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Post mostly catholic

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Rosary Reimu

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I bet Jesus can perform transmutation too

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Nun Rumia

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What did Kasen mean by this?

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Kasen means she doesn't really know anything about Christanity.

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artificially created diamonds have no value

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Don't mean to derail the thread but does anyone have Eastern Orthodox 2hus?

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I dont think there is any Orthodox Christanity touhou art but it would be cool to see.

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Coptic 2hu pls

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What, no Yumemi?

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Shes protestant

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To be fair, Zun doesn't know much about Christianity in total. That also could be the case for all the 2hus in-Universe. They heard bits and pieces of it but don't really know. With the SDM being an exception since they're from Europe and all that.

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Glory be.

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But that's a Buddhist...

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The cutest.

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I suppose this one could count, even though she's a fanmade character.

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That different people view sainthood as different things. European Christian traditions are about eternity and defying death, Eastern Buddhists ones are about transcending death.

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European Christian traditions are about destroying death and ascending to a higher plane of existence, Eastern Buddhists ones are about becoming one with death and ceasing to exist.

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I would like to see Christianity in Touhou, but Gensokyo is Japan, and there are not many Christians in Japan.
Christianity in Japan is something foreign.
Also, I imagine that ZUN must be afraid of putting Christianity in his games for fear of generating controversy.
although the pc-98 games had a lot of references to hebrew religions,but they were more like references to shin megami tensei.

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It's not about "becoming one with death," as the that mindset is explicitly warned against as the false path of annihilationism (the whole Middle Path doctrine, the idea of the median between annihilationisn and eternalism). It is more transcend the cycle of samsara altogether, of both life and death.

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Hello fellow non-murderous christians.

And honestly having christian inspired touhous isn't that outlandish. The whole missionares in japan and even persecution of people who accepted christianity is enough material to make story/characters for a game.

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Main issue though is that it's kind of implied that Christians going to Gensokyo would be a very bad thing for the health of Gensokyo.

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Why is that

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The same can be said about all other places, not only gensokyo.

Lots of fairies would likely lose their innocence.

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Because the Lord would not be all that happy about hundreds of his followers being trapped against their will by evil demons.

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Enlightenment (or, the state of being fully awake) is defined as having a completely empty head, your mind being an endless void.
Essentially nothingness

A person who has attained the goal Nibbana is thus indescribable because they have abandoned all things by which they could be described". The Suttas themselves describe the liberated mind as 'untraceable' or as 'consciousness without feature', making no distinction between the mind of a liberated being that is alive and the mind of one that is no longer alive.

In Buddhism, the term anattā or anātman refers to the doctrine of "non-self", that there is no unchanging, permanent self, soul or essence in living beings.
Buddhism, from its earliest days, has denied the existence of the "self, soul" in its core philosophical and ontological texts. In its soteriological themes, Buddhism has defined nirvana as that blissful state when a person, amongst other things, realizes that he or she has no self, no soul.
Nirvana is finally recognizing you don't exist and fading off into the void.

Koishi's presence cannot be noticed by other beings unless she allows it, even while standing in plain view because she's closed
her Third Eye. This had the side effect of sealing away her own conscious mind, causing her to lose all thoughts and motives; she could no longer be hated, but neither could she be loved, or even remembered by people who saw her.
Likewise, her older sister's ability to read minds has no effect on her, as she does not technically have a mind to read.
Byakuren Hijiri becomes interested in Koishi, as she thinks her state of mind – one of emptiness – is quite close to enlightenment. At the monk's request, Koishi converted to the Buddhist faith.

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Don't let your insecurities taint this thread.

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>Lots of fairies would likely lose their innocence.
What do you mean by that.
If you're making a catholic church reference, that would only apply to little boys, or just boys in general.

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It's "void", but as "void is form" and "form is void." It's not purely an annihilation into nothingness, since the distinction between form and void is illusory. You exist, but also don't, and you don't both exist and not exist, and to say that the truth is one of pure non-existence is a fallacy (source: Venerable Kuukai's writings). The sentence "The Suttas...[make] no distinction between the mind of a liberated being that is alive and the mind of one that is no longer alive" is accurate however.

To be honest, I'm not really versed in that part of 2hu lore about Koishi/Hijiri, and I find Touhou kind of bastardizes Buddhism a little bit for my tastes.

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Enlightenment is like transforming into a rock.
You don't have a mind, you do not think. you are not aware of your own existence; you just are.

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yeah, beyond the duality of conscious and unconscious.

You also Buddhist? (That's not intended to be snakry; I'm just asking.)

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No but I have a buddy from Thailand who grew up in a Buddhist monastery and he tells me all about Buhddism.

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You know if a Christian started making bold claims about Siddhartha Gautama the way ZUN is about Jesus there would be massive hate coming in from Buddhists across Japan; with insults along the lines of "ignorant gaijin" and "white pig".

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Her stage music is relaxing,helps me sleep and ward off nightmares

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yooooo i'm half-thai. therevada buddhist as well

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The saint was crucified on the cross

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"I'm Jesus lol" - Rumia, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Honestly, I sometimes don't understand what the fuck they're talking about when I read the dialogues, especially in the early games.

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[untranslateable japanese idiom]

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Byakuren is now the representative of Glarus Kanton

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Mother Alice ; good thread anon thx

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There's no evidence he exists in the 2huverse, bud.

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I think it was supposed to be an offensive joke. Comparing Jesus to a murderous cannibalistic monster like Rumia is absurd. The two have nothing in common. It's funny because Rumia thinks she's doing god's work when she clearly isn't. Seiga made a joke about Jesus too when she stated that Jesus's resurrection in three days paled in comparison to Toyosatomimi no Miko's resurrection.

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It would make for a good conflict in a game though, just depends on how ZUN wants to handle the perpetrator (leaving Gensokyo or being from another world entirely)

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Jesus comes back in three days while Miko took like a thousand years. What kind of drugs is Seiga on?

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Reimu wolf ending in WBaWC hints that another religious war is going to happen.
Christianity showing up could make that very interesting compared to the snooze fest that was Taoists vs Buddhists.

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>it was supposed to be an offensive joke
>"Cross" (十) uses the same kanji for the number ten, hence the play on words
It's one of those dumb jokes only ZUN laughs about, the same with english beef being a reference to the mad cow disease in england

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Didn't Seiga also shit Santa and Christmas for some reason? What's her problem with Christianity?

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More like Seiga has a tertiary understandind of christmas, and decided to take advantage of it.

Like that one chinese guy who claimed to be Jesus' brother and started a mid-scale civil war in China that ended in mass starvation and cannibalism.

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That's true.
Yukari would be the one at fault though right? Kasen has some alignment with humanity and wants to go to heaven. She might be the best off of the sages. The same can't be said for someone like Keener.

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> Kasen has some alignment with humanity
Isn't she fully on the side of Humanity? I remember her telling Yukari off and siding with the Humans

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loli Amakusa?

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Oh right, he's a thing. Mmmh, yeah most likely it will either Christianity or Hinduism as the new Religion is town if Zun goes back to it.

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i don't know if he would Christianity there's a lot of room for drama.

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Isn't that the case for most Religion? People get very offended and ate pretty protective towards thier faith.

Also Christianity really doesn't have the most hardcore followers and has been used in Japanese Stories multiple times (Toaru, Hellsing, Type Moon etc.). I honestly don't see why Touhou is any different in that regard.

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Hindus are pretty protective of their religion too.
There's been multiple mob attacks and riots in India lately.

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i forgot that probably there aren't many touhou Christian fans anyways and it's not really that big in the west

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They band that "Record of Ragnarok" because of their depiction of Shiva didn't they?
Christians are honestly some of the tamer ones, I don't think they're will be any real trouble.

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Yeah that did rile them up.

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Most western Touhou fans aren’t Christians and the average post-fundie, young christian (the ones most likely to play videogames) probably won’t get pissed or anything. I know Christians who play games like SMT or Isaac and don’t have any problem with the games’ use of Christian religion, or even like it. (Then again, you can align yourself with God in those games)
The age of the fundie is over and most people do not believe in God anymore, other than a bunch of /pol/ e-Christians no one would probably care

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Amakusa isn't a bad choice, but a character like Chimata where she's a vague mixture of Christian concepts wouldn't be so bad either.
I've only encountered one notable Touhou creator who made being Christian a part of their identity but to be fair they were Latino anyway so take that for what it's worth.
I'd imagine there's more, but they won't be vocal about something personal and identifying.

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Poor bug

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Posting mefomefo is cheating.

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File: 825 KB, 2307x2514, __konpaku_youmu_yakumo_yukari_saigyouji_yuyuko_and_konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn_by_mefomefo__3d2f3b26c7dd6f385073fdacf746355a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't tell us what to do?

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Buddhism is about the denial of the being and of impermanent things, while Christianity is about the acceptance of the being, both its impermanent and permanent aspects.

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I really like this type of artsyle, I wish it had a name

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I can't believe this post is making me think about the christian point of view towards the existence of Gensokyo and its moral implications.

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She's a taoist zealot anon, of course she's going to have a very negative view on Chrisitanity

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>The age of the fundie is over and most people do not believe in God anymore
Atheist are concentrated only in China and North Korea both state atheist countries.
Islam is growing with more people actually becoming more religious.
Chritanity is still holding strong at #1

>> No.38337047

China is atheist mostly because it became state mandated. Remove the CCP and you will probably see a shift.

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Is there any conflict between Taoism and Christianity?

>> No.38338038

I could find nothing historically, save for some syncretism between both religions regarding common ground on what they advocate for and belief system. Apparently some christian(?) sutras were made.

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She's back and she's cross

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The true Youkai Jesus. Byakuren can suck it.

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Santa on his way to have a word with Seiga.

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Some portuguese jesuit might've had exchanged some fists with a taoist priest in some random chinese village in the past.

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Virgin Koishi.

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Was that Taoist Seiga?

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México número uno

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Dame, this looks pretty good. I could honestly see an AU where Gensokyou is in Mexico

>> No.38342945

Aztec Gensokyou?

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Blood Sacrifice after every incident sounds like a badass way to start the traditional aftermath party at the shrine.

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how could zun write a story for a new game involving christianity?
Easy, he just has to make Sariel the final boss.

>> No.38346523

He could use Amakusa, mix in some other Saints, Schoolers, Priests and make and Angel as the EX Boss.

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I have yet to see him in any media being depicted as a good guy. Which is funny because his insurrection started because of excrutiating harvest tithes from the local feudal lords. An obedient slave learns to love the lash, I guess.

>> No.38347784

To keep it Japanese you have
Dom Justo Takayama, Amakusa Shirō, Anjirō, Paulo Miki and Hosokawa Tama.
Possibly Francis Xavier and Alessandro Valignano.

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It's actually THE biggest civil war in terms of casualties.

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The whole plot of TLC is Jesus trying to take Judas' soul from Lucifer. If we're talking about fangames, Tri Focuser has Hosokawa Tama (Gracia).

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Taoism >>>>>

>> No.38374912

Not really, but Japs don't understand religion, they think anyone can be a saint the way anything can be a buddha. Also, they're favorite buddha is the amida buddha.

>> No.38375395

I'm assuming he'd lean more towards angels and demons than the Church. As most Jap games do

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I feel like if he did touch upon Christianity, the incident would be more like someone trying to force Christianity into Fantasy before it's time, that, or an invasion from something Gensokyo-adjacent
I don't see the Big Man himself making an appearance, either as the Father or the Son, but an Arcangel might as an Incident mastermind

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This could be a pretty cool shmup boss

>> No.38384263

> the Big Man himself making an appearance
Of course not. He didn't use Buhdda, Shiva, Amaterasu or the Jade Emperor, did we?

ZUN doesn't really use the big guys of each Religion, which makes sense considering how small and unimportant Gensokyou is in the wide world. Why would the Global Big Shots take an interest in it?

>> No.38385384

Mainly because any of the big ones still have a large number of believers worldwide. They have no reason to reside in Gensokyo.

>> No.38385478

you can apply that to anything Japanese.

>> No.38385713

Why would a wheel be a boss?

>> No.38386844

Yes. The Japanese are very creative in that sense.
And I think it also has to do with the fact that in Japan people are more tolerant and more open minded.
In addition, in the West there are only anti-Christian liberals that only want to destroy Christian morality just to feel superior.
That is why all modern things made in the West involving Christianity are only progressive shit.

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>in Japan people are more tolerant and more open minded.

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Here, let me laugh with you, friend.

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Because said wheel looks cool and has a fetus in the middle.

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well... maybe tolerant and open-minded wasn't the right word.
but what I was referring to is that the Japanese are not as fuss as here in the West.
here for any stupidity controversy is created and you do not have total freedom to talk about some topics.

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Leviticus 20:27 KJV
>27 A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.

>> No.38389554


>> No.38389868

Have you actually ever been to Japan? They may be more lax on certain topics here, but they have controversies of their own. They have huge shame culture but most of us can't read it.

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Orthodox priests are not wizards.
That is their vestments.
The cassock or soutane is a Christian clerical clothing coat used by the clergy of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church
Catholics have Capirotes and Nazarenos.

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Mark 12:38 KJV
>38 And he said unto them in his doctrine, Beware of the scribes, which love to go in long clothing, and love salutations in the marketplaces,

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Or Japanese noblemen like Philippus Franciscus Hasekura Rokuemon Tsunenaga, Masamune Date and Irohahime.

>> No.38398048

>scribes, love salutations in the marketplaces
They don't do any of that.

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Byakuren once again proves to be best igirl

>> No.38399665

The Crown Prince once again proving why Taoism > Buddhism.

>> No.38399854

I will take Miko's advice but I will masturbate to Byakuren instead

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>being a devout christian and coming to fucking 4chan of all places to proselytize
god christcucks are insufferable

>> No.38402739

the scribes is meanign the Pharisees, and it's a bad translation,it means guys who pray loud in public and can't stop stroking themselves.

>> No.38403207

I know it meant Pharisees.
Both the Orthodox and Catholic don't do that.

>> No.38406918

aka catholics and orthodogs lmao

>> No.38406941

they do go in the long clothing to be seen of men lmao even in the images yall sent

>> No.38407164

The Orthodox pic is a priest from a hermit monastery and the Catholic pic are Cofradías a charity group that dress like that for Easter. Both don't go to market places and preach out loud.
You're thinking of Protestant street preachers and you miss the point about the scripture you quoted.
The sin of the Pharisees was not public prayer but a haughty spirit.
Here the sin is not the audible nature of the prayer but its pretentiousness. Jesus condemns the hypocrisy of pretending to have a relationship with God while oppressing the very people He loves.
Jesus is not condemning the fact that people prayed aloud, but that they were putting on a public display for their own benefit. Their motive—to be seen of men—was the problem. Such prayer is not real prayer, but empty words meant for the ears of other people.

>> No.38407262

ur telling me the word of god isnt supposed to be preached out loud in a market place? the pharisees love the salutations in the marketplace aka the titles and greetings and prestige. same as how catholics give themselves all these dumb titles like ones god said to never give like father.

>> No.38407300

The version in Fate is almost a good guy. Especially in the spin offs.

>> No.38407313

>Aztec Gensokyo
That would be M-Rated and none of the characters would get the chance to appear in two games.

>> No.38407379

Reading comprehension: learn it.
I already addresses that public prayer wasn't the issue.
Communal prayer is one way a local church worships God and encourages one another. What Jesus condemns is arrogance and hypocrisy. For someone who is clearly disobedient to God to lead a public prayer as though he or she had much to brag about is the kind of hypocrisy that Jesus denounced. To use public prayer as a means of showing off or impressing others is wrong. But sincere prayer from a humble heart is always welcomed by God and can be an encouragement to those who hear it (Psalm 51:17).

>> No.38408574

stay mad papist.

1 John 2:27 KJV
>27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

>> No.38408669

Yeah, but the Fate series also has Jeanne d'Arc and Nightingale dressing like whores.

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where are my Marimite bros ?

>> No.38408966

Only Catholics are papists and I'm not Catholic.
1 John 2:18–27 warns against those who oppose Christ in their teachings. These ''anti-Christs'' deny that Jesus is God. They reject Him as part of the Trinity, or claim He did not appear in the flesh. John again makes reference to truth ''abiding'' in someone, encouraging his readers to hold to the gospel that saved them.

>> No.38409022

ur not catholic? what are u?

>> No.38409034

also u missed the part where it says you have no need that any man teach you.

>> No.38409487

Proverbs 28:5
>Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD comprehend fully.
John himself is, at that moment, doing a kind of teaching. Jesus commanded us to teach the nations all things (Matthew 28:19–20). teaching is a spiritual gift from God that he would want us to use (Ephesians 4:11–12).
John tells his readers that they do not need anyone to teach them, he is talking about something specific. He is talking about the things that they heard from the beginning. Scholars believe that the book was written specifically to oppose an early kind of Gnosticism which had already crept into the church. These deceivers taught that Jesus had not come in the flesh. In the words of John (1 Jn 2:20-23) that some had denied that Jesus was the Messiah. It is the correct teaching about who Jesus is that John is certain they do not need anyone to teach them about. He also believes that their anointing in the Holy Spirit will help them to know other things as well, but he is quite certain that they were taught correctly about who Jesus is from the beginning.

>> No.38410200
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Zun admits he doesn't know much about Taoism.
>There are few things that aren't hard when I make a game, but in this case it was coming up with the story. I don't really know much about Taoism, so I read a bunch of books about it. Honestly, I don't think I had read a book that mentioned Prince Shotoku didn't exist so I thought I should find some that did. People know him because of his famous quotes but the fact that he never existed becomes sort of common sense. That's the part I wanted to analyze the most, and confirm if the tales about him were true. The most mainstream of which is that not even Prince Umayado existed. I think so as well, particularly since the anecdotes about him listening to 10 people at once are baloney. That's why I made him the focus of the story, and put those headphones on Miko to make it seem that she values her hearing. While that might be because she didn't like hearing too much, I wanted to emphasize that part of her character as much as possible.
In fact he made 13's "antagonist" Shotoku since at the he had been declared fictional.
>He's suddenly been made into a fictional character recently, so I used the opportunity to move him to Gensokyo. Many thanks~
Reimu is suppose to be a Shinto shrine maiden but she uses Taoist ying yang orbs and is often said to act like a Taoist.

>> No.38414595

He also thinks God would pat Jesus ad mohammed on the head and make them get along,Japs don't really understnad religion,the ones who did were killed in the 1800s.

>> No.38424837

>or that is a wizard
So if i don't get married before 30 i have to put to death?

>> No.38424983

You Prots are obsessed with catholics. You completely ignored the topic of the thread just to start preaching at an Orthodox just because you thought he was catholic and completely missed the point of what he said. It's amazing.

>> No.38425763

orthodox are catholic

its literally called the orthodox catholic church

>> No.38426151

It's Orthodox in that they don't respond to the pope in Rome.

>> No.38426156


>> No.38426162

Look up the Great Schism.

>> No.38426779


Is he Catholic or protestant?

>> No.38428040
File: 1.25 MB, 2480x2480, 1637300911180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.38428178
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>> No.38428451

> He also thinks God would pat Jesus ad mohammed on the head and make them get along,
That sounds really funny.

>> No.38436029


>> No.38440951


thank u for sharing

>> No.38441067

Honestly I'm surprised that there are so few characters/enemies based on cherubs or ophanim, and they usually just pic the names.
It's a pity since they could be really cool bosses and stuff.

>> No.38442719

Devil Summoner has both, but they don't look exactly like their Bible versions

>> No.38444066
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HeadCannon: Heca-chan is clandestine in league
with the lord, Delegating the contention of all hells and keeping Lucifer and the other Demon Princes in check

I base this in her being an accommodative entity in the Titanomaquia

>> No.38452843

>And whenever two people hit each other YHWH comes down and soothes them, like "now now..." Don't you wanna see that?
>Pretty much only in Megaten. But it's not like you can beat up Christ or Muhammad either, right? You might as well have a fighting game with Christ vs. Muhammad. I'd like to see that. (Editor's Note: After this conversation, a game called "Fight of Gods" was released on Steam, and Son of God vs. Buddha became a reality. It disappeared a week later after complaints.)

OK,ZUN is wilding.

>> No.38453354
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>> No.38462168

"now now, get along with the other children"
I don't think the two would fight, but their followers would.
One the son of god, and the other a mere prophet.
That alone is a recipe for disaster.

>> No.38467797

she deserves it

>> No.38468514

ZUN doesn't realize how dangerous muslims are, he already forgot that weirdo who went to Japan and started breaking things in a shrine.

>> No.38468566

Make sense, Muslims share with the heretical protestants the vice of Iconoclasm

>> No.38471603
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>Said a christan prayer over the moon
Does this mean the rabbits don't like christ?
Does Clownpiece like christanity? Knowing her she might like some of the "odd" parts of the religion.

>> No.38471967

Yuri was Orthodox Christian.
Apollo Astronauts read Bible verses and Buzz had Communion on the moon.

>> No.38477161

>Thimk the humans are invading
>Massive military buildup
>All they do is have a few masses and leave a flag

>> No.38487141

Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.
On another note, if she really did care enough about getting on the Lunarian's nerves, I could see her at least learning about the religion.

>> No.38497941