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>Fortunately, she doesn't look completely like a bug; she has antennae and wings, but other than that doesn't look any different from a human

If Wriggle has wings, how come no one ever draws her with wings?

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I can clearly see her wings.
Are you fucking blind?

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They'd be in the way.

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wiggle butt is the best kind of butt

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Let's think about this for a second. What kind of wings do 15 year old girls draw? Butterfly wings. Are you sure you want that?

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They are transparent

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Sure is horrid pedophile in here.

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dem feet and ass HGGGGGGNNN

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What's the name of this artist?

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Here is his pixiv.


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I don't know the name here's the artist's pixiv.

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kuro suto sukii

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He draws delicious feets.

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Sure is extreme flaming faggot in here.

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Thanks a lot

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Ignore him, he hates everything besides IN.

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look where you are bro.

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that's male.

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He does indeed.

That's one swollen vulva.

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That's one puffy vulva.

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Sure is hivemind in this thread.

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puffy volva, not gay.

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A little boy is something I can get behind.

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Little boys, little girls, little traps, little reverse traps, little dickgirls, whatever. As long as it's cute, I'm all for it.

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"Ouch, I fell. Help me up~!"

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wow, searching for 'wriggle_nightbug wings' just brings up a bunch of pictures of wriggle with other girls ... who have wings.

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Little girls.
Big girls.
That's the selfish perception of people, real men should love all kinds of girls.
I dislike your style.You don't understand what's important.

Go on--the CHAMPION is waiting.

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>real men

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The Champion's team is always made up almost entirely of little girls.

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Can I have a selfish perception of guys? Cause I don't really like big boys..

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For those that haven't picked up on it yet: Wiggle's wings are the same as a firefly's wings. You know that cape she has? It's not a cape.

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What if I cut its butt off, will it still glow?

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You hate bara? What a fag!

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bara? what bara?

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Yes, for a little while, until it exhausts the luminescent chemical reaction.

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Yeah, this glowing goo will come out and it will continue to glow.

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If you only like guys who look and act like girls, then you likely don't like males at all.

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why does dragonite look so retarded?

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what? noooooo, oh shame.

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Why do you keep on talking to yourself?

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the beast!

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I forgot about the edit button -_______-;;; gomenasai

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Those are not Touhou Puppet Play monsters.

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you are the real beauty

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Even in ZUN's drawing she has no wings. Unless they are really small.

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stop spamming Anon Talk .com

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ZUN's drawings omit many things, such as anatomy, perspective or matching shoes.

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I always though her cape could sort of substitute as wings. Sort of beetle-like

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I'm concerned by how eminently fuckable Wriggle now looks to me.

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stop spamming Anon Talk .com

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The cape is her wings.

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So she can take her wings off?

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No, guys. The cape is the beetle-like 'shell' covering her wings.