to flip the switch on the LOCAL to enable the section so it never displays.

>> No.38549052
File: 39 KB, 567x693, Length; Galge vs. World Masterpieces.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To give an alternative comparison, Alice's unique dialogue alone is roughly the length of:
・Dante's entire Divine Comedy
・The first two Harry Potter books put together
・Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Onikakushi Hen

So yeah, good luck to the bilingual diehard Alice fan who decides to spend a year of their free time translating that.

>> No.38549089

What kind of autistic japanese otaku writes that much text for a single character in the first place. Jesus Christ.

>> No.38549194

The more stories you write about your waifu the more real she becomes to you.
Really good writing practice too; pretty much all of my Japanese production skills come from the year where I wrote two or three fanfics in Japanese every week.

>> No.38549243
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, Theyarerealtome!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The more stories you write about your waifu the more real she becomes to you.
Literaly pic related.
Wish I had that dedication.

>> No.38549343

Writing is as easy as you make it.
A story you're writing for yourself can be very short; it doesn't need to be any longer than a typical post you'd write here.
So you can start out writing stories that are only a paragraph long...
Then one day, you think to yourself "Oh, I could stitch these two stories together."
So you write a two-paragraph long story that's just two one-paragraph long stories stuck to each other.
Soon you're doing three or four, then more.

A novel is just a thousand little paragraph-long stories stuck to each other.
If you're confident enough in your writing to post on 4chan and have ten minutes to spare every day, you too can write a novel.

>> No.38549593

Writing regular dialogue is easy, it's the smut that's hard to do right

>> No.38549743

I'm confident in my writing skills myself but don't know japanese, I would if I could translate some 2hus and even try my hand for writing lines for my favorites but, touhou is something I've never touched in terms of creating fancontent.

>> No.38549877
File: 90 KB, 724x516, Manslut.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You hold hands with the Succubus.
>You take her hand gently with both of yours.
>It feels tiny and soft in your grasp.
>She blushes furiously, embarrassed by the feeling of your body heat.
>She looks around nervously, making sure that nobody is staring at the two of you.
>You can feel her pulse where her fingers meet yours. It's racing like crazy.
>Your eyes meet hers, and she nearly hops out of her chair.
>It's probably for the best to let her off easy for now.


It's never seemed that hard to me, just listen to your penis and your heart and let them guide your fingers as they dance along your keyboard.

>> No.38550055

how much of that is actual dialogue, though

>> No.38550086

Touhou fans are so funny

>> No.38550112

>I recall reading in a earlier thread that Alice has a autisticaly high amount of line
It's in the thousands IIRC. It's the most convoluted set of code out of any character in the game.
It's a crime.

>> No.38550200

>It's in the thousands IIRC
What's the average? A couple of hundred?

>> No.38550245

Imagine asking random dipshits who never worked on era in their life about the size of dialogues that are in the game.

>> No.38550339

what's your problem, faggot

>> No.38550373

Shame Reverse is total shit with the most out of character writing of any era game.

>> No.38550593

Tell us, expert-san, what secrets do you keep from us peasants?

>> No.38550676

Story of your life.

>> No.38550709

I think you can tell by how little content the other characters have.
Compared to them, Alice has a autistically high amount of content.

>> No.38550778

Not even close to being in top 5 in terms of size. Stop spouting off bullshit on topics you don't know anything about.

>> No.38550824

Don't spread misinformation then.

>> No.38550990

I was going through her text just the other day, didn't seem like she has more than someone like Shikieiki or Meiling for example. A lot of it's just code.

>> No.38551038

makes her harder to get

>> No.38551097

>source: My Ass - A poem by Anon
Give some examples maybe?

>> No.38551515

It's still a proof of concept. There's many special content as compared to other era but the balancing is shit.

>> No.38551545

Brutal as in lack of some UI? Yes.
Difficulty? The code is basically the same except for the translation. I'm not sure where do you get this from.

>> No.38551681

why is ti called 4x if it's not a 4x anyways

>> No.38553124

Get fucked faggot.

>> No.38553188

I accept your concession.

>> No.38553318

>Attempt to impregnate Ran
>the picture of the egg shows up, but with no chance information or anything below it
so did I do it or what

>> No.38553364

who quote

>> No.38553500

I'm playing Megaten, and I've seen a few Is scattered through untranslated training dialogue with Pixie. It makes sense if I replace it with watashi, or whatever Pixie uses, so I assume something replaced all pronouns with I? Why?

>> No.38553775
File: 1 KB, 551x21, 1626787023892.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to enable it in the options.

>> No.38554802
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>> No.38554871

I'm assuming it's mainly to do with how in Japanese there's multiple ways of saying 'I' which also convey the sort of 'character' (stereotype) you are, but in English there isn't really a way to do this with just how you say 'I' alone

>> No.38555248

Read the post again please

>> No.38556663
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You can set a character's first person pronouns in their profile so you can refer to it in code if it ever gets changed (you can do it manually in-game if you want). Thus, someone translated that bit in Pixie's profile. But like >>38554871 said, it makes more sense in Japanese since there's multiple ways of saying "I".

>> No.38561656

Why does Shinki have basically no text in TW? I thought she was popular.

>> No.38561715

She is not that popular, and popularity only raises the chances that one of her rabid fans happens to be a writer able to write emuera code, and then they need to be not autistic enough to keep his own work to himself.
All of this is necessary for a character to get dialogue.

>> No.38561825

when you think about it eratoho development is kind of messed up

>> No.38561936

>every other kid sends normal letters
>Star's kid puts a firework in the letter as a joke
>Sunny's kid puts a flour bomb in the letter as a joke

these little fuckers weren't worth the child support

>> No.38562184

I wouldn't call her that unpopular either, there's quite a few less popular girls than her that got more text. But I think every girl will eventually be readable considering the development of the game is perpetual.