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Number of images on Danbooru:

Tsukihime: 3121
Fate/Stay Night: 7058
Touhou: 93896

Are there just that many more Touhou fans importing pictures from Pixiv, or is Touhou really that much more popular, at least in terms of fan-artists?

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How many of those artists ACTUALLY played touhou?

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I don't even like Touhou and I will say that Touhou's fanbase is >>>>> then every other fanbase around.
Just don't even bother to deny it.

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It really is that much more popular.

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All of them, probably. At a friend's house for a bit at the very least.

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I think pokemon is slightly more popular on pixiv, but I might be wrong.

The only tag that is more numerous is the "original" tag, thank goodness for that.

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Touhou is the strongest

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Pokemon is lovely.

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Touhou has a much lower barrier to entry, and all touhou characters are relatively distinct in terms of appearance.
where as titles such as fate/stay night take around 24 hours of gameplay to get through everything (inb4he_took_24_hours_to_read_fate_stay_night!.jpg)

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R-18 tag brings up 257,000 results

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someone post this jpg I've never seen it

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Take a wild guess.

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Huh, this is a surprise. Since I had been an anime fan for many years before I even heard of Touhou or read VN, and Fate/Stay Night was considered one of the most popular animes of the year, I had always assumed the Type-Moon products were more popular than Touhou and that Touhou fans were just more dedicated and productive, which is why I found its fanbase to be special. I thought Touhou was just a niche popular on Imageboards like this, whereas Type-Moon was more mainstream.

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I'd like to see a yuyuko+youmu vs shirou+saber match.

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Yuyuko would confuse the fuck out of Shirou just by talking at him.

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get out newfag

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Oh yeah... because that's not completely broken in terms of power levels.

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It really depends on how the battle is depicted.
Nasu will go the "power level with rock paper scissors setting" with saber being SUPER PAPER against youmu while unlimited blade works vs unlimited butterfly works.
ZUN will either publish some really shitty manga/cano worse than fanon or LOLDANMAKU.

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I hope you realize that if they don't play by the rules of danmaku... then Yuyuko would just think both opponents to death status.
If they did play by the rules of danmaku... well, then- Saber and Shirou would be pretty much fucked also.

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Touhou even has its own convention(s) in japan. And yeah, it really is much more popular..FSN and Tsukihime are ''well-known'' for eroges, but they're nothing compared to touhou.

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Yuyuko - power to cause death in shirou
Youmu - definitely faster than saber.

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Yuyuko isn't so stupid that she'd use her power so easily. She'd probably just let Youmu get beat by Saber, confuse the fuck out of Shirou and get him to stop fighting, and convince Saber to teach Youmu a bit more about fighting.

... Also, Youki would be a possible Servant. Discuss.

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Youki isn't dea... wait... Heroic half-spirits?

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Is this Youki?

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Lancer and Rider were both faster than Saber. Youmu hasn't even mastered her own fighting style, and Saber has not only a powerful combat intuition, she has fought countless life-or-death battles and gained a lot of skill and experience.

Shirou could possibly be protected from or immune to Yuyuko's power. Avalon. Unlimited Blade Works. Being at least part Servant. Or just having that sheath inside him.

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>Shirou could possibly be protected from or immune to Yuyuko's power

Wasn't he killed by lancer's lance? But saying he's immune to Yuyuko's power is like saying he's immune to shiki's power.

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That was before he became a Master. If I'm not mistaken he'd have to be close to Saber for the protection to work? And I'm not sure if Avalon would protect Shirou.

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No. More like it ending in harem end, AKA Shirou sleeping in bed with all three.

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Yes. That is Youki.

Is this Youki?

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>harem end
Unlimited Pimp Work? FUND IT!

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The Touhou fandom is just that much bigger.

As an example:
I have played neither Touhou, nor FS/N, but I do make Touhou fanart.

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Touhou is memetic in nature. I mean, nowadays probably a very big part of the artists that draw touhou don't even touched the games and draw because they watched some "What is touhou" video on nicodouga and liked the characters. There's a lot of fanart, which in exchange encourages other artists to check out what the fuss is all about and eventually get hooked.

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are you kidding?

who even likes those other things

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>I think pokemon is slightly more popular on pixiv, but I might be wrong.


ポケモン 105971 results
東方 502859 results

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There are individual touhous with more fanart than some commercially-supported franchises as a whole.

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So? As if commercial franchise automatically means popular and successful. I think by now you should know most commercial franchises flop.

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There is more fan material of Touhou than any other thing in existence, save Christianity. But they had a 1990 year head start.

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Whoa, slow down there boy. You're forgetting other religions.

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Other religions don't come close, unless you count all Pagan religions as one.

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I think that's the point: commercial franchises have a lot of money thrown at them and are often created specifically to cater to nerds, yet they still prefer the silly hats.

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Touhou draws a lot from the Shinto religion. Therefore almost everything Touhou is fan material of the shinto religion.

Shinto wins.

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Anonymous, you seem to ignore the fact that there are MASSIVE ammounts of Jesus fanart being done on the internets daily.

Who can resist that seductive smile and mustache?

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Are you counting statues and such? Those have gotta be worth like 100 or so each.

Then again Touhou is getting figurines now...

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Fan artists are not all there is to fandom. It's like saying that because there are more pictures of Sakuya Izayoi than Gyakuten Saiban series on pixiv it automatically makes her the most popular overall.

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First page at this very moment. (If you click minutes later, see page 2)

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John Lennon: Touhou is more popular than Jesus Christ.

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Islam has many followers but in the art department it's kinda crippled because of that silly prohibition against depicting animals and humans.

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So Muhammed did fuck sheep after all?

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Then it's even worse, because you have to count the figurines, the videos, remix albums, those silly comedy skits, Comiket stands...

Of course we're counting the fandom only. If you look at the big picture, Touhou is still niche.

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You can't draw Muhammad, either. 1/3 of what I'm counting for Christianity comes from depictions of Jesus.

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>still niche
Forgot to add a deep-voiced "for now".

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I just went to deviantart, typed in Jesus, sorted by new, and got a touhou picture 3 pages in.

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Are you counting the Bible? That's not fan material, since it was written by the founders of the religion. It's canon.

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Only 3?

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They were tsundere for the mythos of Egypt and Babylon. Secondaryfags.

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But that shit has a poor plot with badly drawn characters. You can expect fans to show up with their own interpretations.

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It's fanon if you think of their intention. It's supposed to be the word of god. Only the believers think it's canon.

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Touhou is only fanworks. Since nobody seems to bother after 1CC normal or even less, and the story/characters are shallow, the only thing left is to use it like a sandbox for doujin material. It's not that I'm denying that touhou is tremendously popular, but the fans are all doujin consumers therefore it will not go beyond those small borders, unlike commercial franchises.

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God didn't found their religion, though. The creators were a bunch of writefags in robes who wanted to steal control of the people from the Jews.

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I think big factor here is that Touhou managed to really catch the NicoNico and Pixiv wave just at the right time skyrocketing its popularity.

It's like a horde of zombies that managed to start off the infection in a highly populated city and it just keeps growing and growing.

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Only three.

Also: "Newest of 155486 deviations for Jesus"
Touhou on pixiv has it beaten several times over.

I was also curious, so I did these

"Newest of 17103 deviations for touhou"
"Newest of 532066 deviations for sonic"
"Newest of 364094 deviations for kingdom hearts"
"Newest of 152163 deviations for star wars"
"Newest of 147956 deviations for marvel"
"Newest of 187713 deviations for DC"
"Newest of 1220046 deviations for naruto"

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>The creators were a bunch of writefags in robes who wanted to steal control of the people from the Roman Emperor.

Fixed. Everybody knows what happened next.

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I agree with your post partly, but I would place a different emphasis: beautiful bullet patterns set along to catchy themes with amusing character interactions (sure, the jokes seem fairly stupid, and the characters aren't very well-developed or drawn, but their interactions are silly and enjoyable) - all these things make the games themselves worth playing.

Then after you're playing, the bareness of the background can make you wonder what they do when not tossing stars or talismans at each other. And the exact terrible art that I laughed at upon first seeing gives you more room to interpret the appearances of the characters than you might normally have.

What I mean is, of course, that instead of only being used for doujin material, gensokyo is something that can trigger virtually anyone's imagination. And that's something that should sell well.

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Uhhh, I thought we WERE talking about fandom. There's no way Touhou can go anywhere else unless ZUN sells out to some big name company, and he doesn't look like he wants to.

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fan artists aren't the only thing. There's also music and fan-written stories, and figurines.

How does touhou hold up in those areas?

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hatsune miku 11014

Even Miku is more loved than Nasu.

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I doubt anyone here knows how much fanfiction there is because few of us can read Japanese and even fewer would be willing to seek out and read Japanese touhou fanfiction.

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Okay, religions win in the general category. But Touhou has more porn than anything else in existence.

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What, drawn porn? That's cheating and you know it.

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I usually don't dissect posts but

>beautiful bullet patterns set along to catchy themes
Can't deny that. That was what caught people's attention back when it wasn't popular.

>the rest
That depends on the person. The lack of background information might be attractive to some, but others might see it as laziness from the author. ZUN might think "just lemme do STGs, I don't wanna bother with the details" but nowadays touhou is more than a STG, it's a phenomenon in the doujin scene. Maybe because of what you said, but with the lack of information most fans are _somewhat_ free to do what they want. But sincerely one can get tired of the same fandom concepts being used in doujinshi and fanworks in general (e.g. sakuya dies, meme jokes, and other overused "what ifs")

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More like it ends in a Steel Chef style cooking competition between Shirou and Youmu, while Yuyuko and Saber keep demanding seconds. I'd probably give the cooking edge to Shirou and the eating edge to Yuyuko, so it's a tossup as to who'd win the whole thing.

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True, people can get tired of the fandom, but what I meant was, the individual can use their own imagination based on the information given in-game. I pay next to no attention to what the fandom says, and I'm free to imagine the personalities of the touhou girls myself without asking 2ch or /jp/ "HAY WAT IS A CIRNO"

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You're the new one. We call them "newfriends" around 'here parts.

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This wikipedia page is a bit disturbing

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Yeah. But remember the fans are usually from the doujin scene or users from sites like pixiv/nicovideo and the like. If you ask an anime otaku what touhou is he probably knows the very basics, but its influence ends there. My point is that touhou is still niche and only spread its influence because of sites like pixiv/nicovideo.

I see. Well, if you are happy with that, fine. The problem (for me) is that there is little stuff going on around the story, the characters: the "universe". It needs more development.

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Touhou is not popular.

The reason why artist feel compelled to draw Touhou is because ZUN left a lot of room for improvement. Also, the same thing goes for Touhou's character plots. Hence the reason why you'll find more fanfiction of Touhou than, say, Metal Gear or something.

Also, danbooru isn't a fair place for measuring the popularity of franchises because its original userbase consisted of /a/nons and /jp/ers. And as you can guess, they're kinda picky about what pictures they upload. It'd be like measuring a show's popularity from how much results gets returned on deviantart. A search for Naruto on deviantart returns a million+ results. While a search for Naruto on danbooru only returns 2000 results.

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There are no men in touhou that I can look up to and want to be like. So I don't like it.

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What. Rinnosuke's a fine role model.

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Easily fixed.

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No, I meant cool guys like Rance, Desmond, Archer...

>> No.3821137

You can't model your life after those guys at all though. You should want to be like achievable people, Anonymous. That'll make you happier.

>> No.3821149

Which is why Rinnosuke is a good role model. You CAN be an asexual lump who's more interested about obscure boring shit than the cute girls surrounding you. And he makes a living at the same time.

>> No.3821153

>obscure boring shit
Fuck you, Rinnosuke's shit is extremely interesting!

>> No.3821160

I just meant for the average person! His folklore science rambling is fascinating to me.

>> No.3821223

Achievable people like whom?

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I'm not you. How am I supposed to answer this for you?

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An early twenties college dropout with no friends like most of the people on /jp/?

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G-Get away from me, m-m-monster!

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I'm annoyed that ZUN's taken away most of the Western aspect of mixing in Touhou ever since IN. PC-98 was more slanted to the Western mix though.

>> No.3821562

You actually want Touhou to be bought out by the likes of Toei or Disney?!?!


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Actually I would say those danbooru search results are a good indicator of Japanese production. Searching for Naruto on Pixiv yields a laughably low number. It's the same for many other big shounen series, Japanese otaku just aren't very interested in that kinda stuff.

Danbooru is in the end a collection of Japanese art. If people started adding stuff from DA in huge numbers you would have people screaming for blood. The Deviants in turn would be horrified somebody would display their shitty art to an unappreciative audience and demand their removal for "copyright" reasons.

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Consider this:

If Disney buys ZUN, we'll start getting Touhou movies, Touhou merchandising, Touhou games[FULL PRODUCTIONS, not just shmups and beat 'em ups], Touhou books, novels, and comics all produces from the official source, already translated, free of the cancer of the Fandom.

There will also be a Touhou subsection in the Disney themeparks. You will really be able to go to Gensokyo, if only for a day or so, and get your picture taken with the black-white Witch and the armpit Miko.

>> No.3822568

>>If Disney buys ZUN
Everything you know, everything you love, will be destroyed. It will become something wholly unfamiliar, possibly even offensive.

>> No.3822570

But it will be Disney. No thanks!

>> No.3822571


>Everything you know, everything you love, will be destroyed. It will become something wholly unfamiliar, possibly even offensive.

So, just like every time ZUN releases a new game and turns the fandom on its head?

Brilliant. I can deal with that.

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Disney never bothered to make animation set or based on Japanese culture and religion. Shinto Disney = Touhou?

Pixiv is filled with touhoufag, vocaloidfag, pokemonfag, pixivfantasiafag, etc. If one of those becomes mainstream the elitists will move to another fandom. It's not like everything is lost. Touhou is just a part of the whole.

>> No.3822589

Dear god, don't make me think that.

>> No.3822616

That's pretty common. See Vocaloids, what-was-her-name-again Windows 7-tan, Strike Witches.

All created with the sole purpose of attracting dumb otakus.

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Number of images on Gelbooru:

Tsukihime: 3044
Fate/Stay Night: 7263
Touhou: 95082

gelbooru superior

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Demon Xavier in Gensokyo. Discuss.