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Are there any touhou doujins where you see the characters fucking over the normal humans, or where you see the things from the perspective of the humans in the village?

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Wasn't there a Rumia one like that?

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No. That never happened. Never.

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I have another on of Eirin. But thats all I have.

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Ive seen a scan of a manga with Suika beating down on some peasants or such.

Other than that no.

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Was there rape involved?

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Why does it always involve rape and sex with you guys?

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It's YOU! Get out!

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Wouldnt that be kind of boring?

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They're still going through puberty and they're very frustrated. Best to ignore it.

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They are frustrated?

Heh looks like I don't even have to ask...

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Not at all. If it's done well, it could be very interesting.

>touhou doujins where you see the things from the perspective of the humans in the village?
It's mostly porn, and we all know that writing isn't exactly the main appeal.

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If anything is done well, it could be interesting. Meaningless.

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Okay then.

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Post links to some of those if you have them, Im bored anyway.

So there isnt anything on this, how sad.

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Look! This is Kaguya!
Cute, huh?

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there's that one with marisa's personal history

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this is relevant to my interests

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There was one with Nitori prostituting herself to the humans.

That was just wrong. ;_;

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Bewitching Kaiseki is sort of like that and pretty cute to boot. Written like those children's tales books.

Though canonically Gensokyo is an awesome place (or at least Reimu thinks it is) because everyone can blow off steam by beating everyone else.

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i wish i lived in gensokyo as a super powered youkai, shit would be so cash

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Are there non Futa,lesbian touhou h doujins?

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which doujin is this

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I wish I was a shiri-me girl. I'd seduce humans and youkai alike and tease them, only to suddenly display the gaping eyeball in my anus and laugh at their reactions.

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