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I'd gladly take her medication any day!

                    /!   ,. 'ヽ.
                  / -─-'   l.
                 /O    O     l
             /⌒ヽ l  l—!    /⌒ヽ
             (    ヽ、 ヽノ    |    l    
              `、     `ー- -─|    l、  
               ヽ.             l/  
                  ヽ            |
                  ` i        〈
                      ヽ         ヽ
                      ヽ   、     ヽ
                      ヽ   ヽ    ヽ
                         ヽ   ハ     l
                        (_ノ  ヽ_,ノ

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oh no

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milk truk just arrive

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It's fine, Eirin can fix them.

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I searched for "character:"eirin yagokoro$" language:english".

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the NTR doctor

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I'd let myself be a test subject and take the experimental COVID-19 vaccine if it meant I could be with her

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Crossover of the century

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Lol P-cup because she makes you pee in a cup

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Oh fuck, I hope this isn't Mr. Husband getting cheated on, Diisuke for the love of God drop the ntr/cheating shit

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She's not going to inject you with poison, give it up.

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why is this doctor so lewd?

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Revenge for Mr. Husband fucking the rabbit like 100 times bareback when she was in heat.

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You bet.
Watch them as they get rid of the husband with hypnosis/sleep powder/brute force and then proceed to fuck both Urumi and Eirin.
Then, the next day, everyone will forget about anything.

She just is.

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Preach it.

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P Cup Eiren is for sharing in front of Mr. Husband whether either of them want it to happen or not.

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best hag desu

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Honestly among the hags in Gensokyo she's probably one of the best. Is still guilty of murder though

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Rubbing the doctors tired feet when she comes home

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She looks a bit sinister here

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how do we eternally remove NTR from the uni-verse?

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by remaking the human race through mind control

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The doc's bras are very fancy.

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Erotic doctor...

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ntr in diisuke doujins is really weird
like im no expert on that but literaly its just normal sex but cowe or doctor has ring on her finger and thinks "oh no i have husband" for one second

i dont get it

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How much longer this unnecessary censorship is gonna last?

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Shit. I didn't even realize that frigging guys dick was in the bottom. So much for cropping that.

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No P-cup NTR

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Thank God

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Diisuke delivers

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I should've never doubt him. I feel ashamed. I'm gonna go on a Quest in Gensokyo to regain my Honor. Wish me Luck.

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Was actually about to ask if it's actually mr husband
glad it's this way even if I still spanked it to the last doujin

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It's ok, as long we see Urumi in action.

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most NTR doujin have cuck acting and appearing as nice character that the girl felt bad for cheating on him but in this case the husband really aren't that much of a character anyway so who care about him?
I fap to it for the titty

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Peg me

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That one time Mr. husband gave a guy mouth to mouth to protect bikini Eiren's lips!

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that makes him gay though

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Why are these hags so STACKED

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I love Joseph Mengele’s great-great-great-x1000 grandmother

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Reminder that this bitch sabotaged Apollo 13

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Americunts owned???

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we will have our revenge

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Any more of them olden womenz?

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One of the best romance doujins.

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mutt detected. glory to the lunarian society

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black panties....

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