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For some unknow reason, kids love me. Someday, I was woking several days at a house of a client fixing his PC. Everydays I was forced to go to that home. in that home was a VERY CUTE little girl of just 8 years. This girl liked me SO MUCH that she be all the time kissing me in the cheek , hugging me and sitting in my lap and her parents NOT CARE about it, they agree with this ( their have a high trust towards me )

Somedays, I was sit in the chair in front of the PC trying to recover the data of the damaged HD and the girl run at me, sat at my lap and begin to hug me and kissing me in the cheek like always...

automatically I begin to touch and to caress her ass, for 01 secounds, for below of her clothes. When I noticed that I was doing, I jumped from the chair ! This just happended for 01 second, but, I become SO DISTURBED that I say to her NEVER to to this kind of thing again and I never again returned to that house. And I quit that job and I never again worked at house of clients.

This happened, maybe, 4 or 5 years ago,I not remember very well, and since than I never touched other kid and I never had any other contact with any kind of LOLI related thing. I deleted all my LOLI data and destroyed all my DVDs backups with this kind of content.

If you are a strong minded man, you can enjoy LOLI things without worry, but, If you is like me, a weak minded man, that bring to the real life the things that you do in a game, is better for your own sake to be FAR AWAY form these things that can bring temptation to you.

I am a sick damn bastard, because of this I hate LOLI, because it bring out my worse side. I have so much fear of LOLI things that you cannot imagine.

Then, for people like me, LOLI IS REALLY VERY DANGEROUS !

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fhc post from hongfire?

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lol u mad?

little girls wanna be fucked.

you're an asshole for not fucking her.

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LOLI is an acronym?

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fhc is a genius

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fuck yeah another person who kids love!

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Middle schoolers and now Fifth graders are fucking, blowjobs, handjobs etc.

I hate my life.

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Hey, I remember this.

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They don't really want to be fucked, being as they don't know what it is. (Hopefully.) They do, however, want to constantly show off what they got and make guys uncomfortable/embarrassed. They think it's funny.

And they're right!

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Every loli I've come in contact with has gone crazy for me AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY. I guess I'm just a big brother type. We're in the same boat, dude.
Well, not exactly.

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thats a long post

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This guy is right. Why are they like that!?

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I want to have a loli.

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You were born too early.

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I hope this copypasta was real.

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I would say that you guys are lucky, but real lolis are really annoying and constantly want attention.

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The girl that you make sex in this game ( I not say her name ) is really act like a whore that seems that already make sex with a THOUSAND men ! I LOVE this kind of girl !

Well, I just see one sex scene yet, but, is very hot, the sex position is very HOT and the art is superb. The girl really have a wonderful voice and I masturbated seeing this hot scene ( I masturbated only one time playing this game in these 5 days, becasue I just see this unique sex scene yet. I not sure If from this point on will be a LOT of sex scenes or not. I not know. I hope have a LOT of sex scenes, because I really enjoyed a LOT the first sex scene. WONDERFUL ! WONDERFUL ! I CUM ! I CUM !

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oh god what

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She jumps him, kisses him all the time and sits her loli butt right on his lap on a regular basis.

Sounds like a recipe for some hot loli action to me.

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Ugh, I had a little cousin that was flirty.

She'd wouldn't be too excessive about it in front of other relatives, but when she got me alone it was pretty bad.

She'd constantly feel/rub my package and ask to play strip/dare games. That was long ago though, before I became screwed up in the head. So I just told her off constantly.

She's in college and has a boyfriend now, so I guess she grew out of it.

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so hot

hoe old were you

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The grammar in this thread.

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Sounds like when I was 17 and my younger stepsister who was 12. Always asking about my penis and saying, "I heard that if you touch it a lot white stuff comes out! Show me!"

HAHA....no. Reflecting back on it I should have. Maybe I would have got a loli BJ.

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I've been looking for this on in a while, care to share the name of it?

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It was for a few years. She's 5 younger than me.

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you must be old

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       ( `∀´)
      ( ヽ_  ⌒,ヽ、
       lヽ_  ソ  ̄_/
          l    '  ~l
        l      l
          (      ノ
        ヽ  y l
         ヽ  ヽl
          ヽ  )
           l  ll              ミ⊂⊃彡
             l  l.l      ∫
  ∩    ∩   l  ll       ∫
   )`i_  )`i  l l _____
  (    ̄ ̄⌒ ̄ ̄         ̄ ― _ __     _  _ _
    ̄ ̄ ̄ ⌒─‐___/  _ノ`( ;、Д, )_  ̄ 二、`っ^つ)
               / /   ∨ ̄∨    ̄    ̄
              / / ↑>>1
             ( __( J

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OP should chop off his dick and skull rape himself with it
Yeah I'm mad, so fucking what.

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I had cousin like that too and she was the cutest of her age I've ever seen. Luckily I have a strong self-control so I didn't have to worry.

Now she's 14 and isn't open and playful anymore. "They grow so fast!" like they say.

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>implying constant need for attention is a bad thing.

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There are really little girls that do these kind of things? It's not just something made up in loli manga? Damn.

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Yes, but I hate how all the ones I met were more or less my relatives.

Or maybe I hate how much I love it...

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Old copypasta is old.

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Every time I see my cousin, she cuddles with me. Someday I know she'll grow out of it, but for now I'll enjoy it while I can.
Also, I usually date girls that are a little younger than me(And I prefer them short)

Is something wrong with me?

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Yes. What are you doing on /jp/?

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Yea. I thought it was more common really.

Worst thing she ( >>3845358 ) ever did would be hiding a pair of her panties in my drawer when they had to stay over for the night.

I don't have them anymore. Parents found them and threw them out (I assume).

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Ha, the only reason people don't know about it are because the vast majority of (the American) public strongly believes that little children are pure, adorable, wonderful little angels, even if they do err sometimes and do some bad things (bullying someone, breaking a window), they're still innocent beings of heaven~

Obviously, their kids know enough to know that if they get caught wanting to learn more about sex, their parents will make a big unnecessary scene, so they just ask either trusted friends or people they have a hold over (ie, some form of blackmail) so they won't get tattled on.

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...didn't your parents ever ask you what you were doing with a pair of your little cousins panties?

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They cleaned out my room while I was in the hospital for a few weeks.

Didn't know till I got back and they were missing, along with a lot of "other" things. Didn't want to talk to them about it and they never brought it up.

Probably better that way.

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>this thread

Post more, dangit!

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in reality , they are horny vicious monsters

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So /jp/, After years of coasting along in life and NEETing it up, my parents have finally decided that I must get a job as I'll be turning thirty soon. Naturally, they've got a job lined up for me, as my mother's god-daughter is the local school bus commissioner, and thus can get me a job despite my grand neckbeard and low-grade hygiene.

What they've got a shortage of, at the moment, happens to be elementary school bus aides.

I hope 3dpg holds to be true.

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well some arent

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well, im kind of the same situation that OP
My parents own a school the kids there (from the 3 Year olds to the 10) all know my name, and if i stop and sit somewhere the young ones try to sit on my lap, my mom already said to me to dont let then do that

also, i have 2 younger cousins the oldest is 14, and is on that ten bitch fase, the other is 8, and she loves to sit on my lap, it started around 2 years ago, when she wanted to play on my PSP, to kinda stop that happening I started to play away from her on our family meetings (like inside of the car or something), she finds me and sit on my lap to play (she usually plays Project Diva on it), i have a strong mind to not do anything to her, but its kind hard to not het a hard on, lately im been able to control that too (by paying attention on the game, not in her)
My parents already talked to me, and they sound like im a fucking pedo!
Ok i have played/fapped to lolicon games/hentai, but is not that im actually gonna do something IRL

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I do the same thing.

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ITT fabrications.

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Don't worry OP, there is hope.

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And dawson anon finding trolling material not related to the tripfags here.

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tell your parents to chill the fuck out.

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close to children =/= pedo

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Did every 3 in 20 men once have a cousin like this? I have one that is 11 and she always feels up on me when my family gets together. She doesn't do this in front of anybody, but once I went off on her and next time I saw her she gave me flowers.

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assuming such statement is true. You'll eventually become a pedo.
I mean, let's face it. You fapped to lolicon games.

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His parents dont know that....do they?

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This just proves that Kodomo No Jikan is an autobiography of the mangaka

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pics or it didnt happen

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I have this strange ability that makes kids run in front of me whenever they can, making me run into them. It gets annoying after it happens 5 times in a day. I'm going to class, minding my own business, when out of nowhere a 5-year-old pops out and runs straight into me.

This one time in some mall a kid appeared on the ground in front of me; she just ran into that spot and lied down. Naturally, I kicked her, since I was not looking downwards.

It was kinda hilarious, but I had to keep a straight face in front of her mom.

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My first kiss and stuff was with a girl way younger than me, good times. And I dated a 14 years old (She didnt look like a 14 years old though.) back when it wasnt illegal, I was 17 back then IIRC.

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This made me hard

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I have a niece that turned 16 recently and her party had at least 50 friends in attendance, most of them greasy dudes with spiked hair who she may or may not have fucked.

Well that's my story hope you liked it!

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i got hard from OP's story.

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Well that story is definitely not SUGOI.

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I used to hang out with a neighbor of mine when we were younger... I think I was in my late teens at the time. Anyway, his little sister was horribly flirtatious, and when her brother would point it out in an attempt to make fun of her she'd laugh and do it more... I seem to remember her mother getting really, really nervous and scolding her about it. You know that look that people get in their eyes when they're both pissed off and suspicious? Yeah, she had that look.
The only other thing I can remember is "accidentally" kissing a girl in kindergarten when I was in fourth grade. I seriously had no idea how young she was I swear.

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I don't like 3D loli but /jp/ is causing me to have an unusual interest in her armpits.


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Wow, that is a fine armpit isn't it?

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FHC is a faggot.

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this is why, 'young' (or in this case loli) women are referred to as 'jail-bait'.
and theyre like that because they see such things elsewhere even in youth.
also see that jonas brothers south park for more details

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Oh wow.

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who or what is fhc?

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A brazilian faggot that posts in hongfire.

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That fhc.

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Does he ask for money?

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I guess I should share -my parents are sunday school teachers for 2-3 year olds . right now they have 2 girls. oneis aredhead ,ugly and bossy bitch.

the other has blond hair and blue eyes. apart from wanting attention shes very well behaved. I want to fondle her.

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Remember the good old days when hongfire still had their loli section? Those were some golden years.

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I once worked tutoring some lolis (like 1st grade or so) and one of them kept grabbing my dick.

I wasn't about to stop her but unfortunately her mom saw her do it and scolded her.

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He made n00b-friendly tutorial for AGTH.

All in green and yellow, brazilian style.

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Tutorial, not so bad.

Dictionary, not so good.

>> No.3846262

No, he made tutorial for AGTH and his retardation along with not so good management of the english language created quality posts across the years like the one OP

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Are you talking about that NTR-obsessed faggot FHC?

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He hasn't committed suicide yet?

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FHC is a true patriot.

When I was younger I had this cousin who was very close to me. She was 9 at the time and when I realized I had fallen in love for her. Because she was young I decided to wait until she grew up a lilttle, and just be there for her until then.
When she was 14 I told her I liked her, but she turned me down. She is 16 now.

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