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I can redirect that with Aikido

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I miss the Aikido guy.

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stop spamming and ddosing Anon Talk .com also stop trolling and harassing us and remove all clones and troll articles and lies and leave us alone if u do this well stop posting these msgs forever

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You see, I dropped out of a Japanese intenstive course earlier this year. It's not that I didn't have the willpower, it's just that I didn't have enough FUCKING money to continue.

But then I med this GODDAMN navy recruiter.

He says to me: "BITCH, you've got a good brain and SHIT, and you'd be a good doctor for the Navy. Here, take this FUCKING money and enroll in a post-bacc program to study pre med --oh, and LOL, here's some money to study Japnese as well so you don't get all depressed and FUCKING cut yourself, you FUCKING weeaboo!"

So, FUCKING BITCHES, I'm officialy back in the game! I get to study that JAPANESE, as well as study pre med and soon I'll be a MOTHERUCKING doctor in the Navy.

This is my story, BITCHES!


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Anyone of you /k/fags read upotte yet?

You'd probably love it

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>>implying the .308 is superior to the .30-06

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everything is inferior to Aikido

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Six shots......all I need.

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What does /k/ think of that image?

Or for that matter, what does Opchan think? Last time I posted "anime shit" there, I got banned for 3 days and the thread went on for 50+ posts.

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I look forward to finding you dead in a oil drum, Petty Officer.

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It won't just be me in that oil drum alone! FUCK that! I won't be going down by myself, but I'll go down with girlfriend.

...Ai Kago will MOST DEF be in that can too, BITCHES.

Me and Ai we're meant for each other --that's why I'm FUCKING studying this PIECE OF SHIT, BACKWARDS-ASS language anyways!

...We're going to die together~~! <3

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.50 BMG here. .308 is a loser.

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7.62 was here, enjoy running out of .50 ammo every few shots.

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> Running out of ammo every few shots
> Comes in containers of 200 rounds

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>enjoys lugging around ammo boxes

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Why argue about caliber? Everyone knows it's all about shot placement.

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No, no Reimu brace that butt...

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Haha, even my imouto caught that within seconds.

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Oh hey Beck, glad to see you're doing well.

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See the position she's sitting in? Verrry awkward. The recoil will push her back and down on her butt.

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