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It’s winter, and you are the little girl. What do you wear to keep warm and look cute at the same time?

[ ] woollen sweater + plaid skirt + pantyhose + scarf
[ ] shirt + skirt + overcoat
[ ] sailor fuku + cardigan + scarf
[ ] normal dress + stocking+ muffler
[ ] fur coat + ushanka
[ ] blue dress + red bow + blue ribbon

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[X] sailor fuku + cardigan + scarf

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[X] sailor fuku + cardigan + scarf

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[x] nothing + sprint around downtown at top speed, attracting as many followers as possible

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>[x] nothing
Enjoy being the sickly loli

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[x] Dead deer carcasses.

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[☭] fur coat + ushanka

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[x] fur coat + ushanka

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[R] fur coat + ushanka

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[x] normal dress + stocking+ muffler

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>[ ] woollen sweater + plaid skirt + pantyhose + scarf
>[ ] shirt + skirt + overcoat
>[ ] sailor fuku + cardigan + scarf
>[ ] normal dress + stocking+ muffler
>[ ] fur coat + ushanka
>[ ] blue dress + red bow + blue ribbon

At least you have to show me pics first or I'll be sticking like these guys do>>3824364

Also, sanya ftw! <3~

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[x] Hospital gown


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A duffle coat, of course.

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Fuck yeah ushankas

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[x] Hospital gown


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[x] woollen sweater + plaid skirt + pantyhose + scarf
I could wear woolen sweaters and skirts all year.

>shirt + skirt + overcoat
This would probably be better if it's raining. Which is all it seems to do when it's winter here. Except for when it's just cold and windy.

If I was the little girl, I'd light the fireplace, put on some smooth jazz, curl up with a plaid on the couch, and read some books.
The only interruptions would be going to get a fresh cup of hot chocolate or playing with my cat.

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same here bro!

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[x] suwako

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[x] Stay home, in my room, wrapped in blankets.

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>playing with my cat
if you know what you mean

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Anything with scarf, I fucking love scarf

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[x] nothing

I hide inside other little girl's clothing.

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Is it just me or are little girls less tolerant of cold? They always wear more than me during winter and complain about the cold.

Next time that happens I should just grab their hands and put them on my cheeks to warm them up.

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Full zip hooded sweat shirt. (Though I dunno if you can even get those in children's sizes)

Jeans preferably black

Gloves but ones that let my hands moves easily maybe mechaniX.

I'm boring and care nothing about looking cute.

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>choosing any skirt

No. Not because I don't like skirts but -30C without windchill and wearing skirts is beyond retarded.

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[x] fur coat + ushanka

I fucking love ushankas.

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>-30C without windchill and wearing skirts is beyond retarded

That's why you wear pantyhose under the skirt. Have you tried them? They're surprisingly warm because the slight pressure they place on the legs increase blood flow.

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I've always wondered what the fuck is up with the japanese wearing miniskirts when it's snowing.

Maybe they think dying of pneumonia is cute (uguu).

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[X] fur coat + ushanka

Ushankas win.
Hand's down.

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Japanese school girls won't wear them in winter. Why? They say it's not fashionable.
I think they're crazy.

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This one with trench coat.

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I don't think that would work like you think it would, not effectively anyways. Unless you did this a lot in that kind of weather. But I honestly think you don't realize how cold -30C is. And usually for where I live it is accompanied with windchill so it could add another -5-10C.

When I was younger I used to wear like 3 layers of clothes and I was still cold. The first layer would be long johns which is basically the same concept you're stating but more isolation and body heat trapping. And this is when the winters were even worse.

And no I haven't tried them because I'm not a trap and I have no reason to leave the basement.

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Gotta love them -30C winters. Well it's not so bad when you wear a lot, move a lot and somehow keep your face from freezing.

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[x] fur coat + ushanka

When I was little I wore a tank top and shorts when it snowed and went snowboarding, I loved the cold. However.. now I hate the cold and I am bad with the heat.

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[X] normal dress + stocking+ muffler

Girls should wear mufflers more, it's cute

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Naked. Cover self, head included, with a large blanket, only come out when movement is halted to see the source of blockage.