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delicious yuyuko.... *drool*

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*drools, is 600 pounds*

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The breast character

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The Moriya Shrine is superior- they have a buffet option. As much or as little as you want, all for one easy payment!

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I have come to realize I only fap to Touhou porn nowadays. Only Touhou. All the manga I read are Touhou doujins as well. No anime either.

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Because when a girl has only ever spoken 4 lines of dialogue and has a 1 paragraph description, the limits to her fanon sluttiness are endless.

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delicious Remilia....

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I love the "?" for Sakuya's.

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They spelled "Perfect" wrong.

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Marisa's Dress wouldn't exactly show her breast size, has ZUN written up Canon measurements or are these just guesses?

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Of course they are all guesses

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I don't follow Touhou apart from the games themselves and Pixiv submissions.
He could have printed Measurements in one of the so-called Canon Manga releases and I wouldn't be any the wiser.

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Marisa's bust is 76 not 72

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why are they all so short?

Sakuya is the tallest and she's only 5 foot 4...

Remi is barely even 4 feet tall!

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I've seen "humble" describing breasts translated from the moon runes several times. What word is it translating?

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stop spamming and ddosing Anon Talk .com also stop trolling and harassing us and remove all clones and troll articles and lies and leave us alone if u do this well stop posting these msgs forever

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Big enough to be attractive, not big enough to create an ego.

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Japs are fucking tiny, brah.

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What happened with their thighs?

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They are delicious.

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I just started playing Touhou a little while ago after I finally figured out this problem I was having with my computer..
I thought I'd start to understand /jp/ and assimilate into the collective..

I didn't.


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