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How skilled is your favorite touhou in bed?

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Completely unskilled and virginal.

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Expert Lesbian : Has over 1000 years of experience.

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She could probably do some interesting things with her powers.

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How can they be skilled if they are all virgins?

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Like throwing a hotdog down an endless hallway

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Is most likely asexual on top of being antisocial and is far too detached from reality and consumed by her psychosis to ever think of sex.

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And it doesn't help that her smile scares the men off, either.

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Like having sex with a little boy with a vaagiinaa

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Top-notch earjob

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12 minutes of disapproving stares and silence, then I roll off of her and she lies stiff as a board next to me without moving a muscle. She's the perfect Japanese lady.

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Which ones?

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She could be having sex with you right now and you wouldn't even know it.

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I was thinking of Yuka.

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>12 minutes

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Alright maybe I exaggerated my prowess a bit but I can assure you it definitely has a 2 in there somewhere.

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As unskilled, expert lesbian, interesting powers, or asexual?

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Asexual and antisocial.

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I have no idea why but this sounds incredibly hot.

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Fixed for accuracy

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My touhou is asexual.

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Just because you suck at pleasing her doesn't mean she's asexual.

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hey that's my boner to react my misstressu~~~

Hands off her now!

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Like honey.

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No, Mokou is asexual. There's no question about it. The canon Mokou, that is...

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That's not what she told me.

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All of them. Except Chen, she's not a favorite.

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...How would I know? Even if they existed, they definitely wouldn't go to bed with me.

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Unlimited sad frogs

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obvious troll...
She may be my favorite character, but I couldn't care less who she sleeps with.
No, I take pride in Mokou's unique lifestyle.

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Still undergoing training.

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Back breaking leg lock.

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A footjob

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So skilled that you're never going to leave that bed alive.

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will I die happy?

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You'll die happy. And soulless.

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has never made it past second base

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she [spoilers]sucks[/spoilers]

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She's a reporter. Her profession is getting exclusive information from people.

So... You tell me.

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Anyone got a download link available?

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Source, good sir?

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A night with Yuugi will grant you entrance into Valhalla.

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delicious reimu armpits > everything

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An opnionated reporter who cannot write a good article to save her life and relies on downright slander a lot.

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Wow, Yuugi looks pretty good in Kirin armor.

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better then yours

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Death by hanging from your own entrails?

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She acts like she knows everything, but is a complete dud in bed.

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Let's just say oni like the romantic stuff.

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That's okay because she's got that ass.

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What did you expect from a 17 years old? Yuukarin is not experienced in such things yet!

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I don't know.

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Why is her vagina in such a peculiar place?

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Youkai anatomy. Stop asking.

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give me a second.

she's bird, she knows a lot about cocks and peckers

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She'd be hotter than a nuclear explosion.

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critical mass

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Like the fury of 1000 suns.

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What am I supposed to do in this situation?

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Yes, I suppose it should count as death in battle.

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What's with the /b/ and /a/ tier reaction images? Knock it off asshat.

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Poor girl's got a manky eye

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The real question is how you're still alive at that point to begin with.

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Lead condom.

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Make sure your favorite kind of animal bites you during the radiation filled coitus.

So that you might gain super powers.

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Poor Reimu have no idea what is going on...

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Pious priestess of faith

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With a condom, it will be impossible to cool her down.

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... interesting point. Would this work for tribbing or some variation thereof?

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source me boof.

>> No.3840006


You are a gentleman, Boof.

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I aim to please.

>> No.3840014


Must be unprotected ponos to radioactive vagoo.

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Anon is correct, only raw fucking may bring the radiation to appropriate levels.

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Aw. Very well, then.
I guess that saves me the trouble of attempting a potentially lethal and morally questionable threesome with a radioactive bird and a fox in order to acquire majickal lightning.

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Like a repressed sex fiend. LOTS AND LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE but a virgin.

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I'd fuck the shit out of Utsuho's cloaca. I don't care if I'll die from radiation, it'll be worth it.

>> No.3840046

Of course, how else can you apply your special coolant?

>> No.3840049


don't forget stopping every 5 minutes for her to use her inhaler.

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It would be the most magnificent sex of your life.

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Oarfish grant the majickal lightning powers. In my case, what sort of powers might a plecostomus bite grant? They seem able to clean quite well, they can maul zucchini, and they seem to be covered in some sort of razor scales that'll rip the skin off your hands if you try to grab one.

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Indeed it would be considering it'll be my first and last.

>> No.3840121

You'll die happy and glowing.

Just be sure you don't pull out. That would be bad.

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Is that what they call those sucker fish that there is always one or two of in every fish tank at the pet store? We always just called them sucker fish.

A touhou sucker fish girl would be kind of moe, I bet.

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I'd never think of doing such a thing. The last thing I want to do before dying is to make Utsuho unhappy from not experiencing the pleasure of being cummed inside.

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I'm confused when Cirno says "actually, i'm bad at bed" with Reimu sobbing. Does that mean that Cirno was too rough, or Cirno stole the orgasm and left Reimu out to dry?

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You are a very considerate man, anonymous.

>> No.3840229

Danbooru tagged it as "Ruined for Marriage"

I guess Reimu really valued her hymen or something

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Doesn't even know what a man looks like beyond the discolored corpses that litter her flower field.

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It means she's no longer qualified to be a shrine maiden.

Cirno probably just killed Gensokyo.

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She's good at gyrating her hips. What more could you want?

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Not to mention DAT ASS

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Cirno is very bad at pleasuring a woman.

>> No.3840387

>>3840267 implying that Gensokyo shrine maidens need to be virgins

>> No.3840391

Anonymous no! Her very touch is poi-


Well, shit.

>> No.3840449


Saving throw for poison. Penalty to roll -1d4. 0 incubation period. Damage 5d6 per round.

>> No.3840479

Kaguya and Mokou are eternal virgins because of regeneration.

>> No.3840496

That's not how virginity works.

>> No.3840554

Their hymens might regenerate every time, but their first time is their first time.

>> No.3840758

Seriously Medicine would be the only girl who would make me wear a rubber.

>> No.3841106

Sounds like a plan.

>> No.3842442


Only mentally. Their bodies would regenerate to whatever condition they were in when they consumed the elixir meaning they'll be eternal virgins.. assuming they weren't being fucked silly by faceless males before taking the elixir.

>> No.3842476

Wait are you saying Cirno has a PENIS?

>> No.3842483

She could probably make one out of ice if she wanted to, whether or not she was born with one.

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Komachi can make herself tight as she wants.

Also, mentioning Yukari's DAT ASS without posting this picture is a crime.

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>Implying that Yukari has DAT ASS

She might have dem tits, but the reigning champion of DAT ASS is clearly Yuugi.

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Stop reposting that disgusting picture. God, you niggers have weird tastes.

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Sounds like somebody can't deal with DAT ASS.

I suggest you do like Rich Boy and put on shades. It helps a lot.


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dat bunny

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More like Letty Wide Load.

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dat chinese ass.

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No anonymous, you are the disgusting one here.

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Not even Aya has the experience and endurance to satisfy Yuyuko.

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The Great And Wide Hakutaku Butt.

>> No.3842597

Arc is an ass man.

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I like butts too, but not when they are unrealistically huge like the ones you're posting.

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Gensokyo is an unrealistic place. Things tend to be unrealistically large.

Which suits me perfectly, because I have large appetites.

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>Reasonably sized dat ass

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The hottest.

>> No.3842665

i agree, those 2 are the best datass pics ever

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I would squeeze them

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Doesn't know what sex is.

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Look closer. >>3842656 is a trap.

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I think you need MOREmizi.

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Nice titts!

>> No.3842694

it took them long even to make a Yuugi/Suika doujin

I'm still holding out for yuri one though, but I bet that will never happen

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Major you're back from the dead!

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>still holding out for a yuri one

>> No.3842711

I don't get the OP pic. Did Cirno ravage Reimu or is it she's really bad in bed?

>> No.3842714

the hell is going on with Wriggle's leg

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here another tewi

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why does tewi have the best datass

>> No.3842740

I just fapped to Tewi's ass, don't make me fap again, Anonymous!

>> No.3842756

It's because she knows she'll appeal to more people by emphasizing it rather than her breasts that only pedophiles admire.

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Now with added Kappass.

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The best part about Momizi isn't her buttocks or breasts, but SHOWING EVERYONE ONLINE that she has them

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>> No.3842798 [SPOILER] 
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Positively Delicious...

>> No.3842814


Quick, someone get her some chocolate.


What a slut.

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Please do not use spoiler tags for porn. That is not what they are for.

>> No.3842866

It's to protect the little dignity that character has left after being exposed like that.

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>> No.3842975

can someone post a picture of luna child that was posted... I think yesterday... in that thread about pistons of love and shit

>> No.3843085

bump 4 request

>> No.3843107 [DELETED] 

stop spamming and ddosing Anon Talk .com also stop trolling and harassing us and remove all clones and troll articles and lies and leave us alone if u do this well stop posting these msgs forever

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The only picture I remember is the other version of this one.

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Found it. Fucking finally.

>> No.3843135

yeah!, this pic is almost identical... thanks anyway kind sir

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anonymous fucking delivers

>> No.3843142

Just cause you told me not to I will continue to religiously.

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She is a beast.

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A cats fine too

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I have been debating with myself for quite some time now about such things. If an animal who has gained self awareness ,higher intelligence and a humanoid figure that resembles the females of my species, is it truly right for me to court/mate/marry/love her?

>> No.3843601
File: 171 KB, 800x923, ddf10cd6847081854842f15add475740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wants me a Kappa

>> No.3843602
File: 238 KB, 711x1000, 1259599919711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For that matter, should a further evolved species tries to do the same to me, should one accept? What about deities?

>> No.3843609

The only thing that matters is that it looks like a human and can say yes. The problems with bestiality are incompatibility and lack of consent.

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File: 204 KB, 742x752, Machine_King_Scrap_2_by_Kalei_chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


why are you asking?
if shes hot theres no need to question it just go for it

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Like playfully floating on a warm gentle sea before orgasming like a tidal wave crashing on the shore, sweeping everything clear off the coast.

>> No.3843756

If it moves, fuck it.

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If one's skill in bed is directly linked to popularity, she has a lot to learn.

I'd be more than willing to teach her.

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File: 2.69 MB, 1920x1200, jpLLSSisters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If that's how it works, I am in for one kickass educational dream!

>> No.3843826 [DELETED] 

stop spamming and ddosing Anon Talk .com also stop trolling and harassing us and remove all clones and troll articles and lies and leave us alone if u do this well stop posting these msgs forever

>> No.3843828

You would probably have to be really careful about not getting her pregnant.

>> No.3843852

Silly anon, touhous can't get pregnant.

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I'd bump her crop, if you know what I mean.

>> No.3844007


In rare cases they can. Futa sperm can be quite powerful.